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Saturday, August 27, 2016



You say it saddens you to "see such discord among survivors and allies".

Okay.  So what are you doing about it?

I started the first hotline for this community in 1987 in the country, the world for that matter.  I did so after five years of exhaustive research for someone else to be doing it other than me before realizing "well if someone else isn't going to do anything then I guess I'm someone else".

Let me ask you this:

When have I been invited to attend any events on this subject as a guest?

When have I even been notified of events on this subject?

When have I been asked to speak at any of these events?

We're not talking "discord" here Rachel.  What's happening here is historical and history has a way of repeating itself.

Bill Wilson started Alcoholics Anonymous at a time when the world didn't believe alcoholism was a disease.  At a time when the condition was 100 percent fatal.  The way the world treated it was to ignore it, hide it, and shame and criminalize those who suffered from it.  Prohibition was created partly to try and stop these men who would get paid on Friday afternoon, and before they'd make it home that night the checks for rent and food for their families had been drunk away.  Then there'd be the drunken fight, and domestic violence with women and children cast into the streets homeless.

Society didn't understand it as a disease so they tried to make it illegal in the hopes it would stop this behavior.

After Bill started onto not only the program which was the first one to produce long term sobriety, but further led to the recognition some had a disease - a whole field of study sprouted up to address this new disease of alcoholism.

At about 20 years of age - AA "blacklisted" Bill Wilson.  He was cast out of writing the Grapevine.  Further, banned from speaking at conventions, even meetings.  The character assassinations started in order to take the program from being "Bill's" to being "ours" as the medical, scientific, and legal communities started wanting in on the action.  Sober living homes, alcohol treatment centers, alcoholism counselors, schools teaching about alcoholism, medical research into alcoholism - all started to sprout up - including a complete transformation of our whole legal and political system.

Politicians who had built their whole platform on Prohibition had to recreate themselves.  Small town jails who paid the light bill by putting drunks in over the weekend had to find new sources to fill up those beds.  Courts for drunk and disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace had to find new defendants.   Teams of police who used to look for speakeasy's and bootleggers to arrest had to find new criminals to pursue.   Churches who used to get most of their donations from coming into town and getting the drunks to sign "pledges" had to find a new cause to create.

The addict replaced the system.  Delete the word "alcohol" and insert the word "drugs" and the system goes right on functioning only now the new "cause" is drugs.  As more and more addicts started getting clean in AA however, the awareness they shared a disease also soon led to Jimmy Kinnon founding Narcotics Anonymous.

Only Prohibition had been lifted the year AA was formed.  Yet drugs were still illegal when Jimmy started NA.  So police were actually arresting addicts for coming to meetings to get clean.  The National Council on Drug Addiction was formed to create the same reforms for their disease that had been given the alcoholic.

Then about 20 years into creating clean addicts - the same people who "monetized" the treatment of alcoholism came knocking on Jimmy's door.  Only he'd seen what this had done to the alcoholic.  So he fought back and refused to help them create the same changes.  Didn't matter though as the Board of Directors and Trustees in NA had an illegal meeting and illegally locked Jimmy out of his own office.

But like Bill Wilson, Jimmy had his supporters.  To fully cast him out of the house he created the same thing had to be done to him which was done to Bill - he had to not only be smeared and ostracized from his own creation but further his supporters had to be chased out of any positions of power.  In AA, this split created the "Ohio Group" who broke away from the NY General Office.   In NA, it led to what's been dubbed "The Tradition Wars".  Anyone in Jimmy's sponsorship family, or who supported his views against professional treatment or drug courts for the addict - was literally pushed out of service, the rooms, and some were even physically driven out of meetings with violence.  To be replaced with people who wanted to support the creation of treatment programs who charged $10,000 a week for treatment - some even promising to "cure" addiction now.

Before I created our 12 step program, out of which came Brenda Myers-Powell, we had become the replacement fodder for this "machine".  As now both addicts and alcoholics were now being given special courts which recognized these were not criminals, but instead "sick" people needing "help" and "treatment", jails were being cleared out.  Church donations were going down.  Politicians weren't able to "crack down on drugs" in the same way.

There's a machine in this country that depends on someone to target to function.  First it was the alcoholic, then the addict.  For a short time, this system tried to turn onto sex offenders.  Only it hit a big snag in that most sexual predators, child molesters, rapists, etc. ARE the system.  They ARE the church, the politicians, professors, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc.  I know because I was there when this blip started to get off the ground - and then was quickly shut under because it was the same people running this system who didn't want to subject themselves, nor their associates who also covered for them, to this system their jobs and paychecks depended upon.

No - we needed to find a new victim to throw into this machine.  So the "prostitute" was targeted.  Soon buses were going out weekly doing "sweeps" to drag 100's of prostitutes into the jails for booking.  Courtrooms were churning out women handing over fines weekly.  Defense lawyers were getting huge retainers from women afraid of losing their kids because of the prostitution charge.   Jails had beds to fill and all the addicts and alcoholics were now being replaced with prostitutes.  When I did a survey in 1987 of a jail in Los Angeles, and Allentown, PA - out of 2000 inmates 1800 of them were prostitutes.  All of them were repeat offenders.

Churches used to organize campaigns to "clean up their town" identical to the ones that used to go out shutting down speakeasy's and crack houses.    Neighborhood Watch along with parents groups and church groups would go out and drive prostitutes "out of their backyard" like they were cockroaches.

Alcoholics had Betty Ford.  She proved that "anyone", even someone "decent" could be an alcoholic.  George W. Bush used cocaine and even Clinton joked about smoking weed.  So the addict had their "respectable" poster child.  Anyone knows the Catholic Church is chock full of priests who are child molesters - but they're also "respectable decent" people.

Who is left to push around, throw into jail, put on probation, force onto a counselors, couch, slap on medications, and treat like a "scourge that needs to be stamped out of our neighborhoods" but the "prostitute"?  Then throw into the mix that those same judges, attorney's, politicians, etc., who are seeking for a way to have power over these women so they can force them into sex can further gain that power by making sure prostitution is illegal - and you've found the new "criminal" this country is going to focus on "cracking down on".

Only God had a different idea and HIV/AIDS started raging.  Suddenly, those jails, courtrooms, hospitals, counselors, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, drug treatment centers, and churches didn't want these anywhere within 100 miles of their doorstep.

Along comes this 12 step program who says "give them to us".  By the year 2000 - we not only saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 pass giving us federal recognition that not all of us were "criminals" but some were actually "victims", which is about the same as giving us a "disease" like the alcoholic/addict, but we were being used as an "alternative to incarceration" in every major city of the USA, and three cities in Canada.  Our hotline was the only one where you'd call if you wanted help to leave any part of the sex industry, as well as the one any reporter would call if working on a story, or film maker working on a project on the subject.  

We had no "discord" or "lack of unity" when the system WANTED us Rachel.  But soon we were creating a system which actually worked to get people out of the sex industry.  The pharmaceutical companies came up with a drug cocktail that was putting HIV/AIDS under control.

"For profit" prisons started sprouting up like wildfire.  They had beds which needed to be filled.  All that money spent on HIV/AIDS drugs needed to be paid for.  Anti-depressants were created selling for sometimes $1000 a month.   Drug treatment programs had empty beds which needed patients.  The religious right and the church was losing money.  People were getting bored donating to starving children in Africa.

A new "victim" was needed.  Especially one where most of the men running these systems needed their "fix".  Not about sex.  They could well buy a prostitute.  But about "power".  You can see what I mean with the prosecutor in Michigan who was exposed not long ago of coercing 100's of women literally into sex with him by threatening to throw them in jail.  Now that guy certainly didn't want those women knowing that all they had to do was ask the judge to court order them into a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting.  Jails needed someone in their cells which didn't require months of investigation and a huge budget to create stings or to properly investigate a case.  They needed something quick, cheap and easy they could throw into a jail cell.

The TVRA of 2003 was passed giving the money for these newly recognized victims to solely "faith based groups" who further signed a pledge they would not even "associate" with any group who claimed that the sex industry was in fact an "industry".  Unless the group stated that "prostitution" was a "human rights violation" - no money for you today.

The movement we had created, just like how Bill Wilson created his movement for the alcoholic, and Jimmy for the addict, but the one we'd created to create help for men and women to exit the sex industry, and to provide services for those who were trafficked, as well as victimized while in that profession, was now official "hijacked" by the same people - the church, politicians, courts, doctors, lawyers, etc.  

