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Below is a letter we just sent to the AP about the "No Such Thing" campaign: Our hotline has taken over 500,000 calls since 1987 when we founded Sex Workers Anonymous. We also created the first safe house for adults in this country, as well as the first alternative to sentencing and diversion programs. I am the founder of this modern trafficking movement. I can verify this with clips at You will not find anyone else speaking about us needing legal reform in this country because we were being forced into the sex industry during the years of 1984 until the Trafficking Act of 2000 OTHER THAN US. Right now we have 190,000 current members with 50,000 subscribers to our blog. These are all survivors who were trafficked as juveniles and then as adults who are now in recovery. They are PISSED we are not being included in this discussion. Especially since they do not feel this is doing anything but targeting juveniles for MORE trafficking when you r…


First of all, this whole case I doubt would have even happened if not for this "No Such Thing" campaign which was created WITHOUT the involvement of EITHER which is the oldest, and largest, program to help prostitutes who are under the age of 18 years old which was founded in 1979 NOR that of which is the oldest, and largest, program of exited sex workers, and survivors of sex trafficking, in this country, or the world for that matter.  We were created in 1979, have answered over 500,000 phone calls to our hotline as of 2016, our database has over 190,000 members worldwide, and we have chapters in the USA, Canada, and five other countries where sex work is both legal, and illegal, who are over the legal age of consent depending on which state or country you're talking about as each one has different ages.

This campaign first…


I saw your article  and it’s important we stay on this story because there is a huge crisis going on from what I’m seeing and honestly the media seems to be the only way I think something is going to be done about this.   Since I started back in 1987 – I’ve tried to stick to working with adults (those over 18 years old) with respect to helping them get out of the sex industry.  However, the world is changing and I’m finding that I’m getting increasingly sucked into this issue because really the only difference between a juvenile and an adult is only one day after their birthday. 
There was a huge crisis going on back in the late 1970’s.  A lot of kids were winding up on the streets because their parent were on hard drugs.  In the 1960’s the drugs were mostly weak pot, LSD, and a lot of booze – but when cocaine started coming into this country with Iran Contra – …


Dear Gale:

I caught your article on “tiny houses” and feel like I’ve time warped to 1984 again.  Can we talk?  I say that because I’m the person who founded the sex trafficking movement that led to it’s federal recognition with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  An Act where even the author of this, Michael Horowitz, has been quoted as saying our movement has become “hijacked”.  It clearly has been when I read one of the quotes in your piece. 
This is also demonstrating what’s happened since it’s hijacking.  Let me explain why.  I don’t know how old you are but in the 1970’s and early 80’s no one believed in the idea even of sex trafficking.  Across the board the world viewed us as drug addicts, sexual deviants, mentally ill, and as criminals with no regard for the law.  In 1986 Le Rouche tried to get a proposition passed that would actually take “prostitutes, gays and drug addicts” and “quaran…


Today I came across this and

NOW you know why I say "DOES IT MATTER?" with respect to whether a girl like this was being pimped or not? What's getting lost in all this drive for trafficking money is those in prostitution who are there because they need help. THIS is what happens when lines are drawn between "okay this girl is a victim" and "this girl isn't a victim" and "this is who we're going to help" and "this is who we're going to treat like a monster".

IT'S BULLSHIT. IT DOESN'T MATTER! We ALL need HELP and should be treated equally and getting help EQUALLY.

I was told the girls' attorney was Louise Johnson in Grand Rapids. So I did a search and found - if this girl's attorney is …


Dear Ms. Mirelle Fanon-Mendez-France (Chairperson, France), Mr. Sabelo Gumedze (South Africa), and Ricardo A. Sunga (Phillipines) of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination:

I'm writing you after reading this press release.
I don't know if you're aware of this, but in 1987 I founded the first hotline for adults to call for help in leaving the sex industry.  This included any part of the sex industry whether it be from stripping, porn, or prostitution - and thus legal or illegal parts of the industry.   Because sex trafficking can occur in porn, stripping, and prostitution, the help we offered was also extending help to sex trafficking victims as well.  Something unheard of in 1987.
In fact, in 1987 all sex workers were viewed as either criminals or deviants by the criminal justice system.  I know this to be fact because of the Hillside Strangler case.  I took a woman who had been…