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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Dear Chris Hanson:

I don't know if you remember me at all - but I wrote you a letter back when I saw your show "To Catch a Predator".  I saw the way you were setting up pedophiles and after having met John Quinones when he came out to Vegas to interview me and check into our program, and after seeing his "What Would You Do"? show - I wrote you pitching the idea that you set up a combination show where you do kind of the same concept as you do with the pedophiles - but with pimps.

Then I wanted you to consider staging a situation whereby we show how when these types of pimps kidnap women right off the street to then rape them, brainwash them, and then "turn them out" onto the street - I wanted your cameras to show how NO ONE generally will intervene.  I say that based on 1000's of stories I've heard over the years from the members of Sex Workers Anonymous who have told me that even though these things were happening in broad daylight - no one will stop to help them.

I also wanted you to help me expose how the Metro police were involved in sex trafficking in Nevada.  Mind you - I was part of the press conference in 2007 where we told the world that sex trafficking was happening within the "legal" sex industry of Nevada in ways people aren't realizing.  The public is being brainwashed into thinking street prostitution is sex trafficking - and that's not the case.  The only way I could think of to show what is going on in Nevada, and how law enforcement is part of this - was to ask you to consider doing an "undercover show" on the subject.

I want you to look as a few examples to Kemp Schiffer.  This is a man who started out as an IRS officer who took over management of the Mustang Ranch when Joe had lost it to the IRS for unpaid back taxes.  He got a taste of being a pimp - and then upon realizing that the legal age to work at these brothels is 16 years of age, but the legal age of consent in California is 18 years of age - Kemp knew all he had to do was cross over into cities like Oakland, CA - then take these kids WITH THEIR PARENTS HELP AND CONSENT into Nevada to get them working at the legal brothels.

The IRS learned about how he was taking his badge and office at the IRS and using that to trafficking girls into the brothel from California - and what did they do?  Well it was legal.  So all they could do was fire him.  From there - he became a University of Reno professor.  Now if anyone is wondering why no reports were coming out of UNR that had any semblance to the reality of what was going on inside the legal brothels - well there's your answer.  Kemp was using his job at the college to get access to young women to talk into working at the brothel where he gets a "finders fee", possibly even a percentage, off each women he brings into the ranch.

I know because they've offered me such an arrangement in the past for our "rescue" cases.  No - I'm not kidding.  I once called up Dennis Hof after a pimp threw a pregnant woman out of a car driving 76 mph when she told him because she was pregnant she didn't want to hook any longer.  She was all banged up and I couldn't get anyone at the Salvation Army to take my calls.  So I called Dennis asking for money to pay for her a hotel room for three days.  I had found her a program to go into - but there was a three day gap between when I could get her on the plane.  His answer?  Bring her up there to work for him.  He then told me if I came across anyone else wanting away from a pimp - I'd get a finders fee.  But that's another story.

Kemp by the way used to be a police officer in Hermosa Beach, California.  Which is how he knew Chris Butler.  If you've ever seen an episode of Ray Donovan where they show how the cops set up this guy at a bar, drugged him, then a cop pulls him over and blackmails him - that's Chris Butler.  Not only did he run women out of massage parlors he owned - but he was also the largest and most respected private investigator in the country at one time.  He was even on the Dr. Phil show promoting his "Charlie's Angel's".  These were female detectives he advertised that he would use as "sting decoys" to see if a woman's husband was cheating.  There aren't a lot of those kind of clients however.  The reality is that these "investigator's" were also being used to set up rich and powerful men into blackmail.

Now Kemp is connected to Chris who is also connected to the most respected active duty cops in California.  You'll read about how he was also working with officers in narcotics to get access to the drugs in the evidence rooms.  Then he was reselling the drugs in his massage parlors and using the prostitutes as "mules".   Anyone familiar with the story would have heard the only way this story got busted open was a man working for him went to the press.

Now think - do you think there would have been any other way?  How far do you think a complaint would have gone against one of these officers from someone like us going to their chief saying "hey this guy is taking drugs from your evidence room and then forcing prostitutes in Chris's massage parlors to resell the drugs for them in the parlors so that if anyone does by accident get busted - it's going to be the prostitute and not them?"

