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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Funny how you try and block out bad bad memories.  I've postponed writing my memoirs because frankly I want to forget what happened to me.  I want to tell myself "it's over".  Then I see something that tells me it's not over and I need to add in my experience with this.  George Clooney has produced "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and "Argo".  I know from those movies that George knows what I know and there's a reason why he's part of the people asking for a boycott on the Beverly Hilton.  Can he use stories like mine without being charged with defamation?  Probably not.  So I'll add in my two cents.

Here's a copy of the email I just sent the writer of this article:

My name is Jody Williams.  I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  The reason I started this movement up at a time when our culture wasn't believing it was even real was because I was seeing women being sold, loaded onto diplomat planes, and I was told there was "nothing that could be done about it" by the few who were involved.

When I would try and call the police they would hang up on me because I was considered a "criminal" as a prostitute in Los Angeles.  Once when I had tried to stop a plane that had about 10 women on it I knew at the airport and I was told because it was a "diplomat's plane" there was "nothing that could be done", I started suffering from anxiety attacks afraid it would happen to me.  This was being done in all places as the Beverly Hilton.  These traffickers showed me they controlled the Beverly Hills police, and business meetings over these deals were held in the Polo Lounge.

If you've seen "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" you'd know that Chuck Barris was working for the CIA.  The CIA during Iran Contra where the "Dating Game" was used to film attractive women, then send the film to men like the Sultan, so they could pick who they wanted.  Think about it - who checked on those women to see if they ever came back and who would suspect Chuck Barris?  Now you have an idea why I was having anxiety attacks!  Only when I would try and seek help from therapists - I was again told "things like this don't happen" and then they would try and lock me up for observation.  Wanting to change this - we spent 13 years bringing survivors of this type of trafficking onto talk shows, public access, etc. until the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  Our CIA was involved in this trafficking, and using women to "seal deals" for oil, guns, cocaine, you name it.  Because yes these men were/are "sex obsessed" and up until the year 2000 it was not illegal to traffick American women.  

Something by the way I believe Bruce Lee was also trying to alert us to - but he died three weeks before the premiere of "Enter the Dragon".  In the 100's of times I've seen this film on TV, I"ve never seen the unedited version.  This clip is there talking about how there was a wealthy man who was trafficking in AMERICAN women for which there were no laws yet in this country to stop him.  Had he been alive when that aired I'm sure he would have spoken more about this.  

I opened the first "safe house" in the country in 1984 I was arrested over (you can read about this at because women were being stolen and sold to men like the Sultan and our law enforcement would do nothing and the CIA would cover it up.  Now can you imagine how I would have defended myself at a trial back then?  I would have either been locked up in a booby hatch for life, or I would have been murdered.  As it was, I had people trying to murder me for about three years until I went onto that first talk show stage.  

People are going to say "why should I care?" about this guy.  Well they should because in his mind women were cattle to be bought and sold like cattle and until we had a law against it - he felt it was legal.  I'm working on my memoirs now about this because I've been told by just about every media outlet, publisher, etc., there's a blacklist on publishing anything I say about this.  So we're going to self-publish.  Thanks - Jody  (818) 646 3296.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


THIS story is why certain children should be placed with  It's not enough to place a child in a general shelter - some are targeted for trafficking and CON is set up specifically for this purpose.  This story also illustrates why we don't just place victims in any old program - but we have to check them out to make sure they're safe for "us".


When my daughter was about 8 years old I could see she was becoming a very pretty young woman.  Speaking as someone who was molested by my father as a child, and beaten by my mother, raped three times before I was 19 years old, and lured into a sex trafficking operation in my teen years - I believe a lot of what happened to me was because I was raised to "act like a lady".  My father was very authoritative, as I've learned most molesters and abusers are.  I was told by him that I had to "bend to his will" and "ladies don't act like that'.

So when my daughter was 8 years old, I enrolled her in a martial arts studio.  When the boys started hitting on her in school - she laughed.  She knew better.  My daughter gets approached by these guys and she blows them off.  I assure you these predators stay away from women who can defend themselves.  I love the film Jennifer Lopez made also showing martial arts as a tool of defense.  I know this - I started studying martial arts in my teen years when my mother was beating me.  One day she tried to hit me and I literally reacted without thinking as I'd been trained.  I had her pinned to the wall and my forearm was on her neck choking her. My mother never hit me again after that day.

When I walked into this club where I met those men who lured me into the sex industry - I had just been through a major car accident.  I was barely walking because of a back injury.  Had I been in fighting shape I doubt they would have bothered with me.  As I got my strength back in fact, they let me go.  There is an air of confidence women have who can defend themselves that repels predators.

You want to something to end sex trafficking?  Get kids in your town into martial arts.   Get your kids into martial arts.  Find a way to get the lower income kids into classes who can't afford them.  I was paying $40 a week but I was working then when I put her into classes.   I feel this is one of the best prevention's you can offer a young girl or boy.

Letter to Editor:

I'm not going to be recommending to our members this "Black Dot" campaign.  I find it an illustration of the fact we now have people running these campaigns who have no idea what they're doing because they have not "been there".  Alcoholics Anonymous works because they've "been there".  Our program works because we've "been there".

If you read between the lines here, you see this is based upon one case where a woman wrote "help me" on her hand.  That was a specific one case situation that's now been adapted to this campaign designed to do what?  Raise attention and donations for the group starting the campaign to make it appear they're "doing something".

I assure you had this same woman put a "black dot" on her hand - the nurse would have probably said , in front of the abuser, "what's that for?"  I've been there and THAT'S what's going to happen with this campaign.  I've been a victim of abuse more than once as a sex trafficking survivor, and having been in an abusive relationship. I've worked for 30 years with these victims and I can assure you that if she knows about this "dot" then HE will know about this "dot".

Then when he finds out she's signaled for help in this manner - she's going to be harmed, or even lose what little liberty she has Also, "help me" is different than a "black dot".  Most will either think it's dirt, or not have a clue what it is.  I doubt everyone in the world knows what this dot means to respond.   If she pulls a stunt like this when out in public, he will take and lock her up in the house in response.

