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Saturday, October 3, 2015


From: Jody Williams
Sent: ‎Saturday‎, ‎October‎ ‎3‎, ‎2015 ‎2‎:‎48‎ ‎PM

Dear Detective Cooper:

I just left you a voice message.  Then I saw you had an email function.  I’m going to see what I can do to forward to you a string of text messages I received late last night that relate to the Neil Falls case.  First of all, I’m going to tell you this letter is going to be long because this has been going on for a while now.  I don’t even know who I can take this information to in order to have it investigated.  I’m going to hope you do and turn it over to you for that purpose. 

I should introduce where I think these are coming from.  I’m the founder of the sex trafficking movement.  I also run a hotline for Sex Workers Anonymous  I saw a show on TV last April called “8 MInutes” that caused me a whole slew of problems.  So I wanted it off the air. 

For one thing, “monkey see monkey do”.  People were seeing this guy calling up prostitutes from a Backpage ad, then offering them “help” to get out of prostitution that they had to make a decision within eight minutes to take or not.  Sure enough, once these shows started airing - I’m getting calls from people wanting to try such nonsense I’m having to talk out of it before someone gets hurt. 

Also, here’s my big bone to pick.  A prostitute is not a sex trafficking victim.  While rape appears to be about sex on the surface - but it’s really about power- so too is sex work.  Sex trafficking may appear to be about sex for money but it’s not.  It’s connected to crime rings that operate throughout this country and a network of people involved in all types of crimes.  They do not send their victims out to hotel rooms to guys that have not been properly screened so there is “mutual blackmail”. 

Which also concerned me.  I was concerned that people might try to go through this screening - which I’m hearing is resulting right now in people having their bank accounts hacked, along with blackmail schemes like we witnessed with Donald Banks.

So I want it off the air.  I didn’t have enough proof until a woman called me who said she’d been filmed on this show.  She confirmed it had been scripted and was entirely “fake”.  Okay but then this is a whole other ball of wax and I’ll tell you why.  This “Kevin Brown” has been running around Orange County promoting he’s been taking girls to some “ranch in New Mexico” for help.  Here’s what scares me deeply Detective Cooper - this guy who called me up was asking me to “send women to the hotel room to get help”.  I’m like “what?”

Before the show aired on A&E, about a year before, this guy calls me up saying he’s Kevin Brown’s “assistant”.  That they “bought a ranch out in New Mexico” and they are calling up girls off ads on Backpage, bringing them to the hotel, and then asking if they want to go to the ranch to get help to quit.   They further want me to send women who call up wanting help to them to send to this hotel room setup so they can “help” them.  I’m like “are you nuts?” basically to this guy.  I said “you want me to send you women so you can then take them to some undisclosed location to rehabilitate them?”  He says “yes”.  Now he’s not telling me this is to “film a show”.  He 's telling me they actually have a ranch they take these girls to. 

I then asked him “okay what are you doing as far as methods to rehabilitate them?”  He goes blank.  Okay I then ask “what are you doing when the traffickers come after you?” I mean they certainly aren't using our program as a model.   He says “no one is coming after us”.  I responded “well if no one is coming after you when you take these women off to this ranch - then those aren’t trafficking victims”.   If they were taking girls from pimps - the pimps would be coming after them - simple.

Look - I’m going to tell you something here I know sounds crazy - but it’s the truth.  In the 1980’s, I was working in the sex industry as a madam and escort.  During that time, I got sucked into the people involved in Iran Contra.  Those people would “sell” girls with no family to drug dealers for their “personal use” or to pimp out.  The girls had to have no family - and no one to ask questions about them if they disappeared.  Now during the 1980’s - that’s what these people did.  When they wanted to find a young girl with no family - they’d go to the madams like myself.   They also approached Alex, the Beverly Hills Madam, and Cheri Woods, the Hollywood Madam.  We were the three madams in southern California at that time.  There was no internet in the 1980’s remember.

