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People who like to prey on children you can try and screen out of working with children.  But what do you do to screen out sexual predators who like to prey upon those labeled "prostitutes" or "crazy".  You are aware that if a woman is on heavy medications, is labeled "crazy", that when raped her testimony means basically zero in court correct?

When these "professionals" and AA people started coming in pushing us away from working with our members, so they could replace us with them, we had to wonder at first what the results would be.  Well those results are in.   We're hearing about widespread sexual abuse by these predators.  I'm hearing on our hotline call after call after call about women who are being preyed upon sexually by police officers, doctors, CHP, prosecutors, social workers, counselors, and especially men in the AA and NA rooms lately.

I'm going to show you an ad that's very common in the mental health field, and…


When I was in high school in Whittier, California, there was a lot of sexual abuse, and even rape, going on in my school.  I hung with a group of very pretty girls.  Being the only kid in my school driving a car at 15 years old - I got asked to help out with things a lot.  Things the other kids didn't want to go to their parents about.

I lost my virginity to a rape.  A rape where he penetrated, ejaculated, and didn't use protection.  It was literally over before I knew what happened.  I had known the guy for two years.  We went to the same school.  He was always hitting on my best friend, Donna, so it never crossed my mind he would do anything to me.  This guy would walk his dogs every day by our house.  We walked to school together.  I thought he was a friend.

Then I made the mistake of saying I was a virgin - saving it for marriage.  It seemed this 17 year old boy had a "thing" for breaking in virgins.  He called me up crying saying he had just broken up with his g…