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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Think it doesn't happen?  I've said that I've had people set up fake Facebook accounts pretending to be me - who then have used that position to spread false representations of me online.  People think it "can't happen".  Well it does.  Read about just such a case here at

In New Jersey anyway - it seems its' not illegal.  No preceding cases have already been decided declaring it's illegal.  Meaning essentially yes - someone can set up an account that appears to be you, or the group you founded, and run that account and your reputation right.

I've talked about how the "real Kamylla" told me she was not posting those statements online bashing me.  I have text messages where she says she (1) does not have a computer, (2) she does not have internet connection, and (3) she was also sick at the time - all meaning that all of those attacks supposedly out of her towards me and SWA were in fact not her.  She said she signed a confidentiality agreement with Relativity Media, and an agreement authorizing Domina Elle to post "as her" online.  Giving her consent to use her name and likeness online any way these people wanted.

It's actually quite common practice to do this sort of thing when it comes to marketing by some corporations.  Catch what Xbox people got caught doing -

So they got the consent of real people to use their name, profile, likeness, etc., - had them sign a confidentiality agreement so they wouldn't talk about that not being them in reality to anyone - and the Xbox deception of the public to buy their product began.

We just got "catfished" by the Koch brothers not long ago.  It turns out the Tea Party "of the people by the people" was actually a very clever deception to get people to think they were fighting the big corporations when the reality is that it was in fact the big corporations who was behind the whole organization of that "grass roots movement".  

Meaning these tactics are being carried out right now today.  We witnessed these people set up the staged undercover film of ACORN - making it appear Obama was involved in human trafficking.  We saw the faked video against Planned Parenthood.  We've seen that PETA was set up into a staged "protest" in Pasadena, California last year where they walked into a set-up to get arrested.

If you think this isn't also happening in politics - think again.  I've gotten ahold of more than one accusation against a politician that upon doing independent research learned the news piece flat out lied.  What's worse IT'S LEGAL.  

I was impersonated on NBC.  When I wouldn't consent to be involved in these Project Rose, and Division 17, and these other programs that were an attack upon prostitutes - not helping save trafficking victims - these people went ahead and created false propaganda to make it appear we were involved.  That way they could not only get their grant money - but they could also turn the sex worker communities against us by making them think we were like the "rescue community" and "abolitionists" that have nothing to do with outlawing prostitution.

The so called "documentary" Dream Catchers with Brenda Myers-Powell was filmed above my "cease and desist' letters to the producers, her, etc. stating they did not have my consent to use the name of Prostitutes Anonymous, in their filming, nor to depict what Brenda was doing was what our program was about.  They went ahead anyway.   The production company is under Oprah - meaning to sue the company who did this I have to basically sue Oprah.  Now who is going to sue Oprah and win?  The Beef board certainly didn't and they got a lot more money and people behind then then I can throw into a lawsuit.

I went to the FCC - who then told me it was "legal" to produce false media like this.  The Fox lawsuit has won their ability to create "fake" so called "reality" TV.  Now I think it's one thing to just create "fake" media.  However, when that fake media is being used to defraud people out of money, including to trick the government into issuing a federal grant - then I think it's still a crime.  I have more research to do on this before suing - but I think you can see what we're up against here.  

I showed you all the profile of "Renuka McGovern" I believe to be a fake.  Not one post for YEARS until a few days before she approaches me about being a "trafficking victim".  Then the phone call.  Then she not only joins every single group I'm in - but she then goes into each one of my profiles and joins those groups too?  She claimed to have worked for Delores Day on her profile.  I went to Delores and she confirmed she only knows this person from Facebook activity.  No personal interaction and she never worked for her.  After she did this, I then tried to speak to her again on phone and email and she's not responded.  If she was "real" she would have responded.  

Now I've seen this a few times now.  The minute I start talking about something connected to this trafficking ring operating in this country - I've had some "person" pop up, join all my groups, get ahold of my contacts, and then the smear and intimidation campaign starts.  Only this time - I was ready for " Renuka".  I created a secondary "fake" profile of my own and joined a bunch of random groups that had nothing to with nothing.  So why within 30 minutes after I posted something about what's going on in San Diego with respect to human trafficking - did this "Renuka" start coming after me?  

I was watching "American Gangster" tonight.  It was bringing back a lot of memories.  Memories how I wouldn't even be alive had not Richie Roberts brought down that drug ring of the Lucas family.  The men who were involved in trafficking me also trafficked in drugs.  When I saw those who weren't murdered or killed themselves - get arrested on those drug charges show in this movie - it is why I was set free.  

But I watched the movie from a different perspective this time.  I watch the tag at the end where it said that to bring down Frank Lucas - Richie Roberts had to bring down "2/3 of the New York cops in narcotics".  Mr. Roberts is our modern day "Serpico" in that he was an officer who had to go up against the police force and the DEA in order to get the Lucas family, and their drugs, off the streets.  He couldn't do these arrests of these "criminals" without bringing down a lot of cops, detectives, judges, etc. that were involved in the corruption.

Which is my dilemma now for the "Music" case in Pasadena.  Everyone is saying they're "scared" and they don't want to "go up against" these people who are in law enforcement, private investigators, judges, FBI, CIA, etc.  To get those arrests in Wichita, Kansas against some in the ring - I've told you how the arresting officer had to leave the police force, and then go to work in the zoning department - just to get those three pimps.  He's had his life threatened, and that of the judge for it.  Which is also why he's offline.  

So be careful about who you're talking to online and what you believe is real without checking it out thoroughly.  Unless I print a link to someone on my blog or site - it's not mine.  Just an FYI.  

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