Whoever came up with this idea has NO IDEA what danger they're placing this victim in. This campaign does NOT have the safety of the victim in mind.   For women like this, we have a specialized hotline where we can help them execute a campaign for their specific situation.  For example, what if there's kids at home?  You alert the authorities and then he goes home to the kids and then what?  What if he has custody of the kids and then blocks her from visitation after this stunt?

This is not thought out as a campaign that will work for all victims.  Trust me - if it was that easy as putting a dot on your hand - we would have solved this ages ago.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bruce Lee Trying to Warn us About Modern Sex Trafficking

"Enter the Dragon" was set to release in 1973 - the same year Bruce was found dead in China.  Each time I've seen this film on TV - I've NEVER seen this opening clip.  I also just found out that he was found dead THREE WEEKS BEFORE IT PREMIERED.  

There was a Bruce Lee film day on TV a few months ago.  I caught a short scene under the compound where an American girl with blond hair was being drugged and asking for help.  I said to myself "that looks like sex trafficking".  I went to Netflix to watch the film and couldn't find it online anywhere.  I had to order the disk from Netflix.  I did and got busy and started to send it back.  I'd made payment arrangements with my cable company to hold off until the 1st of the month.  Suddenly my service is off and they're fighting me so I have no TV.  I remembered I had the disk in the car.  I go and get it out and start playing it and at this scene I'm going "I've never seen this scene".  I call my daughter in and SHE'S never seen this scene on TV either.  

So catch this clip from "Enter the Dragon" where it shows Bruce isn't just going to investigate this island - but is trying to gather evidence to stop sex trafficking again before that term was even coined. I'm trying to help people to understand what the world was like when I was involved in the sex industry and witnessing the issue of sex trafficking around me. It has many forms but one thing was universal back in the 1970's and early 80's when I was first introduced into that world - this was that no one believed these things were even "real". I want you to hear this CIA character explaining that the police can't move in and do anything because there's "no guns or drugs" involved which was true prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000. You know why?

The Mann Act written in 1910 was written about Chinese women being brought into the USA and trafficked, and about minors who were moved across state lines for prostitution. There was NOTHING on the books to protect American women from sex trafficking - which again is why I was witnessing our adult women being sold to Saudi Arabian's for oil deals, Columbian's for drug deals, Mexican cartel for drug deals also. I was called as a madam and offered $25,000 for a "white girl with no family". I tried calling the police who laughed. I went to the airport where I knew one woman had been taken and the airport security told me it was a "diplomat's plane" and therefore "nothing can be done" to stop a plane I saw taking off with American women on it. THIS is what Bruce was trying to tell us about. I will bet you money if he was alive when this movie had aired - he would have been talking about this subject in 1973.  

Imagine if today someone were to tell you they were being "sold by green aliens from mars into sexual service". THAT'S the reaction we got from people when we'd try to find help for us or another person. They would either accuse of of "hallucinating" or "being drunk" or whatever other rationale they could come up with.  

When Linda Lovelace first tried to tell the world she had been forced to film "Deep Throat" with her pimp/husband pointing a gun to her head from off-camera the audiences would LITERALLY "boo" at her, call her a liar, and then say she was "just jealous" he'd gone on to manage Marilyn Chambers. To prove she was telling the truth - she would tell audiences "go look at the bruises on my legs in the bathtub and pool scenes". The public reacted to this proof by saying "oh that was from where she was shooting up drugs".

I want you to watch this hardly seen clip from Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon". I have watched this film 1000 times on TV over the years, and NEVER have I seen this opening scene where a man who is probably CIA is asking him to "go undercover" to the island to "gather evidence on Han" who is "drugging attractive women until they get hooked and then selling them to an elite clientele". The man is even lamenting that because Han isn't using guns they don't have the "probable cause" to go in legally and shut him down! Which as you know was the case - we didn't have the laws other than "drugs" or "guns" to go in and do anything and still don't in most cases.

Which is why when I was being "trained" in "how to run an operation" by the "family" who came after me, they told me "no guns and no drugs and the cops can't lift a finger to stop you". Which technically was true. Our main operation, the warehouse I had, was where we had a theater license. I showed an adult film in a private room with a bed for $250 for a 1/2 hour "show" and the sex was FREE. Therefore, it was not technically prostitution. 

The prosecutor literally was scratching his head saying "she's not breaking any laws". Because I lived in one zone, and operated different operations in different zones, and had my phones forwarded from a totally other zone even than where the warehouse was - this one cop had to literally form a task force to be able to get the paperwork together to even arrest me! Too bad he didn't get the memo I had shut down the prostitution operation at the warehouse and had turned it into a "safe house", the first in the country for adults, by the time they got their "probable cause" to come in and arrest someone in the place. Even then she told them I had saved her, and the cast on her arm was from her pimp, not me. Leaving them to then arrest MY MOTHER in order to get me to the table to plea bargain! If you don't know what I mean by this check out the clips at

In all the years I've seen this Lee film on TV, I've never seen the clip at the beginning left intact that he was going in on behalf of the CIA to try and shut down what is now called a "sex trafficking operation". You'll see that in 1973 we didn't use those terms if you look at this film. That term wasn't even coined until the Trafficking Act of 2000. This will show you how far in advance of his time Lee was.  

In 1973, I was 13 years old. I was 19 when I went in to get a cocktail waitress job at the club these pimps had bought to launder their drug and prostitution money where I got lured into "the game" originally myself. Honestly, if more talk had been going on as I was growing up on this subject - I might have been better prepared for what came at me because the only images I'd ever seen of pimps before was Huggy Bear on "Starsky & Hutch" and some about Iceberg Slim. For prostitutes I'd only seen "The Happy Hooker" or junkies on street corners in mini-skirts. 

This clip being deleted from most of the showings of his films tells me there might have been more to his death than meets the eye. Especially when you combine his death, with his work trying to raise awareness, along with Jason's death which was even stranger. No one has a clue who could have substituted in real bullets in that gun because he had no personal enemies. Prop men have also shown us how you can't "accidentally" load blanks into a prop gun either. 

