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Monday, October 30, 2017


Okay first of all - look at this guy.  Tell me if when you hear the term "sex trafficker" do you think of this image?

This guy however has not been convicted of "sex trafficking" or even "pimping".

Or do you think of this guy as a "sex trafficker"?

Only guess who is the REAL modern USA sex trafficker?

Read up on this operation, and tell me if you're involved in the sex industry as a sex worker, a madam, or even a friend or family member of these women - tell me you're going to CALL THE POLICE FOR HELP IF YOU'RE BEING TRAFFICKED?

The whole article on him can be found here

Now imagine you've gone through this, or even heard about something like this.  Then seriously - tell me you're going to see an ad like this and CALL THE POLICE?

Oh I know - we can know they can call their local pastor right?

Here's the thing - people say "why should we care about some prostitutes being trafficked, exploited, robbed, raped, etc.?"

But we're spending money on this - a lot of money.

Only read the fine print.  Was Chris Butler caught by a billboard?  Was one actual trafficker caught off a billboard?  Sure some more PROSTITUTES were busted.  Probably victims of men like Chris.  Then they get a hero's welcome in fact for "busting prostitutes" which might even be a smoke screen for what they're REALLY doing.

Because call the number on that billboard and where does it go?



Now why should you care what is happening to these women?

I'll tell you WHY:

Because predators aren't picky.  They prey on EVERYONE.  The Chris Butler story talks about not only the "johns" that were preyed upon, but OTHER POLICE AS WELL. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Dear Contra Costa County:

We need to talk.  When I was in this "Celeste Guap"s" same shoes myself back in 1984, and the LAPD was trying to also silence me about what I knew about police involvement in sex trafficking, I don't mean having sex with underage hookers, but I mean actual involvement in domestic sex trafficking - one of the places they sent me during my harassment and trying to "frame" me somehow, someway, for a conviction of some kind - was to ship me off to Contra Costa County on a fake charge there.  

So the kinds of things that has been going on with people like Celeste has been going on at least THIRTY FOUR YEARS now by my count.  Let me ask you something - if you are a minority juvenile Hispanic female living in this part of the country and a male uniformed cop just simply "asks" you for sex while your mother is a 911 operator whose very job depends upon her continuing to be in the "good graces" of the police - tell me if that is not another form of "coercion" where this girl might not only be tempted to say "yes" but even to act like she "wanted it" in order to protect her mother's job?

I heard recently of a training provided to police cadets about the type of pimps who are often found on Backpage.  That of the African American pimp.  Now I know California police cadets are trained what to do when an African American street pimp needs to be found, arrested, convicted, etc. by listening to a public radio broadcast I heard recently about this training provided by "Game Over" to cadets on how to take down such criminals - but let me ask you another question - have you provided trainings for your police cadets, and other related agencies like the sheriffs' office on what to do when the person who is involved in sex trafficking is instead:

1.   Joohoon David Lee
2.   Chris Butler
3.   Kemp Shiffer

I ask you this because Joohoon David Lee was actively bringing women over to this country from China through LAX using his Homeland Security badge and connections while also serving on the local sex trafficking task force for this region as well as Immigration.  Not one of the training materials I found for LAX personnel included what to do when a man like that was walking his victims right past LAX security.

I know that because when I tried to report what victims of his were telling me to these authorities no one had a clue how to even respond to my calls, let alone what to do about the guy.  I do know someone told him about my calls because he switched over from bringing Chinese women into this country to Korean women instead to throw off the trail so to speak and further try and convince anyone talking about my calls "oh that Jody is just crazy" as predators do by the way.

After not getting anyone to listen to me about him for YEARS, all while he was running around the trafficking field in this region talking about "don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" as the chant goes for anyone I've tried to get brought down for sex trafficking here in this country - I finally managed to get the people over at the Office for Professional Responsibility to open an investigation into what he was doing.

Now during the time Joohoon was actually involved in trafficking personally - he was having to also appear to be "doing his job".  This meant falsely framing an entire family who were completely innocent.  This family is reported to have contacted Joohoon's boss at Homeland Security about the situation where they were told supposedly "yes we know what he's doing but there's nothing we can do about it".  This was told to innocent people right here on American soil mind you while I couldn't get anyone to help me with the victims clear back to "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007.

This man was driving a limo up to his sentencing hearings while working for CLS Limo owned by Charles Horkey.  A man who also was found guilty of sex trafficking, as well as crimes of drugging his patrons while maxing out their credit cards.  Men he targeted who were frequenting massage parlors, strip clubs, and other venues where he could easily attempt to blackmail them out of filing charges by reminding them of where he'd picked them up to have this happen to them.  

A man who shared a lobbyist with a group called the "Cupcake Girls" who were brought in to try and make it appear again this man was actually "doing something" about sex trafficking while in reality not by people who would back up his false stories.  A lobbyist who then went to the Nevada legislature to get a law passed that would take women with prostitution convictions and allow them to have it overturned with a judge's signature allowing them to go get a brothel prostitute license to work in Nevada I should add also to the outline here of what happens when the issue of sex trafficking is being worked on by groups who are actively shunning our program in the process because I'm wanting to show you a pattern here.  

Like Chris Butler's situation.  This man was an ex-cop of 20 years who went into private investigation.  He opened his own company and even went on the Dr. Phil show explaining that he hired sexy "investigators" to do "husband cheating stings" when there was a deeper, darker reason why he was hiring these women.  In reality these women were coming onto wealthy businessmen and then drugging them at bars.  After slipping them drugs - the men were invited "back to their place" for sex.

Only when the men would set foot in their cars to do so, another "friend" of Chris' who was an active duty cop would be there to stop the man, DUI test him, and then finding he was in fact under the influence, along with a hot lady in his car, threaten to arrest him for a DUI knowing he would object because he wouldn't want his wife to find out about the woman in the car.  Neither his boss about a DUI with a hooker in the car.  Making the man vulnerable to paying a bribe to the cops doing this.

What did Chris get out of feeding these victims to bad cops?  He was also running his own prostitution operation.  He owned some massage parlors where he would take women he knew weren't undercover police because they'd been arrested previously to work in the place.  Then he'd obtain drugs through the evidence lockers brought in by his other cop friends and resell these drugs through his massage parlor using his prostitutes as the mules and dealers just in case anyone was caught on an undercover video or sting operation.  

