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Friday, October 16, 2015


In the old mining days - miners used to send a canary into the mine ahead of humans.  If the canary died - they knew there was a gas leakage and to get out of there.  So the term "canary in the mine" is the smallest weakest one is your warning sign.

Hitler didn't rise overnight.  He started out gaining control over the press by attacking the pornographers.  No one cared about them.  So they let the freedom of speech and press go - and he gained control over the media.

He didn't start up with the gas chambers.  He started with a group of disabled and retarded children no one cared about because they were in a home.  No one cared and let it go.  Then he put the Jews into the Ghetto.  When no one complained - then he knew no one would care if they were gone.

"Prostitutes" are the canary in the mine.  Take a look at this case.  Another police officer involved.  A man who was not treated properly in custody.  THIS IS NOT SOME STREET PIMP.  I started this movement so people could see that trafficking, whether it be drugs or sex, ALWAYS involves a corrupt system.  Only we have a system written by our forefather's that WORKS.  The problem is when it's messed with.  WE HAVE GOT TO REPEAL THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1995 and put the press back in the hands of the people instead of the corporations.  We need the press to shine the light on corruption!

If I had the same press that led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - maybe just maybe this situation in Nevada might have been dealt with sooner.  Because there is a system in place in Nevada that is connected to the press, the police, the jails, the attorney's, the politicians - all the way up to the point where we now have an Assemblymen saying he was bullied into voting John Hambrick in as speaker.  Well if anyone had listened to me in 2013 - maybe Chris Edwards might not be complaining now about what happened to him this year.

The same with Lamar. This didn't happen overnight.  I've been telling the world since the 1980's that women are being treated horribly by the sex industry in Nevada - including the so called "legal brothels".  Which is even worse in that those women aren't going to be arrested, nor can they cry "trafficking" to get the authorities involved to help them.  This is why we in Sex Workers Anonymous have always focused on anyone for any reason who wanted help to get out of the sex industry - got it.

When we started building the first case of sex trafficking while a woman worked in the legal Shady Lady - what did they do?  Sold it to Dennis.  All the witnesses, the paperwork, records, everything is just gone.  Her life was threatened and so was mine to the point where we had to leave the state physically to be safe and protect our children.

Lamar, Barry.  People start listening before it's you next.  The Kardashians blew me off when I started calling them two years ago.  They didn't care what happened to these girls.  Well Karma is a bitch isn't it?  Then again maybe this is all God's way of getting people up on their hind legs and GIVE A DAMN.

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