I remember some Chinese speaking how Bruce had died because of his "not accepting the old ways" which I had taken to mean his work revolutionizing martial arts. He took a lot of heat for teaching American's. He had also started going back to China in disgust over the way America was treating him. It was bad enough he was supposed to have David Carradine's part in "Kung Fu", and he was made to look like an underling in "Green Hornet". But you can see by "Enter the Dragon" this was way more than just a martial arts film. He deliberately used American women in this film instead of Chinese to further show this was happening to American women. Only to have the film edited and no one even talk about the subject. No wonder he was getting so upset as to pull away from America about the time of his death.  

Contrast this to "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with Julie Andrews which came out the same year as "Enter the Dragon" where they're then spoofing the idea of Asian sex trafficking like it's a joke. The finale is her sending in a man dressed as a woman so they can "rescue" all the American girls who had been sold into sexual slavery to work in an opium den with everyone laughing like isn't this a big joke!

Only it's not so funny right now. The new Chinese president has declared a war on corruption. I've been helping victims of a ring since 2006 where they bring the women over from China after they hit their 40's and are "too old" for the Chinese crowd to staff massage parlors that are popping up everywhere! Look around major cities and you'll see sometimes four parlors to one corner! Not a one of them advertised on Backpage by the way. These women are told if they don't comply with their control they'd be deported back to China where they would be charged with crimes that get the death penalty over there. 

Did you know that if charged with being a madam back there you get the death penalty in China? A woman deported back to China as a victim can be retried in China where some crimes are met with the death penalty. Madaming one. Incest is another. One victim I've been working with was drugged as a child, then posed in pornography with her natural sister and brother, and the traffickers have these photos. Meaning she could have these photos turned over to the government - and she'll wind up with a death sentence. Which is why it's not such a great thing for victims to be deported back to China - without making sure they won't be charged back there for that reason first.  

Last year, they finally arrested Liang Yaohui, and 47 other men. Liang operated a five star hotel, along with something like 800 escort services, 3000 massage parlors, and 1000's of women working under him. After his arrest, came another man who was a part of the People's Congress, and a few more who were high up in government. The impact has been severe enough to have actually affected their economy!

Has this done anything to shut down the operations over here in the USA? Now you have an idea why I was protesting the so called "reality show" of "8 Minutes" back in April of 2015. What they were showing as "victims of sex trafficking" was the concept of a single mom who can't find work so she's placing ads on Backpage to turn tricks to raise money for bills. That's NOT A TRAFFICKING VICTIM.  

That's a PROSTITUTE. There is a difference. I felt like this show was like a magician's trick where they pull a coin out of your ear that wasn't there before but was really behind his fingers - slight of hand. I spent YEARS of my life, and took great hits financially as well as relationship wise, and to my career, to go onto national TV over and over again with REAL victims pushing to get our country to the point where this issue got federal recognition, i.e., meant it was "real". Like how Indians push to get their reservations "federal recognition" so they can build a casino or whatever they want with this recognition. I was told we couldn't get help to these victims, proper help, until we got "recognition" which was the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. Or so we were told.  

Only to have people like Randall Tobias come in with the TVRA of 2003 and suddenly put all the money and power in this movement WE started into the hands of the church! End result? We get a pastor named Kevin Brown trying to brainwash America into thinking a prostitute is a "trafficking victim" in "8 Minutes"! Now why would they be doing this? Something the CIA would do or Cointelpro right? Oh the CIA isn't using this movement as a smoke screen for other activities.  

Oh no. Yeah that's why this article came out then proving that yes the CIA is using this movement as a smoke screen for their activities. That's why Jeane Palfrey released her "Black Book" showing Randall's name in it - not as a "john" but as one of the men who was forcing her to be a madam as a front for their operations. That was her defense and why her attorney who raised it was disbarred and hit with a gag order - Montgomery Sibley. 

I got news for you CIA guys who might be reading this - before I started this movement to have sex trafficking recognized as "real" in this country, I studied very carefully other movements like the Civil Rights Movement, Gandhi's movement to stop British domination in India, the Black Panthers, even Malcolm X's movement to have people understand Muslim's can be blond and blue-eyed who started out as a pimp and a drug dealer. So I read up all on how you guys operate. Right down to things like the hidden videotape made at ACORN when you were trying to stop Obama from getting elected, to the way you guys did the hidden videotape of Planned Parenthood and used that to get them defunded before it could be ruled the whole tape itself was a crime. Even how you guys planted "fake" members of the civil rights movement which included information on the Mississippi Three that got those young protesters murdered. 

So I'm seeing how we've got the "fake" survivors in Samoly Mam, the "fake" rescuers like Hillier who "Taken" was based on before he got exposed and arrested as a fraud, the "fake" outreach program like Kevin Brown tried to pass off on us with "8 Minutes" who even Polaris has said they did not give him consent to air their hotline in connection with his show, the "fake" teen victims like Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew who testifies at Congress about things that REAL teen victims wouldn't say - all while silencing REAL survivors and REAL outreach programs.  

All magicians slight of hand and masterful propaganda. People now know sex trafficking IS real - so you're now going to control what people think it is. Right down to VICE filming now supposedly what sex trafficking is in Nevada - but they won't even talk to me about filming anything to do with the work we've been doing in Nevada since 1996. Nothing about the program who gave an international press conference in 2007 to release the report commissioned by the State Dept. on how sex trafficking is a part of the legal sex industry in Nevada. A fact validated by Bob Herbert before he got run off the NY Times for such validation he did by independently double-checking my research on his own. Nothing about the program John Quinones came out to research on his own and was so impressed he devoted a whole chapter to us in "Heroes Among Us".  

