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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
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September 12, 2016

Re:         Kings County Sex Trafficking Arrests – Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s Article in “Reason”

Dear Kings County:

When I realized what was going on with the show on A&E “8 Minutes”, I served the producers and A&E with a “cease and desist” letter.  Within four hours, the website for the show was completely removed off the internet.  Eight hours later – the announcements went out the show was being “canceled”.  Now mind you “Whore Nation” had been throwing out their supposed “protests” all along which had no impact at all on the show.   Yet when I served upon them a legal document – their response was swift. 

I then sat back and watched CNN do a segment called “The Truth About 8 Minutes” which bore no resemblance to the “truth” about what was going on behind that show.  Not one thing about what I’d uncovered was even mentioned.  The producers were quite careful to make sure my calls didn’t make it into the show, and I was blocked from all social media discussion of the topic.  God forbid I guess it slip out Maxine Doogan was a paid “influencer” on behalf of the producers!  Not just myself either, but anyone from our group who knew the “whole truth” about why the show was REALLY canceled, along with the fact this so called “opposition” was fake, found themselves blocked from all social media discussions about it.  In other words, the whole “truth about” was a smoke screen to cover up the actual truth about the show.

Which I couldn’t help but think back to when seeing Elizabeth’s “The Truth About The Biggest Sex Trafficking Bust Story of the Year” in “Reason”.  I mean this case is DIRECTLY connected to members who belong to our program who have a way different take on the situation than is being printed anywhere.  All attempts by any of them, or myself on their behalf, have all been completely rebuffed by all of the media we’ve contacted. 

Except for some reporters who either make it very clear they don’t want to hear what our take on the situation is, or those who tell us they’ll be fired if they even speak to us.  I mean look at the Oakland scandal – you have the man in charge of the “john stings” deliberately steering victims away from not just being “arrested”. but from being able to make contact with any group that would help Celeste Guap leave the sex industry.  Her and any other women she knows also. 

Why?  Going clear back to when I started the very first alternative sentencing program in Los Angeles county for our community in 1987 is why.  After speaking with the California Attorney General then, Edwin Meese, he had encouraged me if we used a 12 step format for our group we could then go immediately in and offer our program as an “alternative to incarceration” for those who were being forced to be in the sex industry.  Because the law back then didn’t care how badly you were forced – if you were caught on the premises even during a raid you were charged and convicted of prostitution.  There was no “alternative” back then because no one wanted to work with our community as we were all considered “criminals” then.

Chief Gates was friends with Norma Ashby, a madam who was a part of our group then, and he was on board.  So was Sheriff Block who saw the connection between prostitution and child abuse – one of his pet causes.  They introduced me to mayor Tom Bradley who agreed the money being spent out of our budget to lock up prostitutes was a crime in and of itself.   They all agreed if I got the approval of every department of the county – they’d agree to change the way they were treating prostitutes as criminals, calling condoms “evidence of prostitution” (which was discouraging anyone from carrying condoms during the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis), and to allow us a shot at working with helping these men, women and transgenders to leave the industry.  Rather than just punishing them which clearly wasn’t doing anything to help anyone.

We had gotten the eager approval to work on this innovative program to help rehabilitate prostitutes from social services, the health department, mental health, the CDC, the police, and just about every single office of the county EXCEPT the Probation Dept.  The head of this department was in Downey, and he refused to take my calls.  So I got in my car, drove two hours, and knocked on his door to ask what the problem was. 

The minute I walked into his office I KNEW what the problem was.  I “recognized” him as one of my “regulars” when I’d run an escort service years before.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I asked to speak to him privately and asked him why he, of all people, would rather see these men and women going to jail, lose their home, custody of their kids to foster care, and all that goes with having a record when he himself was a purchaser of these services on a regular basis. 

His reply was simple and to the point – because if these women became ‘legitimate” through our program, then someone might “believe them if they decided to talk” about what he was doing.  I let him know that talking about his dirty laundry was not on the top of any list and he was more likely to be responsible for their death, than silence about his affairs, if he didn’t give us this chance.  He signed and we got to launch our first program.  However, over the years I’ve run into this same “guilty conscience” time and time again from men who block our work in fear of their dirty laundry being discovered.

What we have going on here I think is a bit of the same – a lot of people trying to confuse, muddle, and conceal what’s really going on here.  For one thing, how this case is connected to the Oakland scandal, the San Diego and Orange County prosecutor’s scandal, Operation Dollhouse in Las Vegas, Joohoon David Lee, the Korean arrests in New York, and the epidemic of massage parlors sprouting up in Wichita, Kansas, as well as the reports we’re getting about a sex trafficking operation down in Florida connected to cops while masquerading as being part of the anti-trafficking network (just as Oakland was).    In fact, if you look at the overall picture – you’ll see  just about EVERY sex trafficking task force has been caught with their “hand in the cookie jar” in one way, or another, within the last few years.  Even if it’s how Officer Armendariz also supposedly killed himself down in Phoenix, Arizona before getting a chance to testify at his corruption hearing. 

Look, I’ve been answering our hotline since 1987.  I’ve personally taken over 500,000 calls from the launch to 2013 was when we took this count.  We get five times more calls than Polaris because we ask anyone who for any reason wants to leave any part of the sex industry to call us for help.  Our hotline is also unique in that we encourage those who can’t call their local police (for reasons such as Oakland or NJ or AZ, etc.) to call our hotline for help.  Got a pimp bothering you?  Call 911.  But you have someone like Chris Butler or Joohon David Lee trafficking you – well then you need another solution and the local Salvation Army shelter won’t cut it.  The Margo Compton case sure proved that “traditional” methods for our situation doesn’t work. 

I’m already hearing the whole “truth” cover-up about this case, but I’ve also noticed no one from your prosecutor’s office, nor the local police, have contacted our office to inquire how these cases are all fitting together in ways you might not realize.  Remember, those calling Polaris are ones who identify as “sex trafficking victims” while the reality is most real victims CAN’T call for help for the very reason they’re being trapped in the sex industry.  Nor will those “brainwashed” into thinking they’re doing this “voluntary” identify as victims either.  Nor are they likely to be calling up your offices when they don’t have a clue who to trust because of how many people within law enforcement and the court they’ve also seen involved. 

Are people telling you “not to bother” calling us?  Now gee whiz – that couldn’t possibly be because of rumors started by the very officers who have been trying to cover their own backside because of their wrong-doing and their fear if you listen to us you might actually figure out their involvement now would it?  Men like my probation director I mentioned?  Remember, it was our program who started the complaints against Chief Gillispie and the Las Vegas officers who stepped down.  It was our complaint to the Office of Professional Responsibility which led to Joohoon David Lee being arrested.  It was our work which led to the conviction of Chris Butler, and Kemp Shiffer – men who had a lot of friends in law enforcement because of their careers for over 20 years, etc. 

I mean let’s face it – this isn’t just about a bunch of hookers or then it’s just prostitution and not trafficking then isn’t it?  By its definition trafficking involves people in high offices who are greasing the wheels of these operations.  Wheels that are going to be telling you not to look in areas which stop them from rolling along!  That or maybe the “influencers” hired by Vivid, Live Nation, and the Nevada Brothel Owners Association to help further their agenda which includes trying to wipe out our group because they don’t want victims to know there’s an effective way out.  Not every victim has a case that can be brought to court – but this doesn’t alter they want “out” anyway.   So yes we have more people calling us than calling your offices. 

So please give me a call so I can go over what I know about this case with your people.  I have been used as an “expert witness” also before.  Dating back to 1995, I was certified that year as an “expert witness” in a case involving a pimp who was trafficking women internationally where the victims were insisting they were doing what they were doing “voluntarily”.  In fact, they were defending the pimp quite profusely!   

My expertise was in explaining how the pimps do this so the victims do feel it’s “voluntary” even when it’s not.  Much like how it can be demonstrated by Derren Brown when he brainwashes perfectly ordinary normal people into robbing an armed armored truck at gunpoint.  There’s a great video about this on “The Heist” if you’d like to check it out on Youtube.   When the pimp heard I was going to testify to explain this process – he took a plea bargain.  As did the next couple of cases I was brought in to testify in also. 

Shame I wasn’t brought in to testify at the Pennsylvania case involving a father and son pimp team.  The women who defended them so loudly all had children by the pimps.  In fact, one of the “witnesses” was even eight months pregnant when she was on the stand!  At no time did the prosecution bring up the fact these women had children by these men, or even note the one woman’s pregnancy by the pimp.  Meaning if they did testify, by law these men had every legal right to know their home address, no matter where they moved to, along with the schools the children were attending.  In other words, if they said one word against these guys there would be no “escape”. 

Especially since in Pennsylvania one man was incarcerated for murdering his wife, but STILL was legally entitled to visitation with his daughter while in prison for life for her murder!   By not pointing out the fact these women had children by both of these men, and the fact they’d be having to allow them visitations for the next 18 years at least, this was why they were motivated not to anger these men by speaking out about the truth of the situation.  Would you knowing this guy has a right to know where you live and see your child for the next 18 years after what you say?  Which was each one of these pimps had knocked up these women while minors themselves, and with no means of support, and PA not allowing welfare for mothers who don’t have GED’s, so therefore they had no way of making money to care for the children, they were too young to work – so what were they supposed to do?

There is more to this whole story.  If you’d like to start “connecting the dots”, then give us a call anytime at the above contact information.  We’ve reached the point when we see what’s happening to Celeste, we know the only way out for some now is going to be to shut these traffickers down no matter who they are.  I don’t know of ANYONE who has more years, and more “ears” in this, than our program and hotline.  Thanks for listening.

Jody Williams, Founder and Director

Friday, August 26, 2016


How does these guys being "johns" tie into sex trafficking or "promoting prostitution"?

Okay - let's pretend for a moment that you're one of these women being forced to be a prostitute.  You were promised that if you came to this country you were going to be hired to work in a Chinese restaurant.  Now to get into this country on a work visa you have to demonstrate you have a talent or skill that would not replace an American out of that job.  Speaking Mandarin is one of those talents if you're being hired to work in a Chinese restaurant.

You get into this country and you show up at the restaurant.  The owner or manager then has you start delivering orders to the massage parlor or "reflexology" studio next door.  Drive past some massage parlors, or reflexology studios, and tell me if you don't find an Asian restaurant usually within walking distance (along with a nail shop usually).  So you go over there and you meet these women and look around.  Doesn't seem to bad of a set-up right?

Then they do to you probably what was done to me back in my day.  You come into work one day and they tell you they're "short handed" over at the reception desk of the parlor.  They insist you don't have to do "any of that other stuff".  All you have to do is "just answer the phone" or "greet customers and take their money".  That's it.  No harm in that right?

So now you're over at the parlor answering the phone, greeting customers, getting them signed in.  They don't seem like bad fellows.  In fact, they're some pretty nice professional men.  Men like who work at Amazon or Microsoft.  They're intelligent, wealthy, pleasant sort of fellows.  Not some axe welding maniac that you'd think some "john" would be right?  In fact, they seem quite charming.

Then comes the day when they tell you "Hey we're short handed and he's asking for two girls.  Look you don't have to do anything but stand there.  I'll do all the talking but I need this money badly so I need your help with this please.".  And you being a female, let alone an Asian female, you want to help out right?  Well it's not really "prostitution" if you're just standing there right?