This way he also avoided anyone getting caught through any undercover investigations the Attorney General's office may have tried to get done against his operation which spanned quite a few states for many years I'd like to add.  Especially since they used other cops, sheriffs, and marshals' cars to transport the drugs, guns, stolen items, and even the sex trafficking victims while avoiding anyone being stopped by a cop who wasn't a part of their operation while transporting these items.  If they were stopped - then a simple "I'm taking them in" would answer any questions and they'd move on.

I had gone to a lot of effort to try and get Joe Conforte arrested who used to own the Mustang Ranch in Nevada.  Thinking back to Al Capone - the only way  I could think of getting him arrested was through the IRS.  Which through a madam I had helped to get clean and free of him - we were able to get his "real" books to the IRS who then came down and took over control of the ranch from him.  

I thought this would allow us to get the women being trafficked against their will out of there with him gone.  Especially with the control Joe had over local police and politicians.  Remember, this guy shot a famous boxer down in cold blood in front of a cop and didn't spend one day in jail nor even get arrested over this murder.  Victims of his were drug back to the ranch by cops using the "curfew" laws that exist in the cities where these legal brothels operate.

Little did I know that an ex-cop named Kemp Shiffer who had become an IRS agent would realize that the legal age for sex in Nevada was 15 years old.  Something important for a California pedophile to know about.  So following the "law", Kemp started transporting juvenile females from Oakland, California to the ranch and using work permits obtained to work in the "restaurant" for 16 year old girls - putting these girls inside of those legal brothels at ages too young to even legally vote, smoke or even drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette I'd like to add.  He would get many of these girls out of group homes who had no parents or adults to object also who didn't know what he was doing while talking about how he was "going to get them a legal job" to get them into his car and signed out to his control.

All perfectly LEGAL I'd like to add.  Which is why when I went to the IRS and the police about it originally they said there was "nothing they could do" about it other than fire him from the IRS.  So he was able to continue what he was doing for another 11 years before he was finally arrested for sex trafficking.  For 12 years of doing this - he was given a two year sentence by the way for his crimes against these girls. 

No effort was made to contact all 12 years of his victims either nor to contact the cops who were arresting these juveniles as prostitutes and giving him "tips" as to who would be good women to target once they knew they weren't "undercover police" who might turn them in for what they were doing.  Young girls on probation who could be threatened into not going to the press also by the way with threats of dragging them off to jail on probation violations.

For years after I started Prostitutes Anonymous later renamed to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995 - I had the full support of police departments I'd like you to know.  I say that because the first alternative sentencing and diversion program we put together in Los Angeles county was done under the full support of then mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block, Chief Gates, and California Attorney General Edwin Meese who was working on the Meese Commission back then trying to help what was happening to the porn industry back then.  

We had great success with that program and it led to us creating the first outreach teams to the sex industry to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  That was so effective that within one year we had reduced the infection rate among sex workers from over 80 % to 6 % which was lower than that of the "non-sex worker community" I'd like to add.  We were the people who even got the porn industry to voluntarily start making "safe sex" films to try and lead the "consumers" to wanting to practice safe sex because of the fact we too were once sex workers ourselves. 

In fact, an ex-porn star back then was made a doctor and the AIM Clinic was opened to provide HIV/AIDS testing to the porn/sex industry exclusively because the industry was reluctant to use the same facilities for testing as "non-industry" people.  I say that because that clinic was able to stop some serious STD and HIV/AIDS  outbreaks over the years while they were open before they were shut down in my opinion by people who deliberately set out to get them shut down because of their knowledge of who was who in the sex industry and because they were a trusted point of contact within the industry.

I say that because our group underwent the same type of attack, smear campaign, etc., about the same time as the AIM Clinic, and many other points of contact within the sex industry did at the same time.  Why were we attacked?

For reasons I believe the Celeste Guap case illustrates well for one thing.  For another, because a lot of money was being prepared to be sent out and cut up to help "sex trafficking victims" and the last thing certain people wanted was to have people like myself and Dr. Mitchell involved on those trafficking task forces.  Again why?  Again back to the story of Celeste Guap as your answer.  Because there were a lot of people who didn't want victims to be able to get to us mostly who weren't being controlled by these people trying to silence their victims.

That or even their "guilty conscience".  I want to tell you a quick story about that ground breaking alternative sentencing program which was launched in LA back in 1987.  The Mayor said to get things going we had to get the approval of everyone on every public office such as probation, parole, social services, mental health, the CDC, the prison, police, etc.  He said once I had a letter from each office agreeing to work with us as an "alternative" method for these victims to get help instead of treating them like criminals - we would start the process.

Everyone immediately agreed that getting these victims into services and counseling was preferable to treating them like criminals and carting them off to jail.  Everyone EXCEPT the man who was the head of the Probation Dept.  I couldn't get him to answer the phone and tell me why he was refusing to sign the letter either.  So I got into my car and drove two hours to Downey to knock on his door and ask him what the problem was.

When I got there, he got onto the phone with me and said he "didn't agree" with the idea and he tried to brush me off.  Being how I am - I pushed into his office to demand to speak with him in person about his objections.  When I walked into his office and faced him - I immediately knew what the problem was.  This man had been a "regular" of mine for some years when I myself was a prostitute.

I closed the door and said to him that he of all people should be supporting getting these women into services instead of sending them off to jail being as he saw the kinds of things going on with them.  I asked him why he would object to this program.  His answer was simple - fear of discovery about his activities.  I assured him the last thing we wanted to do was this and he had our discretion of course.  This allowed him to sign the letter and for our program to launch.  

Only I'm dealing with his type of guilt now all over the state and country.  I can show you case after case after case where a judge, a prosecutor, probation officer, and all of the above in some counties are involved as "consumers" of these victims who don't even view them as victims because their conscience won't allow them to.  You would be surprised at the lengths I've heard these men go to in order to convince themselves the women they were seeing were not being victimized by pimps and/or traffickers because they just don't want to see themselves this way.  Even now I'm sure you'll be hearing from men who will justify their behavior by saying things like "Celeste asked for it" or "consented" or "look at her - does she look like an underage girl", etc., to justify what they did.