Nothing about the program who defeated the brothels' "back door" hearing that wasn't even listed on the calendar to try and expand legal brothels into downtown Las Vegas WE found out about and WE brought in a survivor of sex trafficking in the legal brothels to testify who got not only this defeated but is now why there's a Mob Museum standing where they had once wanted to put legal brothels in 2013. Nothing about the program that's personally chased more than one legal brothel owner right out of the business, and even out of the country as we did Joe Conforte - while other groups sell t-shirts and call themselves "abolitionist's".  

Katherine Chon, co-founder of Polaris, who runs the National Trafficking Hotline, re-criminalizes prostitution in Rhode Island and calls that "abolition". She addresses that Nevada has legal brothels also in this complaint, but doesn't go after them at all. Oh no, she goes after the ONE place in the USA where a woman can legally work as a prostitute WITHOUT being arrested as a criminal that is NOT being controlled by MEN like Dennis Hof, Lance Gilman, Joe Richards, the Hell's Angel's (the Shady Lady was owned by the Hell's Angel's), or Joe Conforte and calls that "abolition"? 

Making it to where the only place in the USA where one can work legally as a prostitute is under the control of brothel owners who have a repeated history of threats and actual violence against the prostitutes who work for them? I'm willing to bet she got a gift basket by the Brothel Owners Association after that win. I'm not saying the fact Katherine Chon is Chinese has anything to do with this - but I can say that all these misguided attacks upon "rogue" sex workers who don't have pimps who do advertise on Craigslist and Backpage, and who did work quietly in Rhode Island within the law, and without ANY type of pimp, trafficker or control ARE now being forced through the shut down of sites like Backpage, the Erotic Review, and Rentboy, to have to go to work at those "legal" businesses like massage parlors, legal brothels, or even strip clubs run by the traffickers who are able to keep the cops at bay now because of what she did in the name of "abolition".  

What they're doing isn't a "war on trafficking" but a "war on independent sex workers" all while convincing the public they're "saving" someone. Yeah just like the modern Tea Party was "for the people" (what the Koch wanted you to think) and not another con with the same brilliant propaganda. Where those who exposed the Koch Brothers found themselves being attacked and smeared just like I've been lately. Because they didn't stop with the fake survivors, the fake rescuers, and the fake outreach projects. Oh no, because Sex Workers Anonymous is the oldest, and largest, group of REAL survivors who have built up 30 years of respect within the sex industry by people who know that we'll go in and help those who need help without targeting the industry as a whole - but only those who are the predators.  

So the "fake" sex workers was next. Or hasn't anyone noticed that Maxine Doogan isn't attacking people like Kevin Brown - but she is attacking survivors helping victims such as Katherine Griffin-Townsend and myself. That she's trying to push for decriminalization - while also trying to block assistance to foreign trafficking victims while asking a judge to try and hide language in her ballot so voters don't even know what they're voting for, and cutting funding for St. James Infirmary, one of the country's largest providers of assistance to the LGBT sex workers in San Francisco. 

Further, asking sex workers to self-incriminate themselves, give her over their bank information, sign her petitions giving out their IP address, and then asking sex workers to come to public events on public sites where they can be legally photographed without their consent. All while complaining two sex workers had been forced to testify against her falsely by a cop who was raping them while coercing them - and then she attacks the one hotline in the country where a sex worker being threatened, harmed, or even trafficked, by a cop can go and get help to get out safely and effectively? Not buying it. Another Samoly Mam if you ask me - designed to make sex workers not see the one exit sign out. Because if Maxine, and her minions, really cared about sex workers - they'd not only be putting their energy into defending women in Amber Batts, and Latesha Clay, instead of "Kamylla" and "The Cupcake Girls" - but they'd also be shouting from the rooftops that one can avoid incarceration by attending our SWA meetings.  

Anyway, I invite you to view this clip of "Enter the Dragon" that's been consistently edited out of most of the showings of it on TV to see how Bruce Lee was trying to alert us that sex trafficking was real, how it operated for some, and that it was happening to American girls (who bring in a lot of money when sold to other countries - something even the film "Hostel" eluded to).

I think it puts a whole new light on the issue of his death, and that of his son, Jason. I mean it's not like Gary Webb wasn't found shot twice by a shotgun to the head they tried to say was suicide, Jeane Palfrey was also found hung in a shed in her mother's back yard (where she'd gone to hide in fear because someone had been following her the whole day previously), Buffalo Jim they're saying "overdosed" on GHB (which isn't a recreational party drug), Brandy Britton was also found hung without a suicide note before she could testify, Rick "Freeway" Ross was set up to be in prison for the rest of his life, and basically anyone who has been revealing anything to do with modern American sex trafficking isn't being found dead under weird circumstances, etc. I even found out that a pimp who had done the Donahue show with us in 1993 was also the victim of an attempt to slap him with a drug trafficking charge by an informant in an almost identical manner as what happened to Rick Ross, and the attorney who defended him was also disbarred for a while like Montgomery was.  

These people were clearly trying to cover up what they were doing back then by pretending it didn't even exist as we can see was the case in the 1970's. Think about it - was anyone talking about the sex trafficking part of "Enter the Dragon" when it was first released?  

Now the cat's out of the bag - do you really think they've just given up? Hell no - they're just using a different means of concealment. I learned this after watching the movie about "Wikileaks". Our government learned they can't keep anything secret any longer with this site. So they've learned to rely heavily on the science of "dis" information. Probably why all this media is being spread around trying to convince you prostitution and sex trafficking is the same thing. I mean even those in the sex industry are trying to tell the public "things like this aren't trafficking" but they still aren't listening are they? No trafficking looks different than prostitution.

These are your sons and daughters America. I think it's time to start listening with an educated eye and ear. People like Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew did not fly to Washington on her own dime. Not when she's saying she's a "starving student" and can't afford to even pay for school is she paying for a trip to Washington to testify. She certainly isn't the one writing all those articles in the Washington Post, CNN or the NY Times. Anyway, check this video out and then ask yourself if maybe Bruce Lee, and maybe even his son, Jason,.might have died trying to tell you something.