You get into that back room and this very nice man starts to hand you $500 and tells you that he just wants you to take your clothes off.  You "don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with" either - just take your clothes off and the $500 is yours.

That's one very common tactic to ease these women into the game.

But then comes the time to get out.  When I decided to get out - I was a young college girl.  Young college girls usually go and get waitress jobs.  So I quit, walked out and then went to work at a diner down the street.

One night these guys showed up at the diner after the nightclub closed.  They bought breakfast, left a big tip, and then left without any problems.  Only the next day I was fired.  The manager couldn't give me a reason either - just fired me.

I went and got another job.  Three days later I was fired.  Then another job.  Three days later I'm fired.  By the end of three months I had worked at every diner, coffee shop, club, restaurant - I mean you name it and I was fired within a week of working there.

Rents due.  Then what?  Well I remembered I used to get paid good money to answer the phone for the escort service.  Maybe I can get a job "just answering the phone".  So I go and talk to these men asking if I can work for them "just answering the phone".  Sure thing honey and then I'm sucked back in.  I didn't learn for years down the road these men had been going to the owners of these places, telling them they're "burn their place down" if I wasn't fired.  I remember going back to ask one of the owners if this was true and he sheepishly admitted that yes it was true.  Wow.

Why the elaborate scam?  Well we have to convince me it was "my idea" to call them right?  That's why.

But I was dealing with pimps who had degrees in psychology.  Some traffickers aren't so nice.  We now have technology that we didn't have in the 1980's.

When I started getting calls from the victims of this same trafficking ring that just hit the news yesterday from Oxnard - I even found their stories a little fantastic.  I mean just to show their power to make sure you had nowhere to hide - these people can literally turn on the microphone on any computer, any smart phone, OR any "FireTV".

So if I disappear into thin air and these men want to find me, or if I'm hiding out at some "johns" house for safety - these men can literally turn on those microphones and listen in on anything going on in the house and see if they hear my voice.

How does Microsoft fit into this?  Well they operate most home security systems - that's how.  So I want you to imagine these men turn on the FireTV, or computer, or phone, or any microphones they can tap into and they hear my voice.

Now they also own a lot of ADT's by the way.  That's how they get master keys to most homes and apartments.  But if they're tapped into Microsoft - they can also turn off the security alarms.  So they know where you're at and they know the man's name.  So they go up to security and they say they're "there to see John Doe" to the gate security.

Name's not on the list?  That's fine.  The guards know which men have prostitutes coming up regularly so they say they're "there on discrete business" wink wink.  The guard takes a $100 tip for "discretion" and let's them inside.

Then they just waltz into the house and tell the woman it's "time to come home".  That of course is if she had remembered to take the battery out of her phone which would lead them right to her also.

How's a dentist fit into this?  I don't know about John Lui, but I do know the traffickers I was involved with had a group of dentists they worked with.  Why?  Well for one thing they were allowed to keep large amounts of gold without falling under suspicion because they used them for gold fillings.   Fantastic way to smuggle money out of countries like India.  That's one thing we used to organize.  I was asked to have some of my girls fly to India and fly back loaded down with jewelry.  They're wear the jewelry back on the plane which was then laundered into American money.

Another thing we did was organize the shipment of cocaine "legally" into this country.  The group of dentists would then fill out all the proper paperwork to explain that they needed this for their dental practice for anesthetic.

The minute I saw the commercials for "Alexa" along with Oculus - I knew only a "john" could dream this one up.  I mean come on - you partner up with Vivid, you create a 3D interactive porn star of your choice such as Kim Kardashian, then you program it to have a nude Kim taking your orders for socks from Amazon - and what a way to hook a guy on your service right?  Literally even if he's a sex addict.

Oh and by the way - you have to also shut down your "competition".

I knew Dave Elms, the founder of the "Erotic Review".

ONE WEEK before his arrest in Arizona he called me to do a "rescue".  See Dave HATED sex traffickers and pimps.  How he built the TER was he would go and "personally sample" the services of every "provider" of his site.  This way he got to see their home, get to know them, and get a "feel" for whether or not they were trafficked.

Because he cared so much?  Well yeah in a way.  But for another reason.  I mean would you like to be a "customer" and know that these people would do something like turn on your FireTV to hear what's going on in your home, bribe your gate guards to get past them, turn off your home security system using passcodes, or even enter your home using a master key?

Oh and that's NOTHING compared to what these traffickers do to a guy in their grip.  Take a look at what these people did to Steve Sassa or Donald Burns.  These things were not done by "independent" sex workers - but by those who were being trafficked, managed, "handled", or whatever other word you want to call it.

So what he did was this kind of "hands on" research to provide some assurance to his subscribers these girls were "independents".  If he felt a woman wasn't working "independently" - he'd not allow her to advertise on the site.  This is why his subscribers trusted the site so much.

Which is why when he'd come across someone he felt was being trafficked - he would call me.  We did a few rescues together and in fact one week before his arrest after we completed a rescue in Nevada together - he told me he was going to add our program onto his site and ask subscribers to consider donating to us.

I then went to the new owners after Dave's arrest and showed them the emails between us asking if plans were going to keep moving forward to list us as a resource, and also ask for donations and support, of our program now they were taking over the site.

They refused to return my calls after they saw the emails and realized I was called in by Dave to help when a woman was in trouble.  You go figure out why that was.  They had someone else rescuing women they felt was trafficked?  I wouldn't know but I sure never heard anyone telling me the site had helped them escape anyone.  So who knows their reason.  

Welcome to modern sex trafficking.

Monday, April 4, 2016


In the days of African American slavery on US soil, the idea of a slave running away to freedom was viewed as a "disease" caused by the "loss of respect" the slave had for the owner.   Thinking I'm kidding?

Before I founded Prostitutes Anonymous, then changed our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous, my sponsor suggested I study all forms of social change and revolution including the civil rights movement.  He did this because he was showing me people always do what they think is "right".   If a slave running away was viewed as a "disease", that you as a slave owner needed to address in order to make sure you were being "respected", then this was also the same view shared by every slave owner in order not to be completely scoffed at like we now do today.  Take a look at it.  Because we laugh today - but back then this man was considered an "expert in his field".

That said, a woman who is running the Seattle chapter of SWOP is treating us like those of us who have made the choice to no longer be working in the sex industry, for all different reasons, whether it be because we don't want to be trafficked any longer, or whether we quit so we can stay clean from drugs, or because we are raising kids, or we got older, or whatever our reasons - is acting like there is something "wrong" with us for having that view.

Now why would she be acting like this?  To "keep 'em home down on the farm" as they used to say in my grandmother's day.

Therefore, from what I see, I feel the women on that list shown in the Seattle arrests of the "League" that Mary said were "not coerced" may not in fact have pimps.  They may not have a trafficker behind them.  But I feel they are being COERCED.

I feel they're being coerced by Mary.  I feel SWOP is showing these women a group of people who are standing behind Mary in the identical fashion as slave owners did when a slave ran off.  The neighbors didn't come to the slave owner and say "hey Jerry - it's normal you know for these guys to want to be free you know".  No - the slaves knew that every other owner on that block felt the same way he did and that was a form of coercion in and of itself.

In the pimping world there's a thing called the "bottom bitch".  What she does is the recruiting for new girls so that her pimp is not accusing of "pandering" or "procuring" new girls which is a felony.  This "bottom bitch" goes out into clubs and she befriends other women.  She buys them drinks and takes them out to clubs and shopping and the whole time she's saying "oh my man treats me good" to inspire these women to want to be treated "good" like she's portraying herself to be treated.

Here's a clip.  What's left out of this clip for some reason is that Morgan Freeman, the pimp character, does not harm this woman for saying she wants to leave hooking.  No - in reality the African American woman at the end, his "bottom bitch" she then enforces the rules.   In the pimp world, the "bottom bitch" is the one who will make the threats so that her true pimp does not go to jail if anything goes down.  She collects the money so he's not charged with pimping.  She is the one who handles enforcing the rules in this type of dynamic so that he steps back and can play "innocent bystander" if this victim then tries to go to the police.   

Because they won't arrest him - they'll arrest her.  Then guess what?  He just finds another "bottom bitch" and he keeps right on operating.  Now remember, she always paints a great picture of her life and how "great her man is" in order to not only lure in another victim - but also to protect her pimp who may for all you or I know be threatening her into acting this way for him.  It has to be something for her to step up and willing take on a felony charge for him if anything went down and people don't do that for just "fun".

This Mary in Seattle shut me off her twitter, and then sent me a message she did not want to speak with us.  She has refused to call us or have any dialogue with us.  THIS is why our local Seattle members are staying "anonymous" because they do not want to risk any physical attacks because of being identified as being in the same town.   THIS is why our Seattle members are speaking through our main office and asking me to reach out for them to let anyone in Seattle know if you for any reason want help to get out of the sex industry now is the time.  

Clearly Seattle Police and prosecutor are being brave enough now to step up and help you break free.  Trust me this is not the case in other cities.  I have been trying for THREE YEARS NOW to get the police in Los Angeles look at how two Pasadena police officers drug a woman who said she did not want to prostitute any longer after 40 YEARS of doing so out of her home in front of her mother and son and slapped her with fake prostitution charges.   When we hired an attorney to help her he was threatened to have his license yanked.  When we tried to reach out to her again we were then threatened by a 3rd officer to "back off or get arrested".  When we refused to allow them to stop us from speaking to her - we were then threatened with a 5150 charge.  

Now knowing the same people who film "Intervention", also filmed "8 Minutes" and therefore know women in SWOP such as Maxine Doogan, and having watched an episode of "Intervention" with Jimbo and Laura back to back yesterday where they threatened Jimbo with a uniformed officer arrested him on a fake trumped up charge if he didn't enter into a treatment program he'd never even had a tour of before hand, and Laura with a psychiatric hold if she didn't also enter a program she'd never had a chance to research beforehand online to make sure there's no complaints against them by the Medical Board, look into who their staff is, make sure they're not someone like Chris Bathrum who has now a dead prostitute he's being blamed for - you know what?  They really do know the right people to have you hauled out of your house on nothing and drag you anywhere they want these people.  Catch a look before they take it down now I've noticed it.

I now ask you why?  If sex work is "just a job like any other" - okay.  I quit being a waitress when I was 18 years old.  Now has every waitress in the world jumped up to shun me, ignore me, shout me down, attack me and then warn every other waitress not to speak to me because I'm "crazy" (oh that's the favorite one), or "jealous" (another an oldie but a goodie).  No because I assure you if a waitress sees you have gone on from waitressing to other things that make you happy - they pat you on the back and say "atta girl".  THAT'S how people react to you when you're in "just a job".

That's not however how someone acts when you leave a pimp circle.  If you are with a pimp who has five other women and you leave - do you think he's going to let you speak to those other four women again?  Hell no.  Why?  Because you'll "give them ideas".  Because you'll threaten his control.

Ladies and gentlemen I propose that the woman on that list Mary circled ARE being coerced.  I propose MARY is the one actively engaging in the coercion.   Remember, not all trafficker or pimps are African American men standing on street corners.  That's what pimps like Chris Butler was would want you to believe so you don't look at them.  Take a good look at one of the baddest pimps there was.

