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Saturday, October 10, 2015

To: about Georgia Sex Trafficking Grants

Dear Ms. Lawson:

Are you aware that from the history I’ve seen, those working on the issue of sex trafficking have greatly advanced their careers on that platform - while I’m not hearing from the actual victims who are being serviced by grant sponsored programs in the state they’re receiving much of anything in the way of help. 

First of all, I’m the founder of the movement itself.  You can verify this at by seeing the dates on the clippings.  The “brothel” I was arrested for in 1984 was actually the first “safe house” I’d set up for victims in the country that was placed in a warehouse by the police with all that security equipment to protect victims we’d rescued from traffickers involved in Iran Contra.  They sold more than drugs to fund illegal cash to buy guns for the Contra’s back then - and with the CIA behind this - we had nowhere to turn for help but to help ourselves.   That’s what I set out to change in 1987 when I opened the first national hotline for adults - and the first 12 step program, alternative sentencing program, residential program for adults, etc. 

I did this because careful research, and years of research, showed me nothing existed that “worked” for us.  It took us from 1987 until 1992 to develop our “Recovery Guide” based on the experiences of 1,000’s of men and women all over the world - and to develop a program that was highly effective. 

Yet I’ll have you know that all attempts to reach out to anyone who is running these programs in Georgia has been met with a non-response.  I’m getting lots of calls from women who aren’t being helped though.

The money we set about to get with getting federal recognition that we did in 2000 - was to create the funding and systems to go after where trafficking is.  Something you won't find busting street walkers on corners.  So far - I’m only seeing the money going to “insanity” which in our program we define as “repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”.  So if the programs are “crazy” down there - I can assure you that’s why these prostitutes down there aren’t getting any sanity through these grant sponsored programs.   And as long as those posing for the camera get their career advancement- no one gives one shit about the fact they’re not getting the help they need.   Which is one thing if they didn’t know I existed or our resources.  It’s another when they’re refusing to return my phone calls.

Now we’ve won the ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops, and we have a Supreme Court decision behind us - both essentially telling these churches they have got to let go of the “hostage taking” of these female prostitutes by them, while excluding the men, the transgenders, the lesbians, the Jewish and the Buddhist, as well as the Muslem, and even atheist victims.    But it’s not getting these programs to realize we even got these judgments and decisions FOR A REASON. 

Just thought you should know.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

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