If you need help to leave the sex industry for any reason -

Side note - within five minutes after posting this video, I received a copyright complaint by Warner Brothers.  I responded that I have the right under "fair use" to comment upon this video for the public benefit, and gave them full credit.  I am not selling the clip, but using it to raise awareness he did in fact put this content in his film.  We'll see how it goes as I filed a dispute in response.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


To follow up to - in February of 2014.

Seems after the February raids - the economy had a slump.  So a lot of the prostitutes were now wondering what they were going to do to pay the rent.

Then came - in April of 2014 when more corruption arrests came down against men who were part of the Chinese government that had been threatening many of these same prostitutes with getting sentences with the death penalty if they didn't comply with the demands of traffickers according to what victims were telling us.

In May of 2014 the trials began.

We read this recently - about how the investigation loop was widening.

Is this having an impact?  Yes and no.  The ring we've been getting calls from victims about who said they were being trafficked here from China - did feel the heat.

However, their response was to start trafficking women from KOREA!!!  So the machine is still operating - just with victims from a different country now because many of the heads of this operation were not arrested yet.  This is again why the RICO laws were written in this country to respond to the same issue when we first dealt with this with the Italian mob.  The "five families" which has been pretty much dismantled - and now these "ethnic" gangs have moved into the vacuum with the Aryans supposedly in law enforcement protecting them.

Now this was the same ring that was responsible for the shutting down of NINE massage parlors in Wichita, Kansas in 2013 according to documents that I have from a victim here in California tying her to these arrests.

Please note from this article it talks about "recruiting women out of San Francisco".  I bring that up because Maxine Doogan had yes "tried to decriminalize prostitution" there.  Something I had previously supported her for in order to make the prosecution of traffickers easier.  Then I learned she had tried to get this same ballot to conceal language that would help Asian trafficking victims to get help to escape.

Which is why I have completely changed my position of previous support of the group SWOP, Sex Workers Outreach Project, under their new leadership, and the allowing of Maxine Doogan to be a public spokeswoman for them.

My understanding of SWOP previously was this was a group that believed sex workers should have the same "rights" and treatment as any other worker in this country.  That the sex industry is a profession like any other, and that no human being should be forced to engage in, nor exploited, nor abused, nor treated in any way differently than one would treat a doctor, attorney, teacher, or any other professional.

However, Maxine has supposedly helped to cut the funding to St. James Infirmary from what our members have reported to us, she tried to block wording in a proposition from going on the ballot so people wouldn't know she was trying to cut funding to help trafficking victims in San Francisco who were primarily Asian in massage parlors,  AND she was involved in denouncing the recent Seattle arrests who FREED Asian women who were being FORCED by a criminal operation that was doing things like threatening to kill their family members back home if they did not engage in sex work.

Frankly, considering Maxine's background with her own legal case, I'm shocked by her recent attacks upon our group which only started in 2015 when the show "8 Minutes" came on-air.   Now we've read there's a lot of money involved with this Asian sex trade that also carries over into operating here within the USA.  We also know the Chinese engage in very "unfair trade practices" in that they will readily engage in very complex and sophisticated "smear" campaigns such as we've seen them do just over CHICKEN.  A product which PALES in comparison to how much money is involved in the sex trade.

Maxine certainly had exhibited no problem with us at any time prior to the show "8 Minutes" (we've been around since 1987 and not a peep out of her before March of 2015)  - and in fact we might have even been able to be of some help to her in her case, and the other women in her case, had they known about our work back when Maxine was originally arrested.  Again, something I fault SWOP for not having told her about how we might have helped her, and the other prostitutes, who were saying they were forced to testify against Maxine, by a bad cop.

I say that because this case reads pretty much like what many of our members deal with, including Jeane Palfrey, who was nicknamed the D.C. Madam.  Seems a cop had sex with a few sex workers in Seattle, and then turned them "informant" who Maxine says then made false allegations against her which charged her as a pimp in fact.   Now I ask you with a COP forcing you to make false allegations against another sex worker - what do you do?  Where do you go?  Who do you call for help?

We have advertised since day one we are the ONLY hotline ( I'm aware of anyway for adults who can call us that is NOT connected with law enforcement in any way. What that means is that we don't report anything on anyone who calls us to the police for one (except as legally required such as if they're threatening suicide for example).

Second, it means that if a victim is being threatened by a cop in some fashion, such as being forced to have sex with them, forced to be an informant, or even forced to make false accusations against someone else like Maxine says was being done to her, and they decide their life is in danger - where do you go to be safe?  The Salvation Army is not set up for this kind of thing.  Nor are most homeless or domestic violence shelters.  In fact, our members have reported when they've run to such shelters for safety the cop, sheriff, marshal, etc., has shown up, flashed their badge, and the facility has just handed them over with no questions asked even like "where are you taking this person?"

Jeane Palfrey was reporting to us that men like Randall Tobias, and David Vitter, among others, were part of the men who were coming to her working within our government who were forcing her to continue working as a madam, forcing her escorts to continue working as escorts, and also using them like these informants against Maxine, to pump men for information they wanted, plant information they wanted planted, to create blackmail, and to seal government deals like we've heard about leak out like with our Navy.

She did not reveal the names of "johns" but of "traffickers" and her case was not plead out so she could make her "black book" public record where these men couldn't silence those records.   Now we had offered to help her go "off the grid" to which she replied she wanted to "prove what was going on in the sex industry" and "how trafficking extends beyond just the prostitutes to the madams as well". How traffickers are not all like Bishop Don Juan - but instead are men like we read about, and I witnessed, with Iran Contra.

My point being that there were women in those massage parlors in San Francisco, and Seattle, that were being forced to be there, and threatened, and exploited, and their money taken from them, where the only way these women could get free was to have these arrests happen.  I say that because from 1984 until about 2013 - our program has been able to organize "rescues" of women like that where they, and their family, has been able to get free of the trafficking operation WITHOUT anyone having to be arrested.  We've just helped them to "disappear" off the grid as we've done in cases such as the Chris Butler case where he was a private investigator who used to be a cop.  He had a lot of resources to find those not cooperating with him, as does men like Rick Rizzolo, who was caught getting information from OC Sheriff Mike Corona while he was in prison.

