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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The problem Savannah when you cut off talking to someone who has been in the same field as you for more than 37 years now as I have, is that sometimes, just sometimes, we know a little bit more about the game, and the players, than you.  I came to you as an ally, and as an ex-sex worker which one day you will probably be yourself.  Very few people die in this field.  You listened to rumors about me, prejudged and hung me, without so much as one personal meeting or phone call with me to see for yourself who and what I am.  Considering that’s exactly the kind of treatment sex workers are trying to get the non-sex workers to stop doing to them – then you’re treating me like you’re not wanting others to treat us.  I have success in leading a movement from non-existence totally in this country to now one of the biggest movements this country has seen in our lifetime other than the civil rights movement.

The problem is that you failed to understand that the trafficking we’ve been fighting, and speaking about, since day one was not about pimps.  There were laws on the books in the 1980’s against pimps.  One phone call and he’s carted off on charges.  What we were fighting was men within our own government, law enforcement, and the media forcing us into the sex industry, or even outright sold, that some of us have died to try and prove exist and to have this country address it.  Jeane Palfrey was one of those women who died trying to prove it was our government, not some street pimp, who forced her into not only operating as a madam, but murdered two of her sister sex workers, Brandy Britton and the Baton Rouge Madam.  Both of who were connected to David Vitter as she was also. 

She could have kept her mouth shut and continued to do what they told her and she would not have been arrested.  But she didn’t want sex workers to continue to be treated that way, so she balked.  For that, she was arrested.  Then they tried to silence her over and over again.  For the first time, her phone records were proving it was OUR GOVERNMENT that was trafficking us.   Before she could reveal the rest of the names in her book, and also testify at Congress about how madams from her on down to my time, were being coerced and forced into the sex industry by our government using us no different than plantation owners used slaves she was murdered.  I fought to have a full murder investigation done into her death – and wound up being chased by cops for almost a year.  A warrant was issued for me impersonating myself? 

This is happening right now to sex workers, and the case tied into the Seattle arrests.  Now either you’re completely ignorant of what’s going on in connection with that specific ring I’ve been fighting since 2007 that uses cops, Homeland Security, ICE, private investigators, sheriff’s, prosecutors, attorney’s, etc., who traffick these women or you’re a part of the women who may be losing their one chance at freedom by Mary circling their names on a list of sex workers’ ads that is none of her business to speak for them in the press and to the cops, as well as Maxine who tried to have sex workers in San Francisco denied help in 2008. 

Nuremberg was about those who were just as guilty as those who murdered Jews, because they refused to listen to what was going on right under their noises.  Some knew and ignored it anyway.  Either way – they were just as much of a part of those people’s death and pain whether it was by accident or directly. 

Because all you had to do was pick up a phone and talk to me.  You not doing that again means you’re part of the problem, or not interested in being a part of the solution.  Either way – you’re on their side now and I will treat you as I treat them.

Jody Williams

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I wasn't sure who to believe when I started having people tell me Alex Jones was all about "disinformation".  But now I know after reading this  For the readers, I contacted Alex Jones last year about many things going on right now within our government in connection with sex trafficking and it's link to Jeane Palfrey.

I am the founder of the movement by the way.  You can go check news clips I have up at to see that in 1984 I created the first safe house for adults.  An angry pimp called the cops and claimed I was "running a brothel".  Yeah right - right next to the Van Nuys police station?  The victim testified against him and charges against me were dropped.

I did this because I had seen Linda Lovelace try and tell the public she was forced to film "Deep Throat" on a mob financed film by her husband/pimp pointing a gun at her while the crew did nothing to stop it.  No one believed her.  Witnessing women being sold for oil deals during Iran Contra, as well as Chuck Barris taking women on planes never to be seen again using the "Dating Game" as a front, I knew no one believed us so why would they help?  Well after that got me busted, I backed up to try another way.

In 1987, I launched the program "Prostitutes Anonymous" and the first hotline to call if you needed help to exit the sex industry.  We spent 13 years generating media with interviews from survivors that sex trafficking was real, that not all of us were the "Happy Hooker", and some of us needed help to exit the industry.  This led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.

After that, our program spread all across the country.   The internet had brought us the webcam studio - so in order to upgrade our program to include the internet sex worker - we changed our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous.   We were being used by every major court in the country for diversion and alternative sentencing.  I was approached by people ranging from professors, to producers, to law enforcement offering me money to share information on our callers and members - which I refused.

In 2002, Polaris launched the National Trafficking Hotline.  Since maybe 10 percent of the calls we received were about actual trafficking, I felt they'd be a great compliment to our hotline.  I was wrong.  From the first day their animosity towards us was clear.  They refused all phone calls which made no sense to me at first - especially when I saw them refusing to give out referrals to our program when they learned the caller was simply someone wanting help to exit the sex industry - not a true "trafficking victim".