Now we didn’t mind “renting’ women for parties.  But when we were each asked to “sell” women - we refused.  I then witnessed some women being kidnapped and taken.  I had no one I could call to report this to.   THAT’S why I started the sex trafficking movement as I wanted that to change.  We couldn’t even go to the press because back in the 1980’s no one even believed this stuff was real.   But to “sell” them for $25,000 to never been seen again - no.

We madams refused.  We were each arrested, then touted out to the media, and cast aside.  The media was to flush out a replacement “sucker” who would.  Heidi Fleiss came up thinking she could do better.  When it came her turn  - she also refused and the process happened to her. 

Now because of the internet - “old time madams” don’t exist anymore for guys like this to turn to in order to identify victims who won’t be missed.  Here’s what has been scaring me - I start reading these news articles about how Kevin Brown is going out scouting for prostitutes to “help” only there is no ranch.  Plus no one to ask questions when they disappear either.

In Los Angeles, there is a home that's been there since 1979, Children of the Night.  Covenant House also takes in young prostitutes.  However, if you read the news articles about this Kevin Brown - you find out he’s targeting 17 year old prostitutes like “Sweets” - but he’s not taking them to either Children of the Night or Covenant House.   So where is he taking them?

Supposedly this D’Lita Miller is working with him in this show and these news articles.  I went to Dlita Miller’s website “Families Against Trafficking” when this all started - and there was nothing there.  Since they learned I’ve been pointing that out - they’ve updated it.  But there was nothing there in April of 2015 and I have a screen shot saved to prove what was there then.  

When I spoke to Ms. Miller myself - she then says “there are no resources or places for victims to stay” which completely contradicted everything that just happened with Kevin Brown!  I mean first she’s working with him in Orange County on this “outreach" that's being promoted on the Los Angeles Times and OC Register, and she’s being filmed on “8 Minutes” talking about how Kevin Brown helped her and her daughter at this place they are saying they are taking these girls to.  But I recorded the phone call with Ms. Miller acknowledging there “is no resources”. 

Now if she was genuine and just didn’t know there were resources - don’t you think she’d be interested in knowing about those resources?  I offered.  She completely backed away from me entirely.  I specifically offered to show her existing resources for victims to get help now - and she blew me off entirely.  Others who are genuine are like “thank God" and then use those resources. 

So if they aren't interested in existing resources, and there is no ‘ranch”, and the show was "faked” - I mean where are they taking these women?  Why are they promoting they have somewhere to take these women in the show “8 Minutes”?  What was the goal when prostitutes started calling in after watching the show for help IF it had NOT been taken off the air?  What was the plan?  Tom Forman says he “staged" the show because he “wanted to create help for these women".  Okay if that’s true - why didn’t I get a phone call?  Why didn't Lois Lee at Children of the Night?  The whole story isn't washing.

Look - I don't know how to explain what I’m trying to say here because this is all very complex so I’m trying here.  But put in the back of your mind that I’m also trying to help a woman who is talking to me about a multi-national sex trafficking ring that's trafficking women in connection with the Triad.  Two years after she's telling me this - I open up the paper to read about Liang Yaohui’s arrest.  Now he is part of the Chinese Government.  He also was head of one of the largest prostitution trafficking rings in the world.  

Now contrast this to the fact “8 Minutes” is being filmed by “Relativity Media” who is getting their money not just from China - but also a Chinese government film company he partnered with in 2011.  Shortly before he started filming “8 Minutes".   Now I should write my memoirs so I could explain to you this whole story - but the fact remains that BEFORE Relativity Media started filming “Intervention” and “Jails” also - I used to be able to put sex trafficking victims into drug treatment centers to get them on their feet.  We were able to hide them “off the grid” from corrupt law enforcement. 

I want you to understand I’ve been trying to get women out from under Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer for some years now who were also part of this ring.  Once Relativity Media started filming inside these centers to help market them - each one he's filmed with has shut their doors to us.  Anyone who used to let us hide victims in their programs - was fired over the years.  They rooted out anyone who would work with us.  As a matter of fact, I have even identified whole treatment centers now OWNED by these traffickers.  Why?  Because when one of their victims does need help, or is court ordered to get help - this way they can STILL BLOCK HER from going to the authorities for help.  Just like in the movies - there’s a counselor right there saying “oh she's just coming off drugs - don't listen to her” that's why.  The last thing they want is for these women to pop out with me fighting back saying “no you need to listen to her".