However, this Asian ring that's connected to the Wichita arrests, and the Seattle arrests, as well as operating in San Francisco, and a few other cities in the USA, has such advanced technology, combined with such corrupt contacts, which again Maxine has witnessed when a cop can sleep with prostitutes, and then force them to make false accusations.

How is that?  Probably because Maxine was a competitor to this operation which is what we've been seeing.  We've been watching as independent sex workers who are advertising on sites like Backpage, Craigslist, The Erotic Review, My Redbook, etc. are being targeted for arrest by any means possible as a measure to shut down the competition TO THESE MASSAGE PARLORS and Asian rings using cops like this Ring cop to accomplish those end goals.

So here is an operation the Seattle police were BRAVE enough to arrest and go after, who not only was trafficking those women in those parlors, but ALSO using corrupted officers just like the one who came after Maxine, to get them arrested using any means possible, just like they did with Maxine, because they are competition to their girls, just like Maxine was.

Then when this Seattle police goes after these animals like police are SUPPOSED TO DO - Maxine ATTACKS THEM?  I have documented proof I've been trying to get charges filed against police officers for abusing prostitutes which complaints, calls, emails have been going unanswered, as seems to be a pretty common thing in Los Angeles as reported in this article - which I don't think we'd even be hearing about now if not for the neighborhood block leader who finally complained - and Maxine is attacking these officers for moving in to help these women get free?


Now this is what Seattle just did and SWOP'S ATTACKING THEM?  WTF?

But at the same time I've not heard one word about 15 year old Latesha Clay, who was the mother of two children, being forced to work as a prostitute because of poverty, having a gun probably to protect herself out there in Michigan's streets, and because of this "No Such Thing" campaign which was pushing to not have juveniles arrested for prostitution - she's tried as an ADULT and now locked up in prison?  Only as an adult she should have been offered the "alternative to incarceration" ALL adults are offered which is to attend our program - but she was not because she's a juvenile?

I've not heard a word out of Maxine about Amber Batts, who was also locked up in jail RATHER than being offered our program, which cost her custody of her children, got her divorced, and then all this publicity because she was trying to provide screening and security for other working women up in Alaska country?  There was no reason for her to have been put in jail either when she could have asked the judge to attend our program instead, and a member of SWA up there could have stood up with her to take over responsibility so she's still be in her home, with her husband and her kids!  I don't remember Maxine approaching either judge in either of these cases to lend her support to them. 

Which by the way I find 5.5 years is INSANE for Amber screening calls to protect sex workers on new appointments vs. the TWO YEARS that Kemp Shiffer received for trafficking teens between California and Nevada using his IRS badge, and cop connections, for TWELVE YEARS before the police were finally able to bring a case against him?

Nor do I remember in her attacks against Katherine Griffin-Townsend, or myself, both ex-sex workers, who now try and help other sex workers AVOID JAIL TIME, say one word of attack against Kevin Brown, Greg Reese, or Relativity Media.   Things like Relativity Media might have not shown one single frame of footage about REAL TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN ASIAN MASSAGE PARLORS because they partnered with a government owned Chinese film company who has stated they want "no films showing Asian prostitution" in other interviews.   Who raised money from investors for a "reality series" and then gave us a staged scripted production leading these investors to call Relativity Media "con artists" which Relativity slapped them with a defamation suit to get them to retract the accusations.

Why attack them directly over the way they portrayed sex workers as all "victims" and falsely portrayed real trafficking victims?   How about getting them to explain if there was no "rescue" operation clearly as there wasn't - then what were they doing running around Orange County trying to get ahold of teenage prostitutes like "Sweets" exactly to do then?

I mean what was those meetings FOR then if there was NO RESCUE?

Chris Butler, and OTHER COPS, in California, were arrested just months prior to Kevin Brown's launching of a "rescue" where prostitutes were threatened in their motel rooms, robbed,, and told they either "worked for them" or they'd be arrested.

Maxine's antics in the media probably do great for filling up her personal appointment book, great for her fund raising, but I'm failing to see how she's on the side of sex workers in any way, shape or form lately.  The fact that SWOP is not only standing by, but supporting some of these antics, is beyond blowing my mind.  I mean asking sex workers to "vouch they're engaging in illegal sex work" or asking another sex worker to "vouch they're an illegal sex worker" to join the group, then inviting sex workers to come out to meetings in public places where they can be videotaped without the need of a warrant - just absolutely blows my mind with respect to how much information they're collecting on sex workers that could be used in a court of law against them.  To further get them charged with conspiracy by having them gather to speak about how to engage in illegal sex work.  To take money from identified prostitutes as donations which is technically a felony, and to support legislation, which is also in total violation of her 501c3.  Yet she's not getting arrested for some reason.


You know she was arrested supposedly by prostitutes who were forced to speak against her.  This recent case in Los Angeles is another case where the cop supposedly turned the woman into an "informant" after raping her while Internal Affairs did nothing to help her.   I mean it's not like any of SWOP's board members are using that position to do research on sex workers for money or anything right like Lindsey? Or Matthrew?

Katie Hall-Jares seems to also be a researcher on sex workers for the Dept. of Health.  Darrell has been working on "drafting a report for the UN on HIV" for which I'm sure he's paid something in the way of a grant.  Andrea Ferguson - researcher on sex workers.  Fatemah - researcher.  Kate Zen - researcher.

What I'm not seeing on the list of directors however is men or women who are engaging in illegal sex work.  Meaning they're putting their butts out there on the line where they can be arrested - but I am seeing them signing up new members who are in very incriminating manners, and then getting grant money from research on said sex workers.  Yet the organization itself has not been charged in any way for "receiving earnings from a prostitute".

Now if my mother can be arrested for taking $20 from me for a bucket of chicken I asked her to buy, as did my nail lady for doing my nails, and the hotel desk clerk for taking money for a room from me - then I know well that ANY money received by a "known prostitute" is a felony.  Yet this group is not reporting any arrests.  Narcotics Anonymous was.  So many arrests they had to get a law passed so that cops would stop arresting them at their meetings.  Until this law was passed NA meetings had to be "rabbit" meetings moved from day to day to prevent arrest.