Which was to remove the ability of a victim to be able to call the police for help by these actions.  Not just by what you're reading about in the press either - but also by excluding our program from their trafficking outreach efforts for whatever reasons they've been handing out to cover up the simple reality of why they were really excluding us from a party we threw to begin with back in the 1980's.

Now I'm speaking to police, and other agencies, on a regular basis who are in a terrible quandary.   I bring this up for a case I can refer to going on in Florida where some guards are responsible for the death of an inmate.  The guards who blew the whistle on their actions were subjected to horrible retaliation.

I want to point you to this case in California where a witness was "lost" for 3 days in the jail.  The only officer I know of who was prosecuted in the matter was the one who brought this victim a phone to call for help.  I know that since our program was taken out of the loop of being connected to anyone coming out of sex work and allowing us to help to determine what type of services they needed because victims were going to be more open to us than they are with the authorities - I myself have found myself being completely shut out of being able to go to the authorities myself with information the victims are telling me about.

I want to point you if I might to this case recently in Irvine where two women were arrested in an international sex trafficking operation.  I want you to know I knew about those women years ago, and I also know they are not the top of the food chain based on what victims have told me.  I want you to know that I started trying to go to the authorities about the operation back in 2006.  Only I found myself being so shut out of law enforcement circles by people within the force trying to cover their own ass, officers like Officer Armendariz out of Arizona as another example, that its one reason I brought in a reporter to help us expose not only Chris Butler, but also "Operation Dollhouse" clear back in 2007.

So those women in Irvine not being arrested until a few months ago is another result I can show you of what's happened since these predators and "johns" were allowed to shut us out of the process here involving sex workers and "victims" of not just pimping, but sex trafficking.  A difference not being taught to your academy cadets currently because of again many men trying to "cover their own ass".

Another problem with this whole issue being left as it is - is that I've been getting an increasing number of phone calls every year from good solid decent cops, sheriffs, marshalls, and other law enforcement officers who are telling me they're leaving the field because of again cases like what's happened in Florida and this other "lost witness" case are illustrating - that the people who seem to be getting attacked aren't the criminals - but instead the "whistle blowers".  If anyone has seen films like the "Departed" then you know how hard it is right now to be able to even get a case investigated properly against someone like Whitey was because of the level of corruption within the system true - but it's more than that.  

The case of what Charlie Sheen was hiding, and the money he spent, and the influence he's had on California's treatment of prostitutes has been profound because he's had a lot of money and celebrity to back up what he was covering up for years about his HIV/AIDS status.  I say that because I believe he was one of the reasons behind the push to stop arresting juveniles for prostitution in California.  In fact, I think a lot of people who are again like those who victimized Celeste jumped on the bandwagon when it came to a good sounding idea to "stop arresting these girls" supposedly to "help them".

Not true.  First of all, it's only when they're arrested can they be tested for HIV/AIDS and their medical records made public so that statistics can be gathered on the amount of them infected for one thing.  Numbers which funding for services is completely dependent upon I"d like to add.  I'd also like to add this was supported by the AHF led by Michael Weinstein who I believe was supporting not having juveniles arrested and tested for HIV/AIDS again for political and financial reasons that had nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.  

Because we don't have any statistics for the numbers of juvenile prostitutes who have HIV/AIDS - then there's a great excuse here to not talk about the fact I'm now seeing numbers of sex workers, both adult and juveniles, across this country who are infected with this virus, and other STD's, GREATER than I used to see in the 1980's I'd like you to be aware of.

I believe the push to stop arresting them had more to do with the fact that once arrested than an investigation starts.  An investigation into who might be pimping and buying them for one thing.  An investigation which men like Charlie Sheen didn't want to come out in the press - as well as the men involved in this Celeste Guap case either.

Meaning that the "good old seasoned" cops who used to be able to take a cadet under their wing and help them out if they were to see another officer involved in such things as this Guap case reveal to us - are telling me they've been leaving the force for some time now in record numbers also because of how "upside down" things have become for a while now.  Again, I want you to think about the culture that men like Joohoon, Chris and Kemp have created in California alone over the last 20 years that all went into this Guap case happening.

A culture that needs to change and one that to change is going to require "re-involving" us with the issues here.  I say that from ground zero to witness protection also because of the way she was handled by victim services even being completely wrong.  This woman at no time was provided with access to ANYONE  who understood that the police force was going to be against her from the gate.  Including a series of events which happened which I believe was her being framed by these same men trying to cover their ass, and also a system trying to protect itself from her lawsuits, who were not putting her best interests FIRST.

Which is another reason why I believe our program was cut out of the Victim Services loop because otherwise there's no way she would have been allowed to be put on that plane as she was to Florida otherwise.  I would have stopped it immediately, and I would have put her instead into a local treatment program we use on our members we have come to know and trust over the years as having the services, staff, etc., who know how to properly treat someone in her situation as to her best interests.

I also think we need to open up a dialogue about what we're going to do in order to start training police officers about what to do when they see someone like Chris Butler in front of them not only involved in crime himself - but also then trying to suck them up into the whole thing as Chris did also.  I can show you grown active duty cops he had terrified of him - and then I ask you what you think prostitutes were feeling about the guy if grown active cops were scared to death of his power?  I can assure you that because there was no safe system in place for witnesses to what he was doing - that's why someone went to the press first about him to get something done to shut him down.

Again things have to change.  Just replacing people isn't changing anything as I think Mayor Libby might have learned after the 3rd guy she made Police Chief who had involvement with Celeste.  Things STILL aren't changing either.  I know my phone's not ringing about it.  I know that when we tried doing our own outreach campaign into the Oakland, Redding, etc., areas back in 2011 - we got so many threats by active duty police officers to myself and our members I had to call off the whole operation.  The problem with that is also this - would you  like to know how many young women have gone missing in that region who are suspected sex trafficking victims now?

Women who I might have been able to find if not for the threats and interference.  I say that because BEFORE, when we were actively working WITH law enforcement we used to find young victims in HOURS.  Routinely.  Not once in a blue moon.  We in fact had found so many juvenile victims through our hotline and our connections that a film was made about one of those case histories called "Fighting for my Daughter" with Lindsey Wagner playing a mother who had called me for help finding her daughter being held against her will by a pimp up in Canada.  A film made in 1995.  So yes there was a time when "working together" WAS WORKING.