Image result for christopher butler private investigator

Kemp Shiffer who used his IRS badge to pimp girls from California into Nevada and recruited in the local college.  

Image result for kemp shiffer irs pimp

The man who pimped Linda Lovelace and later opened the Gun Store in Nevada. 

Image result for chuck traynor

How about this for a pimp?
Image result for mother pimp


Image result for mother pimp

When someone speaks for you without your prior full consent, and when they make decisions for you without your involvement, and when they chase away anyone who does not fully agree with them, and then attack anyone who is no longer part of their "clique" to show you what they do to people who are "dissenters" - then this is no just a job to this person and you are dealing with a form of control whether you want to call it a pimp, a trafficker, or a cult.   

Now I have spoken to women being trafficked in the "League" and I've seen how they retaliate against anyone who tries to help these women.  I met with one of them over breakfast to discuss the situation and my food was poisoned and almost killed me.  I was lucky I noticed they were looking at me strange when I was eating and took only one bite.  They've done other things to try and scare me into not talking to their victims who reach out to us for help.  The ONLY way  I've seen them able to be set free because of their hacking capabilities, their connections with bad people, their use of private investigators, smear campaigns, as well as attorney's, and knowledge of the law is to come forward now to these officers in this Seattle case who were brave enough to do something.  I assure you the judge and the arresting officer in Wichita were issued death threats.   These people go beyond a street pimp and I commend the Seattle authorities for doing something to help these women.  

If you are afraid of calling the police, and clearly can't trust SWOP Seattle to tell them you're being pimped or threatened - please contact us at  We are not the police and not them in disguise and all calls are confidential.  Another recovering sex worker and survivor will answer our phone or your email.  

Also, know about "trap exits".  SWOP Seattle has said "this is who they recommend if you're being trafficked on their Twitter".  

When you go to that site on 4/4/2016 and you click on pages - you get:

They do not tell you to call a group like ours or the National Trafficking Hotline.  They instead direct you to a site that's not even functional!  That's called a "trap exit" so they appear to be helping you to leave when they in fact are not.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Once again something I've been saying has come to light in the press to validate my warnings.  I invite you to please read this screen shot.   This screenshot clearly says that "Mary, founder of SWOP Seattle circled the names of sex workers she knows not to be victims of coercion".

I should state this as an introduction - but I not only was involved in a very complex legal case of my own in 1984 you can read about at but I have worked as a paralegal since 1985.  As a paralegal, I have worked on many a criminal case.  I have also been involved in many of the legal cases of our members as a paralegal.  So I've seen many many many legal proceedings with respect to prostitution, pimping, pandering, conspiracy, solicitation, supervision, money laundering - the whole gambit of things we get involved with when in the sex industry.  I was in the "fast track" to become an attorney at one point before I decided to withdraw.  I've served as an expert witness and consultant in many trials.  So I have a lot of experience in the legal side of sex work and trafficking.

Well Mary, I hope you're proud of yourself because you just identified the people on that list as CRIMINALS.  Prostitution is illegal in all but a few counties in Nevada if you haven't figured that out.  I am curious as to what method you're using to determine these women are "not being coerced" also when most victims who are being "coerced" in some fashion will not identify as such to "outsiders", heck even themselves most of the time even.  Also this article describes that you and Sacramento SWOP called and discussed your methods of prostitution - meaning you have just identified them and yourself as being involved in a "conspiracy".  

If you want to argue she identified them as "sex workers" and "not prostitutes".  Then Mary's now opened the door for warrants to have the people follow up to see if there's any prostitution involved - including speaking to their clients to see if they're engaging in any sex.  The IRS can come in and look around for evidence of prostitution to see if all money earned has been reported.  Yes identifying someone as a "sex worker" is enough "probable cause" for all kinds of things to start happening  here.  

Now what do I mean by  "conspiracy"?  What I mean is that when I was on probation my attorney advised me I could no longer be friends or even hang out with "known prostitutes".  Because if I did, and if one of these women discussed how to conduct said illegal business of prostitution" with each other in any way, then I could be charged with being part of a "criminal conspiracy" just for having a lunch with those women if they were actively involved in prostitution where it was illegal to do so.   

Meaning that if as part of SWOP, you have talked to women you know to be engaging in prostitution, and you have discussed means of which to conduct said illegal business together, in groups of three or more people, that's called a "conspiracy" Mary.   So you may have possibly implicated SWOP of Seattle as being part of a "criminal conspiracy".   Because if you're discussing how to operate as an illegal prostitute as part of SWOP - you've also now implicated them as a "criminal organization".   

In other words, you have just established that SWOP is aware it's members are engaging in illegal activity, and that you discuss this illegal activity with each other across state lins as to how to improve said illegal activity   That my dear is what a "criminal conspiracy" is.

Okay okay the concept of "criminal conspiracy" sounds too heavy right?  How about "supervision"?  This article says that "Mary of Seattle SWOP spoke to SWOP Sacramento, which is in California, about HOW the sex workers she knows are "now operating" after the arrest.  I've worked as a paralegal in criminal attorney's office's for years and just because you two are talking on the telephone instead of standing out on a street corner doesn't alter the fact that this discussion you've just confirmed you've done in front of the police and the press could be considered "supervision" if not "conspiracy" because you spoke about this with a woman in California. 

Look, Mary, Kristin, Savannah, whoever is running SWOP at the moment, neither COYOTE nor SWOP were designed to be organizations to further criminal activity, nor to push for better working conditions for criminals.  In fact, my memory is we didn't discuss criminal activity because we had no knowledge of each other's activity in order to protect both the group and the member.  Before Robin died, the purpose of SWOP, was what the name implied "Sex Workers Outreach Project".  

They used to organize outreaches to see if sex workers needed anything - like health care, or help finding housing, or help to get into drug treatment or counseling, or if they wanted help to exit the industry, or get away from a pimp.  Now if and when they would come across someone who said they wanted help to exit sex work or get away from a pimp - our organization used to then get a call.  After getting a call from someone I "knew was cool" within SWOP, I could then refer them to our local members in that city to help this person.  Which is what we did with SWOP before Robin died, and after COYOTE turned everything in to become the St. James Infirmary and Margo retired from the public eye.  In other words, SWOP used to do the "outreach" and then if exit services were needed then we'd get a phone call to come help.  

Before SWOP, there was COYOTE.  I was a member of COYOTE from the day they opened until that year Margo retired.  COYOTE was like a mother program to SWOP.  COYOTE was not a group of prostitutes who got together to figure out how to operate as prostitutes without getting busted.  It was a group of women who wanted control over their lives, their careers, and their sexuality, without anyone standing back judging them as a "whore" or a "slut".   Women who were having sex with men who were not their husbands back in the 1970's were being treated no differently than that of a "professional prostitute".  Which wasn't okay that EITHER group of women were treated in such a horrible fashion.  This the group's objective was that ALL women should be treated with the same respect as married women, virgins, or other groups where women were considered "virtuous".   In other words, why was there some line to cross where one was treated with dignity and respect, but the other wasn't?

To protect the group because some members were in the sex industry, we did not discuss prostitution as far as "how to do it" so COYOTE would not be considered a "criminal organization" and it's members charged with conspiracy.    Remember, COYOTE was founded during a time when gays were being arrested for being in clubs together under the sodomy laws, and addicts trying to get clean were being arrested in Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  We were also old enough to remember when "infiltrators" were coming into groups like the Black Panthers during the 1960's who were fighting for civil rights - so yes in fighting for all women to be treated equally no matter what their sex life or vocation - we were also being careful along those same lines to not be making it an extension of a criminal activity.  Just because some of our members happened to be prostitutes - well the local PTA has members that are prostitutes too - prostitution isn't the focus of either group.

It's why COYOTE was called Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics and about being a group for men and women to come together to discuss and plan activism to see that we could have the same rights as anyone else to live their sexual lives any way we wanted.   You may not remember this - but there was a time back then when if you were identified within the "public" eye around you as being a "whore" , whether that meant you charged for sex or not, then people used to not hire you, landlords used to not rent to you, and you were not treated the same as other women when it came to things like rape or domestic violence.  It was a big deal back then how we were treated as women differently based on the societal view of our sex lives.

For example, if you were a "known" prostitute, but your husband raped you then because you were labeled a "prostitute" victim services used to refuse to assist you.  Domestic violence shelters would refuse to admit you.   Even if the man who beat you was your husband and not a "john" and not your pimp, but because you were a "prostitute", then many domestic violence and even homeless shelters used to refuse to help you.  Drug treatment centers used to refuse to admit you - even if you had cash and even with insurance.  

So COYOTE wasn't about helping hookers have better working conditions as you're trying to ask for in this above article.   The police don't CARE how safe your working conditions are when committing a crime Mary.   Do you think that if bank robbers went to the authorities and said they wanted to get bank guards to stop carrying guns because then that would make their job of robbing banks safer - do you think they're going to care what you think about your working conditions when breaking the law?  

No they don't.  Which is why both COYOTE and SWOP were about that we shouldn't be treated any differently based on our chosen, or perceived, profession.   Take Christy Mack for example.  She's horribly beaten by War Machine.  She was admitted into the hospital and treated however even though her career is in the porn industry.  I assure you I know for a fact that if Christy's attack had happened to her in the 1970's or early 1980's she would have been denied medical care.  I know that because I would drive many a woman to the ER - including a woman who was stabbed 51 times by the Hillside Strangler.  If the medical staff in that ER felt that woman was a "prostitute" based on her dress - they would refuse to treat her no matter how badly messed up she was.  To get my friend who was stabbed 51 times stitched up - I had to threaten to sue the hospital.   THAT'S why I belonged to COYOTE, and then SWOP  - NOT to better enhance my criminal working conditions.  

 Which is why when I started our 12-Step program, I also started raising awareness that not all of us WERE "consensual" criminals.  Now back in the 70's and 80's when I saw the police doing raids on massage parlors and brothels they would arrest all of the women as prostitutes.  Now some of those women weren't there by choice.  I didn't think it was fair for these women to be forced to work there, and then when the police came they were treated just like the criminals who forced them to be there.  I watched them being arrested and treated like dogs - while I was seeing addicts and alcoholics being offered treatment for their issues instead of going to jail.  

So even though I was a member of COYOTE, I also thought those who weren't there in that brothel or on that corner by choice shouldn't be treated like criminals.  I believed they should be offered the same chance to get treatment and help that any addict should and thus we created our 12 step program to offer them this alternative treatment within the legal system.  

HOWEVER, we did not offer assistance to those who had no desire to leave the sex industry.  SO if someone came to us needing the same help we offered our members of Sex Workers Anonymous, but said they "had no desire" to leave the sex industry I would then refer them to SWOP for help.  Or maybe HIPS, or PACE, or some other "harm reduction" group where it was okay that their clients had no desire to leave sex work.  

But since our group was people who were all staying out of the sex industry, and to protect ourselves legally from conspiracy charges we were staying away from active sex workers, then how am I going to get referrals if I'm no longer working in the sex industry myself?  Clearly the only way is from referrals from others who are speaking to men and women still in the industry.  So I spoke to Margo, and she agreed that when they heard about anyone in COYOTE needing help - that they would then be referred to us for help.  

