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During Prohibition, it was well known Al Capone, and the Mafia he was a part of, would routinely use the police to shut down their "competitors", i.e., anyone who wasn't a part of the mob. Now remember, this country didn't acknowledge the "mob" even existed back then. The existence of the mob wasn't "officially" recognized until Joe Valachi stepped up to confess it's existence in the 1960's. Yes these mobsters were arrested - individually. Even Al Capone himself was only arrested on income tax evasion. The film "The Untouchable's" was about the fact no one in law enforcement, or otherwise, could go after these guys because of how they had the police force, and politicians, under their control. This is why we created the "racketeering" laws in fact because arresting even Al Capone himself didn't shut down the "operation" which was flooding the country with bootleg booze. Well welcome to


The campaign is all clear to me now.  The agenda to spread legal prostitution, i.e., legal brothels, across the USA is now crystal clear to me now.  I can see who is doing it, how they're doing it, and what's to come.   However, I do NOT have a problem with prostitution as I've said before.  What I have a problem with is FORCED sex work.  Someone who has been tricked into sex work.  Someone who is being left with no way out of sex work when there is a way.   I'm against pimps in ALL forms whether it's in a legal setting or not.  Remember, there are maids right now in hotels all over the country being forced to work.   Does that mean we get rid of hotels?  No - it means like in this case get rid of Leona Helmsley. I've been dealing with the issues of BOTH organized sex trafficking in this country, as well as pimping, and the sex industry for some time now as you readers know.   If you know my story, you know that I