So I'm writing you today to find out what can we do to open up a dialogue here?  I'd like to open up a dialogue about coming in preparing some trainings for these various offices on what we know about modern day domestic sex trafficking, not just "pimping" but actual organized sex trafficking operations.  The difference to us being the difference between that of a lone criminal who hangs out with other criminals vs. that of organized crime hence why the RICO Act changed things.

The Trafficking Act of 2000 also changed things but because this was like alcohol in that it was something the system/officers also partook in and were involved in also themselves - it's been a challenge for us to create a system where instead of looking only to the "outside" for the criminals in this issue we have to look at EVERYONE.  Including men with badges and offices as public defenders and on the bench even.

Which won't be accomplished by victims/survivors who are being put out there by groups trying to get federal grants I can assure you.  They won't want to risk the kind of "displeasure" talking about these issues 100 % honestly is going to bring down on them.  They won't risk their jobs nor their grants by being as honest as we need them to be in other words.

I'm not trying to get promoted.  I'm not trying to get a grant.  I'm not trying to organize a fund raiser.  I'm not trying to get a job.  The ONLY thing I'm concerned about right now is to make sure things like what happened to Celeste Guap, and others like Margo Compton, do not happen again.  That victims start knowing they can call the police for help - and not think their only options to find help is to go to the press like Celeste Guap did, as did the victims involved with Eliot Spitzer when his tape was leaked to the press for that reason.  I mean how does one get help when the person you have to get to help you is the prosecutor himself?  That's why those tapes were leaked about Spitzer starting his press attack - the victims didn't know they could reach out to us in other words and get help that way by bypassing him entirely.

You need more good cops.  Which you're losing I can assure you because many are seeing this type of corruption and abuse and feeling they have no recourse to do anything about it, and to protect themselves, they leave the force entirely.  I can point you as one example to a man like Claude Arnold.  That man was making amazing, good, solid, powerful arrests into powerful trafficking figures in this region of southern California and then WHAM!  Suddenly he's out working for an auction house?  I can't speak for this man personally - but I can read those news clips and I can see what happened there plain as day.

So I'm writing to your offices again hoping now with time you've started to see why we need to start talking to each other for one thing.  I'd like to set up some kind of workshop or conference where we can all sit down and talk about these issues together as a team about what can be done to change things. 

I'd also like to talk about some trainings I used to do for the police academies and other "in services" i used to do to help raise awareness about what sex trafficking looks like, how it operates, and also what to do about it when finding it, even when it involves someone these people work with.  

I can be reached at (702) 488-1127 any day after noon.  Thank you for listening to our concerns and desires.

Jody Williams

Saturday, March 5, 2016


This is to Craig McCoy about  I just came across this and wanted to thank you for the story.  I also saw this today too   In 1989 I was asked to come to Allentown to help sex trafficking victims in a program that was called the "Program for Female Offenders".  We were highly effective.  By 1990, we had cleared 2,000 prostitutes out of the womens' jail who never were arrested again despite all being heavy "repeat offenders".  The hotline I founded in 1997 was done so because our kind CAN'T call the police for help when trafficked.

Why?  Because men like Eliot Spitzer are too busy covering their ass.  Sure to up their numbers and look good for the press he'd throw a competitor's escort service under the bus but never ever the service he was using.   Meaning anyone in that service who is being trafficked is just SOL when needing help.   What are they going to do - go to the Salvation Army's homeless shelter when making $4000 an hour?  Why would they need to run?  Check out his violence against an escort recently and ask me that again and that's what we know about.  When one of us is raped, beaten, stalked - we can't call the police either.  

So when victims try going to the police they wind up like Margo Compton and her twin daughters - slaughtered.  But I have a serious problem going on right now Craig I'm hoping your story might help me with - that's all this money for trafficking victims is going to the police.  What are they doing with it? Throwing a few bucks to a local homeless shelter and making them look good in the press and then NOTHING.

Absolutely nothing.  Then women who are in trafficking rings like those involving Chris Butler have nowhere to go for help but to someone like our program.  Which was fine until 2003 when the TVRA of 2003 was passed by Randall Tobias - a man whose name appeared in Jeane Palfrey's Black Book. Since then everything in the trafficking field I can show you goes back to one of two sources - either the Catholic Church or Catherine Chon of Polaris who is also head of the HHS office that provides the grants for the trafficking programs, designs the trafficking trainings, and basically only has the police, social services, mental health, etc. doing one thing and one thing only - they are focusing on the lower level street junkies who use prostitution to support their habit.

They are putting them into section 8 housing, charging Medicaid a fortune, and slapping them on $1,000's of dollars in psychiatric medications monthly while putting them into research experiments they're getting more grants for.  In the meantime, women like who are being trafficked in the DEA owned strip club in NJ can't call the police for help.  Those involved in this stripping and porn scandal you wrote about can't call the police for help.  The girls pimped by a NY cop who would drive them all the way to NJ to turn tricks for him can't call the police for help.  The ONLY group they can call for help is US.  

However, we're blacklisted from any of the grant money because we're not "faith based", nor do we work with clients who call their hotline.  To further make sure they have complete control over this field they've now even created a "survivor board" to "advise on policy" to the White House.  What they've done is cut off from receiving help anyone who is being trafficked who can't call the police for help because those harming them are people within the legal system - the cops, the judges, the prosecutors, etc.  

I've heard the big fuss about Rep. Cory Bookman going to rescue three kids - but those were human trafficking kids forced to work on an egg farm - not 14 year olds forced into porn and stripping.  No - when we get those calls and try to reach him, Loretta Lynch, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, or any of these others' claiming to be supporters of the field I created mind you (check the dates at to verify I'm the founder of this movement which didn't exist prior to 1984 when I put together the first safe house in Van Nuys I got busted over) I can't get anyone on the phone.  The Program for Female Offenders fell apart when I left town to have my daughter in 1991.  I've seen tried to get anyone who will listen to help me put the program back together because of the need and I hear nothing.

