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I first found the blog "Tits & Sass" in 2007.  I had been sucked into helping Melissa Farley do a report (so she claimed at the time) for the State Dept., and a related press conference, which was held in September of 2007.  You can read about that report, and conference, at

As I've said before, after the room was filled with reporters, I had been hooked up to the microphone, and we were about to go on stage, Melissa pulled me over to the side.  She asked me if I would make two statements from the podium.  The first was that "all prostitution was rape".  The second was that all sex workers were in some fashion a "victim".  Third, that all forms of sex work needed to be "abolished" or "outlawed.   I explained to her not only did I not personally agree with these claims, but that if I were to do so I'd lose all my credibility for speaking my personal truth.  Anyone who knows me know I speak the truth as to wh…