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Dear Ms. May:
I thought I should introduce myself since it appears you don’t seem to have any researchers who would tell you there has been a hotline operating to help trafficking victims in the UK already for 30 years now this August.  In 1987, I launched the hotline for what was originally called “Prostitutes Anonymous”.  You can read about this at  You can already read there about my arrest in 1984.  The arrest was over the first safe house for adults in the USA.  I had to take matters into my own hands to do this because the world in 1984 didn’t believe sex trafficking was real.  I had just watched Linda Lovelace try everything in her power to make people believe she had been forced to film “Deep Throat” and to prostitute by her husband/pimp on a mob financed film, not a porn, but a mob financed film, only to have no one believe her.  I watched as the anti-porn people sucked her up to try and stamp out pornography rather than to address the issue of being fo…