Your story explains something to me - the only group I've been able to even get to talk to me since 1991 was a group of methadone addicts in Philly.  When I've asked to be incorporated into the program there working with prostitutes in Philly - I can't get a return phone call.  That's like the drug court refusing to take Bill Wilson's call.  The methadone addicts are street walkers on drugs.  They don't have a pimp because all their money goes into drugs.  Yet when I've tried to get their counselors to speak to me - I get nowhere.  I've tried getting into where the victims are being preyed upon by the pimps such as the strippers, the escorts, and those in porn - and no one returns my calls.  In my 30 years now of experience that means somewhere some man is covering up his dirty laundry that he doesn't want anyone to find out about.

Which is why I've been saying the only way to address this issue is decriminalization.  Then I won't have these men more worried about their ass than protecting these women from these pimps who can't call the police and their only resource is us.  Which again was fine until 2003 when suddenly we've being cut out of the system entirely by these offices afraid they're not going to get their grant money if they go up against Polaris' competitor.  Only how are we a "competitor"?  Polaris wants to have the only one getting help are female trafficking victims.  Those who are sex workers, the LGBT, transgenders, and those who are Jewish, they act like they don't exist.   In other words, they are denied any services.  The result?

We're now seeing an HIV epidemic this country hasn't seen since the 1980's.   Because while we help anyone from any part of th sex industry to exit - we don't only focus on one tiny segment.  We also don't block them from going to doctors as the ACLU v. Catholic Bishops proved was happening for many years.   No our outreach campaigns used to be going out with condoms and information on HIV education and prevention - and then saying "if you know anyone who needs help to leave - have them call us".  Now, unless you want to throw a pimp under the bus - you're just SOL.  Leaving out entirely women like Pennsylvania saw of the three women who testified about how great their pimps were to them.

Only I ask you - what else would they say knowing they're going to have to give visitation to the father of those children for the next 18 years one of the victims was pregnant with on  the stand?  So there was no way she'd piss him off knowing she's going to have to let him know where his child is for the next 18 years or she gets charged with kidnapping.    What did they expect?  But did they bring us in to serve as an expert witness?  Oh hell no because then I'd be also talking to the women in the strip clubs and massage parlors and the porn sets these men in your piece don't want exposed to the light of day.

So thank you for this article.  It's more ammunition in my letters to those above at the White House about why there has to be a SEPARATE program from that connected to our law enforcement, our legal system, etc., or the majority of these men and women needing help to leave when they can't do it anyone.   Nor can we put this on a basis connected to grant money or we're going to see more cases like this coming to light.

Jody Williams

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


To follow up to - in February of 2014.

Seems after the February raids - the economy had a slump.  So a lot of the prostitutes were now wondering what they were going to do to pay the rent.

Then came - in April of 2014 when more corruption arrests came down against men who were part of the Chinese government that had been threatening many of these same prostitutes with getting sentences with the death penalty if they didn't comply with the demands of traffickers according to what victims were telling us.

In May of 2014 the trials began.

We read this recently - about how the investigation loop was widening.

Is this having an impact?  Yes and no.  The ring we've been getting calls from victims about who said they were being trafficked here from China - did feel the heat.

However, their response was to start trafficking women from KOREA!!!  So the machine is still operating - just with victims from a different country now because many of the heads of this operation were not arrested yet.  This is again why the RICO laws were written in this country to respond to the same issue when we first dealt with this with the Italian mob.  The "five families" which has been pretty much dismantled - and now these "ethnic" gangs have moved into the vacuum with the Aryans supposedly in law enforcement protecting them.

Now this was the same ring that was responsible for the shutting down of NINE massage parlors in Wichita, Kansas in 2013 according to documents that I have from a victim here in California tying her to these arrests.

Please note from this article it talks about "recruiting women out of San Francisco".  I bring that up because Maxine Doogan had yes "tried to decriminalize prostitution" there.  Something I had previously supported her for in order to make the prosecution of traffickers easier.  Then I learned she had tried to get this same ballot to conceal language that would help Asian trafficking victims to get help to escape.

Which is why I have completely changed my position of previous support of the group SWOP, Sex Workers Outreach Project, under their new leadership, and the allowing of Maxine Doogan to be a public spokeswoman for them.

My understanding of SWOP previously was this was a group that believed sex workers should have the same "rights" and treatment as any other worker in this country.  That the sex industry is a profession like any other, and that no human being should be forced to engage in, nor exploited, nor abused, nor treated in any way differently than one would treat a doctor, attorney, teacher, or any other professional.

However, Maxine has supposedly helped to cut the funding to St. James Infirmary from what our members have reported to us, she tried to block wording in a proposition from going on the ballot so people wouldn't know she was trying to cut funding to help trafficking victims in San Francisco who were primarily Asian in massage parlors,  AND she was involved in denouncing the recent Seattle arrests who FREED Asian women who were being FORCED by a criminal operation that was doing things like threatening to kill their family members back home if they did not engage in sex work.

Frankly, considering Maxine's background with her own legal case, I'm shocked by her recent attacks upon our group which only started in 2015 when the show "8 Minutes" came on-air.   Now we've read there's a lot of money involved with this Asian sex trade that also carries over into operating here within the USA.  We also know the Chinese engage in very "unfair trade practices" in that they will readily engage in very complex and sophisticated "smear" campaigns such as we've seen them do just over CHICKEN.  A product which PALES in comparison to how much money is involved in the sex trade.

Maxine certainly had exhibited no problem with us at any time prior to the show "8 Minutes" (we've been around since 1987 and not a peep out of her before March of 2015)  - and in fact we might have even been able to be of some help to her in her case, and the other women in her case, had they known about our work back when Maxine was originally arrested.  Again, something I fault SWOP for not having told her about how we might have helped her, and the other prostitutes, who were saying they were forced to testify against Maxine, by a bad cop.

I say that because this case reads pretty much like what many of our members deal with, including Jeane Palfrey, who was nicknamed the D.C. Madam.  Seems a cop had sex with a few sex workers in Seattle, and then turned them "informant" who Maxine says then made false allegations against her which charged her as a pimp in fact.   Now I ask you with a COP forcing you to make false allegations against another sex worker - what do you do?  Where do you go?  Who do you call for help?