Now when this guy was on the phone trying to talk me into sending him women - I demanded to meet Kevin, and to see this “ranch" and he ran.  Then I see this show on TV a year later being filmed in Texas - which I’d like to also add there are a lot of unreported illegal alien women in Texas by the way advertising on Backpage.   Even Polaris told Kevin Brown and Relativity Media to stop using their phone number in connection with their “outreach" and show”.   What you think they couldn't have used this show as a scam to dig up illegal alien women to traffick?

Then you don't know that I saw the same scam in the 1980’s with Chuck Barris and the Dating Game.  Because that was the drill then.   Detective Cooper -  have you seen the film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”?  Well I lived it.  I saw how the show was used to attract pretty women in to audition for the show.   Now mind you film back then isn't what it is now.  It was expensive and quality film had to be used in film studios.  These young girls were filmed. 

Then by Chuck’s own admission in this film - they took women on “dates” in other countries USING THE SHOW AS A COVER.  Now understand these are the SAME PEOPLE who were selling women into these other countries who had to GET them there.   What better way than Chuck Barris and the Dating Game?  So what's the modern version?  Well if you ask me - it sure as hell looks like “8 Minutes”.

Now I already know through a group called “Abeni” run by a Meg Munoz - they tout to sex workers that this is a group to help them “get out” of sex work.  When in reality it’s nothing more than a vehicle to pump sex workers for information by paid informants.  It’s also to flush out victims who are thinking about going to the police to prosecute.   The older experienced sex workers want nothing to do with them - so they are targeting the newer women on the block by promising them help they never get there also.

I do know they’ve been using their outreach to get statistics they’ve been using to generate grant money and research projects  For example, Orange County, where Kevin Brown is from, got $1.2 million to help trafficking victims, and another $400,000 for housing.  However, the money didn't go to help victims.  It went to police and the homeless shelters.  The housing money is not housing victims of sex trafficking.   So yeah at first I’m thinking all this is to just shill grant money.

While Dlita Miller seems to be doing a good job of doing.  She got Long Beach 4.5 million dollars to “fight trafficking” and helped the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors get another 7 million dollars to “fight trafficking”.  The whole time they're telling actual victims who need help “there are no services”.  Well there is.  There’s beds at Children of the Night and Covenant House for minors.  We help adult victims get into their own housing and help.  We’ve been doing it effectively since 1987.  But if they turn these women over to us - they don't get to go crying to the donors there “is nothing available” to the potential donors and grant sources.  In other words, they’re lying to get these grants and donations.

Now when this woman calls me up from the show “8 MInutes” and confirms it's all "fake” - I ask her permission to publish her tape.  She says “yes".  I don't - but I do reveal to the public it was staged.  I then wrote up a “notice of intent to sue" and slapped it on the A&E page where the videos were of the show.  The only way to remove my notice would have been to shut down the entire page.  To do that - you’d have to cancel the show.  So I’m thinking they will “never get it down”.  Only four hours later, Buzzfeed did report “hey the page is down".  I think to myself “now’s the time I can get Buzzfeed to report the show was faked".  Nope. 

Suddenly, this Maxine Doogan steps up and claims responsibility.  The Buzzfeed page morphs right out of the 1984 movie in front of my eyes.  (I can show you screen shots of the changes).  Now mind you she’s been complaining about the show for over a YEAR and to no effect.  Now suddenly SHE’S responsible for the fact the show got canceled, and the page was take down, 8 hours after I put up that notice?  Now - does Maxine talk about how the show was faked?  No - she starts saying the show was canceled because “they didn't give the help they promised to the women".  Well they didn't BECAUSE IT WAS STAGED.  But Maxine is leading the smoke screen about why the show really got canceled right onto CNN where they lied some more.  I was also blocked from even commenting on that show while it aired by the way - no “truth" allowed on the show "The Truth About 8 Minutes" with Jennifer Pozner!

