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Some years ago I started realizing I was being investigated by more than the local police.  When I would open a chapter of SWA, of course the local police are going to be suspicious.  If you look at the history of many so called "converts" in many occasions it's been a sham.  In NY for example, this group started out claiming they wanted to "help the community" and it turned into a big scam where they were actually running drugs.

One of the groups I studied before opening our program was the Black Panthers.  I also studied with some holocaust survivors that had a group here in Los Angeles, and as much as I could about Gandhi.  These were people who not only changed the world view about who they were, but also were able to rescue people out of  a system that was rigged against them from the start.  So I was well aware that people infiltrated the Black Panthers sent in from the CIA, and we…