This way COYOTE was not going to be charged as being part of any illegal conspiracy when asking them if they were active in sex work.  They weren't asking them to help them continue to better their illegal careers - but only to see if they needed any help from a group like ours.  But even so, not all of COYOTE's members were sex workers.  

That's how I met Norma Jean in fact.  Her and I were talking for a while about starting a Los Angeles chapter of COYOTE.  I was allowed to be in COYOTE regardless of my status as a sex worker because it wasn't about that.  So I was a member when I was in sex work, and I was a member when I was running Prostitutes Anonymous (our name before 1995).   

Now the issue of "consensual sex worker" is a tricky one as spoken of in the above article.  For example, Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, would never have identified as a "sex worker" but she would have been a COYOTE member, even an SWOP member while Robin was alive, because she would have said she was trying to help do outreach to sex workers - while claiming she herself was not one.  
In fact, when she was first arrested, she claimed the women she sent out on calls were not sent out on "prostitution" calls, but merely for companionship.  Therefore, she was not guilty of pimping anyone if she was just sending out women as "companions".  She pointed to contracts she had the women sign agreeing they were not offering prostitution as her defense in her first round of trials.  So Jeane during her early trial was denying any knowledge of her escorts "criminal" activity.  Whether that was true or to protect herself - I don't know.  For the sake of her stance - it was that she "knew nothing about them engaging in prostitution" and therefore she wasn't "pimping" them.

However, when the court refused to accept this defense, she then decided to told the whole truth - which was she was being forced to act as a madam by men within our own government who were using these women to pump politicians such as David Vitter for information, or to blackmail them.  She pointed to Brandy Britton, who was a university professor by day as her cover, who had been seeing David Vitter as an escort.  

That when it came time for her trial, she was mysteriously found hung in her living room without a suicide note.   Many of us within the sex industry believe she was murdered before she could talk about what she knew about her clients.  It's very well known that many clients have murdered prostitutes in order to silence them about what they know.  

Which is why the issue of who someone's clients are can be a life and death matter - literally.  Especially if you think that Brandy was murdered in order for some of her clients to not be named.  Which is honestly why I'm cringing when I read about the Seattle police trying to find out who the clients were of this website - because it might mean some woman is going to die because some man is going to want to silence her.  

Now to prove that these men had been coming to Jeane to force her to continue operating as a madam, even after Brandy's death, she released her infamous "Black Book".   I then watched as Dan Rather on ABC stood up and said at first "there are no names of significance" in that book.  Basically shooting her defense of being "forced by men in our government" to be a madam in the foot.  Dan did this because the men who were her clients wanted to not be exposed.  It shows the length one will go to in order to do this also.

However, we know the major media today lies.  They lie to cover the backsides of important men like Eliot Spitzer for example.  I ask you - who is going to arrest him as "john"?  Why do you think when he was physically threatening that escort recently - the only recourse she had was to go to the media?  What you think she call 911 and get him arrested?   Give me a break!   What was she going to do?  Go to a Salvation Army shelter.  Give me a double break!

So we had enough foresight to know they might lie, so we had also distributed her "Black Book" to 10 other sites, including the "Smoking Gun".  Now it was the Smoking Gun who went "not so fast" and released the names of David Vitter and Randall Tobias, among others.   Which then prompted an ethics hearing to be set up that Jeane was supposed to testify at.  

It was at that trial that Jeane had told me she had intended on explaining how these men had been forcing her to act as a madam in order to be a political tool to do things like blackmail some, buy off some, and control others.  We've all seen how political something like this can be when things leak out into the news like how our Navy was using prostitutes to make deals.  

Only many of us believe not only was Brandy murdered, but also Jeane, in order to prevent her from continuing to talk about who her clients were and how she was being used by men in our government.  (It's why she gave me a back-up copy of it also in case she was murdered - that's how scared she was.)   I say that because she had more names to release, and had gone to her mother's house the night before in order to be safe because she said someone had been following her all day.  She had been sending out notices of a press conference where she said she was going to "reveal more names even higher up than she had within our government".  Only she was found hung in her mother's back yard shed before she could talk more about who these men were, or what they had done to her.  

So yes I get pretty upset when I hear things like the police "hope that who the clients are will become public record" in the League case.   Because depending on who those clients are, some of them might be someone who doesn't want the prostitutes, or madams, that they were dealing with, talking about what they know to the police or the press.  Meaning they'll murder them -  like a long string of names of escorts and madams who many of us believe were murdered in order to silence them.  

I'm bringing up Jeane Palfrey because she WAS A VICTIM OF COERCION.   She has explained to me she had wanted to quit years ago, wanted to retire to Germany in fact, but that these men from the government who kept visiting her every six months and giving her "assignments" and "pumping her for information" were not letting her quit.  Now "Mary", if Jeane Palfrey was a "victim of coercion" can you please explain to me what you're basing your determination upon when you identify the women in those ads as "not being coerced"?

I read that men in this "League" operation have already murdered a woman to silence her.   The news said she "found with a bag over her head" so I doubt it was suicide!  David Vitter has THREE dead women in his past - so the problem of clients silencing us in order to protect their identities is a very real concern for us.  Take a look at the Donald Burns case - this man spent over $500,000  in blackmail money trying to keep his name out of the public eye.

Meaning if the "League" was running that site as this article claims, that I'm curious how SWOP can step in and say "oh these were coerced" but "those weren't".  Okay how exactly are you making that determination when I think a lot of people looking at Jeane's life would say she "wasn't a victim of coercion" but she was when you got to know her story better.  

As for the police joking about "they hope the names become public record" MY GOD WHEN ARE THESE IDIOTS GOING TO STOP PLAYING WITH OUR LIVES?  They act like this is a game - and it's not.  It's a game with our lives on the line - not theirs!  When I was arrested the ONLY THING between me and LIFE AND DEATH was my refusal to speak about what I knew about my so called "clients".   So yes I get extremely upset when I see the Seattle police lightly joking around around "hoping the names become public record" because they don't seem to realize that in some cases a man's name coming out in the press can seal our death warrant if he doesn't want to worry about any witness' coming forward.  Meaning there might be women on that list who might not be "victims of coercion" but they sure might have their lives in danger right now.  

I had men who were in the CIA using the women under me for Iran Contra.  NOW do you think those men would have let me live if they knew I was going to spill my guts about them back then on some court stand?  No.  In other words, you might want to argue I wasn't being "coerced" during my time of trouble - but I sure as hell was in mortal danger.

Which is why Los Angeles was full of prostitutes' bodies being found in alleys and dumpsters that the police wouldn't even investigate back then.  I would have been murdered, left in an alley somewhere, and it would have been written off to the Hillside Strangler, or the Grim Reaper, or the Green River Killer, and no one would have thought twice about me.  Oh my mom might have protested with the other mothers the police didn't look into their daughter's murders either because they were "just prostitutes after all you know".   So yes during Iran Contra, if you were in the sex industry and someone wanted to silence you - trust me people didn't ask a lot of questions when one of us went missing or was found dead.

Mary another thing you've just done here by circling the names on that list as "not being coerced" is you have not only fingered those women as being criminals, but you have now robbed them of the defense when arrested of saying "I was forced".  Well that is if the police take your statement seriously being you're probably engaging in illegal prostitution also, i.e., another criminal.  

Only dear Mary HOW DO YOU KNOW?   How do you know they aren't like Christina Parreira who boasts she's "an independent sex worker" while her husband, who is unemployed and thus living off her income, has had numerous domestic violence cases he's managed to get sealed already?  Did you know Mary, that Christina put out an alert on Twitter at 2:00 in the morning while she was at Dennis Hof's brothel to "please get me out of here?" to which the ONLY person who responded "I'm coming" was myself?

Christina and I were friends until that moment, and I was on all of her social media.  She had invited me to watch over her during this report she was doing.  Only the minute after I said I was going to come and get her out of there as I have many others over the years - she then tells me "oh never mind that was just a medication adjustment I'm fine".  The next thing I know Christina, or her husband posing as her, who knows, has now removed me from all her social media AND then went into every SWOP group that I belonged to online and demanded I be removed.  

Why?  What's my crime?  Good question because I don't talk anyone into leaving the sex industry Mary - I just have a door open if they want to leave through   

Now - you tell me IS Christina truly operating in the sex industry of "her own free will"?  OR is this a case her husband has built around her so that if she tries to leave him, and she tries to claim she was a trafficking victim, that all of these people are going to BACK HIM UP that he DID NOT FORCE HER?  

So you tell me Mary - is Christina acting of her own free will and not a trafficking victim?  Or is she a CRIMINAL that is going to be put in jail if caught in an act of either prostitution, pimping, or pandering?  Is she or is she not "free to leave" Michael?

Since she's also doing porn, and since she is working doing "out dates" for the legal brothels of Nevada, then she's not engaging in "illegal prostitution", but I will say it sure looks to me like she's selling people on the idea of entering into the sex industry to me - which is the definition of pandering also.  For which to be found guilty of, you do not need to receive money AND the person who is being enticed can be acting of their own free will.  

So if the police decide to arrest Christina on a pandering charge, and then she, and her lawyer, decide they're going to defend her by saying she was being forced to do these things by Michael, then please tell me Mary are you going to testify that she was "acting of her own free will" or will you testify that Michael was forcing her?   

Is it possible that if, and maybe a big "if", that Michael is forcing her to continue working in the industry AND promoting it to others at the same time, that he might possibly be "convincing" people she's acting of her "own free will" in order to avoid being charged with trafficking?  I know he sure is trying what with them posting pictures of them online and underneath the caption reads basically "here is the happy couple where he's not beating her and she's acting of her own free will".

Of course he's in the picture with her at the time she's making this statement which means nothing because any statement I'm hearing her make about him is being done with him physically there with her at the time.  The same tactics Chuck Traynor used on Linda Lovelace - never let her out of his sight and if she does get away make sure she knows he's going to murder her parents was the threat he gave her.  

Of course she couldn't get far being he had her hooked on drugs, and threatened everyone else in the porn industry if they tried to help her he'd make sure they regretted it and they'd "never work in this industry again".  Considering his fascination with guns that later led to him opening the Gun Store in Nevada - people knew to take his threats pretty seriously.  Especially when Linda was showing up on the set of "Deep Throat" covered in bruises from his boots kicking her over and over again.  

So when Linda's parents showed up at their home asking if she was in trouble, did she need any help, she answered she was "fine" even though Chuck was on the other side of the door with her threatening to shoot her mother if she answered otherwise.  Everyone in the porn industry by the way turned away from what was happening to Linda because they either were afraid of mob, or Chuck's, retaliation, and because they wanted to keep working in the porn industry themselves.   

So "Mary" are you saying these women were "not coerced" because you're afraid of "retaliation" if you don't, or because you want to make sure you keep working in the industry?  I mean would you have the balls to step up and say Michael Whiteacre is forcing Christina to be working in the sex industry against her will if you knew that to be the case?  I'm asking because if any of the women on that list are in fact being forced - I'd like to know if you have the balls and willingness to say otherwise?  