They came to me Rachel and asked me if I'd go along with spreading their "message" which isn't ours.  As a 12 step program however, we can't "express an opinion on outside issues".  So to take a stance that "prostitution is a human rights violation" IS taking a stance.  We can't blame the men who buy our services anymore than AA can blame a brewery, or NA can blame the pharmaceutical companies for their issues.  The very crux of a 12 step program is that the focus is on ME - and not the world, the substance, or whether or not something is "right" or "wrong".  The addict for example doesn't distinguish between a street drug or a legally prescribed drug.  BOTH must be abstained from in order to recover.

Meaning we also have to abstain from all "legal" forms of the sex industry.  Which include such things as legal brothels, webcam performing, pornography, even strip club work.  Only guess what the politicians, jails, lawyers, and the church want to focus on?  ILLEGAL STREET prostitution.  For example, Polaris has gone after Rhode Island prostitution which was decriminalized but hasn't TOUCHED the issue of the legal brothels and sex clubs in Nevada.   In fact, you haven't seen one organized raid for "sex trafficking victims" in a legal brothel or sex club of Nevada.  Let alone a porn set or webcam studio.

Oh no - we can't talk about the "industry" of the "sex industry" but only about "prostitution" or we lose all that wonderful federal grant money, as well as the checks being written by the Catholic Bishops.

So Rachel there's no "discord" here.  There are powerful, wealthy factions who are DELIBERATELY SILENCING AND OSTRACIZING US.

Why?  Because if they do treat us as this being what it is - the "sex industry" then it becomes open for discussion that the REASON why it's workers are being so easily victimized isn't because of the "traffickers", but because it's (1) illegal, and (2) not unionized.  Meaning our message as it is calls for decriminalization of prostitution so that witnesses and evidence can be easily obtained to prosecute traffickers.  Decriminalizing prostitution does the same thing for the sex industry that ending Prohibition did to the power men like Al Capone had as well as the wealth generated by alcohol and drugs being illegal.  In other words, the traffickers themselves don't want to see this industry decriminalized because then look at all the power and money they LOSE.

The reason why traffickers flourish in the sex industry is because it's not unionized.  There's a Brothels Owners Assocation in Nevada - do you see the workers have a union, advocate, lobbyist etc.?  Let me ask you something - when's the last time you saw a woman who works at one of the NV legal brothels giving an interview to the press WITHOUT Dennis Hof sitting right by her side?

APAC had James Deen as it's director.  A man accused of now raping over 9 women in the industry.  Who did the AVN back up when Stoya said she didn't want to stand next to him on stage to present an award the same year she'd been raped by him according to her?  HIM.  Who, what group, what advocate, what association, protested this on her behalf?

There's a Gentlemens' Club Association - but yet strippers aren't unionized.  So take a good look around at what associations do exist in the USA - and they eacn and every one are on the side of the MEN, the owners, the corporations, etc.  NOT ONE  represents the "worker".

Now if you instead of calling these people "sex trafficking victims" and classifying them as "human rights violation victims", you instead DO call the sex industry and "industry" - then those who are being "pimped" and "trafficked" mean that protections need to be set up for them just like exist for farmers, manufacturers, diamond miners, coal miners, even football players and actors.  Even actors have a union so that producers have to pay a set amount of pay and work them only so many hours so that they aren't exploited.  So I ask you then - what's the difference?


You instead of calling those exploited within the industry the issue - you say there "is no industry" and that "all are victims" guess what discussions you now completely bypass?


Labor laws.


All things brothel owners, porn producers, strip club owners, jails, treatment centers, and the church don't want to hear hear talked about.

Nah - they want us "criminals" and "victims".  
I mean what a gig.  I'm now talking to "victims" who were put into this new "system" to "rescue" them.  They're all in section 8 housing next to crack dealers, in minimum wage horrible jobs they have to take or they lose their housing and benefits, they're saddled with $1,000's of dollars in student loans for jobs they can't get because of their past, especially if they have porn online, they're being researched as part of some grant some professor or doctor's getting a lot of money for while they get nothing but poked and prodded on, they're on multiple psychiatric medications that their doctors are getting paid kickbacks to put them on, while the pharmacies are averaging $3,000 a month for their medications, they're paying off fees for classes or diversion to the court, they're seeing some counselor who is getting paid weekly who isn't changing their lives - I mean the "system" is pimping these women in a way that would give Bishop Don Juan lessons in the game!

When we refused to support their agenda, they went to our top members such as Brenda Myers-Powell, and Kathleen Mitchell, just to name two women who had broken their "anonymity at the level of press, radio and films" in order to help us get that federal recognition in the first place when this was a subject NO ONE wanted to support, endorse, or help in any way because who on earth would want to be known as "helping some hookers" as we were known pre-Trafficking Act of 2000, and like Satan to Jesus in the desert - offered them "money, property and prestige" if they'd turn on the program who created them and espouse "other"views.

Why they've given Brenda and Kathleen awards, paintings of themselves, Brenda's even had THREE documentaries made about her which create a very vivid "impression like she's the founder of our program.  Can't get the founder to say and do such things because it's a violation of our Traditions?  Well hell let's get Brenda to do it for x amount of dollars and a film made about her.   That way we can make it appear the program Jody created believes in this even if it's not the truth.

Why use them?  Well don't you know the Nazi's knew well the Jews would cooperate more with walking "nicely" into the showers if another Jew led them that's why.  Even farmers know well the use of a "scapegoat" to get the cow to walk down the chute to it's death.

Because controlling the language is what it's about you know.  No politician, judge, psychiatrist, attorney, celebrity, Fortune 500 company like Microsoft or Amazon, or church leader would DARE help out "sex workers" or "hookers" because that would be just career suicide.  But boy call it "sex trafficking" and you get award dinners, fund raisers, checks written, film projects, and all the "unity" you want.

You also get talks about unions, decriminalization, and labor laws to protect workers.  You also clear out the shelters, the courts, the jails, and the treatment programs.

So you Rachel there's no "discord" among your group.  The "discord" is between your group of people who were involved in that event in any fashion and MYSELF.

Only that's not "discord" Rachel - that's being CUT OUT.

Not at all unlike how the native Americans were sitting here in this country until the white man came along and then acted like they were the vermin who needed to be chased out of their home.  They did it all while saying they were doing it to "civilize" them.  In this movement however, it's called "saving us".

Only let me ask you this - you say you "had nothing to do" with any of that event.  You didn't "pick the film" or have anything to do with organizing it.  Well I certainly didn't either.  Nor did any of the active members of our program who belong to the oldest, and largest, program of survivors in the world.

So who did?  What ex-sex worker, who may, or may not, be a sex trafficking victim, DID have something to do with putting that event together about us?  I mean it was about "us" right".  See not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic.  Not every one who uses drugs is an addict.  Not everyone who has had sex has been molested.  Not everyone who eats has an eating disorder.  Also true is the fact not every person in the sex industry has been pimped and/or trafficked.  Some have been both.  For some of us, our perception of whether we were, or not, changes over time as we grow in our recovery and the drugs clear out of our systems.  As the trauma heals - we often look at things different and our perceptions of whether or not we were in fact "victims" changes just as it does for the alcoholic.  Not every person in an AA meeting had made the admission their an "alcoholic".  Sometimes it takes years for a person to accept they are in fact one.  No different among our members.

But let's call it what it is Rachel.  What's going on here with me is NOT DISCORD.  Let's pick a word that more accurate describes what's going on here.  How about "hijacking" or "ostracizing" or "shunning" or "marginalizing" or even "blacklisting"?  I will call it "blacklisting" because I've asked to be allowed to even attend events like this as a guest and I've been either refused a ticket or straight up told by security at the door I've been "banned from the property".

I'm writing because I am curious though.  For this event about this subject - since I've now asked as many of our local members as I could reach to see if they were involved in any way with the planning of this event and they've said no - I'd like to know how many survivors, ex-sex workers, or whatever word you feel comfortable in deciding to call us since no one is asking us what we want to be called - how many of "us" were actually involved in the planning of this event?  I mean even Brenda - SHE didn't make that film.  Nor was the film produced by Prostitutes Anonymous as she insists on calling us because the people who paid for the film insist upon it even though we changed our name legally in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous.  So the producers are even using a name we stopped using because "they" don't agree with our reasons for changing our name so they're just deciding to keep calling us the name they want anyway whether we like it or not.

