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I believe I'm dealing with a "monopoly".  Let me start with Arizona:

Since this information has been released to the press - I'm not breaking any confidences here speaking about Kathleen Mitchell and Prostitutes Anonymous out of Arizona.  I received a letter from her from jail asking for help to stop being arrested over and over again for prostitution from Kathleen about 1989.  I sent her our "jail step study" program which we send to inmates to let them "work their steps" from jail, along with our 1st edition "Recovery Guide" as a donation.  In other words, she didn't pay anything for these items.

She was released about 1990 and asked me "now what?"  We had no chapter of "Prostitutes Anonymous" (as we were originally called back then although we changed our name in 1995 to "Sex Workers Anonymous").  Not really having the ability to do street outreach by herself, I suggested she do what I did to start ou…