Also, what do you know about their lives to be able to make that distinction between whether someone is acting of their "own free will" or not?   Because what you've done here Mary is not only have you just named everyone on that list you circled as a "criminal", and robbed them of the defense in court of being a "trafficking victim", but you have further now established they are in fact criminals themselves. 

That is what you've done - you've said they're working as prostitutes, which is illegal.  Meaning that as of this moment, if they have children under the age of 18 years old - those children can now be removed from the home.  If they own a home, or a car, they can now have those items seized.  They will then have to show a court receipts to prove they purchased those items with legally earned money - or they'll forfeit those items.   

Since you've now identified them as "consensual criminals" and in the eyes of the press, any agency such as Immigration can now come in and make sure they're here in this country legally.  If they're in the country legally - they'll take a look at their family to see if they're in the country legally.  They'll also check the bank records to make sure none of these people you've fingered have given any money to any relatives because that's a felony you know.  

Just like they charged Heidi Fleiss's parents who we only heard about their charges because they were doctors and had to defend themselves.  Most parents who are charged with pimping their own children tend to make a plea bargain as my mom did when she was charged with pimping me.  Sure she could have gone to trial - but then they threatened to arrest my 75 year old grandmother with pimping me also if she did.  So we took the plea bargain to avoid having my grandmother arrested.

I know well that sometimes you might be "appearing" to be "consensual" only because you know you can't have your pimp/trafficker arrested for one reason or another, but that doesn't mean you don't want out.  Which is why I put together a safe house for victims of trafficking for adults when none existed anywhere in this country in 1984 that got me arrested for "pimping" in return.  

I had a woman staying in an old warehouse I had once used as a brothel.  I put beds in it, a TV, a kitchen, a shower, and turned it into a home where the women who wanted away from their pimps, but couldn't get them arrested, could stay while their broken bones, and black eyes, could heal and then we'd get them either back home to their family, or into a job outside of sex work and into their own homes away from the pimp.  

Only in this case, this pimp decided he was going to call the cops on me and say I was operating a brothel at that address when I took his woman away because she called me for help.  The woman I had in that safe house was on probation.  So when the police came to the door at midnight they found her in her PJ's because she was sleeping there.  But because she was on probation for prostitution and answering the door in her PJ's - they arrested her for the "appearance of prostitution" simply because she was in her PJ's in a warehouse.   

Then they arrested me for pimping her because the lease was in my name.   Now do you think she told them about her pimp the minute she was arrested to get me off the hook?  Hell no.  She was on probation and these cops were threatening her with two years in jail if she didn't cough someone up to them bigger in return.  So when they asked her to turn on me she did.  Why?  Do you really think she's going to turn on her pimp knowing he'll murder her?  Would I murder her?  No.  Easy choice.  So initially she went ahead and was agreeing with the police that I was pimping her.  

It was only when my attorney went in and showed them there were no ads in the trade papers for my phone number anywhere, there was no phone in the warehouse operating (we had no cell phones back in 1984 - there was only land lines), and that there were no condoms in the warehouse, and explained that there was no signs of prostitution so therefore I could not be pimping her - that they then turned on her to testify against her pimp instead of me.  

Only he wasn't too happy about the idea of him going down instead of me.   So he let me know if I didn't take the fall in his place - then I'd be dead meat.  To prove he meant business he sent out a man to the hotel where he thought I was staying.  I had another girlfriend staying there instead of me.  She calls me up to say there's a man at the door knocking hard who won't leave.  I tell her to call the cops.  She does and the police reported he pulled a gun on them so they had no choice but to shoot him dead.  

She then gets into my car I had loaned her and she's then t-boned by an illegal alien going 100 mph and killed.  The man driving the car that killed her reported to the police he had been hired to "kill the blond lady" driving my car, meaning he probably thought it was me driving the car when he mowed into it.  So I don't think he was too happy about me refusing to take the fall for him.  When this woman realized I wasn't going to take a pimping charge fall for her - she had no choice but to rat him out in order to save herself.  

So the pimping charges against me were dropped.  However, that didn't stop the police from coming in and taking over $250,000 in cash from me, real estate I owned, cars, furs, jewelry, etc.  Then a hearing was set up where I had to then show the court I had obtained those items "legally" or they were going to be forfeited.   Since I paid cash for most things, and other items were gifts, and had no receipts, I couldn't prove where I had obtained those items without implicating my clients as "johns" which again would have got me murdered.  

Please tell me how I "prove" where I got a fox fur coat a married john bought me on Rodeo Drive during a shopping spree one day to the court?   So I wound up losing everything I owned materially over this case you can read about at  So Mary - I hope you are happy with the fact that you proved to those officers that the women you identified were "not victims of coercion".  First because you may just have got warrants going out now to confiscate everything these women own.  Second, I'd like to ask you HOW DO YOU KNOW?  

To everyone who saw me on the outside I appeared to NOT be a victim of coercion.  I was a member of COYOTE.   Which was the mother to SWOP.  I used to lobby for COYOTE and attend their meetings.  I was the first person to say a woman had control over her body and if she wanted to work as a prostitute, or stripper, or in porn - then that was her choice.  I operated a screening service for other madams to keep out the lunatics in Los Angeles - which was the 1980's version of the Review Board.  I used Telecheck to verify client's ID's to make sure they were not cops, and not maniacs.  I charged a fee for this not realizing receiving money from a prostitute was in fact a felony.  I lived in a house south of Ventura Boulevard, I drove a Mercedes 450SL, I did not do drugs nor drink, and I walked around freely with no gun to my head.  I used to come in and lecture to the "Human Sexuality" class at UCLU and talk about the joys of being a "independent sex worker".  

NOW Mary - would you say I was "not a victim of coercion?"  Really?  Why?  Because I would drive up to an appointment with a "john" in a Mercedes, well dressed, and not having some man standing behind me with a gun?  Mary when I was only 18 years old, I lied about my age, and got a job as a cocktail waitress at a nightclub so I could go to college in the afternoon.  I had transferred from high school to community college when I was 15 years old and needed something where I could work short hours in order to go to school.  I didn't know walking into that nightclub it was a front to launder drug and prostitution money.  Ever see "American Gangster"?  Ever hear that Richard Pryor's mother worked as a prostitute in his grandmother's brothel?  Well guess what that means?

It means that drugs were sold through nightclubs for one.  They served as both a front for the drug sales as well as to launder the money.  At night we would have a limo drive up with Michael Jackson inside who would then buy drugs outside of our nightclub.  Many cars would who would drive up to our club, buy drugs from our doorman, and then leave.  Nothing shady about musicians visiting a nightclub.   The waitress's were all on probation for prostitution - so they had to have a "day job" which they had in the club.  Then when their shift was over they went out on "dates" with the men they'd meet as patrons in the club, or musicians in the band.   

The "family" who owned this club was part of Richard Pryor's family.  Meaning they were raised in this lifestyle.  The men were raised to be pimps and drug dealers and the girls were raised to be prostitutes when they were young, and madams when they were older.   It means at night  when the bouncer I was now dating asked me to drive him home after work we'd stop by Richard's house to drop off his cocaine.  

When I found out what I had walked into - I quit that club Mary.  I then went and got another waitress job elsewhere.  Only I got fired three days later.  I got another job.  Then got fired three days later.  I worked my way through Los Angeles county - being fired about three days into each job.  I later learned this "family" was going to the owners of these restaurants, bars, and clubs, and telling them that they would burn down their business if I wasn't fired.  Only I didn't know this until years later - I just thought I was being fired for no reason.   The whole time this was happening - I was getting "friendly" calls from the "family" that "my job was still waiting for me at the club".   All expressing such friendly loving concern for me.  

After running out of places to work - I went back to work at the club being clear with the pimps who owned the club I didn't want "any part of their prostitution racket".  They agreed of course in order to get me back into the club.  While working there they found out where I lived.  They met my mother.  They learned what car I drove.  They found out where my grandmother lived.  They found out where my friends lived.   

Then they offered me jobs here and there to get me closer into the prostitution.  They offered me a job answering the telephones for their escort service to make extra money.  It's just answering the telephones dear - nothing illegal there.  Only not telling me that yes answering the phones was a felony called pimping.  

During the time I was answering their phones - I got to see what they did to girls who tried to leave the family.  I got to watch them pour gasoline on them and light matches.  I got to see them run girls over with motorcycles and break both their legs.  Then when they had casts on their legs they would keep them in a bedroom and bring tricks in to see them.  They couldn't walk so where else were they going to go?  

Did they ever lift a finger to me?  Oh no never a direct threat to me - but the message was sent very clear about what they could do to me if they wanted to.   So when they asked me to go and open up bank accounts for them so they could have my name on the bank accounts so if anything went down I would be the one to go to jail on a felony charge - do you think I was FREE to say "no"?  Don't you think it crossed my mind what saying no to these guys meant?   I did this with no threats having to be said to me because I knew what they did to people who said "no" to them.   In my book - that's "coercion".

Just as by the way Christina has watched Michael Whiteacre do to everyone who has left the sex industry who tries to help others leave.  He has a website up about Shelley Lubben where he posts maps and photos of her home online.   He posts her tax returns, flyers for her speaking events, copies of police reports.  Not stopping at public records, he has even got photos posted that a man got from telling Shelley he was a handyman, then upon entering her private home, he went onto her private computer and took photos off her hard drive, and then gave them to Michael to post.

Shelly is not the only one he blogs about constantly either.  There's Monica Foster,  Desi Fox,  and well just about anyone else I can think of who has left the sex industry and tries to help others to also leave their pimps/traffickers.  So far I've been the only one he hasn't started up a personal blog against yet - but I'm sure that's going to change now that I've offered to help Christina leave when she asked for help that day on Twitter.  

Her and her "friends" have already started up the process with of which not a word is true, or what is true is distorted out of context.  For example, the site claims "they drove by and discovered my address is a UPS box".  Well duh!  I wonder why I don't list my home address anywhere online with people like that driving by trying to find me?  Now there's something somehow shady because I'm not stupid enough to print an address where people like that can just walk in off the street and find me?  

Since that day Christina as I said has not only made sure that everyone in SWOP doesn't speak to me anymore, but she's also sent me threats lately of coming after me with an attorney and to "fuck me up" and other various threats I've been issued since that day. 

For what?  Well since she's billing herself as a "researcher" and lecturing on the sex industry, I have considered her a colleague and professional.  As such, I've sent her out announcements I've sent out to others in the field thinking she might be interested in the post which has triggered these threats.  

The last barrage of threats came when she got an accidental invite from Linkedin when I was setting up a new account for SWA.  So I'm sure my blog attacking me is going to be coming soon from Michael as he's done with the others.   Sends a very clear message to Christina, and other women in the sex industry, what is done with women who leave and then try and help others do the same.  

Just as the men who were coercing me into the sex industry never ever said one direct threat to me, never laid a hand on me, I STILL WAS COERCED because I saw what happened to those who said no to them.   After seeing what Michael has done to Shelley - I sure as hell would think twice about leaving that man if I lived with him - so I"m supposed to think that never enters Christina's mind?  Give me a break.  