And whether you had anything to do with the "planning" of it in any way Rachel - you attended.  You supported it.  Now when I've come to you all about having an issue about this - I'm not hearing anyone coming back with any ideas or suggestions on repairing the problem.

Leaving me now in the absence of any offers to resolve this somehow with having to now move forward with legal steps since I don't exactly hear anyone coming to me with any "offers of unity" here.

In other words, I'm not the person causing the "discord" here because it's NOT "discord".  We are being walked all over and exploited and robbed and cheated and one of the things we do in our program is to teach our members to stop letting people do just that - exploit them, cheat them, use them, and basically treat them like they don't mean anything as human beings.

So I came to you to let you know there was a problem here.  I'm not hearing any offers to resolve this "nicely" and "cooperatively".  I've given this plenty of time.  So I will be moving forward with legal action.  You were still a part of this.  And enough is enough.  We're not going to continue to just stand by and have people act like we don't exist.

I'm preparing a report for the new administration when we have a new president and cabinet coming into power about this whole thing.  I need to get this report done before the election so I'm on a bit of a time frame.  So everyone involved will probably start getting legal papers in a few weeks.

Have a nice day Rachel.

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127

PS - oh do I write "long emails"?  Maybe it's because NO ONE WILL TALK TO ME.  

Monday, April 11, 2016



Note Eisenhower said "document" because "they'll claim it never happened".  They say you need to know your history in order not to repeat it right?

When I escaped my own time being trafficked - I of course needed help.  I had tried to self-medicate my feelings of helplessness with cocaine that I had seen "experts" getting up on TV saying it was "not addictive" and "even Freud used the drug" and really sold it to us in the late 70's and early 80's.  People now think I"m kidding when I say that I used to see doctors getting up on TV and saying it was not an "addictive" drug, and "not like heroin" and actually a "great source of energy" again pointing to the work Freud did under the influence of the drug.   Being around dealers who were operating with whole truck loads of cocaine - I developed a pretty big problem pretty quickly.  So yes I was getting help for my drug issues in Narcotics Anonymous - but nothing to deal with the other stuff.

But I had a very wise sponsor.  He took me to meeting of the Holocaust survivors.  People who knew well about man's inhumanity to man so I didn't have to first convince them of what I'd seen being true.  I got a lot of wonderful advice and healing from very elderly Jewish people that I think saved my life.  I tried seeking help from the "traditional" counselors and therapists at the time, but these people lived in a world where the concept of "trafficking" didn't exist.  Please remember the word even of "trafficking" did not exist until after the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  So here I am running around in the early 1980's and no one is believing me about what's even happening, let alone responding to help.

This is why I took that warehouse I had yes once used as an incall operation and turned it into a "safe house".  There was NO WHERE TO GO if you were over 18 years old then.   Lois Lee was the first one to understand these kids who were caught up in this, and also sexually attractive, had special needs and could not get help within the traditional juvenile system because they would just be preyed upon by the adults they were in the care of.   So she had stepped up to form the first hotline to call if you were under 18 for help when those at the Runaway Hotline just didn't have a clue, and other kids at places like Covenant House were reporting they were being molested by the staff, heck even the Father who ran the place supposedly for 10 years.

But what about if you were over 18 years old?  I knew we couldn't go to motels - these guys would literally give out photos of you to the desk clerks to notify them you were there.  I had one hotel clerk feel sorry for me when I was running and he showed me.  They had pasted a photo of me behind the desk so the clerk could see if I showed up.  Then he told me how he was offered $250 to "make a phone call" to let these cops know where I'd run.  NOT cops to arrest me for a crime - but to arrest me because I was running from their prostitution operation as we called it then which would be called a "trafficking operation" if it was today.  Now I was lucky he liked blonds with big tits because this clerk told me of the photo and the bribe offer.  So he asked me if he gave up the $250 cash reward if I'd thank him another way.  Which I did.  The guy could have let me check in, get comfortable in my room, go to sleep, and I would have been woken up and drug off by these cops to who knows where or what they would have done to me if they got me back then.

Understand who I was running from in my day.  I was not running from street pimps.  I had been initially pulled in and "turned out" by Richard Pryor's family in the late 1970's.  But when things got crazy, I was able to go to the head man in charge and trade some cash for my freedom from them.  I had no idea however that in their own way I was being protected by being connected to them from the REAL big bad wolves - men in our own government and law enforcement in what is today called "Iran Contra".  Realize this - Oliver North, Newt Gingrich, and the men who were involved in that are still alive.  They're still in politics.

When word hit the streets I was no longer "with the family" then the really big dogs moved in on me.  Which this machine was like a monster with many legs and faces.  If you want an idea what I was living in back then I suggest "Cocaine Cowboys I and II".  They talk about openly how they would grease palms of many officials to be bringing in boats and planes full of cocaine, marijuana, etc.

Now the money had to be laundered.  So record companies had to be set up.  One of the things I was doing for the "family" was just that.  I was renting offices in Beverly Hills, installing phones, opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses, all for phony record companies.  These companies not only laundered money, but we also gave a "face" of many of the pimps having jobs.  This guy was a sound engineer. This guy was a producer.  This guy was a dubber.  We had woman who needed to have the appearance of a job to cover with probation - we'd hire her as the "receptionist".   Back then we'd say we sold 100,000 cassettes of some rapper.  Then we'd buy 100,000 blank cassettes and give them away so we have product.  Money laundered.

I was asked to do things like find a group of dentists willing to set up a corporation to import cocaine into the country legally.  Now what better way for these guys to do this than through a madam and prostitute?  These guys weren't going to be caught on tape asking a dentist to sign paperwork to bring cocaine in as an anesthetic for his dental practice.   Better yet, I found dentists who didn't even have an office yet who wanted money to open an office who would agree to join this project.  I was the one asking the questions - not the CIA or FBI directly.  So yes I helped set up paperwork and the whole operation so cocaine could be brought in legally in large amounts by finding the right people willing to get involved.

So when word hit the streets I was no longer with the family - these men approached me as they had approached Alex Adams, dubbed the "Beverly Hills Madam".  She was allowed to work as a madam for over 10 years while being their "informant".  Meaning she wouldn't be arrested - but she also had to do as they asked.  If not, then she'd be arrested.  If she was really bad, she'd be found dead hung in her jail cell like the Baton Rouge Madam was (most likely).  Or found hung in her mother's back yard like Jeane Palfrey.

Now if we ran - we weren't running from street pimps looking like Bishop Don Juan.  As I said, we couldn't go check into a motel because these guys were going to every motel that I'd check into (any motel that had rooms for less than $400 a night in other words).  Why would I leave my apartment?  I had pulled into my apartment driveway and saw two cops staring at me.  They were waiting for me to get out of my car and go into my apartment obviously.  That alarmed me so I left.  I called my mom and asked her to go to my place and look around for anything strange.  She did and called me back asking me "did you leave a pound of cocaine under your bed?"  No mom I did not.  So these guys had planted cocaine in my apartment.  A pound?  Wow they really wanted to send me up the river.

Meaning I can't go home.  These guys were demanding I work with them and do things I did not want to do.  I don't mind finding a bunch of dentists to help them smuggle cocaine into the country.  But I would NOT agree to help them find women to sell to men overseas who would never be seen again.  I have no problem with the sex industry.  If a woman wants to work as an escort, stripper, or porn performer I have no problem with that.  I have a problem when it's no longer a job - but something you have no choice to do.  When you can't leave or say "no" then that's no longer sex work - that's slavery.   These men had wanted me to help them find women who had no family to sell to Saudi's because of oil deals they were working on who liked white girls.  When I refused - these men tried to let me know what they could do to me otherwise.

Like walking into my apartment to find they had planted a pound of cocaine under my bed.  Then tell me I "have" to do it or go to prison on a drug trafficking charge.  What - the judge is going to believe me, a hooker, that I don't know anything about that bag of cocaine?

So here I am trying to run and I can't go home.  I can't go to a motel.  I can't go to my mom's house because that's being staked out also.  Where do I go?  One of my "johns"?  Now in my case I knew a drug dealer who lived on a compound where he also raised rottweilers for guard dogs.    He was the only one I could think of that had a place no one could walk in and plant drugs on me and arrest me.  How ironic right?  But I have to leave there sometime right?