I see their dilemma.  They’ve not received federal grant money and private donations from fund raisers based on people thinking it was real.  So if it was all fake - then they're guilty of some pretty seriously big fraud.   This is nothing more than damage control.  I figure “let them take credit” - like who cares.  I already know that I’m still going to go forward with suing Relativity Media with defamation, and I’m going to be filing fraud charges about the donations and grants. 

As I’m talking to this woman who was on the show supposedly, suddenly a smear campaign starts up about me.  Now you're a detective.  I invite you to read to see 30 years of great quotes about our work.  Now - I invite you to go onto Google and the ONLY bad press you’ll now find about me is from these women dated after the show “8 Minutes” was canceled. 

I go back to this Kamylla and ask her why is she saying these lies about me online.  She tells me she's not.  She says she signed a contract giving them the right to post as her, that she has to be silent, and confirms she “doesn’t even have a computer or internet” to be making these posts.  She tells me she is going to go ask them to “take it down".

Okay guess what happens next?  The Cupcake Girls step up and offer to put together another fund raiser for her.  So now there's one organized by these so called "sex workers”, and now theirs - adding up to $10,000.  They both tell her on one condition - she can't speak to me again or let our program help her. 

Know why?  There's no fund raiser if we help her.  First they’re saying she needs money for a lawyer.  We have lawyers who donate services to our members who would help her.   She’s being evicted.  We help our members fight evictions all the time.  In this month alone, I’ve helped five women stop evictions.  She needs a job?  We have five companies owned by SWA members who would hire her and her husband on the spot.  But if I solve these things for her - then there's no fund raiser.  That's what I think is going on at first.   It didn't dawn on me until later even her whole story might be fake until I couldn't understand why she wouldn't accept help.  Especially if she had kids as being claimed.

Now at first, I’m thinking THAT'S why they cut us off from this “Kamylla” as they now call her online.  But as they are doing this fund raising - they start to get crazy.  For one thing - there was a hurricane in Houston that flooded homes.  They were doing another round of fund raising for her "back rent” while showing photos of her apartment flooded knee high.  Okay reality check - the landlord can't charge rent for a flooded apartment.  I know good and well that money is not going to the landlord.   I begin to suspect a rat - and start nosing around.

As I do - the whole story falls apart.  First, this woman claims she was in a program being run by Katheryn Griffin-Townsend in Houston.  Kathryn ended that program months ago.   She says she has a prostitution case but that she's not American.  I get told that if she’s not American - they don't let them get bail.  They hold them in Houston until the case is settled and they decide to deport them or not.  

I then call the Vice Dept. who further tells me this whole story is not washing one bit.  They say they don’t do any prostitution arrests that are group stings because they "don't have the funds".  He directs me to a list of their prostitution arrests - and sure enough they are all large groups.  There is not one case of a woman arrested by herself as is being claimed by Kamylla.

So I start asking for proof this woman was even on the show.  I call Relativity Media's HR department who won't answer me.  They give me to a press agent who "won’t confirm or deny” the story.  I speak to the reporters and ask them “did you see a contract, an ID or even a piece of tape proving she was even on the show?” and they say "no".   I then get one reporter who tells me “off the record" that this whole thing is a staged media campaign. 

Which confirmed something the "real” Kamylla started to tell me one day when she was trying to convince me to back off this whole thing.  Only I’m not going to back off people smearing my name until it's cleared.  She also starts to tell me this whole thing is a “media campaign” where they “put writers in various outlets to get this story pushed".   When she told me this - I could hear the phone yanked away and she was silent.

Now Relativity Media ironically also produces “Catfish" so trust me  - they know how to "fake" a whole person.  Which I’m also seeing happen.  People start coming at me claiming to be members of our program urging me to "drop it".  Problem with that - in 2013 we started being targeted as a group.  Our members started being stalked, threatened, harassed, “outted", even having their homes broken into. 

To protect them - I shut down all groups, forums, chatrooms, “defriended" them on Facebook, removed them as "followers”, and told every single member to remove all mention of even knowing us off social media.  In other words “real” chapters  and "real" SWA members don't list they are on their Twitter or Facebook pages.   So when these people start urging me to "drop this” - I ask them a few questions and realize I’m being “catfished" by people posing as SWA members!