We have advertised since day one we are the ONLY hotline ( I'm aware of anyway for adults who can call us that is NOT connected with law enforcement in any way. What that means is that we don't report anything on anyone who calls us to the police for one (except as legally required such as if they're threatening suicide for example).

Second, it means that if a victim is being threatened by a cop in some fashion, such as being forced to have sex with them, forced to be an informant, or even forced to make false accusations against someone else like Maxine says was being done to her, and they decide their life is in danger - where do you go to be safe?  The Salvation Army is not set up for this kind of thing.  Nor are most homeless or domestic violence shelters.  In fact, our members have reported when they've run to such shelters for safety the cop, sheriff, marshal, etc., has shown up, flashed their badge, and the facility has just handed them over with no questions asked even like "where are you taking this person?"

Jeane Palfrey was reporting to us that men like Randall Tobias, and David Vitter, among others, were part of the men who were coming to her working within our government who were forcing her to continue working as a madam, forcing her escorts to continue working as escorts, and also using them like these informants against Maxine, to pump men for information they wanted, plant information they wanted planted, to create blackmail, and to seal government deals like we've heard about leak out like with our Navy.

She did not reveal the names of "johns" but of "traffickers" and her case was not plead out so she could make her "black book" public record where these men couldn't silence those records.   Now we had offered to help her go "off the grid" to which she replied she wanted to "prove what was going on in the sex industry" and "how trafficking extends beyond just the prostitutes to the madams as well". How traffickers are not all like Bishop Don Juan - but instead are men like we read about, and I witnessed, with Iran Contra.

My point being that there were women in those massage parlors in San Francisco, and Seattle, that were being forced to be there, and threatened, and exploited, and their money taken from them, where the only way these women could get free was to have these arrests happen.  I say that because from 1984 until about 2013 - our program has been able to organize "rescues" of women like that where they, and their family, has been able to get free of the trafficking operation WITHOUT anyone having to be arrested.  We've just helped them to "disappear" off the grid as we've done in cases such as the Chris Butler case where he was a private investigator who used to be a cop.  He had a lot of resources to find those not cooperating with him, as does men like Rick Rizzolo, who was caught getting information from OC Sheriff Mike Corona while he was in prison.

However, this Asian ring that's connected to the Wichita arrests, and the Seattle arrests, as well as operating in San Francisco, and a few other cities in the USA, has such advanced technology, combined with such corrupt contacts, which again Maxine has witnessed when a cop can sleep with prostitutes, and then force them to make false accusations.

How is that?  Probably because Maxine was a competitor to this operation which is what we've been seeing.  We've been watching as independent sex workers who are advertising on sites like Backpage, Craigslist, The Erotic Review, My Redbook, etc. are being targeted for arrest by any means possible as a measure to shut down the competition TO THESE MASSAGE PARLORS and Asian rings using cops like this Ring cop to accomplish those end goals.

So here is an operation the Seattle police were BRAVE enough to arrest and go after, who not only was trafficking those women in those parlors, but ALSO using corrupted officers just like the one who came after Maxine, to get them arrested using any means possible, just like they did with Maxine, because they are competition to their girls, just like Maxine was.

Then when this Seattle police goes after these animals like police are SUPPOSED TO DO - Maxine ATTACKS THEM?  I have documented proof I've been trying to get charges filed against police officers for abusing prostitutes which complaints, calls, emails have been going unanswered, as seems to be a pretty common thing in Los Angeles as reported in this article - which I don't think we'd even be hearing about now if not for the neighborhood block leader who finally complained - and Maxine is attacking these officers for moving in to help these women get free?


Now this is what Seattle just did and SWOP'S ATTACKING THEM?  WTF?

But at the same time I've not heard one word about 15 year old Latesha Clay, who was the mother of two children, being forced to work as a prostitute because of poverty, having a gun probably to protect herself out there in Michigan's streets, and because of this "No Such Thing" campaign which was pushing to not have juveniles arrested for prostitution - she's tried as an ADULT and now locked up in prison?  Only as an adult she should have been offered the "alternative to incarceration" ALL adults are offered which is to attend our program - but she was not because she's a juvenile?

I've not heard a word out of Maxine about Amber Batts, who was also locked up in jail RATHER than being offered our program, which cost her custody of her children, got her divorced, and then all this publicity because she was trying to provide screening and security for other working women up in Alaska country?  There was no reason for her to have been put in jail either when she could have asked the judge to attend our program instead, and a member of SWA up there could have stood up with her to take over responsibility so she's still be in her home, with her husband and her kids!  I don't remember Maxine approaching either judge in either of these cases to lend her support to them. 

Which by the way I find 5.5 years is INSANE for Amber screening calls to protect sex workers on new appointments vs. the TWO YEARS that Kemp Shiffer received for trafficking teens between California and Nevada using his IRS badge, and cop connections, for TWELVE YEARS before the police were finally able to bring a case against him?

Nor do I remember in her attacks against Katherine Griffin-Townsend, or myself, both ex-sex workers, who now try and help other sex workers AVOID JAIL TIME, say one word of attack against Kevin Brown, Greg Reese, or Relativity Media.   Things like Relativity Media might have not shown one single frame of footage about REAL TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN ASIAN MASSAGE PARLORS because they partnered with a government owned Chinese film company who has stated they want "no films showing Asian prostitution" in other interviews.   Who raised money from investors for a "reality series" and then gave us a staged scripted production leading these investors to call Relativity Media "con artists" which Relativity slapped them with a defamation suit to get them to retract the accusations.

Why attack them directly over the way they portrayed sex workers as all "victims" and falsely portrayed real trafficking victims?   How about getting them to explain if there was no "rescue" operation clearly as there wasn't - then what were they doing running around Orange County trying to get ahold of teenage prostitutes like "Sweets" exactly to do then?

I mean what was those meetings FOR then if there was NO RESCUE?

Chris Butler, and OTHER COPS, in California, were arrested just months prior to Kevin Brown's launching of a "rescue" where prostitutes were threatened in their motel rooms, robbed,, and told they either "worked for them" or they'd be arrested.