I know it's why our group doesn't ask for donations from members, and gives the Recovery Guide, to new members still working in prostitution so that we don't get guilty of this felony pimping, arrested, and then forced to provide information on our members to law enforcement as they've tried to do to us in the past.  We just resolved the problem by not taking money.

But SWOP is out here suing prosecutors, raising $1,000's of dollars from active sex workers in cities where it's illegal, asking members to incriminate themselves, give out bank and address information, come to public meetings where they could be photographed, AND suddenly attacking what once they were treating like a sister program that runs the ONLY program in the country which can be used as an "alternative to incarceration" for adults, helps those having problems with corrupt officials, helps those who can't call the cops for help, helps sex workers escape pimps without involving the cops, and helps provide FREE legal assistance WITHOUT having to hold fund raisers because our experience has shown that attorney's who publicly take money from prostitutes wind up often disbarred (check out what happened to Montgomery Sibley for one example, or what happened to the attorney who defended Larry Flynt, etc.).

Again hmm.

If the things Maxine was saying against people like myself and Katherine Griffin-Townsend were true - that's one thing.  But they're not.  So her behavior, combined with lying about real ex-sex workers, out there trying to help other sex workers avoid time in jail, and to get free of very real pimps and traffickers, while again NOT asking the hard questions like WHY was Relativity Media staging the show "8 Minutes", and WHY was Kevin Brown running around Orange County motels trying to find prostitutes if NOT for a rescue because one didn't exist, and so on and so on.

If she's such a friggin "sex worker advocate" then she should have been THANKING the Seattle police for freeing those victims against some very bad dudes.  That ring in Wichita threatened the judge, the arresting officer, and myself, with death threats.  Threats I took seriously in light of weird things that happened to me including being poisoned at a lunch meeting with someone in this operation that put me in the emergency room, among a few other very real things they did which also like having a police officer threaten me and slapping one of their victims with TWO fake prostitution charges.

Just a lot here not computing.


Dear Morgan:

I produced PSA's for years that produced wonderful results for our 12 step program until we were no longer afforded free commercials after the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1995 (we were founded in 1987).  Since then, we have been denied many media's paid advertising for fear we would "upset their other advertisers who support the sex industry".  

This does not stop us from doing our outreach however.  Our social media along brings in a couple of hundred contacts a day, with our hotline receiving at least a few calls a day as well.  We have 50,000 subscribers to our blog currently, and 190,000 "active" members in our database who are survivors.  In other words, we know what works and what does not with respect to prompting those who need help to reach out and call us.  So if you'd like some input on your PSA's - we'd be happy to provide that.   

I have heard the "Blue Campaigns" current radio commercials and I assure you no one we're aware of would respond to that type of commercial.   Maybe you're looking for someone different than we are - but I don't think so.  Our hotline and program reaches out to those who want to leave any part of the sex industry for any reason - including trafficking.  However, we acknowledge that while most alcoholics won't admit they're an alcoholic even after their first meeting at AA - they will easily admit they need help with their drinking problems.   So if you'd like our input on future PSA's - we'd be happy to provide you with that.  

However, might I point out something else?  It's my understanding in California SB1193 was passed requiring certain types of businesses to have signs posted with the National Trafficking Hotline.  We did a random check at many of these types of businesses - including massage parlors, strip clubs, and porn performer agencies, as well as porn production companies.  Not a one of these had the signs legally required of them to be posted.  When we checked with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, the legal advisers to the outreach campaign that was supposedly organized to mail out letters from both the city and district attorney's of Los Angeles informing business owners these signs be posted - no such mailing was done to massage parlors nor strip clubs.  The reason was because they said "many of these types of businesses were not properly licensed" and therefore they "did not know what address to send these notices to".

We offered to provide them with a listing we know of that "johns" use to buy services at these local companies - and we were ignored.  

A sign company offered to donate us free signs so we could make up signs that met the legal requirements of SB1193, and to include our hotline for adults, and the hotline for Children of the Night | Rescuing America's Children from Prostitution for juveniles, along with posters of missing children in the area suspected to be sex trafficking victims.  We then started doing contacts to these types of local businesses who said they "knew nothing about the law" and "if they were provided with something that showed them they would lose their license if they did not post these signs they would then comply".  

I then went to find out WHO was responsible for issuing the citations for non-compliance.  I thought well we'll go and give them a sign and if they refuse to hang them I'll call "so and so" and have a citation issued.  I contacted Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher's representative, along with the Board of Supervisors, the city and district attorney, the Jewish Womens' Federation and CASTLA about who would be the person to call.  

I received no answer from anyone other than a phone call to the city attorney said "call the local police station".  I don't know if you've read the news about the cops out here who have been raping prostitutes- but there's a lot more that aren't in the news that we're hearing about here in Los Angeles.  Cops who are trying to cover their back-sides and don't want us hanging up hotline signs. I know that because we attempted to make contact with over 10 police station chief's about this issue only to have ALL of them refuse to even speak to us about the issue, let alone agree to come out and help us get these signs hung.

I then contacted CAST and spoke to Stephanie.  She said "oh no we don't want any more posters hung right now because we have a waiting list a year long for housing".  I said "frankly what has your waiting list got to do with this?"  She said "because we have a year long waiting list - we're not going out seeking anyone else at this time".  I told her that we don't work with lists and we get those who need help housing immediately for their needs.  I told her if "waiting lists are the issue I'd be happy to come show her and her staff how we get housing immediately for victims needing to flee for free".  Her response was "oh no - we don't want to reduce the list because that might jeopardize our funding we're asking for at the upcoming fund raiser" which was asking for $50,000 a plate.

