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Dear Anne-Michelle:

I was wondering if you could put me in touch with who is organizing this walk?
I say that as the founder of the movement itself this walk is about.  Let me explain - before Bill Wilson founded Alcoholics Anonymous people viewed alcoholism not as alcoholism.  People who drank too much were considered of weak moral character.  It was not until Bill started AA and then a woman named Marty Mann also got sober, that the National Council on Alcoholism was created.  The NCA then put together the research that discovered and validated that alcoholism was in fact a disease that one had no control over - not weak character.  So the whole recovery movement was founded by Bill Wilson.
The anti-slavery movement was founded by Wilber Wilberforce in the 1700's.  However, by the 70's and 80's in America I can assure you people did not believe sex trafficking was real.  Believe it or…