Look, the men who "turned me out" into prostitution are part of a group of men who have been brainwashing girls into prostitution for generations Mary.  They are masters of their craft.  They worked on me and worked on me until my head was turned completely upside down.  These weren't street corners pimps - these were men with masters degrees, living in mansions, and driving Rolls Royce's so who was I to argue with them about what success in this world meant?  Especially when they had 1/2 of the music industry coming into that club?  Do you really think as a teenager from a broken home with an abused background I was any match for these men?  For the celebrities, the parties, the fast cars, the money, the drugs?   I was seduced into the industry - of that I have no doubt.  I certainly had no idea they were going around getting me fired so that I would get financially desperate enough to "think" I'm calling them of my own free will to get a job with them.

When I realized what they had done to me and I also realized that if I tried to leave these men would kill me, kill my mother, kill my dog even - where was I going to go Mary?  I saw what they did to people who left them and they wound up in little pieces.  I saw them get to people in jail.  I saw them get to people in hospitals.  I saw them find people in the middle of the night.  I saw them blow up cops with car bombs.   So I knew these men could get me anywhere I went if I decided to leave before they were ready to let me go.  

I was only lucky one of them went into a drug binge and then shot himself in the head.  That gave me a door way at the funeral to go and speak to the head man in charge of this family and arrange to buy my way out.  I pointed to the dead pimp and said "this has just gotten too crazy for me" referring to the drugs people were on and I asked him if he would please just let me go.   After agreeing to hand over $160,000 to this man - he agreed to "give me my "freedom".  

I thought Mary I was the bomb.  I had left this family and I was going to work as an independent escort until I made me a million dollars and then I was going to retire before I was 21 years old.  Only the sex industry is a small small world.  Word spread I had left the protection of this family and was now a "rogue" or "independent" woman now.  It also meant I had no "protection" either.   So my so called "freedom" was short lived.

Because once I left the "family", that's when the REAL predators moved in on me.  I had men from our CIA approach me during Iran Contra and tell me I was going to help them or I was going to be loaded onto a diplomat's plane and sold off to some Saudi who liked white girls - never to be seen or heard from again.  To prove to me these men could do this to me if they so choose they DID this to a few women and made me watch them loaded onto diplomat's planes never to be seen again.   To further show me what they could do to me if they wanted to and if I didn't do exactly as I was told to do they introduced me to Cheri.

Cheri was recruiting for Chuck Barris who was producing the Gong Show, the Newlywed Game and also of course the Dating Game.  Cheri ran "Cheri's Angel's" escort service and was recruiting actresses and escorts to go on the "Dating Game".  To be on the Dating Game you would do an audition tape.  The audition tape was then mailed to wealthy men in countries like Saudi Arabia who again our government was making oil deals with and wanted happy.   If these men liked these women then they were asked onto the show.  Then when they won a date - they got an all expenses paid trip to a foreign country.,9171,404266,00.html

So all their paperwork, passports, etc. were made to look back here like they were going on a date with Chuck Barris as their chaperone.  What could be more safe right?  So when those women walked onto those planes - they were acting "of their own free will".   They weren't being drugged or kidnapped - no.  They got on those planes completely of their own free will.  Only once they got into these other countries - they were never heard from again.   

All completely legal at that time because we didn't have laws on the books like that then to stop this kind of thing.  I invite you to look at this clip that is at the opening of the 1973 film "Enter the Dragon" with Bruce Lee.  Because everything on this clip the CIA man is telling Bruce was true as of the time in the USA prior to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.

When I still fought back and insisted I didn't want to work with these guys because I "didn't want to go to jail" - they set about proving to me that I wouldn't go to jail if I agreed to "come to work for them.  They introduced me to a couple of active duty Beverly Hills police officers.  They explained to me the deals they had with all the luxury hotels and buildings in Los Angeles like the Beverly Hilton Hotel for example.  They had a tap on the phone in every room of the Beverly Hilton Hotel to name just one of the hotels they had control over.  When a man would call and order an escort from another agency but theirs - they would wait until the woman showed up and then threaten to arrest her.  Then they'd sent up "one of their girls" instead which they wanted me to manage for them.   

They showed me their licensed escort service "Talk of the Town" they owned also.   So basically these men showed me that cops owned the largest escort service in town, and they had control over any "john" who was in a hotel or apartment building where they had taps on their phones and security in the building who would stop any girl who wasn't working for them.   They did this to show me if I came to work with them - they could GUARANTEE me that I would not be arrested for anything I did.   All to get me to "agree" to work for them in what appeared to be me giving consent Mary.

They pointed me to Alex Adams as one case in point of how she was one of theirs and she wasn't being arrested.   Alex Adams is better known as the "Beverly Hills Madam".  She was allowed to work completely in the open in Hollywood and no one was arresting her.   So the offer was to come to work for them and enjoy the idea of never being arrested.   Only while they were showing me this - they were also showing me what they were doing to anyone who wasn't working for them.

The message was clear.  Were they threatening me directly?  Oh no.  But when they would stop an escort on her way up to a man's room at the Beverly Hilton, and then make me watch what they did to her to make sure she never came back to that hotel again down in the security quarters, believe me I got the message about what they could do to me if I didn't come to work with them.  

So I ran.  I moved.  I changed my phone number.  I made up new ads (we advertised in papers back then before the internet).  Only these guys are the police and the sex industry is a small world.  So they got one of my regulars to give up my phone number by threatening to arrest him for prostitution.  They got his name during a "john sting" and then the cops had a list of all of the hookers they saw.  Meaning all they had to do to find me was to look up "johns" who had said they had seen me before, call them up, threaten to arrest them again, and he gives up my new phone # to them.  Easy as pie to find me that way.  

They then sent me on a call they knew would check out because they knew my system.   They knew I only went to homes listed in the phone book, and to men who had an ID that checked out with Telecheck.  So they set up a sting just for that for me and when I walked into the house I knew I'd made a mistake - so I turned to leave.  I was arrested anyway on a prostitution charge and taken into the Beverly Hills station and booked.  They fingerprinted me and then let me go home.   It was my word against his I'd done any act of prostitution.  

Then I got a phone call from one of these cops letting me know that they could make the charge "just disappear" if I'd agree to come to work for them - otherwise, they were going to not only escalate it, but they were going to arrest my mother for pimping me since they knew I gave her money.  

Now Mary - to the outside world I may have looked like I was "acting as a free agent" but that doesn't mean that I was.  My mother was on disability.  My grandmother was in her 70's.  How am I going to run and leave town knowing these women are going to be harmed if I do?  Can I take them with me?  How do I even begin to explain any of this to them?  Where am I going to go?  Where can I go where cops can't find me Mary?  Especially if they can shake down all the johns to find out what my new phone # is if I change it?  Oh sure, I could let go of my regular list and only see new clients - but that's putting me at risk of who these new guys could turn out to be.  

I decided to hell with it.  I knew other scams so I went into the credit card business.  I knew men who wanted me to sell their credit cards on the black market.  I had been friends with Alex and didn't know she was working as an informant for the police as well as for these guys.  She told me she'd pay me $1000 to $3000 for each card I'd bring her . The johns gave me consent to have them if I got caught so I knew I wouldn't be arrested.  I then walked into Alex's house with about 20 credit cards thinking I was going to get paid - and instead wound up arrested again by the Beverly Hills Police who let me know I might get shot on the way to the station for "resisting arrest" as they taunted me about on the way down to the station for booking.  Meaning I didn't even know if I was going to make it out of there alive by the way that cop was waving his gun at me.  

So let me ask you something Mary - was I a "consensual sex worker" because I agreed to go ahead and work with these guys?  Why?  Because I didn't want to go to jail on bullshit charges or see my mother and grandmother murdered - that makes what I did "consensual"?   Did I go shouting my reasons to every other escort in the industry so they knew I felt forced and scared?

You think you know when someone is "consensual"?  Let me as you about another woman I call "Music" who is working in the industry now.  I got a call in 2013 from this woman who resides in Pasadena, California.  She's been working for the Triad as a prostitute since she was 8 years old.  When she hit 40, as they do, they moved her over here to the states on a marriage contract she had to pay off.   She has a disabled mother she's caring for who sold her, her sister and her brother, to these people back in China.  

They kept her son back in China until they were sure she'd come over here and do what she was supposed to do.  Which she did.  She married who she had been hired to marry, and she went to work in their massage parlors.   Only she is now 53 years old.  Her son is about to go to UCLA.  She wants her son to not have his mother be a prostitute.  So she told these people she wanted to quit.  

She told me two police officers came into her home and drug her out in front of her son and mother.  They charged her with prostitution.  She now has two prostitution charges on her record.   She has a twin sister.  Years ago they drugged her and positioned her in pornography with her sister.  Back in China - incest is punishable with the death penalty.  They told her if she did not "get back to work" that she would have a third charge on her which would get her deported. That once deported they were going to make sure a man in the Chinese government got that photo and she'd be up on incest charges which combined with her prostitution charges meant she'd get the death penalty.  Now this was in 2013 - before Liang Yaohui was arrested.  Give a read up on the guy if you don't mind and take a real good look at who she was being threatened with facing back in China.

She came to me.  I don't know whether to believe her or not so we hired an attorney.  The attorney says when someone is arrested there's a videotape made.  That if she really was arrested there would be her on the videotape.  If not, there would not be a tape.   So he ordered the tape from the LAPD.  He did not get the tape, but he did get a threatening call from a Pasadena attorney.  This attorney threatened to have his license revoked for taking on this case.  The attorney came back to me, resigned off the case, and told me to "run".  

I did not run.  The woman then gets a call from this same attorney who tells her that he has expunged her record and that she "no longer needs to speak to Jody for help".  She tells me she doesn't need my help anymore thank you now her record is clean.    I suspect she's being lied to so I run her record to learn she still has two prostitution charges showing on it.  I then let her know that these charges are still showing and that she was lied to. 

In response to my call to her - I then got a threatening call from a man identifying himself as a Pasadena cop.  He is calling me from the Pasadena police station.  I have made a tape of the call and he tells me if I speak to this woman again, or her son, that I will be charged with stalking her and a restraining order will be issued on me.  This is not the woman who has issued this call, but the men who own the massage parlor who have retained this attorney who has the relationship with this police officer.  Her son was taken back to China.  He is now living at the home of his father, who is in business with her traffickers.  She has been told if she speaks to me again her son will be harmed or worse.  

Now knowing all of this about her - are you going to tell me that she's working "of her own free will"?  If a police officer goes to her now and asks her if she's working in prostitution of her own free will or does she want to press charges against these men - what are her options?  Knowing that the Pasadena police where she lives have been quoted in the newspapers as "being able to fake a homicide"?  Knowing the police have had lawsuits against them for shooting an unarmed man.   Knowing two officers drug you out of your home and slapped you with fake prostitution charges - and a third one can get you deported.  

Do you really think she's going to identify herself as a "trafficking victim" knowing what will happen to her, her son, her mother, if she does?  Because these guys have a lot of money invested in the operation she's a part of.   Because she's not only over here working as a prostitute in a massage parlor Mary, she's also obtaining information on her "johns" that is being used to blackmail them, rob their bank accounts, even manipulate the very corporations they work for.  

