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Yes you're right. We as EX sex workers are being left out of this conversation as well and told WE "don't exist". Well we do. The USA database of members for Sex Workers Anonymous is 190,000. The subscribers to our blog is over 59,000. We have meetings all over the USA, in Canada, five other countries, and three jails. SWA is the oldest and largest program of ex-sex workers in the world.

We have more members than SWOP so where is our voice in this piece? Mary - we contacted you directly asking to be included in this conversation that we started 30 years ago and you asked us to "leave you alone". You have ignored us, blocked us, shut us out, and then tried to pretend we don't exist.

EVERYTHING that you're complaining is being done to you as an active sex worker. Well guess what Mary? One of these days' it's highly likely you might decide to le…


Once again something I've been saying has come to light in the press to validate my warnings.  I invite you to please read this screen shot.   This screenshot clearly says that "Mary, founder of SWOP Seattle circled the names of sex workers she knows not to be victims of coercion".

I should state this as an introduction - but I not only was involved in a very complex legal case of my own in 1984 you can read about at but I have worked as a paralegal since 1985.  As a paralegal, I have worked on many a criminal case.  I have also been involved in many of the legal cases of our members as a paralegal.  So I've seen many many many legal proceedings with respect to prostitution, pimping, pandering, conspiracy, solicitation, supervision, money laundering - the whole gambit of things we get invo…