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One of the biggest functions we handle in Sex Workers Anonymous is that of the job situation.  Because we're arrested for prostitution (in some form or another), then that shows on our record when looking for work.  When we're in the press - it's even worse.  That's why when I hear about one of us in the press - I know not only are they no longer going to be able to work in the sex industry but they also are going to have a really hard time finding work.  For this reason, we've collected a list of jobs and employers that either don't care about this type of thing, or that bypasses it.  For example, there's some jobs such as transcription, or taking plane reservations by phone as a home worker - where you don't meet your employer "face to face" so that if you did get your face plastered on the news it won't block you from finding work.

I assure you however very few are open about hiring sex workers.  In fact, if someone does throw out hand…


In response to this article -  I sent their editors this letter for publication in their editorial section:

Dear Canadian Media:

I know you probably don't know who I am from Adam and there's a reason for that.  I'm writing you to see what I can do to change that and explain.  Catch this clip from "Enter the Dragon" with Bruce Lee in 1973.  I need to get the rest of that scene - but you can see this jail cell with men in this clip.  The men are human trafficking victims.  After they show the men, they show a white girl, not an Asian girl mind you, but a white girl, who is being drugged and clearly being prepped for sex trafficking.  In Elvis "Harum Holiday" he's also trying to rescue a woman from sex trafficking.  Only we didn't have the word "sex trafficking" back in those days.  …