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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I went onto Google and typed in "sex trafficking" and "Las Vegas".  The first link I got was  Okay - let's go down the list here:

National Trafficking Hotline - first you have to be the victim.  You can't be a mother or a friend.  Once you make the call - you are given phone numbers of Nevada programs.  They provide no residential services, no transportation, send no money.  They will ask you if you want to call and make a report to the Police.  So if you want to prosecute your pimp or trafficker - good call.  You're standing out at a payphone at 2:00 a.m. because you just ran off from your pimp - not helping.

Immigration and Victim Assistance - are you an American?  Can't help you.  Are you not an American?  They will tell you to "call the police to file a report".

Shared Hope - according to their site and operator provide 'no direct services to victims in Nevada".

Hopelink - gives you information on programs, shelters, grants for things like paying your electric bill, help to get moved into an apartment, paying a security deposit, food banks, etc.  They are an information line only.  Information you can also access online.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth - what they say.  If you're a "homeless teen" they offer things like food, showers, computer time, etc.    I've been told that pimps will hang out at the program when they close looking for kids with McDonald's gift cards who are pretty pissed off that's all they got and scoop them into working for them to get a place to stay.  They have no program specifically for teen prostitutes or trafficking victims there.

Salvation Army - if you are a straight Christian female prostitute or need help with drugs, mental health issues, etc. they have a shelter there.  If you tell them you are gay or Jewish - I've got calls to come and pick them up because they're ejected.  There are no accommodations for lesbians and transgenders so they will deny them services.  We were ejected off the property in 2004 so I don't know much about what goes on there now - especially since they also stopped answering our calls to try and get help for Nevada victims at the same time.  A reporter told us that the women are put into domestic violence shelters that are trafficking victims.  But essentially there is no "outpatient" program for prostitutes, sex workers and/or trafficking victims - and they offer no transportation.

Shade Tree - homeless shelter for adult women.

If you don't fit into those categories - you aren't going to find much use out of that list.

The next on the list is Purple Wings.  Don't know much about them.  I sent them emails for six months asking for program information for our hotline.  Didn't get an answer.  I saw a woman on the news talking about their work.  I reached out again and got no answer.  I told that to a reporter and got a very hostile call from a woman who said she wanted "nothing to do with people who kicked in doors" end quote.  I told her "what on earth are you talking about?"  She then said she had been told that we "kick in doors to do rescues".  I told her that this was not true (it isn't) and wanted to meet with her so we could discuss what we both do with each other.  I  explained I needed to know for the purposes of our hotline.  She refused.  I then sent in a woman to attend a fund raiser they put on.  She brought back brochures with a counselor's name on the brochure.  I contacted the counselor who informed me they are not working with any "prostitutes" but doing "empowerment" workshops with young African American girls in Las Vegas to "prevent sex trafficking".  I asked how exactly they were "preventing sex trafficking" and she said they were doing "self esteem workshops in Las Vegas".  I've had more than one prostitute tell me they've called and emailed them to get no response.  So no idea what's going on over there.  It appears they're working with juveniles.  Which in Nevada means anyone under 15 years of age since that's the age of sexual consent in Nevada.

Trafficked No More -  I've seen the film and booklet made.  I don't know much more than that as Troy doesn't return my calls for information.  Their "success story" is about a young girl who got arrested.  I don't get how that's a "success story" for them helping her.  Helping to prosecute the pimp?  Daniel Bogden needs no help and was prosecuting big dogs long before Troy threw his hat into the ring.  There's this article claiming he's not doing much of anything once he produced this "documentary" we were not allowed to advise on despite the fact we've been working with trafficking victims in Nevada since 1988.  -  I watched his film - and found nothing about the "legal" industry nor about actual "trafficking".  I saw nothing about getting help either.   It reminded me of "reefer madness" in fact (the movie made to scare people about marijuana in like the 1920's or so).   It looks like he was going to do an "awareness" campaign in 2014 - but I've not seen anything raising awareness about where someone can find help.

Then I found this story that I know is Chong Kim's story "repackaged" which was fake to begin with -

Okay how hard is this?  If you need help to leave any part of the sex industry - get in touch with  Male, female, transgender - legal or illegal sex work - trafficked or not - we will help you get out, stay out, and recover.

If you're under 18 years of age and need help - call the hotline at  They will pay to put you into a cab no matter where you are, and then fly or bus you to their residential program which you'll then have support for life.

I mean really - how hard is this to make sure it gets out there to those who need help?  You want to put your pimp in jail - call 911.

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