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PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR KAMALA HARRIS!  Not surprised to hear that Kamala Harris had something to do with the censorship/attack upon Pacifica Radio !  This woman BURNED records that had evidence against the banks that were STEALING old people, veterans, and the disabled and people of color's homes during the mortgage crisis, AND she refused to even talk to me, let alone look at the evidence I tried to take to her of Chinese espionage that was happening right under her nose in California in 2013 in connection with Asian massage parlors that had spread across the state like a virus!  She didn't think there was something worth examining when the number of massage parlor licenses DOUBLED in 2008-9?  In one year?  She didn't think that was worth taking a phone call from us about it and hear what we knew was happening?  I know agent Kevin White of the FBI was covering up evidence against her and voter rigging because of heavy hitters who wanted her to run for VP this


As you can see, in February of 2018, Dennis Hof filed this lawsuit against the Nye County Sheriff's office, Nye County itself and the Nye County Commissioners, as well as Jane Doe. Funny thing - I couldn't find ONE article about this lawsuit anywhere in the press.  Now with the brothels on the line on the ballot, and Dennis running for senate - do you think this lawsuit wasn't news?  Why can't I find one word about this lawsuit anywhere online? Included in the lawsuit was his claim that his first amendment rights of free speech were being violated.  To understand how this lawsuit might be the very reason why SESTA/FOSTA was passed, and what's happening within the sex industry today, legal or illegal, you would have to understand how the sex industry itself works as I do. Because I was there .  There is a as of yet UNTOLD story of what was going on in Iran Contra which was based out of LA in the 1980's, that STILL has not been touched upon


Of course my luck is that the day the "light goes on" with me with respect to some of the concepts Tom was trying to raise awareness about - I learn he passed away two years ago.   So I'm writing to the survivors.  My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's, I was a young MENSA  member who graduated high school at 15 years of age because of a high IQ.  I enrolled in community college to prepare my way for the university, but I needed to get a job after my father robbed my college fund.   I got a job at a nightclub owned by the family who are part of the generational line connected to Richard Pryor of drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes . He's spoken openly about his grandmother running the brothel his mother worked in.  They needed a way to launder money and this was the club I walked into looking for a job in 1979.   I was "turned out" by this family of pimps into the sex industry.  However, after watching this "family" tore apa