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One of the reasons I started going on to national TV and speaking about sex trafficking and demanding our country not only wake up and acknowledge it was real BUT ALSO to change our current system to address trafficking so that cases like this would not happen again.  Under the "old" system, Margo went to the police and informed on her traffickers.  They in return had her at home with her children where she was then murdered along with her children.   The reason was because our system wasn't set up to address traffickers and how they operate.

RICO laws were written because organized crime CHANGED things.  Just arresting one or two guys didn't stop the ring.  The whole operation had to be shut down in organized crime - so they wrote different laws.

When it comes to corruption issues - we can't expect victims of sex trafficking to call officers who can't be trusted -…


Dear James:

Read your article.  I'd love to ask you this question.

First, let me introduce myself.  IF you look at the news clips at you'll see I was arrested in 1984 for supposedly "running a brothel".  Only think about it - a warehouse with high tech security equipment next to the police station?  What the warehouse was in reality was the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims.  I had rescued a woman whose pimp had broken her arm and nose who was sleeping in the warehouse when the pimp tried to break in to drag her back.  He couldn't get it and he couldn't shoot up the place without the police hearing the noise (why we put it there).

So he calls in a tip that the place was a "brothel".  The woman was on probation for prostitution and answered the door in her PJ's.  Of course to the police a woman answering the do…