They have now done everything possible to try and divert ALL calls to them -and recently partnered with Palantir Technologies - a data mining company for the CIA.  There is now a "mirror" site set up to mine where people's IP addresses are captured that are coming to our site.  In other words, they're able to trace who is contacting us by using this mirror site. I guess when I refused the offer to become a paid informant on our hotline - they just decided to form a monopoly and take over completely themselves.

Which by the way I am preparing a monopoly case as we speak against them for this reason.  Bradley Myles wife, Katherine Chon, is the director of the Trafficking in Persons Office who gives out the grant money.  Who of course gives out the grant money to Polaris, and all of Polaris' "partners".  Who now tell me they "can't speak to me or they'll lose their funding".  Since they have now partnered with Google, who also is Oculus, and the United Way - that means anyone in any government job is now telling me they can't even speak to us or they'll lose their job and/or funding.

Then the "hijacking" of the movement hit in 2003.  The TVRA of 2003 was written by Randall Tobias, and pushed through by Bush.  The wording was clear - the federal money I had spent 15 years now of my life achieving for these victims, and demanding our system create programs for them, was all just handed over to the "faith based" community who hated us to begin with. Yes the same people who used to organize rallies to chase us out of town like cockroaches - was now put in charge of helping us?  Not having a clue how to help us, nor wanting to - we began to be flooded with "awareness" campaigns which bore as much resemblance to reality as "Reefer Madness" did about marijuana use.

I had established sex trafficking was real.  There was no more denial of it.  Now, like how big tobacco used to deceive us through their "prevention" campaigns while they were denying their product was addictive and harmful while silencing any research to the contrary, and the voices of their victims - the CIA moved in and took advance of this money and link to the church to start pumping out propaganda that looks just like the "No Such Thing" campaign.  It isn't our voices, but that of high dollar politics putting on the face of African American girls as the victims and African American men as the "traffickers".  Experts in brainwashing - they just made it appear that "trafficking" was the new pc word for "pimp".  People knew pimps and accepted the pimp archetype - so being told that "trafficker" was the new polite word - people bought it.

Never once thinking I didn't create this movement to address pimps.  Why?  WE HAD LAWS TO ADDRESS PIMPS.  Back in 1987, we had laws against pimps and panderers.  All a woman had to do was call 911 say this guy was pimping her - end of problem.  No - the ones I was saying we needed help to escape was the men within our own government I saw loading women onto those diplomat planes, or who were being tricked onto planes in broad daylight by Chuck Barris - a CIA operative.  I also needed our mental health community to understand when we would talk about seeing such things - we were not "crazy".

Jeane Palfrey was a trafficking victim.   According to all this media being pumped out courtesy of Polaris, Bush, and Tobias on this being about prostitution and not about ANY of us being forced to be in the industry in any capacity such as a madam - Jeane didn't exist as a trafficking victim.  Montogomery himself confirmed what she told me - which was every six months someone from our government would come and pump her for information on her clients, and then also use her to set people up.  Brandy Britton had been seeing David Vitter and she was also found dead before she could testify at her trial.  She told me they had done to her what had been done to me - her death was used to intimidate her into compliance and silence.   Her defense at trial wasn't what the media portrayed it as.  Her defense was she had been forced to be a madam by our government so why should she go to prison?

I was in constantly daily contact with Jeane from the date of her arrest to the night before her death.  When ABC asked to see her book, I remembered how files had disappeared in the Omaha Franklin case with them.  I also remembered how they had ripped me off in 1995 doing a film about a rescue I'd helped a mother do in Canada.  So I was the one who told her not to give them the originals - but to spread it out to other sources.  I then watched dumb founded as Dan Rather said straight faced to the camera "there are no names of significance here".

Luckily, we had given other copies to people like the "Smoking Gun" who said "not so fast" and made them retract their original statement.  They released the names of Randall Tobias and David Vitter.  I have a copy of her "Black Book".  To try and make her take a plea bargain - these people got Montgomery Sibley, her attorney, disbarred and chased him into Florida.   She had been talking to Larry Flynt about the million dollar reward for proof of government corruption.  Jeane had also been talking to a writer who was working on her book.  With the million dollars, her and I had plans to make a movie about the things we'd seen and were going to call it "Mad Madam Productions".  She was hopeful of the future.  I had suggested she just take her sentence, shut her mouth, and disappear like I did for a few years when I had powerful men trying to silence me in fear of what I knew and might say and she told me "where am I going to hide in this post 9/11 world?"  She had a point.  She felt the only way out of this alive was to be as open as possible.

