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Saturday, April 30, 2016


For those of you watching the upswing of the "end demand" campaign - I would like you to note a few things.  

In 1980 when Linda Lovelace came forward to say she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" by her pimp holding a gun to her off camera  on a mob financed adult film set where no one stepped up to help her - suddenly we see the Meese Report coming out trying to stamp out porn NOT the situations that allowed her to be forced on that film. 

Did it work?  Did porn go away? 


If anything, it's now everywhere right?  

I've seen how Prohibition led to the speakeasy's and Al Capone became a rich man selling bootleg liquor.  Did Prohibition stop drinking?


Our program, has been effectively helping men and women leave the sex industry for 30 years now.  I've watched as Sexaholics Anonymous was helping men to stop being "customers" of prostitutes, buying pornography, etc.  

Yet do you see people like Swanee Hunt - NOT promote anything to do with us.  If anything, she was responsible for taking us OUT of Phoenix when she helped to create Project Rose and Division 17 through CAASE.  Then when Project Rose bombed - did she come to us to restart back up the program which had been operating in Phoenix for 20 years effectively?  

No.  She went out and took women who had gotten into recovery through us and created

Which got me to wondering why Domina Elle, of SWOP, would be getting money from Swanee Hunt's foundation.  

It also made me think back to when big tobacco used to hold "youth prevention" campaigns to curb teen smoking which didn't do one darn thing with respect to teen smoking EXCEPT INCREASE it.  

Now if the tobacco company went out marketing to kids - that would make them really bad guys.  But if they act like they want to "prevent" it - then they care right?  But in all the focus on the kids - no one is focusing on shutting the industry town then are they?

Swanee Hunt has enough education, and enough money, to know how the mind works and to hire the best marketing people in the world if she wanted to "end demand".  

What does she do to end demand? This -

Now take a look at Derren Brown teaching about "negative suggestion".    Here's another video on it

Now do you really think this is what's going on here?  Everywhere that Swanee is touching down - he's increasing arrests against the "johns" which isn't going to do one thing to "end demand".  All it's going to do is push them into a situation where they'll be SURE TO HIRE A VICTIM in order to cover their ass just as we saw with Eliot Spitzer.  In fact, he uses escorts from other countries connected to Russians he knows will be so terrified they'll even call up reporters and say they "made the whole thing up".

The REAL reason these people are creating fake Samoly Mam's, fake Chong Kim's, fake Rachel Moran's, and trot around real pain from women like Brenda Myers-Powell, INSTEAD of the woman who created the program that got Brenda off the streets (us), is to KEEP THE EYES OFF THE INDUSTRY ITSELF.

Just as big tobacco did. 

Just as alcohol did.

Just as drugs did.

All things which share they're products sold to addicts.  

Just like the sex industry.  

THAT'S why they don't want you talking like the sex industry is an industry - because they don't want you putting two and two together about what they're doing.

Controversy sells.  We saw this with "50 Shades of Gray" and why Maxine Doogan is a very clever "influencer" hired by the sex industry to take over SWOP to ensure the INDUSTRY is protected, not the workers.  That's why you never heard things like "union" out of her mouth - but you do ours. 

I watched the schools growing up who had DARE running through them - and when they left suddenly most of the kids were doing drugs.

I watched the teen sex education programs swept through our schools - and then watched as some schools had most of their teens pregnant at the same time.

I'm not a PhD and I know this - you tell someone "no" and they want it just the more.  Which is what "end demand" is all about in reality.

Not "abolition". 

It about "abolition" then why do they refuse to speak to me about our battles against the legal brothels in the past, that have won?  Why aren't they at the hearing to expand brothels into downtown Las Vegas we testified at ALONE and won?  Why are they holding their "summits" in MISSOURI rather than NEVADA?

Oh they're "ending demand" alright.  For their competitor's product while increasing demand for theirs.  

THIS is how you change people's minds.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I came across this    today and sent out the below email to Audrey:

This message is to Audrey Morrissey - what a waste of such good energy (the Hackathon) if only you would stop acting like men who can't seem to stop and ask for directions even when lost.  THORN has already received millions of dollars and has the top leading computer experts working on tracking down trafficking online.

The problem with outsiders to this issue however trying to combat it is they don't seem to understand that the internet is only a tool of traffickers.  Trafficking existed long before the internet and what's happened since this internet war started is they've now retreated to their "non-internet" days.  They have set up shop once again in legal brothels, strip clubs, massage parlors, etc., and don't even advertise online anymore.  The print publications they are advertising in are using jpg's that can't be spidered by search engines  so they can't even be found online.  They've gone back to advertising in print publications found on corners.  What you're finding on the internet currently are "outlaws" as they used to call them in my day - or men and women who generally are NOT trafficking victims.