When we attempted to start doing sign outreach in Pasadena, I asked the Pasadena Chief if he would have an officer in the area be on alert we were going to go into these establishments and we might have some owners who didn't want to comply and might get rough with us.  We received no response at first.   When we started to go into some massage parlors in the city, we did receive a phone call from a man identifying himself as an attorney who threatened us with a "restraining order" if we "tried to come back and speak to any of his clients in the future".  When we asked him to identify who his clients were - he refused to answer us.   I then went over the Chief's head and started speaking to the mayor, city council, city manager, etc. which must have angered the Chief because I then started having him call my house five times a day asking me to "come into the station to talk to him about this".

At the same moment as he started calling me, a woman who runs a group called Abeni, which is a group connected to the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, started writing online that I was "stalking her"  and "threatening her" and she was "afraid to leave her home because of my intimidating her" and honestly I had no idea what she was talking about as I had not even spoken to her previously in any way.  When I did reach out to her to say basically "what are you talking about?" she then started asking people where I lived so she could "send out an officer to have me hauled off on a 5150 charge".  I'd also like to point out the Pasadena Chief resides in Orange County and I have documented conversations with them online previous to these false accusations against me.  

It became very clear that if I were to go into the Pasadena Police Station - that I'd be carted off on a 5150 charge.  Now after what happened to Sandra Bland - I'm not about to just trust that I'll be okay in police custody or otherwise.  Not when there's been a witness in the Los Angeles jails who "disappeared" for three days within the system, and the man who has been named head of the Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force was named into his position by Paul Tanaka, the man connected to this missing witness who has now stepped down because of corruption charges also.  Now how he got put in charge of his own investigation into a shooting death he caused I have no idea - but I certainly don't want to be put into ANY custody in Los Angeles right now with all these Police Chief's stepping down because of corruption charges - no thank you.

So we have a team of survivors willing to go out there and hang up free signs with the National Trafficking Hotline number where it's legally required to be posted - however, if we're not getting any back-up from the local police to issue citations and to protect us if we're threatened - we're not doing it.  I say that because I have asked for return phone calls from the Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, and Orange County Human Trafficking Task Forces about complaints we're receiving in our hotline - and we get no response.  We have asked to be put on their mailing lists so we can attend their meetings - and we get no response.  We have asked to speak at some of their meetings, and we've had secretaries come back and tell us there "is no time" for us to make any statements at these meetings. 

Now considering it was OUR program who founded the first hotline on this issue, and the first alternative to incarceration program in this country, as well as the first safe house, and the first outreach teams here in 1987, and it was our program who defeated a proposition that the legal brothels tried to push to expand into California - I would think these task forces would value our contribution, our members' volunteer efforts, our experiences, etc.  Since they are receiving federal grants, and we are the oldest and largest group of survivors based in Los Angeles county - I would also think they would welcome our involvement. 

So if the goal of your PSA's is to get more calls into the hotline - then having these signs posted where they are required to be posted would be a good idea.  Los Angeles has not been our only area of issue.  It's also a law for the signs to be posted in all bars in Texas.  We have three chapters of SWA in Texas and members who would love to get these signs posted - however all of our members there are lacking in transportation.  Our sign company is in Los Angeles who offered to donate free signs - requiring shipping expenses.  I've got members who have offered to get these signs posted if they were to get as little as $250 a week to cover their gasoline and expenses.  We even have a member who donated us a Mandarin and Korean translation to be posted in the nail salons in Texas because that's where we get our most calls from.

I hate to see you repeat what is happening with the billboards.  ATLAS in Las Vegas in 2007 spent $80,000 on a billboard - and got not one call.  Oakland spent $1,000,000 on billboards and got ONE human trafficking, not sex trafficking call in 2013.  Alameda County spent $375,000 on billboards and didn't get one call in 2015.  Los Angeles spent $1,000,000 on billboards in 2014 and they got not one single call.  I saw San Jose spend $30,000 on bus stop signs and they didn't get one single call.  

The reason for that is because VICTIMS DON'T READ BILLBOARDS.  I warned Los Angeles back in 1987 not to spend $30,000 on bus stop signs and they didn't listen.  They also didn't get one all.  Now I think it's because the brother-in-law of the head of the board that voted on the grant sold bus stop signs they spent that $30,000 that way instead of the van I had suggested that would pick women up as they got released from jail before the pimps did "at the bottom of the hill" as it was with the womens' jail back then because by the time they hit that McDonald's at the bottom with the pimps waiting - it was over by then.

The only radio and TV PSA's that ever worked for us was the ones who ran in the middle of the night on network TV again before 1995.  After the networks have come into being in control of the media - most survivors are not watching stations like ABC, CBS, etc.  Nor are they listening to radio stations like KOMP that I've heard your "Blue Campaign" commercials on either.   In fact, every where I've heard and seen your previous PSA's before today are NOT places that victims needing help would see them.  So frankly I'm surprised you're getting any calls.

Now I know where I place media that's responded to by victims and does quite well.  That's how I hear about what's going on from victims, and then I try and make reports to your committee, to the task forces, to the police chief's, to the attorney general's, and no one will call me back to take a look at the information I'm receiving, or to speak to the victims who make the horrible mistake it seems to call our hotline.  I say that because the minute they do - no one else will call me back to help them even when their juveniles.   

I get a call for example about an operation trafficking in 13 year old girls off Boulder Highway in Las Vegas out of an auto sales yard and no one calls me back about what these girls are saying is happening.  I just loaded them up myself after having no one return my calls and took them to   

I then told the owners I had reported their activity to the police and let them know I'd taken the girls into California - and after having my RV stolen the next day, then returned to me with a bomb put in our exhaust system which luckily I found before it blew up, this auto sales yard packed up and shut down their lot and disappeared.  Shame, because the owner/manager told me he "used to run girls out of a strip club in Chicago" and therefore I would have thought someone would have liked to make a report out on the guy before he skipped off - but hey if no one calls me back about it what am I supposed to do?

Meaning I know how to get calls but my hands are being tied right now because no one seems to want to help me when the calls come in, nor in doing our outreach.  Just an FYI to your PSA campaign.

Jody Williams
(818) 646-3295