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Dear Ms. Williamson and Salvation Army:

When one walks into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, they find within that meeting people yes. But they also find a “Big Book” for sale on the literature table. A literature table which also contains the “Grapevine”, the AA newsletter for the membership at large. This newsletter contains stories from one member to another about how their recovery is going and thus is considered to be part of the 12th step of “outreach” to “help others”. It connects the individual beyond the meeting to the program as a “whole” which is also part of the First Tradition which states “Common welfare comes first – personal recovery DEPENDS upon AA unity”. In other words, recovery for the individual depends upon “unity”.

At this meeting, they’re also provided with “chips” or “key tags” or even “medallions” depending upon their length of “time”. The person who hands t…


Image I found this tape today on Youtube. My response was:

Strange. Very strange. Second Chance was a program Celia created using Prostitutes Anonymous' Recovery Guide, meeting format, and other parts of what was my intellectual property as founder of the 12 step program in 1987. Prior to her starting this "Second Chance" program, we had a meeting in Toledo, Cleveland and Cincinnati. They were doing quite well when I visited them personally in 1990 as I drove through the USA that year to see how our groups were doing. Celia had contacted me saying she was "wanting to put together a college course" to train others how to work with prostitutes so I gave her a copy of our Recovery Guide free. I didn't know she was using our program as part of her program at the time because the internet was not invented yet, and she certainly wasn't telling me she had started a meeting up as part of this program. All I kne…


For people who want to sit back and say "oh Jody is trying to make money" - please please explain that to me.

First of all, I do not have any basket passed at our meetings.  Why?  Because if any person at that meeting is engaged in illegal prostitution and we accept money from them then we're guilty of a felony crime of "pimping".  Now can I sit there and ask every meeting leader to demand a financial accounting from the members?  No because to do so would be incriminating them.  So we do not pass any basket at meetings UNLIKE every other 12 step program I'm aware of who does.  AA passes the basket.  NA passes the basket.  Sexaholics Anonymous passes the basket.  Gamblers Anonymous passes the basket.  We do not.  So we have no basket donation income ever period anywhere.

Second, we have a copy of our first edition "Recovery Guide" on LuLu for $4.95.  Out of that, we net about $3.50.  In the TOTAL time that book has been listed on LuLu - we have s…