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First, let me start off by saying I look "white" but I'm not.  I have native American and African American blood in me.  My daughter is 1/4 Puerto Rican.  So we are not a "white" family.   The son of the plantation owner ran off with one of the freed slaves, and that's part of my bloodline.  They had to go to another state because it was illegal to marry at that time in Arkansas where the plantation was.  So I have a dog in this race.

The African American race.  I watched Beyonce's and I did not find it "positive" or "supportive" of the African American race.  Anita Hill was an amazing woman.  After she came forward against Clarence Thomas, more women than ever started speaking up about sexual harassment.  I remember the change in the workplace.  I remember the way women were treated in the workforce completely change after the hearings.  This was an educated woman who changed the world and she was African American.

I've seen May…


Take a real good look at the Bill Cosby case.  Everyone is saying that a "lot of people knew".  The limo drivers, the cast members of the show, the butler, the handlers, etc.  When those women woke up back in their homes - someone got them there.  One woman says a female "handler" told her "Bill will be right in" while she was going in and out of consciousness.

Meaning that a lot of people saw what was going on and just remained quiet.  Why?  Everyone wanted to keep their job.

I saw Johnny Knoxville doing a "dirty grandpa" film where he hired people to come "bury grandma in the back yard" for $340.  He said "three people agreed to do it - no questions asked".  Wow.  Three people showed up to his house, buried a woman's body in the backyard, took their money and left.  It's on film!

Linda Lovelace says when she was forced to film "Deep Throat" with her pimp pointing a gun at her off camera - that everyone o…