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Saturday, October 3, 2015


Synchronicity - I just got blasted with a "hate" text/phone attack complete with an attack on my daughter's sexuality.  I have to admit something - when people are lashing out attacks at me with the word "lesbian" I just shrug.  I've been married twice, and I have a daughter.  Anyone who knows me know I am far from "gay".  I'm as straight as they come.  So I take that crack about as seriously as I would if someone called me a "martian" or "green".

What's interesting is that I had spoken to a cop who told me I have enough evidence to charge these people with a stalking and harassment charge, even a TRO, but that if they used the words "lesbian" or "gay" then it becomes a "hate crime" and thus a felony.

Today was a different story.  This person attacked my daughter as a "lesbian".  The tone, the use, was about the same as calling an African American the "n" word.  So I am going to go to the authorities to investigate this being a "hate" crime.  I say that because many of you know my daughter has a brain tumor.  In the last six months, there have been hack attacks upon medical records of where I have taken her.  However, I've been very careful to protect her from this war.  In other words, while I am not lying about her situation, I am not going to tell anyone who her doctors are.  But I have seen the hack attempts at two locations where people "think" she's going.  I can't help but wonder if there's a connection.

Then this person attacking me seemed quite confident that my daughter is not sick.  Too confident.  Like maybe they'd gone through these medical records and couldn't find anything for her.  Which makes me think even more so there might be a connection with these hack attempts and the people trying to come after us.

We all know Planned Parenthood is not paranoid.  People connected to the pro-life staged that whole campaign of that under cover tape.  The people against Obama staged the whole ACORN tape.  According to PETA, they got set up by a guy connected to Seaworld and the Pasadena police.

Now we all know I've been trying to get something done about the Pasadena police for two years now.  This "No Such Thing" is on it's face being led by Malika Saar.  However, when you dig for the money - it's the McCain Institute.  What's McCain doing right now?  Speaking to Congress about restrictions on abortion.  I'm not going to get into whether I'm for or against abortion.  I have no opinion. I can't have kids so I have no opinion other than I can't make a medical decision for another person.  I don't tell people what to do in a 12 step lifestyle.  I lead by example.

I also don't use the stories of survivors to further my political or religious agendas.  We have members tell their stories to let other members' know they are welcome, and can receive help here.  That's it.  I don't use survivors' stories to make one dollar for myself, nor to further my religious or other beliefs.  I don't use it to advance my career.  I don't use it to advance my notoriety (I am not plastering photos of me all over the internet).  So I say what I say and do what I do for the purposes of our 12th step, and our traditions - period.

These people have chased our members offline.  Just a few weeks ago, a survivor told me a story of being "wound up" to come attack me.  She attacked me and I blocked her.  Only she is not stupid.  She said I did exactly what she would have done in my shoes - and it got her attention.  She doubled back to talk to me some more.  She explained someone had "wound" her up at me and what happened. We talked.  She wanted to come to a meeting.  I had to warn her like I've been warning others - don't say anything about knowing me even online or they will lash out at you.

If you read my "letter to Barbara Amaya" that's exactly what they did do according to her.  She says she got the phone call "warning" her that I "attack other survivors".  Oh course leaving off that conversation that I attacked Samoly Mam for being a fake survivor before she was exposed.  THAT'S what I attacked.  When she refused to "defriend" me - she got blocked, shunned, shut out.

This survivor is the one who got attacked.  For what?   Talking to me?  She's a newcomer to recovery. Four months sober.  She's in no condition to be waging any war.  I want her to focus on her recovery only.  So I've asked her to please stop saying anything about me.  But she continues - God bless her heart.  Why?  Out of all these groups, advocates, fund raisers, campaigners, outreachers, etc. - the only one who is talking to her when she's having a bad day, or a lot of flashbacks, or is scared - is me.

Once again they're out doing all their noise making - while I'm doing the work.  The work of putting these victims back together again.  So what do I do now?  What do I do about the fact for the last two years now - anyone who mentions our name, or my name, online becomes the target of attacks, threats, stalking, shunning, etc.  Barbara Amaya at the Washington Post could have really helped her career as a budding journalist.  But now she's shunned and shut out for the crime of talking to Jody when she's having a bad day.  When people connected to her traffickers show up at her job where she has to wait on them with a smile, while her knees are quivering, and not flip out.  For that - she's abandoned by all these people in power.

God doesn't literally "talk" through the TV - but I do believe in synchronicity.  As I turned to my daughter and said "what do I do about this?" - I look up on the TV and the kids during the civil rights revolution were given lessons in "love war".  How to win a war through love.  I saw them being attacked at a diner - and no matter what was said or done - they did not respond.  They didn't defend themselves.

Key words.  Because this is a pattern I'm seeing very clearly.  These people come and attack me - like this newcomer.  What did I do?  I defended myself.  I blocked her.  I lashed out at her in defense.  I did not "show love".

Now in this survivor's case she said it was her anger that made her realize I'm "for real'.  Real survivors are angry.  In fact, we're mad as hell.  But I'm more than a "survivor".  I'm the founder of this movement and the one in charge of SWA.  So I have to chart our course.  I know this game - they attack, I defend, and they're trying to build a 5150 case against me where I'm going to wind up like Sandra Bland.  That's what happened to her when she fought.  What's going to happen to the cops? Not a damn thing.

I know Christ taught to "turn the other cheek" and "love thy enemies" so this doesn't counter with my religious beliefs either.  So "love" it is.

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