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Bruce Lee Trying to Warn us About Modern Sex Trafficking

"Enter the Dragon" was set to release in 1973 - the same year Bruce was found dead in China.  Each time I've seen this film on TV - I've NEVER seen this opening clip.  I also just found out that he was found dead THREE WEEKS BEFORE IT PREMIERED.  

There was a Bruce Lee film day on TV a few months ago.  I caught a short scene under the compound where an American girl with blond hair was being drugged and asking for help.  I said to myself "that looks like sex trafficking".  I went to Netflix to watch the film and couldn't find it online anywhere.  I had to order the disk from Netflix.  I did and got busy and started to send it back.  I'd made payment arrangements with my cable company to hold off until the 1st of the month.  Suddenly my service is off and they're fighting me so I have no TV.  I remembered I had the disk in the car.  I go and get it out and start playing it and at this scene I'm going "I've never seen this scene".…


Has anyone else noticed that in his own way Bruce was trying to alert us to the problem of sex trafficking in his films?  I remember one movie where the women were being used like furniture as prostitutes, and the other where the women were being kept in cages that he freed.  Bruce Lee was such a pioneer!  Not only did he break all the rules by bringing the martial arts to the masses and not just the Chinese born, but he also taught us about health (he recovered from a broken back to fight again and was doing protein shakes before anyone else had even heard of such things), and lo and behold he was even trying to let us know about the reality that sex trafficking still existed in his day through his films.  Mind you when these films were coming out - sex trafficking was being viewed as as "urban myth" - something that had gone by the history wayside.