Maxine's antics in the media probably do great for filling up her personal appointment book, great for her fund raising, but I'm failing to see how she's on the side of sex workers in any way, shape or form lately.  The fact that SWOP is not only standing by, but supporting some of these antics, is beyond blowing my mind.  I mean asking sex workers to "vouch they're engaging in illegal sex work" or asking another sex worker to "vouch they're an illegal sex worker" to join the group, then inviting sex workers to come out to meetings in public places where they can be videotaped without the need of a warrant - just absolutely blows my mind with respect to how much information they're collecting on sex workers that could be used in a court of law against them.  To further get them charged with conspiracy by having them gather to speak about how to engage in illegal sex work.  To take money from identified prostitutes as donations which is technically a felony, and to support legislation, which is also in total violation of her 501c3.  Yet she's not getting arrested for some reason.


You know she was arrested supposedly by prostitutes who were forced to speak against her.  This recent case in Los Angeles is another case where the cop supposedly turned the woman into an "informant" after raping her while Internal Affairs did nothing to help her.   I mean it's not like any of SWOP's board members are using that position to do research on sex workers for money or anything right like Lindsey? Or Matthrew?

Katie Hall-Jares seems to also be a researcher on sex workers for the Dept. of Health.  Darrell has been working on "drafting a report for the UN on HIV" for which I'm sure he's paid something in the way of a grant.  Andrea Ferguson - researcher on sex workers.  Fatemah - researcher.  Kate Zen - researcher.

What I'm not seeing on the list of directors however is men or women who are engaging in illegal sex work.  Meaning they're putting their butts out there on the line where they can be arrested - but I am seeing them signing up new members who are in very incriminating manners, and then getting grant money from research on said sex workers.  Yet the organization itself has not been charged in any way for "receiving earnings from a prostitute".

Now if my mother can be arrested for taking $20 from me for a bucket of chicken I asked her to buy, as did my nail lady for doing my nails, and the hotel desk clerk for taking money for a room from me - then I know well that ANY money received by a "known prostitute" is a felony.  Yet this group is not reporting any arrests.  Narcotics Anonymous was.  So many arrests they had to get a law passed so that cops would stop arresting them at their meetings.  Until this law was passed NA meetings had to be "rabbit" meetings moved from day to day to prevent arrest.

I know it's why our group doesn't ask for donations from members, and gives the Recovery Guide, to new members still working in prostitution so that we don't get guilty of this felony pimping, arrested, and then forced to provide information on our members to law enforcement as they've tried to do to us in the past.  We just resolved the problem by not taking money.

But SWOP is out here suing prosecutors, raising $1,000's of dollars from active sex workers in cities where it's illegal, asking members to incriminate themselves, give out bank and address information, come to public meetings where they could be photographed, AND suddenly attacking what once they were treating like a sister program that runs the ONLY program in the country which can be used as an "alternative to incarceration" for adults, helps those having problems with corrupt officials, helps those who can't call the cops for help, helps sex workers escape pimps without involving the cops, and helps provide FREE legal assistance WITHOUT having to hold fund raisers because our experience has shown that attorney's who publicly take money from prostitutes wind up often disbarred (check out what happened to Montgomery Sibley for one example, or what happened to the attorney who defended Larry Flynt, etc.).

Again hmm.

If the things Maxine was saying against people like myself and Katherine Griffin-Townsend were true - that's one thing.  But they're not.  So her behavior, combined with lying about real ex-sex workers, out there trying to help other sex workers avoid time in jail, and to get free of very real pimps and traffickers, while again NOT asking the hard questions like WHY was Relativity Media staging the show "8 Minutes", and WHY was Kevin Brown running around Orange County motels trying to find prostitutes if NOT for a rescue because one didn't exist, and so on and so on.

If she's such a friggin "sex worker advocate" then she should have been THANKING the Seattle police for freeing those victims against some very bad dudes.  That ring in Wichita threatened the judge, the arresting officer, and myself, with death threats.  Threats I took seriously in light of weird things that happened to me including being poisoned at a lunch meeting with someone in this operation that put me in the emergency room, among a few other very real things they did which also like having a police officer threaten me and slapping one of their victims with TWO fake prostitution charges.

Just a lot here not computing.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Dear Chris Hanson:

I don't know if you remember me at all - but I wrote you a letter back when I saw your show "To Catch a Predator".  I saw the way you were setting up pedophiles and after having met John Quinones when he came out to Vegas to interview me and check into our program, and after seeing his "What Would You Do"? show - I wrote you pitching the idea that you set up a combination show where you do kind of the same concept as you do with the pedophiles - but with pimps.

Then I wanted you to consider staging a situation whereby we show how when these types of pimps kidnap women right off the street to then rape them, brainwash them, and then "turn them out" onto the street - I wanted your cameras to show how NO ONE generally will intervene.  I say that based on 1000's of stories I've heard over the years from the members of Sex Workers Anonymous who have told me that even though these things were happening in broad daylight - no one will stop to help them.

I also wanted you to help me expose how the Metro police were involved in sex trafficking in Nevada.  Mind you - I was part of the press conference in 2007 where we told the world that sex trafficking was happening within the "legal" sex industry of Nevada in ways people aren't realizing.  The public is being brainwashed into thinking street prostitution is sex trafficking - and that's not the case.  The only way I could think of to show what is going on in Nevada, and how law enforcement is part of this - was to ask you to consider doing an "undercover show" on the subject.

I want you to look as a few examples to Kemp Schiffer.  This is a man who started out as an IRS officer who took over management of the Mustang Ranch when Joe had lost it to the IRS for unpaid back taxes.  He got a taste of being a pimp - and then upon realizing that the legal age to work at these brothels is 16 years of age, but the legal age of consent in California is 18 years of age - Kemp knew all he had to do was cross over into cities like Oakland, CA - then take these kids WITH THEIR PARENTS HELP AND CONSENT into Nevada to get them working at the legal brothels.

The IRS learned about how he was taking his badge and office at the IRS and using that to trafficking girls into the brothel from California - and what did they do?  Well it was legal.  So all they could do was fire him.  From there - he became a University of Reno professor.  Now if anyone is wondering why no reports were coming out of UNR that had any semblance to the reality of what was going on inside the legal brothels - well there's your answer.  Kemp was using his job at the college to get access to young women to talk into working at the brothel where he gets a "finders fee", possibly even a percentage, off each women he brings into the ranch.