Which was also my challenge with "Operation Dollhouse".  Because the drugs and the prostitutes were also being transported into Nevada.  How?  Put into these cop cars so that if stopped - well then it's "evidence".  Complete with the paperwork even!   Now with the 24 women stuck in this house - this was a private residence they were stuck in.  There was no way to do a "john sting" to get anyone into that house because of how they operated.

Read the story here very very very carefully.  Because you'll read that the only way the two cops got there was they were at the airport, they got into a cab, and they asked "where can I get a massage?"  (Well that's the story anyway).  What this meant in reality is that these cabs were being driven by drivers who spoke Mandarin.  Then men coming in from China who spoke Mandarin would get into their cabs because they spoke the language.  The cab drivers would then check their airplane tickets and baggage to see these guys were not undercover cops, or FBI - but actually Chinese businessmen who had just flown into Vegas from China.  Then they were taken into a private home.

Now I ask you - from an undercover point of view - how do you get an agent in there?  Can you get a prostitute in there?  Not unless you got a cop who speaks Mandarin that they got off a plane from China.  Because they only used women they brought over from China - just as is the case with the woman I'm trying to help in Pasadena, California.  Same for being a "john".  How do you get one in when the only way to get into that house was to get off a plane from China?

Which explains how a cab company got charged with "racketeering" by the way -  These cab drivers were the ones who made the the "johns" were coming in off the planes, had air plane tickets, their baggage was ticketed, and then they'd drive them to the spots that by the way WERE NOT ADVERTISED ON BACKPAGE!

Now I know about this because I'm getting women out from under this ring AND I'm having to also HIDE THEM FROM ACTIVE DUTY POLICE and the top investigator IN THE COUNTRY.  Not easy.  So I'm also trying to see what I can do to get the ring shut down.  Not easy when you describe this stuff before the news has come out and you sound like you're "nuts" when you're describing this to people.  I know because when I tried explaining this operation to Terri Miller, the school teacher put in charge of ATLAS in 2007 - she just looked at me like I had three heads!  So know I'm not going to get any help from a woman who doesn't even believe us - I gathered up all of the evidence I was aware of - names, addresses, etc.   Then I went to Chief Gillispie.  Who took my file and said "he'd look into it and get back to me".

The next morning I wake up to a knock on the door.  I have a pregnant prostitute on my doorstep.  I ask her what's going on and she tells me "they shut everything down and threw me out on the street".  I'm like "what?"  She tells me that the "Chief called up and told everyone to shut down, clean up and clear out".  She says they threw her out on the street and told her to "fend for herself" because of her being pregnant - they evidently didn't want to take her along.  So I got her checked into a motel and then went back to all of the houses and the chop shop (another long story) and found that yep - everything was cleared out that I had given Chief Gillispie.

Would anyone believe me?  As it was - I had two cops claiming they wound up in this house "by accident".  Accident my ass. I timed that date to have that reporter in that cop car on the date I knew there was a scheduled drop in Vegas and I had PLANNED on catching a cop in the raid.  I certainly did not think the police would be so bold as to just let TWENTY FOUR VICTIMS just go back with the pimps when even bags of drugs had been found on the property.  But they did.  That's how cocky and bold these people are now!

So Chris Hanson - I wrote you and asked if you could come out to Las Vegas and do a "Vegas Undercover" and film THIS stuff.  This was again before all of this has come out in the news.  You never answered me - but I did get to see you film a "Vegas Undercover" with Chief Gillispie showing you around to what HE WANTED TO SHOW YOU about Vegas.

What blows my mind - is he's now stepped down because of the corruption charges.  But did that mean you shelved the show?  Nope.  I was watching it tonight and getting boiling mad.  So mad I went to write you a pretty nasty note about the show airing - interestingly on NBC - which I've found is the champion of completely false propaganda about sex trafficking since 2003.   As I'm going to fish out your address - I see you're no longer with NBC.

Well good.  I realized you were handicapped by having to film what NBC told you to film.  Now I see you're branching out on your own with trying to get your own financing.  Fantastic!  Maybe now you can start filming the TRUTH about what's going on out here with respect to sex trafficking in the USA today.

If you want to talk - give me a shout.   I really did admire your work with exposing the child predators.  People needed to see what these people are like.  Now maybe we can show what happens on this side of the issue.

Jody Williams

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