I've just described to you what this woman is dealing with and that she came to me for help because she's terrified and truly being "forced".  Now, a religious group cornered this same woman in a hotel room and had three retired military men there in the room with her offering to help her leave the sex industry.  They had an off-duty female cop with them.  They told her if she was being "coerced" they would help her leave prostitution.  You know what her answer was to them?   I'M NOT BEING FORCED AND I'M NOT WORKING AS A PROSTITUTE.  She then high-tailed it out of that hotel room to get away from those people.   She did that because they wanted to do what?  Take her to the Pasadena Police Mary - that's why.   That's why she ran like hell and denied to them she was being forced.  I had a long talk with that group after that encounter to let them know most victims of "coercion" won't say "yes I'm a victim of coercion" because if it was that easy - they'd call the cops.

Read up on what was being done to the Glaxo Pharmaceutical CEO.  Take a good look at what was being done to Steve Sassa when he was the CEO for Hearst Media. Evidently he was being told to do something for this pimp "or else" his texts were going to be sent to the legal department.  Well they got sent to the legal department and he was fired - so he must have refused.  Considering how much media Hearst Publishing controls - who knows what they might have been asking him to do.

The Triad that she's a part of don't just engage in prostitution, blackmail, theft, counterfeiting, money laundering, etc., but they also engage in "marriage contracts", and "baby selling" and even counterfeiting of design goods that are then sold as real in stores.   The young girls are put to work in the massage parlors back in China, with their mothers being peddled out here in the USA.   Only there's an HIV epidemic back in China.  One of the reasons why their President has been cracking down on prostitution out there, and why Liang Yaohui, and others in the prostitution operation, have been arrested since 2013.   So far, more than one of the men arrested have also been part of the Chinese government that could have easily carried out the threat to Music to have her receive the death penalty if she finds herself deported back to China.

Which if she is arrested again and NOT classified as a "trafficking victim" to get a t-visa, that's exactly what's going to happen to her if she is arrested again.  So I"m going to ask you again HOW do you know the women on that list you circled ARE "consensual"?  How do we know you aren't working for them saying that in order to protect the pimps?   That if they try and confess they are being trafficked - then the police can turn around and say "oh no - Mary said you're consensual".  

Mary - why would you do something like this?  Was there a gun to your head?  Are you on probation and someone threatening to arrest you if you don't do this?  Are you a paid informant like the one who was paid $40,000 a year to set up Rick "Freeway" Ross with life in prison to silence him about what he knew about Iran Contra?  Do you have a pimp that's also pimping these women putting you up to this in order to cover his behind?

I mean if you're scared of someone - I'd understand.  Because when this police officer threatened me to "back off" helping Music - I wasn't scared.  Another cop threatens me - oh ho hum.  Another Tuesday.  Nope didn't scare me.  So I went to the Pasadena Chief of Police to have him listen to the tape and file a formal complaint.  Only the Chief wouldn't respond to my emails, faxes or calls.  So I went to Internal Affairs.  They didn't listen to me either.  They have a track record of that.  I guess I need to join the Neighborhood Watch to get an answer in the future.  When IA wouldn't respond to my calls, I then went to the city manager.  The city manager then got on the Chief evidently about it because next thing I know my phone is ringing five times a day with him calling me asking me "come down to the station and talk to him" about the case.  

Okay, well if I"m going to talk to him about Music's case, then he's going to have to take a look at the ring that is trafficking her.  There were back then recent arrests in this ring in Wichita, Kansas.  The women there had been freed from this operation and these women were truly helped to freedom.   They had to be helped by the police arresting the pimps and I'll tell you why.  Back in 2009, an officer named Jim Stewart had tried to get some arrests against those same massage parlors to no avail.  He couldn't get a case to stick because he had other police officers fighting him.  Officers on their payroll.  

Meaning the only way to get that 2013 string of arrests was Jim had to wait until he retired from the police force.  He then got a job at the Zoning Dept.  From the Zoning Dept. he was able to then gather the information needed for those arrests.  He then got the arrests - only these men were threatening to murder him and the judge.

If you read the news articles about this ring, you'll see they were moving the women every couple of weeks to other operations in other states.  I have spoken to people in these other states where these women have tried to flee to them to escape.  These people report that the traffickers then threatened to charge them with kidnapping these women if they weren't returned.   They had lawyers and "witnesses" who were going to state to the police they had seen these people force them into their cars or homes.  These were just average normal people who weren't prepared for being threatened with kidnapping charges for taking in a woman who pleaded with them to take them in to get them away from these guys.   Most had the women return.  

Some tried to stick it out.  They got slapped with restraining orders against the victims who were hiding out in their homes.    Now they're having to defend themselves in court.  So they went to the police and told them why this woman was at their house - she had asked for sanctuary.   After speaking to the police - they got another call from a private investigator, or another attorney, or another police officer, who then said if they didn't return these women and stop pursuing the issue, that they would not only have a restraining order charge to deal with, they would have a 5150 charge thrown at them, an IRS audit, and anything else they could think of.  

These people told me that people then started talking to their neighbors and accusing them of all sorts of things, and if they operated a business, they started attacking their business, their customers, their sponsors, etc.  One woman who was a physical therapist who had an office next to the massage parlor says this woman came to her and begged to be hidden in her home so she took her in.   She then tells me she's being drug into court on a restraining order, having threats of a 5150 charge thrown at her, and that these people have gone to her neighbors, and all of her business associates, claiming she had taken this woman into her home against her will.  She told me she was ruined and had to leave town over this case.  

I understand how they feel Mary because as I'm having the Pasadena Chief calling my house asking me to make an appointment, I told him I wanted to give him a week to get ahold of the case files from Wichita first so he would know what kind of people I was talking about when I met with him.  I told him I wanted to therefore wait about a week until he had the files, and then I'd come in.  Only he kept calling and calling insisting upon an appointment.  

Mind you the chief lives in Orange County even though he works in Pasadena.  At the same time he's calling me to come in the station and speak to him in person, something strange happens.  I don't know Meg Munoz from a hole in the wall.  I get a strange email from her accusing me of having "outted a sex worker's identity online".  I have no idea what she's talking about so I asked her to please show me what she's talking about.  Nothing comes back of course because I haven't.  I then said "see - I haven't outted anyone and have no idea what you're talking about".  

She then responds to me "I can not partner with you".  I have no idea what that means since I haven't asked to partner with this woman.  I ask her "what are you talking about?"  To which I then hear that she wants me to stop speaking to her because I'm "stalking and threatening her".  What?  I haven't said anything to her other than that - where is this coming from?  

I then have another member of SWA send me screenshots of Meg going into SWOP rooms and telling people that I"m "stalking and threatening her" because she "told me she won't partner with me" and that she's "so scared of me she's afraid to leave her home" and then after convincing people she's terrified of me  she starts asking people if anyone knows where I live.  Seems Meg wants to send the police out to drag me off on a 5150 charge.   

Which she then states - she wants to know where I live so she can have me carted off on a 5150 charge.    Now I could post screenshots of every word said between her and I to prove I'm not doing anything she's accusing me of - but of course she's having me blocked from every group she's in saying these things.  

Which she could have me carted off being that she's with Abeni who is part of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  (Since I've been telling people Abeni is part of the OC Human Trafficking Task Force they have removed their listing off their website - but the connection is still noted in this article.)  Who partners with Pasadena Police by the way.  That's when the light becomes clear to me about what might be going on with the Chief calling me now five times a day trying to get me to come into the station.  I then call the Wichita police, prosecutor, and the court and ask them if the Pasadena Police have called to request any of the files in that case and they reported back to me that NO ONE had contacted them at all.   

So if the Chief hasn't asked for these files - then why is he pushing so hard for me to "come down to the station".  Taking one look at Meg's campaign online it's pretty clear to me that if I set foot in that station I'm going to be carted off on a 5150 charge.

Oh you think I'll just be held for 72 hours and then declared sane?  No biggie huh?  You do know that during a 5150 charge the doctors in charge of me can put any drug in me they want, and they can also put these drugs in me first before I'm supposed to appear at a hearing on my sanity - so who knows what they could do to me then to make me appear crazy for one.   

For another, I know a woman whose son was overdosed by the staff at a psychiatric hospital to death.  Someone screwed up somewhere and they kept giving him pills accidentally until he died.   So yes people can die accidentally in custody when given medications against their will.   There's also Sandra Bland to consider who has written against the police in her blogs.  Now trust me - there's enough cops right now who don't like me on the force to make her look pale in comparison to how many cops hate me and take a good look at what happened to her in so called "safe custody".  

Now I've done nothing to Meg - yet this woman is trying to find out where I live so she can send police to my house to cart me off on a 5150 charge.  She is lying about me online to other sex workers.   

There's every possibility if I had gone into the station to speak to the Chief in person - that Meg would have filed a complaint and I would have been carted off on a 5150 charge.  I mean who knows being that there's a tape of a Pasadena detective bragging they can "fake a homicide" out of that station, this woman says they slapped her with two fake prostitution charges to force her to continue working for this trafficking operation, and there's a family who sued the police for supposedly shooting down their unarmed son.  and  PETA even claims they were set up for false arrest by the Pasadena police.

Now what am I to do about it?  Demand a report be made?  There's already been a report ordered on the Pasadena Police.  A report that went to the California Attorney General who said that Erwin Chemerinsky, UC Law professor, was "going to review" the report.  Only I contacted Erwin who said "no one has asked me to review the report".   The report has been handed over to the judge who ordered it.  Now what?  I don't know.

Worse has been lobbied against the Orange County prosecutor's office and I don't see anything being done there about the situation there.    Worse has been lobbied against a couple of Chiefs of Police in Los Angeles -  and all that's happened there is they've stepped down and retired.  Has anything changed?  

Is this woman still being forced to go to work for this trafficking ring?   Well when she comes to me and I try and talk to the police about her case and I get threatened with a 5150 case - no I don't think there's much that I can do for her unless we get this ring shut down.

So I tried another tactic.  I notified Homeland Security this ring was bringing women in from China to LAX and suggested they review passports of single women from China a little more closely.  What was the ring's response?  They started bringing in women from Korea.   Women who were advertised on The Review Board.   So I have every reason to believe that some of those women in Seattle were victims of this ring.  They sure seem pretty scary to me what with one woman dead already, her apartment torched, and a young boy kidnapped in connection with them.  

But you can get up and confidently identify that some of those women "were not being trafficked".   First of all, I'd like to know if you've got any charges hanging over your head motivating you circling names on that list?  I'd like to know if you received any informant money for circling those names?  Does it happen?  Sure it does - ask Maxine who reported two prostitutes falsely testified against her because of police forcing them to.  In this recent case in Los Angeles, the news said these prostitutes were raped, and then forced to be "informants" for the police.   So while I know "Mary" is a fake name you're hiding under - I think you have a few questions some of us would like answered about your life and why you're motivated to step up and do such a thing as circle those names and say they were "not trafficked".

If you don't have a case hanging over your head, and you're not an informant, and then unless you consulted with an attorney first, unless you spoke to each and every one of those people you drew a circle around their names to get their permission before you identified them to the police as a "non-coerced prostitute", i.e., "willing criminal" - you may have killed these women for all you know at this moment or put them in a legal battle for their lives that's about to come their way now you did that.

