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Below is a comment we put on SWOP's site in support of decriminalization of prostitution on their site.

Sex Workers Anonymous as a 12 step program is not supposed to "have an opinion on an outside issue".  However, we feel this issue of criminalization is an "inside" issue just as it would affect Alcoholics Anonymous if prohibition were to be brought back into law.  Our group is the one who founded the modern day anti-sex trafficking movement.

We formed as a 12 step program so that victims of trafficking could be offered an "alternative to incarceration" instead of being treated like criminals in a world that didn't believe there even was such a thing.   Because prostitution is still a crime in all but a few counties in the USA - the religious right came and "backlashed" our movement by coining the terms "trafficking victim" to make it appear there's two different kinds of "victims".

Only there isn't.  There…