She had told me she "saved a few choice names for last" on the hopes her case might get dismissed.  The plan was if found guilty - she was going to call a press conference to release the "really big names".  The day before her death she was being followed.  Even security at her garage noted she was being followed.  For that reason, she loaded up her files into her car and went to her mother's house.  I had suggested a hotel under a fake name but she told me she was worried they'd just come for her mother who lived alone.  In wanting to protect her mother - she went there.  I had remembered the advice my attorney told me when these men were trying to murder me also, and one woman and man were already dead behind me, which was to "not leave the house".  He warned me "they will try and lure you outside" which in my case there were three attempts to lure me out of my grandmother's house.  I refused to go.  Remembering this advice I warned her "don't leave the house no matter what".  She agreed.

Of course she made arrangements for her death with her mother.  She was in a high profile case where other women directly linked to it already had been found hung - Britton and the Baton Rouge Madam.  I had almost been murdered in my case and Heidi Fleiss had been threatened into silence also.  So had Kristin Davis in Eliot Spitzer's case.  It's very common knowledge we're in mortal danger so why wouldn't she think to make arrangements for her death with her mother during such a time?

She had told me she was going to call a press conference in the morning and told me the name of who she was going to reveal.  Remember, she had an ethics hearing coming up she was supposed to testify at also about the names she had already released.  Ted Cruz was not in that list of names she'd already revealed.

After the news was pronouncing her a suicide before there was even a toxicology report in to see if she had been drugged or poisoned, I called down to Florida and asked to speak to the lead detective on her case.  I demanded the shed be dusted for fingerprints, her body tested for drugs, and I wanted to see a full murder investigation.  I was friends still with Geraldo then, and told him if they did not treat this like a murder and properly investigate her case - I would go on Geraldo's show with the last two years of calls, texts and emails between us showing she was not suicidal.

Her own mother had initially said she thought it was murder and then retracted it.  When I called her to ask her why - she said she was "scared they'd come back for her otherwise".  I understood.  The next morning after I spoke to this Florida Detective, I came home from a doctor's appointment to find five police cars and a drug dog waiting in front of my apartment.  They had a warrant signed by a local restaurant where I had paid for food delivery using a debit card.  The charge cleared.  The owner told me the cops came to his restaurant and had asked if I'd shown a drivers license.  He said "no" and they made him sign a complaint of suspicion I was "impersonating" myself.  A judge signed this silly warrant and these cops proceeded to toss my home clearly looking for illegal drugs to bust me on.  When they found nothing they called CPS and claimed I "had a child in an uninhabitable home".  Mind you - they were the ones who had just torn my house to shreds.  Luckily, CPS gave me 5 hours to clean it up.  I did and they had no choice but to leave.  One of the cops turned back to me and said "I'll be back bitch".

I called the local police station and asked the dispatcher what she knew.  She told me a call had come in from Florida that had set these cops off.  My landlord then came to me the next day saying the cops had told him I had trashed the apartment and to evict me.  He looked around and said "this looks fine - why would the cop lie to me?"  I told him I had no idea.  But then the next day he comes back saying "this cop sure wants me to throw you out - he's threatening to hit me with zoning violations".  He told me I could stay, he wasn't trying to kick me out, but thought I should know this guy sounded like he wanted to hurt me.  I moved.

Not 20 minutes after I had moved into a motel across town there's a knock on the door. I thought it was the movers and opened the door.  It was the cop.  He asked to come in.  I was a victim of Rampart LAPD where they kept trying to plant drugs on me so I refused.  I told him he could speak to me in the parking lot where security cameras could keep an eye on him unless he had another bogus warrant.  That pissed him off and he said "I'm coming back and when I do - you're going to jail bitch".  I literally left the county that night.

The cop then reported to my bank I was impersonating myself so they shut down my bank account.  He reported to Social Security I was impersonating myself and I wound losing my income for 2 months behind this.  I had to go off the grid in fear.  Now if she had killed herself - why was I having to go live underground in fear of these cops?  I should have gone on Geraldo, but by this point I was afraid to leave her alone with anyone to travel to the show.  I noticed Geraldo doesn't return my calls since this event.

I interviewed Montogomery about recent events involving other victims of a trafficking operation going on right now in this country where I can't get anyone to speak to me about the case.  Not the media, not politicians, not law enforcement, not Homeland Security, not ICE, and the FBI told me "if these traffickers were Muslim I could help you".  He told me he "wanted to lead a quiet civilian life".  Next thing I know he's out here talking about Jeane's Black Book?  Wouldn't have anything to do with his "gofundme" campaign to "raise money for legal fees to get her book released from the gag order" right ?  Which even the commenters went "dude you're a lawyer wtf?"