But my point is here I managed to get out.  Now I'm looking back and realizing there's going to be others like me who also need a safe way out.  Not everyone is going to know a drug dealer who lives on a huge fenced guarded compound to go hide out in for a while.   Which believe me was a short lived escape because he started tripping out on drugs and I had to leave there eventually for that reason.  So yes I knew that people like me also needed a way to get out without having to go deal with someone on drugs like I had to do.

I had looked around and realized I still had a lease on the warehouse.  So I converted it into a safe house.  Then when one of my girlfriends called me saying her pimp had just broken her arm and nose in a drug rage and she wanted out of there - I took her to the warehouse.  There was plenty of food, a bed, shower, kitchen, a TV, and she could just sleep and heal there.   Which was the first safe house for us, as adults, created you can read about at  I have our clip from 1987 here

The pimp was angry so he called the cops and said I was "running a brothel". They came out and she was on probation and her her PJ's because it was midnight, so they arrested her and came after me.  But she testified against her real pimp, and my attorney showed them I was not running anything out of there, and my charges were dropped.

But trust me it was a very difficult explanation trying to explain to the prosecutor and the cops why she was in a "safe house".  Remember - the world DID NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS REAL in 1984 when this went down.  I point back always to Linda Lovelace - who proves when she tried to talk about her being forced to film "Deep Throat" by her husband with a gun on a mob financed film NO ONE BELIEVED HER.   The only laws we had on the books then was "obscenity".  So the government did try to sue for obscenity - but since that wasn't what went down they of course lost.

So I opened the first safe house in 1984.  I launched the first hotline in 1987.  I launched the first program that went to the courts and said we needed to stop being treated like criminals - but instead as people in need of help.  Not just women either mind you but PEOPLE.  The program I designed worked with men, women and transgenders.  It was not a religious program because the victims I saw were Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, or just plain atheist.   Being in need of help wasn't a gender issue.  It wasn't a religious issue.  It was a PEOPLE issue.

Now granted, Lois had opened up Children of the Night.  But she had kids to protect.  Meaning she wasn't going to go running around talking about how our country had to change the way it treated this issue in the same manner I could.  I was single, had no kids, didn't have a mortgage to sweat every month, so I could take up the campaign trail for us.  Which I had to.  In order to explain to judges why they needed to court order those found guilty of prostitution, or madaming, or pimping, to our program for help I had to explain how not every one of them was doing so by choice.  Some were forced yes by other people.   Some were forced because they were HIV positive and the medications then were $10,000 a month and no health insurance company would cover them.  Some were disabled and couldn't get a job but had kids to feed.  I mean force is force.

Another thing I had to do was tackle the mental health field.  To show me what these men could do they brought me to the airport where they were putting women who were drugged into a diplomat's plane.  Then told me "knock yourself out - try and stop the plane".  Of course airport security thought I was insane.  The police hung up on me.  I was told by someone at the airport that a diplomat's plane could not be searched nor stopped so I had to stand there and watch that plane take off knowing I could have been on that plane.  Anyone could drug me and throw me on that plane and then no one could stop it?  Pretty scary stuff.  So I started having anxiety attacks.

I went to a counselor who told me the only way to get better was to "talk about what was causing me anxiety".  So I did.  Then I heard him go into another room where he started calling for a psychiatric emergency team "PET" to come and drag me off for observation.  I asked him why he was going to do that to me and he said "because things like that just don't happen so you must be hallucinating".  So clearly our mental health system needed reform.

I enrolled in a psychology class and went through their textbooks on prostitution.  There wasn't anything except one paragraph making us look like we all needed drug treatment.   I went and looked at all the other textbooks clear up to the PhD level.  I found there was no degree on this type of subject.  Prostitution was divided into either "drug addiction" or "sexual deviance".  There wasn't even a category for "prostitution" as a separate subject even.  I poured over all the research reports - again only finding the category of either drug addiction or sexual deviance. I could find nothing on the types of things not just I'd gone through, but many had also.

Meaning if any of us opened our mouths to a mental health professional about what we'd just been through - we'd get labeled "crazy" and drug off to the nut ward.  Clearly, we had to advance the mental health system if we were going to get these women off drugs.  Which was happening in the drug treatment community.  These men and women going through what I'd been witnessing all knew if they opened their mouth about this stuff they'd just be laughed at or locked up.  So with having to "stuff" it - no they weren't getting clean.  Yes they were depressed.  But we weren't going to get them help if when they opened their mouth they weren't believed.

So I set out to find who the people were in charge of the training at the time.  I mean literally at one point in time the idea of drug and alcohol treatment didn't exist.  The same for compulsive gambling or sexual addiction.  These were new fields of treatment that didn't exist 60 years ago.  People had to create those schools of thought, along with the training and licensing in how to work with these communities.  So these people who did this for other subjects I then sought out to create training on how to work with our community.  I mean here I was alive, clean from drugs, my anxiety attacks gone, and if I had found a way to get better - then we could start with working from what worked for me.  Now I had our program going - we now had other people we could use to show other counselors what was working for US now.

Then came the day when everything changed in 2007.  I gave the press conference with Melissa Farley about the idea of creating NCAST.  Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking.  The report was on how trafficking existed within the "legal" sex industry advertised right in broad daylight.  The massage parlors, strip clubs and yes the legal brothels of Nevada.   Now I had agreed to set up this NCAST to address trafficking within the legal sex industry.  I did NOT agree to "call out to abolish the brothels" nor to outlaw prostitution.  That's a whole other enchilada.

The difference?  There's a huge difference between saying you want to set up a treatment program for alcoholics vs. saying you want to bring back Prohibition outlawing alcohol.  Alcoholics Anonymous nor Bill Wilson started up a campaign to bring back Prohibition.  They created AA to help the alcoholic however.  So yes I helped Melissa prepare her report by letting her speak to women we had helped in Nevada who were trafficked in the legal brothels.  But no I did not agree to call out to "outlaw prostitution" at this press conference.  So when she comes up to me literally as I've got my microphone hooked up on me and the room is full of reporters and she tells me she wants me to state from the microphone that I want to "outlaw prostitution" I told her "no way".

The result?  A reporter named Abigail Goldman comes up to me and interviews me.  Then she asks me to come in and pose for a photograph to appear with the article she says is going to be on the front page of the Review Journal.  I refused.  I then asked her "didn't you hear what I said?"  Being that many a time to get a victim of trafficking away from a pimp I would sometimes pose as a cleaning lady, or a hair dresser, or a make-up artist, a psychic, another madam, or 100 other disguises I've used to get access to a victim who is being trapped and then get her out of captivity.   Now that said, why would I put a photo of myself out there in the paper?   Hey pimps here's what I look like?  So I told her no but that she was welcome to take a photo of me from the back, or use a graphic, or whatever, but no I would not put a photo of my face in the newspaper, which would then go out over the web.

She then said "Your name and the name Sex Workers Anonymous is blacklisted in our publication.  We do not care how many women DIE from not knowing about your group, your hotline, and your work.  But your name, and SWA's name, will never appear in the Review Journal, or any other media we control, for the rest of your life."

Now needless to say I thought she was either yanking my chain, or kidding.  Here I had just done a press conference where my name has just been printed in papers from here to Brazil and the UK - how can she possibly do this?

Sure enough, I started seeing all kinds of articles about sex trafficking in Nevada which we were not included in the story.  Especially about Judge Voy who was now trying to raise $1,000,000 to set up a residential program for juveniles.   I went to the Sun, a paper that's not the Review Journal, and spoke to a reporter there.  I asked him "Am I blacklisted with your paper?"  Of course he laughed and said "of course not".  He then interviewed me and tried to print the story.  Then he comes back to me and says "I've just been threatened with being fired".  But he told me he would use me as a "source" and in fact did on a few stories.

Like he said he would point out how at the end of one year, and with over $875,000 as a budget - Terri Miller from ATLAS was not coming up with ONE single trafficking victim in any of Nevada?  Like a story he got printed on how Terri was refusing to distribute information on the legal brothels despite it being her job.

