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There was an event being held in Los Angeles to discuss "fighting sex trafficking" we saw listed on the Polaris Facebook page.   To protect their anonymity, some of our members will post their feelings using my account so it appears to be coming from me.  This is to encourage those who are not used to expressing themselves yet in recovery to do so.  Many of us have been greatly harmed when expressing our feelings by pimps who say "no one cares what you think" and other such statements.  So to be "training wheels" I encourage our members who aren't quite ready yet, or who have their reasons why they don't want to, express their feelings using their own names by using my account.   One of these members saw the event and got pretty upset none of us were invited to attend a meeting about "fighting sex trafficking".  In fact, none of the people attending were survivors.  Elaine wrote us back the comment was "harmful", "not cons…


Yesterday we saw a post on the Polaris page about a meeting being held about the issue of "fighting trafficking".  One of our members said to me who was over visiting "nice of them to include us".  Now how do we deal with resentments?  We address them by not holding onto them and nursing them but by direct confrontation.  So I told her " well say something then if you're unhappy".  Which she did.  I then got an email back from Elaine about why she deleted it and how uncool she thought the comment was basically.  Our response was below:

Elaine - you think this is about me.  It's not.  

I run a program that's been around not only longer than yours, but made Polaris possible.  I assure you back in the 1980's when we started our work no one believed trafficking was real any longer in the USA, nor did they care to.  We spent 13 years of our lives, sacrificed jobs, homes, stability, relationships, in order to lay the groundwork that became the Tra…