I know because they've offered me such an arrangement in the past for our "rescue" cases.  No - I'm not kidding.  I once called up Dennis Hof after a pimp threw a pregnant woman out of a car driving 76 mph when she told him because she was pregnant she didn't want to hook any longer.  She was all banged up and I couldn't get anyone at the Salvation Army to take my calls.  So I called Dennis asking for money to pay for her a hotel room for three days.  I had found her a program to go into - but there was a three day gap between when I could get her on the plane.  His answer?  Bring her up there to work for him.  He then told me if I came across anyone else wanting away from a pimp - I'd get a finders fee.  But that's another story.

Kemp by the way used to be a police officer in Hermosa Beach, California.  Which is how he knew Chris Butler.  If you've ever seen an episode of Ray Donovan where they show how the cops set up this guy at a bar, drugged him, then a cop pulls him over and blackmails him - that's Chris Butler.  Not only did he run women out of massage parlors he owned - but he was also the largest and most respected private investigator in the country at one time.  He was even on the Dr. Phil show promoting his "Charlie's Angel's".  These were female detectives he advertised that he would use as "sting decoys" to see if a woman's husband was cheating.  There aren't a lot of those kind of clients however.  The reality is that these "investigator's" were also being used to set up rich and powerful men into blackmail.

Now Kemp is connected to Chris who is also connected to the most respected active duty cops in California.  You'll read about how he was also working with officers in narcotics to get access to the drugs in the evidence rooms.  Then he was reselling the drugs in his massage parlors and using the prostitutes as "mules".   Anyone familiar with the story would have heard the only way this story got busted open was a man working for him went to the press.

Now think - do you think there would have been any other way?  How far do you think a complaint would have gone against one of these officers from someone like us going to their chief saying "hey this guy is taking drugs from your evidence room and then forcing prostitutes in Chris's massage parlors to resell the drugs for them in the parlors so that if anyone does by accident get busted - it's going to be the prostitute and not them?"

Which was also my challenge with "Operation Dollhouse".  Because the drugs and the prostitutes were also being transported into Nevada.  How?  Put into these cop cars so that if stopped - well then it's "evidence".  Complete with the paperwork even!   Now with the 24 women stuck in this house - this was a private residence they were stuck in.  There was no way to do a "john sting" to get anyone into that house because of how they operated.

Read the story here very very very carefully.  Because you'll read that the only way the two cops got there was they were at the airport, they got into a cab, and they asked "where can I get a massage?"  (Well that's the story anyway).  What this meant in reality is that these cabs were being driven by drivers who spoke Mandarin.  Then men coming in from China who spoke Mandarin would get into their cabs because they spoke the language.  The cab drivers would then check their airplane tickets and baggage to see these guys were not undercover cops, or FBI - but actually Chinese businessmen who had just flown into Vegas from China.  Then they were taken into a private home.

Now I ask you - from an undercover point of view - how do you get an agent in there?  Can you get a prostitute in there?  Not unless you got a cop who speaks Mandarin that they got off a plane from China.  Because they only used women they brought over from China - just as is the case with the woman I'm trying to help in Pasadena, California.  Same for being a "john".  How do you get one in when the only way to get into that house was to get off a plane from China?

Which explains how a cab company got charged with "racketeering" by the way -  These cab drivers were the ones who made the the "johns" were coming in off the planes, had air plane tickets, their baggage was ticketed, and then they'd drive them to the spots that by the way WERE NOT ADVERTISED ON BACKPAGE!

Now I know about this because I'm getting women out from under this ring AND I'm having to also HIDE THEM FROM ACTIVE DUTY POLICE and the top investigator IN THE COUNTRY.  Not easy.  So I'm also trying to see what I can do to get the ring shut down.  Not easy when you describe this stuff before the news has come out and you sound like you're "nuts" when you're describing this to people.  I know because when I tried explaining this operation to Terri Miller, the school teacher put in charge of ATLAS in 2007 - she just looked at me like I had three heads!  So know I'm not going to get any help from a woman who doesn't even believe us - I gathered up all of the evidence I was aware of - names, addresses, etc.   Then I went to Chief Gillispie.  Who took my file and said "he'd look into it and get back to me".

The next morning I wake up to a knock on the door.  I have a pregnant prostitute on my doorstep.  I ask her what's going on and she tells me "they shut everything down and threw me out on the street".  I'm like "what?"  She tells me that the "Chief called up and told everyone to shut down, clean up and clear out".  She says they threw her out on the street and told her to "fend for herself" because of her being pregnant - they evidently didn't want to take her along.  So I got her checked into a motel and then went back to all of the houses and the chop shop (another long story) and found that yep - everything was cleared out that I had given Chief Gillispie.

Would anyone believe me?  As it was - I had two cops claiming they wound up in this house "by accident".  Accident my ass. I timed that date to have that reporter in that cop car on the date I knew there was a scheduled drop in Vegas and I had PLANNED on catching a cop in the raid.  I certainly did not think the police would be so bold as to just let TWENTY FOUR VICTIMS just go back with the pimps when even bags of drugs had been found on the property.  But they did.  That's how cocky and bold these people are now!

So Chris Hanson - I wrote you and asked if you could come out to Las Vegas and do a "Vegas Undercover" and film THIS stuff.  This was again before all of this has come out in the news.  You never answered me - but I did get to see you film a "Vegas Undercover" with Chief Gillispie showing you around to what HE WANTED TO SHOW YOU about Vegas.

What blows my mind - is he's now stepped down because of the corruption charges.  But did that mean you shelved the show?  Nope.  I was watching it tonight and getting boiling mad.  So mad I went to write you a pretty nasty note about the show airing - interestingly on NBC - which I've found is the champion of completely false propaganda about sex trafficking since 2003.   As I'm going to fish out your address - I see you're no longer with NBC.

Well good.  I realized you were handicapped by having to film what NBC told you to film.  Now I see you're branching out on your own with trying to get your own financing.  Fantastic!  Maybe now you can start filming the TRUTH about what's going on out here with respect to sex trafficking in the USA today.

If you want to talk - give me a shout.   I really did admire your work with exposing the child predators.  People needed to see what these people are like.  Now maybe we can show what happens on this side of the issue.

Jody Williams