How that article wound up with Abigail's name on it I don't know.  I don't know why she threatened me being she worked with the Sun.  But he did get this printed -

I didn't mind the Review Journal not printing a story on us until AB67 came to town.  I then had our members ringing my phone off the hook saying "you have to do something".  The reporter at the Sun, Timothy, was gone.  Ed Lawrence, who had printed the story about mayor Oscar Goodman threatening Bob Herbert with a "baseball bat to the head" for the story he wrote on not only us, but validating that sex trafficking was raging in Las Vegas so bad he "found a victim in 15 minutes of randomly looking", was fired.  Matt O'Brian who had printed a story on us in City Life - fired.  I go down the list and every reporter I knew from 2007 has been fired.

So I went to Tom Ragan who said he'd worked at the Review Journal for 12 years and assured me there "was no black list" and he "would not be fired" for running a story on my name or talking about SWA.  He spent two weeks checking out my information, interviewing me, etc.   I'd like you to see the story he did print on AB67 -  See my name anywhere?

The photographer who took my picture for the article is in Kentucky a few weeks later.  She put my picture on her blog.  I reached out to her and asked her to take it down and asked what was going on.  She said her and Tom were told to not only edit my name out of the article, but to basically write things which weren't true.  When they both refused, they were both fired.  She said she didn't want to work for such a paper after that and had gone back home.  Tom said he talked his way back into his job.  I understood.  Totally.  I'm not worth losing a job over.  But he did let me know "I will get your name in this paper somehow".  Which he did in August of 2013.  So you know what FCC and Review Journal?  Explain how SWA is there in 2007, and again in August of 2013 - but somehow in February of 2013 when both AB67 is being passed AND there are "back door" meetings going on about the legal brothels expanding into downtown Las Vegas I'm not there.

Explain how the ONLY person who was there objecting to the brothel's expansion was US. But I don't see one single mention of our name, about the letter we read to the legislature objecting to AB67, or why the Review Journal claimed there was "no objection" to AB67 when again we had a member of SWA get up and not only read a copy of a letter from us objecting to it and why, but also gave a copy of that letter to every representative there at both hearings.  There seemed to be a lot of talk about the people who DIDN'T oppose AB67 - but the group of survivors of Nevada sex trafficking who objected to AB67 - where's our name?

Yes, Eisenhower was a wise man about how the "military industrial complex" operates and how they love to manipulate the media, cover up evidence, and then act innocent.   What holocaust right?  I mean he cared enough about this warning to put it in his "farewell" address in 1953.

Take a good look at this exhibit of "survivors".  Notice anyone missing?  I GUARANTEE you not one of THESE survivors speak out about how trafficking today in America involves our own teachers, coaches, social workers, police, judges, politicians, and even our CIA.  Which is why the one person missing from this exhibit is the person who made it possible.  Because I can assure you in 1987, when we launched our hotline and crusade globally - this exhibit would have been not done as it would have been "just a bunch of photos of whores".  That's the way the whole world viewed us in 1987 and why I started this movement.  

If you read the news clips I have up at you see that I launched our hotline, program, and this crusade to have trafficking not only recognized, but to demand a system be set up that would allow us to escape these systems of trafficking, and to have treatment available to help us heal from what we'd just suffered that recognized what we were talking about was "real" and not "hallucinations".  

Is my having people try to wipe me out of history limited to the Review Journal, and Sheldon Adelson's "prostitution agenda"?  Who clearly thinks I made this statement of wanting to "outlaw brothels" that Melissa put in my mouth to those reporters?   No she stuck that target on me and then walked away.  When she couldn't get me to say what she wanted me to say - she said it anyway to the reporters.  

I issued a statement to the press after that I was breaking all ties with Melissa and would no longer help her if she was going to lie like that to support her own agenda.  So she and Nicholas Kristof then went on to get Samoly Mam to mouth the lies for them.  When I tried to tell people she wasn't a survivor herself and was lying - she spread more lies through Survivors Connect that I was "pimping".  When I hit her with  threat of filing a defamation case for the screen shot a survivor sent me of her telling people I was actively pimping - the forum this was on was literally dismantled in 30 minutes.  Some people believed me Samoly was lying enough to start checking her out and she was exposed as a fraud yes - but there's really not much talk about the people she says "approached her and told her if she lied she could make a lot of money in America" who manipulated her into it.

You can see by the way that Kathleen Mitchell was there that day with me along with Brenda Myers-Powell.  Melissa had asked me to bring them to "show solidarity" with the report as "being true".  So I agreed.  I had no idea what I was agreeing to obviously.   If you go back and look at older interviews with Kathleen - you see she has no problem speaking about her connection to "Prostitutes Anonymous" as our group was called until the name change in 1995.

However, when she got an award - they don't seem to mention us in any way.  How did I hear about this award?  I got a call from some of our members in San Francisco who aren't in their 20's and remember the history of this movement.  They remember Norma Hotaling didn't get clean until 1989 - which was two years after we launched our hotline, and we had two alternative sentencing and diversion programs running then for prostitutes by 1989 (one in Los Angeles and the other in Allentown, PA).  

They also remember Norma contacted me for help when she started setting up SAGE, and her "john school".  These were people who had been going to "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings she had set up in San Francisco who found the more she was going after grant money and awards - the less time she was spending with the very women who needed her.  So they'd call us up for the help they weren't getting.  

Anyway, these members wanted me to write something about it because what we are witnessing here is a rewriting of history right in front of our eyes.  Kathleen Mitchell did not roll out of bed one day and start Dignity.  Everything I'm saying here she's said before herself to the press - which is she wrote us from jail after the millionth arrest (her words) and wanted help.  We sent her, at our own expense mind you, our "jail step study program" which is clearly quite effective because she got out of jail and continued to write us (remember this was about 1989 before the internet and cell phones).  We advised her to bring a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting into the Durango Jail which then expanded out into Phoenix and expanded into the Dignity Program where Kathleen set up and they ran Prostitutes Anonymous meetings there for YEARS. 

Here's a quote about it in the book "Somebody's Daughter".  

Now am I whining I "didn't get an award".  No.  Did I ask for it?  Have I written these people asking to get an award?  Nope.  This is my reward    Those interviews where people speak about how we've helped them is my reward.  Samoly Mam got lots of awards.  So what?  She was also a fake and didn't help anyone leave prostitution nor escape trafficking. I however created a program that Kathleen was able to reach out to for help and GET IT.  I'm proud of Kathleen receiving an award for her work.  I'm THRILLED Kathleen got an award.

But I have members up in San Francisco, and Phoenix, and all over the world who see history being rewritten here and us being written out.  

Why?  I've taken a look at the trainings I can get my hands on anyway about what people are being taught sex trafficking is.  Now granted what they are teaching is true.  However, it's not COMPLETE.  It's a distortion and a way to cover up the truth in plain sight.   Do you know why I sent a letter to the producers of "8 Minutes" to get that show off the air?  Because it was misleading people into thinking that "independent" prostitution is trafficking.  It's not.  It's independent prostitution that's being done WITHOUT the house getting 1/2 of the money like what happens in the brothels of Nevada.   When they show a woman advertising her sexual services on Backpage showing up at a hotel and offering to work as a prostitute - that's a prostitute.  That's not a trafficking victim.  

Nor do you help trafficking victims escape by calling up ads on Backpage.  You know why?  The minute you try and run off with that victim if you do - they come and find out where you live and work and they come after you to get her back.   Something not shown in that show that was very misleading.  Because if you call up an ad on Backpage and ask a woman to leave with you in "8 Minutes", and then you leave with her without her pimp or traffickers coming after you to get her back - THEN THAT'S NOT TRAFFICKING.  What that is in "independent" prostitution of which the traffickers in this country want a piece of.  

I want you to realize how much control the mob lost of women once the internet was born.  Once cameras came in a phone.  Once a woman could set up a website, or run an ad on Backpage. In other words, the attack on Backpage is NOT an attack on trafficking.  The attack on Backpage is being done to push sex workers back under the control of a brothel or madam.  Follow my logic here - if you know you put up an ad on Backpage for your services as a prostitute that you're just going to get yourself arrested then what are you going to do?  

YOU'RE GOING TO GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT or you're going to go work for an agency, or a massage parlor, or as strip club.  Read up on Eliot Spitzer if you don't understand what I mean by this.  I want you to note he didn't call Backpage - he called a service.  He called a service to avoid getting arrested and exposed.