Things you'd probably know about if not for falling into this division of us over the issue of "choice".  You say you "weren't there by choice" Audrey - but you were.   You made that choice to do what you did and you're blaming that man.  You're like a drunk who wants to blame what he did the night before on the booze.  When we started our program, we heard all the excuses - I did it because he made me, I did it for drugs, I did it because I couldn't find work, and we had to tell our members that's excuse making and to take responsibility for their actions.  Now mind you - this is adults we're working with - not children.  So please don't confuse the two here.  I'm not equating what we do with adults with what is needed to be done to help juveniles.

In putting this emphasis on "choice"  - YOU'RE the one making divisions among us that are harming us.   Someone calling themselves a "sex worker" does not mean they aren't in just as much need of help as someone who is being pimped and/or trafficked.  Yes you may have been pimped Audrey' - but I've been working with rescues for over 30 years now of men and women in ALL kinds of situations.

So I ask you DOES IT MATTER?  Does the fact that this woman does not have a pimp forcing her to prostitute MATTER?  Does she not need help also?  But I don't see her getting any because she's not fitting into the tight niche definition of "trafficking victim" and that's wrong.  Look I know what you're reacting to - and that's these people who have infiltrated SWOP since 2013 who aren't even real sex workers.  They're the ones trying to imply trafficking doesn't even exist in their world and in most of their cases IT DOESN'T.  The abolitionist movement has now Samoly Mam's which are fake survivors, and now SWOP has their fake sex workers.  But like any industry - there are trafficking victims on some levels but not others.  But this doesn't alter that there are others who need just as much help FOR OTHER REASONS.

Everyone has an agenda now in this game - including the CIA.  It's people with agendas that are trying to divide us and dividing over an issue like "choice" and "language".  They're doing it to drive us away from each other, and creating fighting amongst us IDENTICAL to what the pimps do on the corner.   Isn't that how pimps exploit us?  Get us to fight with each other and not turn around against them?

Audrey - up until the TVRA of 2003 - our group was making serious headway.  We had beat back the legal brothels from expanding into California and Las Vegas.  We had achieved federal recognition with the Trafficking Act of 2000 passing.  Did you honestly think these men wouldn't fight back?  Of course they did with the TVRA of 2003 - designed to drive us apart from each other and destroy what we had built.   ANYONE that has you attacking another sister for any reason is letting the pimps win - period.  Alcoholics Anonymous is called that because they abstain from alcohol.  Narcotics Anonymous is called that because they abstain from narcotics.  We are called Sex Workers Anonymous simply and only because we abstain from all forms of sex work for any reason.  That's it.

We make no distinctions for any reason - choice not choice - pimp not pimp - drugs not drugs - doesn't matter.  All of us are entitled to be treated like human beings and to receive help and protection from all forms of exploitation and HARM.   If you want to fight sex trafficking Audrey - how about talking to someone who has been doing it successfully for 30 years?  If you cared so much - why not consult with experts who have been doing this work for three decades?  Because frankly this whole thing looks more like self-promotion than helping us from where we're sitting.

I assure you all that commotion you did in Boston didn't result in one rescue did it?  But I can assure you had you sat down for coffee with me first - I would have offered you some ideas where all those wonderful young volunteers could have reached out and pulled out many victims in that same time frame who would be in recovery now if you'd stopped listening to these people who are trying very cleverly to divide and conquer us for their own agenda which has nothing to do with us.

Our program is the only one in this country that any prostitute arrested in the USA can ask the court to be alternatively sentenced with us instead of jail where she or he will receive help to exit the industry rather than be jailed - which just keeps them trapped.  Does it matter what the trap is if the point is to get us out?  Whether that trap is drugs, pimps, poverty, disability?  Does it matter Audrey?  I invite you to contact me any time to open up a dialogue on how we can work together -

BTW - your smoke screen to have more prostitutes locked up in jail is NOT HELPING THEM LEAVE.   You care about helping them LEAVE?  Then the Boston courts should be utilizing our program for alternative sentencing.  Locking them up, giving them a criminal record, just traps them in the industry just as much as a street pimp does.  Then they get paid for each day they're in jail, they get fines and probation fees.  From where I"m sitting - a pimp is a pimp whether it's the street corner man with a cane or the Boston Courts.

Freedom is freedom.  You want to help us break free?