The cop chasing me did not let up until one day it was just over.  I wondered what had changed and went online to learn Montgomery had just uploaded a book on Amazon about her death being a suicide.  I called him and ripped into him about why would he say such a thing?  She gave her life to try and educate us as to what trafficking is in this country, and the connections to the Bush family.  I had been living underground and going to food banks over this case and he just sells out?  Why?  He said "I wanted to just move on with my life and be normal".  Well great.   This is what he told me anyway in an interview he gave me on her -

So which is it then Montogomery?  Suicide or murder?    I've never changed my position this was murder - ever.
Now I had started talking to Alex Jones last year about this very issue, so he knows full well that I was friends with Jeane, and that I have a copy of her Black Book.  I know the name she was planning to reveal before her death.  Yet he runs this story that the name was Ted Cruz.  Think logically here for a moment - why would Ted Cruz kill her?  I also don't see two other dead hookers behind Ted either.  What connection does Ted have to sex trafficking?  Randall Tobias is the one who came in busting with the TVRA of 2003 and hijacked this movement out from under me to the church.  The church who is covering for the CIA what with William Boykin and Kay Hiramine.  David Vitter has two other dead hookers behind him and he's been pushing for the craziest sounding immigration laws down in Arizona where I know we have the worst trafficking problem in the country from what I'm hearing on my hotline.  We have a dead trafficking officer down there who was also found hung before he could testify - Officer Armendariz.   Jeane was murdered before she could testify about THOSE names - not Ted Cruz.

But Alex Jones comes running out here waving the name of "Ted Cruz" without even consulting with me to see what I think about that name?   He knows how to reach me.  I also don't believe he's that stupid - whoever killed her was someone who wanted to silence her.  Why would Ted want to silence her?

It's things like this why I've studied the UFO movement and their "disinformation" campaigns because it's the same exact playbook used in this field.

Ted Cruz is NOT who I'm terrified is going to win this election.  There is not one shred of proof about this name except what Montgomery said.  But he's the guy who authored a book that she killed herself - so now we're going to believe him without independent verification?

This is publicity pure and simple.  I saw Montgomery running around with a "gofundme" to get up money for legal fees to have the book released.  I contacted him and said "I have a copy" and we didn't need to do all this - I'd be happy to send him one over.  Now this bullshit?

Well you know what PT Barnum said - there's a sucker born every minute.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


I was watching that pawn shop show and this woman brings in a conductor's baton that was signed by the Red Rooster Brothel.  Next thing I know I'm hearing that after WWI the government started building military bases in the USA.  The towns evidently objected to having the bases in their town for fear it would bring brothels into town to "serve" the soldiers.  I'm then hearing that this is why prostitution was outlawed in every city just about except Nye and Storey County in Nevada is because our government wanted to build bases.

Curious if this was why our government puts on this "face" about objecting to prostitution while I know for a fact they use it as part of their intelligence gathering, as well as to "seal deals", including raise cash which I saw happen during Iran Contra in the 1980's - I went online to do a little homework.  Sure enough I find this article -

People think Jeane Palfrey was revealing the names of clients in her "Black Book".  She wasn't.  Jeane was trying to prove our government's involvement in sex trafficking, and to also get the million dollar prize being offered by Larry Flynt for gathering proof of such involvement.  THAT'S why she was revealing names like Randall Tobias.  Look him up - he's the guy who was responsible for the hijacking of this movement (along with Bush) with the TVRA of 2003.  I endured tremendous sacrifice to go on TV talking about sex trafficking being "real" in order to get federal recognition because I thought it would allow us to be able to fund services to those victims that victim services was denying them because in the eyes of the law, and the public, they were "criminals" because of prostitution being illegal.  Every single time I'd go on TV I would be fired, evicted, and generally shunned.  I came home once to find a note "whore" on my front door with an eviction notice even though I'd paid my rent.  When I went to speak to my landlady she tells me "we don't want your kind here".  I calmly explained to her I'd quit in 1985 and the reason I was on TV was helping others to do so also.  She said "once a whore always a whore" to me.  That's the kind of thing I'm talking about I endured and I didn't do that for what's happening today in this movement.

The article in the LA Times clearly talks about how our government was "involved in the sex trade" in the 1980's.  Which is what I've been talking about I witnessed.  This article sounds like there might be some kind of historical proof - so I've written her to see if I can find out more about her sources.

I'm trying to understand why we have Prop 47 in Los Angeles going to "stop incarcerating" people for crimes where they should be getting treatment and support services - when all they have to do is decriminalize prostitution.  Right there you save a fortune in manpower and money.  Then you make it 1000 times easier for those witnessing sex trafficking to be able to step forward and also testify against the traffickers.  But when in some cases it's our own law enforcement and government doing the trafficking - well that explains why they don't want to make it that easy now doesn't it?