I then get on the phone with the Houston court clerk, the vice department, and the prosecutor’s office and I ask them if they can "cross-reference” anyone, under any name, from any country, who is undergoing a prostitution charge, as well as eviction, and possibly being deported in the time frame we're being told is her case with these fund raisers.  The answer after a lot of digging is no.  They also confirm that Kathryn’s alternative sentencing program for prostitutes this woman claims to be in - ended a long time ago.  So the whole story is fake.

Kamylla tells me in her way that if she tells us the truth about what's really going on - she's not going to get her fund raiser money.    They hold this over  her to gain her silence for as long as possible.  I tried to explain to her $10,000 was not going to solve her problems.  She would need to get a job because that money won't go far.   I relayed to her once the money ran out, and these people were “done" with her - she should give us a call.  Which I think is what's happening in the text messages I'm sending you.

Because a new “golden girl” popped up with Heather.  Another way to raise money, their social profile - and she'd make a great movie of the week.  Sure enough, Maxine hops on a plane to go secure the movie rights and to start another fund raiser for “Heather". 

But while this is going on - I’m still writing people who gave donations and grant money about the fact they were defrauded by this whole Kevin Brown outreach and show.  Now when Tom Forman came back to Los Angeles on the same day the show was canceled - he posted on this Twitter he was “looking for foreign investors".  Obviously someone who had not heard of any of this. 

That was in May of 2015.  But I don't think he found any.   I think they realized also they need to get the hell out of Dodge before anyone gets sued or arrested because in July Relativity Media files bankruptcy.   Does this have anything to do with Liang Yaohui being arrested in May?  Don't know.  But the fact remains that they’re trying to find investors and couldn't. 

Now they’re trying to find buyers while in bankruptcy.  One of those buyers is Colford Capital.  In researching them, I saw the photo of a 26 year old Asian male.  I couldn't help but wonder what Liang Yaohui is doing to get his money out of the country and this might be a maneuver to launder that money out of the country.

I do know there's some very weird timing going on.  Other people are catching on that the Kamylla story is a cover.  Desperate to cover the whole thing was staged - the media is being flooded and bombarded with her fund raiser and story to cover up the truth about the show, and the cancellation, and even Dlita Miller. 

By the way, I went through this once before with Rachel Moran when she was posing as Catalina Lopez.  Another "fake" victim.  Only her cell phone was registered to Rachel, and her IP address was Rachel's.  So they got Ruth Jacobs to claim she'd "met Catalina".  Months later, Ruth admitted Rachel had put her up to that lie.  Further, Rachel had sided up to her as a "friend” to get her to co-sign a lot of lies.  When Ruth realized she was being used - she came clean.  So I'm familiar with the game now.

On the tape of the phone call with her- she tells me her “husband drove her" and the producers had him pretend to be a pimp.  However, in one of the fundraisers that's popped up recently - she now claims that Dlita Miller was there, and she “drove her home".  You’ll have to realize Detective Cooper - in my recovery I’ve done a lot of freelance jobs searching through depositions for discrepancies.   Since I started accusing Dlita Miller of being another fake "Samoly Mam” - she's now been scrambling to appear “legitimate” as well.  Now I'm seeing her inserted into the story to try and make her look real.

Why?  Well we don’t want the people who gave Long Beach 4.5 million, or that was part of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors approving 7 million dollars to go who knows God where to turn out to be a "Samoly Mam" now would we?  That show “8 Minutes" was used to generate grant money and fund raisers into California.  Millions of dollars.  There's a lot of people who would rather the public believe that show was canceled for low ratings and that they just “didn’t offer any help" than to think it was all one big con.

However, this isn't isolated.   When the show "Gigolo’s" first came out on Showtime filmed by Relativity Media - it was dubbed also as "reality”.  It showed straight men being paid for sex by women in Nevada.  I assure you there are not enough women in Nevada calling an escort service to warrant what that show was passing off as “real". 

