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I saw your photography project on abolitionists  and I was curious how you did your research for the project.  I say that because I must be missing some huge gaps in our social media.   Not hard to have happen since 99.99 % of my time is spent only working with victims of sex trafficking directly.  I don’t spend time in things like fund raisers, awards, etc., because the work is just so demanding of my time I don’t have a spare moment. 
The only time I am not working directly with victims directly is when I’m trying to address the traffickers, or the sex industry itself.  For example, from 1984 until 1987, I had to “lay low” because of being on probation.  Why?  Because I set up the first safe house for adults in this country.   I took an old warehouse I still had a lease on when I left the sex industry myself, and converted it into a safe house.  I had to as victims had nowhere safe to go if over 18 anywhere in…