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DOING OUTREACH IN HOSPITALS FOR SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS  I read the series that's been hitting the media about sex trafficking lately, and the increasing of awareness of medical personnel about sex trafficking.   When I first heard about the microchip - I couldn't help but realize this was the next step.  I knew pimps were locating where their victims had escaped to by tracking their cell phones so I had started ordering that whenever we drove someone out of a trafficking situation to a "safe house" then we had to ditch the phones.  I remember one mother kept arguing with me saying "I just bought her that phone and it cost me $650 and I'm not going to throw out a brand new iPhone".  She told me I was being "ridiculous".  The pimp drove up to the shelter that night and they were gone before midnight so tell me now how "ridiculous" I was being!

Another method was social media.  One victim had just…