I have said for 30 years that the men I ran from to escape being trafficker were who?  Cops and CIA.  Who has Polaris just partnered with?  Palantir.  Who is that?

Now if you were trying to shut me up that the way to help women escape trafficking is we have to set up a system where they can be free of the fear these men - how do you do that?  Well building up a "founder of the movement" who is now dead and can't speak like a Norma Hotaling is a great way to do it.  Or did anyone else notice Melissa Farley got an award on the same page and year as Kathleen.  So no I'm not surprised my name wasn't mentioned. 

The problem is that this isn't about me - but about "Prostitutes Anonymous" and "Sex Workers Anonymous".  It's about the fact that while Kathleen is getting awards and Brenda Myers-Powell are making documentaries - the very program that spawned them is being rewritten into obscurity.  Am I the only one who remembers the Jews were led into the gas chamber by other Jews who did it because it served them?   Well Kathleen, Brenda, I'm happy for you that you're getting recognition for yourselves - but the problem is that there are still a lot of others out there who still need us who can't come to you.  

Brenda - that 14 year old being pimped out by cops couldn't come to you because you took a job working for the cops.  So you know what Brenda - she couldn't come to you for help and while you were getting all that press you go and made your documentary - you weren't promoting our hotline where she could have gotten help sooner either.

Kathleen - you got your award in 2013 - when AB67 was being passed and WE needed press to try and defeat the brothel expansion (which we luckily were able to achieve anyway thanks to God's help) and also AB67.  If during your press for your award you had mentioned us - we might have been able to get some press on why those of us in Nevada wanted to see that Bill defeated.  Thanks you Kathleen - it passed.  Meaning any cop now has the right to detain a woman "without a case pending" for an "indefinite" amount of time without charging her, without her getting a phone call, and with her having no right to demand an attorney.   

What does that mean?  In 1984 the police would hold me for 71 hours because the law said they had to either charge me in 72 hours with a crime or let me go.  So they could hold me for 71 hours without a phone call, without an attorney, without letting anyone know where I was, and they did things during those 71 hours you don't want to know because no one knew where I was because I wasn't booked - but they had least had to let me go after 71 hours.  Thanks to you allowing these people not to give us some press Kathleen Nevada cops can now hold a woman for as long as they want now without charging her.  

I want you to notice something here  This officer died in 2014.  But the videos of him stopping people in Arizona and demanding their ID cards was done in 2013.  He was found dead before he could testify so we don't know if he killed himself or if he was murdered.  But note Officer Armendariz was on the "human trafficking task force".  Which by the way Cindy McCain wants men like this to be entrusted with juveniles who are trafficking victims.  That idea should make your head spin around a few times - SHE WANTS TO WHAT?

But Kathleen, I have women right now telling me about some pretty awful things going on down there by men like him in the task forces.  Things you're not hearing about because we can't get any press.  So congratulations on your award Kathleen.  Now I can use that write-up to show people how the modern trafficking is making sure you don't call the only hotline right now in the country that you can call when you can't call the cops.  Because right now if you call Polaris - that goes right back to the CIA.  

So any of you out there who need to escape sex trafficking that's got men like Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, or men like Oliver North connected to what happened to you - we are the only hotline I'm aware of you can call for help today which the press is doing just what Eisenhower warned - trying to make sure no evidence of their crimes comes to light so they can deny it.  The fact this is happening to us is your proof we're the ones you can trust.  

See how it operates in today's America right out in plain sight.  See how they SEEM to be about fighting trafficking while cutting off your escape route at the same time.  Oh of course I'm against sex trafficking - I gave Kathleen an award.  Wow.  Hiding in plain sight.  

ANY group or person who is telling you they want to help you leave who does not acknowledge our program is someone you must consider carefully.  Anyone who wants to help an alcoholic will send them to Alcoholics Anonymous and gladly incorporate in Bill Wilson.  Anyone telling you they want to treat your alcoholism WITHOUT AA or Bill Wilson - needs to be viewed carefully about what their agenda is.  Maybe they don't think AA is right for you - but they won't act like they don't exist.  Anyone who doesn't know who were are doesn't know this work because we've been here since 1987.  Now would you trust a doctor who has never been to medical school?  Would you trust a lawyer who has never cracked open a textbook?  

The sign of someone who cares about their work cares to get training from the best in the field or at least the most experienced.  If our program produced Kathleen Mitchell - it must work.  So anyone who then in turn tells you they want to help you but then doesn't mention our name - you must consider their motives carefully.  

Not everyone is so easily fooled by the way.  I read an article about one of Cindy McCain's talks on human trafficking where then senator Gallardo said he "didn't believe her".  That if she meant what she was saying she would "have the people who work in this field with her" and there was a "lack of their voices in the room".  Right on now board of supervisor Gallardo.  I know making that statement obviously didn't help your career as you're not a senator anymore - but one knows you aren't so easily fooled and you will speak your mind.  Bravo for integrity Mr. Gallardo!

Yes there is an absolute "absence of voices" in this discussion.  This problem has been here for years. I've been going on TV for what 30 years now?  I didn't see Cindy McCain stepping up about this problem back in the 1980's.  NOW suddenly this is something she's touring the country about?  Oh she has Beth Jacobs with her so that's a survivor right?  Only this is a woman who has spent the last four years threatening any and all survivors of Sex Workers Anonymous right off line to further make it appear we don't exist.  We don't have a choice.  The minute one of us saying anything about SWA - Beth Jacobs is on them threatening them about why they need to distance themselves from us.  Yep just like I had the CIA using me to do their dirty work for them back in the 1980's also.  So Cindy and John McCain can sit back and say "I don't know anything about that".  

You two don't know that Beth was saying to clients of Project Rose she was a licensed social worker when she was not, and working for a counseling center that wasn't licensed?  That when these women were drug to a church and told they had to enter Project Rose or they'd go to jail - meaning they had to enter a program for which they got funding - you didn't know Beth was who they were being coerced into seeing?  Well certainly you know Beth Jacobs was a part of this program

And then you wonder Cindy why we think maybe you aren't doing this out of our best interests?  Like when you say you want to put juveniles in the hands of men on the trafficking task force like Officer Armendariz?

Cindy, you have Beth running around with you as your "token survivor" because I don't believe you.  I learned a long time ago when I was being abused by my parents, or raped by my best friend, or trafficked by a man who said he loved me - that actions speak louder to me than words.   

If anyone is wondering why Cindy is campaigning so hard in Arizona right now - were you aware that Arizona does NOT need a warrant to remove a child from the home?  Does anyone know that there are protests being organized there now about what is happening to their children there?

So Kathleen take your award - and I want people to notice the names absent from the group who gave this to her.  If they REALLY wanted to reward a TRUE revolutionary then don't you think they would have honored the woman who made Kathleen possible?  But no - they're also honoring Melissa Farley who brought us Samoly Mam and Chong Kim also.  

So yes readers Eisenhower knew how these guys operate.  Cover up the truth and  deny deny deny.  Take his words to heart "document document document".  And make back-ups otherwise you'd be surprised at what these people can make disappear.  

Monday, April 4, 2016


For people who want to sit back and say "oh Jody is trying to make money" - please please explain that to me.

First of all, I do not have any basket passed at our meetings.  Why?  Because if any person at that meeting is engaged in illegal prostitution and we accept money from them then we're guilty of a felony crime of "pimping".  Now can I sit there and ask every meeting leader to demand a financial accounting from the members?  No because to do so would be incriminating them.  So we do not pass any basket at meetings UNLIKE every other 12 step program I'm aware of who does.  AA passes the basket.  NA passes the basket.  Sexaholics Anonymous passes the basket.  Gamblers Anonymous passes the basket.  We do not.  So we have no basket donation income ever period anywhere.

Second, we have a copy of our first edition "Recovery Guide" on LuLu for $4.95.  Out of that, we net about $3.50.  In the TOTAL time that book has been listed on LuLu - we have sold a grand whopping total of $300.  That amount of money is from the date I uploaded the book until today.  Yep.  A huge amount of $300 in sales.

Why so low?  Because either people want the second edition current version of our "Recovery Guide" as our first was written in 1992, or they have no money at all to order any literature.  If they don't have any money, I have the first edition in .pdf format which can be downloaded or emailed to them for free.  I send out copies of the book free almost daily to those who request it but can't afford it.