Why would I care?  Because Dennis Hof, Joe Richards, and Heidi Fleiss were deceiving investors out of MILLIONS of dollars with THAT SHOW to try and convince them they could open up a male brothel with Heidi running it.  Only two problems - Heidi as a convicted felon can't run a brothel, and no woman is going to drive out to Pahrump to paid to get laid.  Proof?  A male was hired by the Shady Lady to service only women.  He went home broke two months later.

Now Metro came in and shut down the show.  It forced them to admit the “clients" had been paid actors and the “gigolo’s” were actors also.  So this is NOT the first time false media has been put on TV and used to defraud people.  According to the FCC, and the Fox lawsuit - it's perfectly legal to do also.  To put on fake media.  

But when used to defraud people out of money, and to taint judges and jury's in Backpage lawsuits - it's another.   It also appears Relativity Media screwed over some investors.  I guess the fact Kirk Kavanaugh was part on Enron before it blew up escaped their attention.

Anyway, the weirdest thing happened.  Desperate to quell rumors of “fake Kamylla”, rather than show any proof, instead they announced that “three sex workers have sued Relativity Media for broken promise” on the very same day he  announced they're going to “make a movie".    I know this lawsuit is never going to reach the discovery stage - and is being used to desperately try and prove Kamylla is "real".  Obviously, Relativity Media is desperate to prove the whole show was not “faked” and that Kamylla’s story is "real" for some reason.  Bad enough to actually stage suing themselves it appears.

They had to do something when this campaign failed.  I've seen one posting after the other from people saying “I saw her court papers so she must be real".  Only when I  ask to see them because I can verify a forgery  - they refuse.  Okay what name are they in so I can check the court database  online?  They block you.   Which is partly what I feel this text messaging was that came into my phone at midnight.

Now I would not normally turn this over to the police.  However, I googled the phone number it was coming from.  I then went to a realtor who had a photo of a house that is the same house that Heather is photographed standing in front of after Neil Fall's murder.   This person claims it's a "fake number” however - so why that one?  After spending hours trying to (1) convince me Kamylla is "real” without offering any proof, they then (2) try and extort money out of me.  When that failed - they stopped talking.

Now I've been told that I will be “under attack” as long as I keep my hotline open for victims to call for help.  That the site at will "not come down until you shut down your hotline” (yes I have this threat), but now they're saying that if I wire money "today" that I can “save my reputation within the sex worker community".  Sounds like a blackmail attempt I had in 2013 at the hands of Don Austin.  He was calling up anyone who would listen to bash me and said he would “not stop until I gave him $200".  I have that blackmail agreement in writing by Don also.

I still wouldn't send this to you - but it claims that Heather "murdered" Neil Falls, and that the whole story of her "defending” herself is bogus.  They further claim that movie producers are aiding in this “cover story” because it will make “a great film” by painting Falls as a serial killer when he's not. 

Personally, I found it very fishy that Jessie Fosters death was being attributed to Neil without one shred of evidence - and in light of the fact Metro police are very aware that Peter Todd murdered Jessie.  I believe Metro is so desperate to cover up how they've been covering up Peter's involvement because he's an informant for them - that I find it no coincidence this attribution was done almost immediately after I set up

By the way, I got a call from Internal Affairs Detective Bozack, who told me “there's nothing we can do” to investigate any Nevada police misconduct because “Karen Hughes no longer works there".  Now what that has to do with Detectives who refused to look at fresh evidence I had in Jessie's case in 2007 - I have no idea.  So evidently they aren't going to investigate "any" cop now Karen Hughes is gone?  Makes no sense. 

But I get the game now.  They ignore me until the agent can get out of Metro - and then tell me “there’s nothing we can do".

But if Heather did kill a man who came to talk her out of being a prostitute as this text claims, and then spun that into a defense and a movie deal - then I have a legal obligation to send you these text messages.  As soon as I can figure out how to do that - I will.   

Now as to whether or not actual sex trafficking rings are using this county "outreach” to scout for girls without families to take them to a non-existent “rehabilitation ranch” and Relativity Media is covering it all up - I wouldn’t know who to take this to for an investigation.  

Do you?

Thanks for listening.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

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