Because what if one of them DOES have a pimp you don't know about?  What if he is scared that to save herself she might turn on him if she's arrested and rat him out?  What if he feels he's safer murdering her so he doesn't have to worry he's going to be arrested for trafficking charges, or worse if he has priors?  I guarantee you no one knew I had a pimp living back at my house for a while that I had to answer to "or else" because no one saw him with me.  

What - you think these women can just go and hire an attorney?   Okay you do know that if the traffickers have hired an attorney that then these women can't hire that same attorney because it would be a "conflict of interest" right?  So they're left with attorneys less skilled than the ones these guys could hire for one.   Then any attorney they hire is likely to be threatened as my attorney was threatened in my case, and he was threatened again when he asked for the booking videotape in order to try and clear this woman Music I was talking about.   So they have to find an attorney who doesn't seem to mind being threatened either.  

Which I got to tell you might not be easy.  In my own case in 1984 - my attorney was threatened by both cops and mobsters with being murdered, being audited, being arrested, his office being fire bombed, and even with being charged with pimping for taking money from me.  He was threatened in the parking lot going to his car after work to stop defending me, and had two cops come into his office threatening to kill him over my case.  

If not for the fact the attorney who defended me was a personal friend of my mothers - I would have been left defenseless.  Which trust me if my case had been left to a public defender I'd still be in prison or dead.  I couldn't even find a bail bondsman who would bail me out because the police were threatening bondsmen with charging them with pimping if they took money from me.  Again, if not that my attorney had a friend who was willing to bail me out on his word - I'd still be in jail.  

You do know that Montgomery Sibley, Jeane Palfrey's attorney, was disbarred for defending her right?  Take a real good look at what happened to Mitchell Stein.  Not that he was a prostitution attorney - but he was willing to take on big defendants for "the little people" and wound up being crucified into a 17 year sentence.

The Arizona Attorney General is now threatening an attorney who defended homeowners who were illegally foreclosed on.  Meaning if you're going to try and go up against traffickers who may be cops, or friends with cops, such as Chris Butler for example, or Kemp Shiffer, or the men who were worried I was going to rat them out - trust me those big powerful men have a way of making sure that no attorney worth his salt is going to want to risk defending you. 

Oh sure there are attorney's who are willing to put their necks out for us - if we suck their dicks.  Take a look at Stuart Dunnings III for example in Michigan.  He was willing to defend a prostitute alright - but if she sucked his dick.   Tell me if she's got one attorney in town willing to go up in court and defend her if she's going to no to his request for sex?  

Read his case carefully "Mary" - because you'll see this guy favored doing a lot of prostitution arrests as prosecutor.  So I'm pretty sure he extracted more than one sexual act from a woman in exchange for NOT prosecuting her.  Now does that make her a "consensual" sex worker when she's being forced to have sex with a prosecutor in order not to go to jail?  Possibly lose her home, her kids, everything she owns, etc.?

Which is why right now Mary, I've got women in at least five states I can name you who tell me that the only criminal lawyers in the whole town willing to defend them, even for cash, are also demanding sexual favors in return.   What are they going to do about it?  File a complaint while he's defending them?  Don't think so.  

Here's the thing Mary - right now there's some men who are being charged with trafficking prostitutes in this case.  They don't want to go to prison - so they're going to want to get off those charges.  

There are "johns" who don't want to have themselves connected with a sex worker who is identified as a "trafficking victim".  You know why?  Because there's a difference between sex with a paid prostitute acting of her own free will and having sex with a woman who is a trafficking victim.  If the woman they say is identified as a trafficking victim - then THEY can be charged not with solicitation, but instead with human trafficking themselves.  

So are there johns and pimps in Seattle who would really like some of the women who advertised on The Review Board NOT identified as victims when in fact they might be?  Oh hell yeah.  

Which is also then not beyond comprehension you dear Mary might be making the identifications you just did because a john put you up to it in order to protect his ass, or one of these pimps put you up to it to protect their ass.

It's a can of worms isn't it?  Which is why COYOTE didn't engage in such things and neither did SWOP used to either engage in such things before Robin died.  In fact, before Robin died you would never in a million years ever been able to tie their name to what you just did there by identifying those women as anything.  Because you do know you've just implicated SWOP in a criminal conspiracy with what you did right?

In this very article, you have confirmed that you had a discussion with SWOP Sacramento about HOW their members are acting within the sex industry which is also illegal in Sacramento.  Their chapter reports that they've now spoken to their members who are now "working the streets" who also discussed that not working the streets would be "safer".  Meaning that you've all just confirmed your organization has been "conspiring" how to commit crimes which may be misdemeanors, may be felonies.  You know that right?

Mary, before Robin died SWOP used to do things differently.  One of those things they did was outreach basically to see if sex workers needed any help.   If they did need help - they used to call me.  If they had someone arrested - they called me.  If someone had a pimp they needed to get away from - they called me.   I am not doing any drugs.  I am not engaging in any crime.  Every penny I make is from a documented legal source.   Our program provides a lot of services that SWOP used to avail themselves of.  If a woman got charged with prostitution, and especially if she had kids, I would get a phone call.   I would then arrange to get her alternative sentencing if found guilty so she didn't have to go to jail by instead coming to our program.   We had attorney's who would take care of her without asking her for sex, nor without having to hold a fund raiser first.  

If in order to stay in the country, keep her visa, or to keep her children, she had to have a job, but maybe she had a string of prostitution arrests preventing her from getting a job - we have a list of employers who would hire her even if she was only able to get house arrest.   Meaning that before Robin died, if Amber Batts had been arrested I would have gotten that call and we would have arranged house arrest for her, and she'd have been able to keep her children and her husband wouldn't be worried about being charged with pimping.  

I also would have advised you to speak to one of our attorney's before standing up in front of the press and the police and circling names of people you have now identified as "consensual prostitutes" which is as you know identifying them as criminals.  I hope you're willing to be responsible for any attorney's they may now have to hire, their bail they might need to arrange, the IRS audit coming their way, hopefully you know someone at Immigration if they have family in the country who aren't American, and they have receipts for everything they own and every dollar in their bank account, because you've just basically removed their ability to claim "trafficking victim" in order to get that t-visa, and under "victim" status they wouldn't be treated as "criminals" meaning things like their property being forfeited, their children taken, IRS coming after them, etc.  

See Mary before Robin died, the only reason why SWOP used to ask if someone even was a sex worker before was in the purposes of their outreach to see if they needed any help from us at Sex Workers Anonymous.  Since anything told to us is covered under the confidentiality laws - anything we then get told is "protected".  An umbrella we were extending to SWOP outreach workers when out doing outreach.  

Now when Meg and Christina started joining up with women like Domina Elle, Norma Jean and Bella Robinson, and started chasing us out of any relationship with SWOP - well gee they now have you doing something like this to thank for what you've just done to every woman you just pointed a finger at.

Which is exactly what I've been saying to the Board of Directors for a few months now about why we needed to sit down and have a long talk with each other before someone went off and did - well what you did here in this article.  Which is exactly why I've been warning sex workers that they can't trust SWOP any longer.  

You just proved why I said that Mary.  

I'll say it again to be clear - I do not advise anyone who is working in the sex industry in any capacity to say anything about themselves to anyone in SWOP.  Not when a chapter leader of SWOP is going to stand up in the press and in  front of a cop and point a finger at you and say you're a criminal by consent.  No I can't support that I'm sorry.  Because Mary I don't think you're in any position to make that judgment.  I don't think you have their consent.  I don't think you consulted with an attorney.  Nor do I think you carefully considered the consequences you've just heaped upon SWOP and every one of those women and their families and their clients.   Either that or you're being paid by someone to identify those women as "consensual" in order to protect their pimps from prosecution.  

I have never incorporated Sex Workers Anonymous in order to protect us from an audit.  I do not sell our Recovery Guide or Step Working Guide on Amazon or Barnes & Noble because that would give a client list to those sites that the police, FBI, or anyone else with a badge, could come in and take.   I have ministry papers and I'm an ordained minister so that anything said to me on the hotline is considered "privilege" and I do not have to repeat anything said to me to the police.    I do not collect any money from our members because they might be in prostitution and therefore that would be a felony.   I do not sell our literature to new members - and give it to them free for the same reasons.   It also means no one can come in with a subpoena or warrant and pull my bank account in order to identify our members.   

Our members are instructed to not use their last names in meetings, nor to discuss what they did, who they ran with, how much they made, etc., in order not to have them say anything incriminating against them at a meeting.   No member or local chapter identifies as such anywhere online - with all calls having to come through our main line for screening and for confidentiality's sake.  Then once someone has checked out, then they will be referred to the local chapter for assistance whereupon our local members then identify themselves to new members.  

We do not hold meetings in public places because then it's legal to record the people at these meetings.  We have no therapists at any meeting so no notes are kept that can be later subpoena's or subjected to a warrant.   Since we have members who have pimps looking for them - we do not list where meetings are held anywhere online or in any public place.   We don't post meeting locations and times on Twitter where anyone can see where these meetings are, and then go in order to identify who is going in and out of meetings.   We do not tell therapists or social workers where our meetings are because their records can also be subpoena's or subjected to warrant.   Again, we have woman who have cops trying to find out where they've gone to - so we do this to make sure they're kept safe.  
Since Robin's died, I've seen quite a few things SWOP has been doing that disturbs me greatly.  Including trying to block your members from being able to reach out to us for help.  I've had more than one member call me up reporting they've been threatened recently about what would happen to them if they call our hotline for help or advice.   That to me means that your organization is interfering with their ability to leave the sex industry if they wished.  In fact, when I got messages from other sex workers they were concerned that Heather might be in mortal danger and they asked me to please check on her to see if she was okay, when I attempted to do so I received a message from SWOP members who told me "you will never speak to Heather" implying that she's not being allowed to make her own decisions about who she wants to speak to.

When members of SWOP are threatening other sex workers that they can't call Sex Workers Anonymous for help to exit the industry, and then they have a chapter leader turn around and do to other women what you just did here Mary - well now you know exactly why I've made the public statement we have no more affiliation with SWOP at this time AND you know why I've been advising active sex workers to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU.  When you're circling names on a piece of paper and fingering them as "consensual" - hell no I wouldn't recommend anyone in active sex work trust you with a damn bit of information on them.  

As far as I'm concerned you are not looking out for these men and womens' best interests number one.  Not when you're speaking to the police and doing things like this - but not wanting to open up a dialogue with me about how to help some of these women  who may be being trafficked and want out.   You can point out my personal defects night and day.  I got plenty of them.  I am not a perfect person.  

But my loyalties with helping these men and women to be safe and sound are clear.  I have refused subpoena's and warrants, as well as offers of money and fame, including six figure salary jobs, that have come at me asking for information on our members like you just handed over freely.  

I'm not a perfect person but I've never put my members in the position you've put people in with what you did here.  Now I'm going to therefore advise law enforcement that they need to look carefully at your motivation for making this statement.  You could be working for the pimps or the johns trying to cover their ass because you sure aren't protecting these women.  

Oh my is this a long blog?  Well maybe it's because some knowledge doesn't fit into 140 characters.  

(copyright release 2016 J. Williams)