Our red covered first edition books many of our original early members have copies of was a batch paid to be printed for us by my mother who forked out $5,000 of her own money to create our first "Recovery Guide" in 1992 when the book was first done.  Out of that $5,000, I told her I'd sell these books and pay her back.   We originally sold the book for $5.00.  For every one copy I'd sell I was asked to donate about 20 free ones.  I managed to sell 1,000 out of the 5000 copies - and paid my mother back the $5000 before she died.  Those books are now gone.  I have two copies left in my house - one for me and one for my daughter.

Our 2nd edition we print up as needed at the FedEx store - that's why it's so expensive.   I get an order for the book and then go there to print the book up.  I have them xerox the pages, bind it, and then we ship those out when we get orders.  There is a $1.00 profit margin that I keep for taking the disc down to the store, having them print the book, and then stuffing it into the envelope to ship the final order out.  That $1.00 doesn't even cover my gasoline when I usually am printing maybe 3 copies at a time when I go.  Why?  How many people are going to pay $25 for a book when they can get a free .pdf  version?  Most people get a free 1st edition emailed to them and honestly they spend so much time working with that one - most don't get around to ordering the 2nd edition.

We do not apply for grants, and we've never held a fund raiser.  I don't charge for consultations.  I don't charge for my time.  I answer our hotline 24/7 for free and without a salary.  There's no money to take a salary anyway.   We don't charge members any fees or dues.  I don't charge for my time when I talk to callers on the hotline who want advice or support or anything.  I don't charge for my time when I meet members for coffee, or drive them to the doctor.   I don't charge for the time I spend teaching stepwork to our members, or consulting with meeting leaders on how to get their meetings off the ground, or keep them going or under control.   I don't charge for our blog, our newsletter, or creating our social media.   I don't charge for the training I do for our outreach people, answering our hotline, etc.  I don't charge for training our members who take meetings into jails, shelters or treatment centers.   I don't charge our members for any of my time or services.

I don't charge for lectures I do.  I don't charge for being an expert witness on trials - although I have had my travel expenses paid.  I don't charge for the time I spend traveling to appear on talk shows which I haven't done since 1994.  I don't charge for talking to reporters.   I don't charge for my time helping parents figure out how to get their kids back.  I don't charge for the time I spend sending out missing posters to our members in certain cities asking if they've seen this kid (which has worked by the way many times).  I don't charge for consulting with mothers on how to find their missing daughters - which one time became the movie "Fighting for my Daughter" starring Lindsey Wagner as the mom because of how she followed my advice and got her daughter back from a pimp who had murdered three other women.  I didn't get paid for the six weeks I spent working with the writer on that movie.  I don't charge for the time I spend talking to legislators about new laws.  I don't charge for the time I spend talking with producers or reporters.  I honestly can't think of anything I charge for with respect to the work I do in connection with Sex Workers Anonymous.  I receive no money personally from our radio show at  I don't have any salary for putting those interviews together and do it to help our outreach to new members.

I have never received a dime from producers about my life story except what I've talked about when I was young, naive and stupid.  After my arrest I took a $1,000 in option money to do my life story.  They had me sign a confidentiality agreement and told me I had to get their permission to speak to the press.  At the end of the first year, when no movie had been made, they gave me another $1,000.  Suspecting a rat, I looked into it and learned they had been paying me to make sure I didn't speak out then what I knew about John Wayne.  Republic Pictures had paid me the money telling me they were going to "produce a film about my life".  I didn't know at the time they didn't produce original films, and owned the rights to John Wayne movies, among a few others.  To make  sure I didn't speak out about John Wayne, his family, etc., nor anyone else who was represented by Republic - this was their way of shutting me up.   Which is why you see no TV shows, nor interviews from me from 1984 until 1987 - I had signed these contracts with Republic.  So I made yes $2,000 for my life story and silence in 1984 to 1987.  When I realized  I was being muzzled, I refused $5,000 the third year for an option. The ironic thing was I wouldn't have said a word about John Wayne had we made a film then.  I only wanted to get the story out about my life.  I have never revealed a client name except with their consent ever.  Never have and never will.

I took $1,000 option in 1987 from Cosgrove Muerer productions to do a film about the founding of "Prostitutes Anonymous".  I then returned the money and canceled the deal when the producer told me he went and paid to have sex with a prostitute in order to "understand the subject matter".   I told him this was to me the same as asking me to do a movie on the Holocaust and going out to gas a Jewish person in order to "understand the subject matter".  I was so upset at him for this that yes I returned the money and broke the contract.

I do not sell our book on Amazon for one main reason - because then they would have a potential list of some of our members.  They might not know who is and who isn't - but they would know at least who is interested in us.  Since it's well known that a list of anyone who buys or reads "Catcher in the Rye" is turned over to the FBI as a potential terrorist - then it's not far fetched to think buyers of our book might wind up on some list somewhere.   I am yes losing a lot of potential money by doing this - but I am protecting our members' anonymity, and their location, in making this decision.  Do you really think with prostitution illegal in most of this country that our government would not want a list of people who buy a book on leaving prostitution?  By staying off Amazon, I keep that list private.  Especially by giving away the book free.

I have turned down offers to have publishers publish our book because of the lawsuit with AA and Hazelton where they tried to alter the book against Bill Wilson's wishes, as well as AA's.   If I sign a contract with a publisher, I lose all right to have total control over the content.   Therefore, we self-publish so our words, and stories, can not be altered against our wishes.   The same as with what happened to Narcotics Anonymous when Chuck Skinner admitted to having altered parts of the Basic Text without the fellowship's approval in his attempt to seek power over the finances of NA.

Paige paid me $400 for the literature I gave her in 1991 a few weeks ago to start up the first meetings of our 12 step program in Vancouver that she never paid me for back then because she was taking care of something like 10 women sleeping in her studio apartment who were afraid to go prostitute on the streets with a maniac running around, and to take care of the teen who was the subject of the Lindsey Wagner movie produced by ABC.   That was also supposed to cover the literature I gave her to get books to her new members, and to help her set up SPACE - which was the first drop-in crisis center in Canada for prostitutes seeking a way out.  PACE took it over somewhere around 1996 I think when her father died.  I was supposed to receive a salaried job from that center opening but that never materialized.

Melissa Farley paid me $350 for the writing I contributed to "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections", as well as my help in preparing the report she sold to Shared Hope who repackaged the report minus our name and then distributed in March of 2008 claiming it had been published in August of 2007, even though Melissa and I released the report in September of 2007.  I guess they wanted to make it appear they released it first.  But because I sold my writing to Melissa - I have no ownership to contest.

We haven't sold any jewelry, t-shirts, medallions, hats, coffee mugs, etc. to date.  Not a one.  I haven't even sold any keytags for members to give out at meetings - they use their own or the ones from NA or AA to give out at meetings.   Nor have I sold any licensing rights to anyone to do so either.

Okay, free literature, no grants, no fund raisers, no fees or dues, no money in the basket - can someone please tell me where I'm getting money from in order to be "doing what I'm doing for money"?

Because if I am "doing this for the money" I certainly am doing something wrong here.  Polaris however received an $11 million dollar grant from what I read by Google last year sometime.  I don't know how much money Truckers Against Trafficking has received.  Lois Lee told me last year that Children of the Night have $12 million dollars in the bank.  But with her staff salary monthly being $40,000 I know that will just cover her overhead.   Dennis Hof I know once sold off a young girls' (18) virginity for $1,000,000 of which he gets 1/2 usually.

Shared Hope supposedly got $1.2 million coming into Nevada to lecture about Nevada sex trafficking for about a month while security was telling me I was banned from even listening to this lecture, and then they left town again after the lecture tour.   Which how they accomplished when they "don't provide direct services domestically" as they told me when I called them that year in 2007 as when they were lecturing - I have no idea.  I know Terri Miller told me she paid them $9000 to come speak to her in 2007 about sex trafficking.  I know I spent hours talking to Terri about Nevada cases for which I never got a dime, but Shared Hope got $9,000 for flying in for a coffee meeting with Terri.

From the day I saw Awaken Reno open, until last year, I only saw them doing fund raisers.  I was told Pastor Perez from Annie Lombert's Destiny House Project supposedly pocketed $1,000,000 before he filed bankruptcy.   The house was supposedly donated, as was the furniture, and everything in the house.  I don't know how much money she got for signing with Bravo to get the one show produced that did air before they yanked it - but I would bet she got something.   The Cupcake Girls has raised over $50,000 that I'm aware of anyway while a woman on their own board told me "I haven't seen them help one single person" last week via email.   The dental care they claim to provide strippers is provided by the United Way.  They're helping strippers who make pretty good money in Vegas from what I'm hearing.  Joy Hoover runs a baker and a hair salon - so she's not losing anything financially off the publicity she gets for the Cupcake Girls.

I was told by the treasurer for Mike Bartell he had made over $3,000,000 in donations from his Nevada fund raiser where she said he went out into the streets, photographed prostitutes street walking, and then got back into the van without even speaking to them.  Maxine Doogan has raised at least $35,000 for her legal fees from what I read.   That's not counting how much she makes as a madam or a mistress.  Ryan Kavanaugh from Relativity Media is wealthy and Tom Forman took his family on a vacation to England and lives in Malibu according to his social media.

In 2007 Melissa Farley offered me a job for $120,000 doing "direct services in Nevada" so I figured I needed to file for a 501c3 nonprofit for our 12 step program to separate them.   I was told she had received a grant from the state department to study Nevada sex trafficking for $50,000 mind you and I got a whole $350.00.

I sat down and did a financial report which allowed me to go over our phone bills and realize we'd taken over 500,000 phone calls back then from 1987 to 2007 (not counting the letters and emails I've answered).  I went over all of our paperwork then and added up I've spent $400,000 of my own money keeping our program running.  That's the phone bills, postage, printing, travel, advertising, etc.  We had taken in donation wise a grand whopping total of $25,000 in book sales and a $10,000 donation we got to buy an outreach car.   For which we spent the full $10,000 on a car as we told the donor we would do.   Meaning as of 2007, we were $365,000 in the red.  Since 2007, I've continued to pay for our mail box, cell phone, postage, printing, etc. out of my own pocket.  I once asked our board members if we could split the monthly bills among us equally to pay and they laughed.

Breaking Free and PRIDE in Minnesota have supposedly run Prostitutes Anonymous meetings for years.  So to did the Mary Magdalene Project which was the subject of a 10 year study in "Leaving Prostitution" by Sharon Oselin.  I have never received one dollar in book orders or donations from either program, nor anyone on their staff personally.

When I met Brenda Myers-Powell in 2007 in person at the press conference, I gave her 20 copies of our Recovery Guide with the red cover, as I gave 20 copies to Kathleen Mitchell also.   We were pricing our books then at $14.95.  Brenda sent me a check for $150 for books in 2009.  I told Brenda I would send her the books when I got a meeting registration form from her as I knew she was going to use them in a meeting setting.  To have books at a meeting setting means I need a registration form.  She refused to send it to me.  She kept calling me begging for the books and I kept asking for the meeting registration form to no avail for some reason.   I finally told Brenda I would apply the $150 to the 20 books I gave her in 2007 if she wasn't going to send me a meeting registration.

I gave her a written copyright release to go to any printer she wished, and run off copies of our book from the .pdf I gave her to work from at her own expense to give to any woman in the Chicago jail program she was working with that wanted a copy of our book free.   I did this because she said "women didn't have books".   I told her I was not budging in that I would not send her the printed red cover books until I got a meeting registration from her for the Chicago group she was running.  She threatened to shut down a Chicago meeting at some Alano center if I didn't send the books.  I repeated I would send her whatever she needed when I got a free meeting registration form signed and returned.  She told me she was shutting down the Chicago meeting now that filming had stopped on her documentary.

I was told in 2009 by the Sunshine Girls they sent Brenda $5000 for running a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in Chicago.  When I asked them if they were aware she was not the founder, director, nor had a registered meeting of ours even - they ignored all my calls until they changed their foundation name to something else.  I have no idea what she did with the $5000 as she wouldn't discuss it with me.  I was also told by a woman in Indiana that Brenda had tried to charge her $9000 for "consulting on how to set up a Prostitutes Anonymous chapter" in Indianapolis.   I do not know if she received money for the two hour documentary she did with Oprah on the Prostitutes Anonymous group she mentioned throughout the film and they shot her running.   I know I didn't see anything.   I told the woman the truth, Brenda had no legal right to be setting up meetings or outreach or anything in any official capacity for our program because she (1) has no registered meeting with us, and (2) has not worked any PA, or SWA, steps (either/or), that I'm aware of.   She never worked them with me certainly and I'm not aware of any sponsors she's had in PA other than myself.   Anyone else in Chicago would have the same amount of time, or less, than her being I set up the first Chicago meeting she walked into in Genesis House years ago.  Something which the talks shows paid for my travel and I did not charge Genesis House, nor Brenda, for coming up there every few months and mentoring the group she got recovery in.

Kathleen Mitchell has never bought a book from me I'm aware of.  She did register the first meeting of Prostitutes Anonymous with us when she opened Dignity in 1991 which again is free to do so.  I was told by Catholic Charities they canceled that meeting when they took over in 2013.  I sent Kathleen her jail study program for free and have not received any proceeds from the basket that I understood was passed at the Phoenix meeting.  I have not received one dollar from anyone at Catholic Charities, Project Rose, Division 17, CAASE, etc. for them using our program's name in their fund raising, licensing, program design, etc.  I would like to know if Dignity or Catholic Charities would have invested in her, hired her, etc., if not for the Prostitutes Anonymous meetings we gave her freely.  Don't know as she stopped talking to us when she retired after turning it over to Catholic Charities.

Celia Williamson set up a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in Toledo in 1994 from the papers I found online with Second Chance.  I never received a meeting registration, a book order, nor any donations.  I was not told about this meeting even.  When I confronted her about the money Second Chance received using our name to get her proceeds she countered with "well we dropped that years ago".  That didn't answer my question however about some legal grounds she had to use our name in a grant application for which she received funding.  For 18 years I spoke to Celia about setting up a university level course of study in this topic and was told when she received approval to do so - I would be given a position as a teacher at this course.  She received approval in 2013 I think to teach about human trafficking at the University of Toledo.  Celia offered me a percentage of the income earned off classes I would teach for her in this course.  I asked for a down payment of some kind so I could buy a decent camera to shoot the video for her course which she refused.  She sent me the contract which required my exclusive teaching with her - and nowhere else.  Since I've been teaching counselors, social workers, police, etc., since 1991 I could not see myself giving her an exclusive on my teaching since I also was teaching people like police who had nothing to do with her university course on trafficking.  When I told her I could not give her exclusive to all my teaching income she told me that she would then "view me as a competitor" which meant excluding me from speaking ever at her Prostitution Conference held yearly.   I asked what one had to do with the other and she said "why would I let you come and speak when I can put in one of my teachers and get a piece of that action?"  I said "to provide the best quality training from the widest sources possible for those attending her conference.   Her reply was I either offered my training/teaching through her exclusively or I would not speak at any event she was connected to, organized, or was a part of NOR would I be allowed to lecture, teach, or train at any event any of her other teachers were a part of either as I would be viewed as a "competitor" to her if I did not sign.

I was asked to speak at a Chicago training in 2014 by Dr. Pratina Gupta.  I spent over $1500 preparing to speak at this training, and borrowed another $1000 to pay for my airfare to speak there for free.  The organizers of this event charged $450 from attendees.  Three days before this event, I was told by Dr. Gupta that I was not going to be able to speak, nor invited to attend. When I told her I had invested $1500 in printing of books to sell at this event, and an airplane ticket and hotel for another $1000 that I could not get a refund on considering it was now only 3 days away - she told me "I'll look you up when I'm in Los Angeles and have lunch some time".  Needless to say I told her where to stick her lunch.   Since other speakers were there who teach with Celia - I have to think she made good on her threat about what she'd to to "competitors".   I had over 10 people tell me they had paid this registration fee wanting to hear me speak.  One man had arranged to drive down from Texas.  They were not told I wasn't speaking until after they had arrived and paid their non-refundable registration fee.  The man who drove in from Texas was told he didn't "want to make a stink because he would just harm his own standing within the trafficking community" and to "think about his own grants he was applying for".   So people who started to object about my not coming were having their grants and "reputation" threatened into silence.

So again, please if I'm doing this "for the money" let me know where I'm going wrong here because I'm sure not seeing it.