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PS - when looking at media about someone you're thinking about donating money to - look for a reputable reporter or researcher writing about the person or group.  After writing the letter below I discovered that it's Operation Hope that's providing the free medical and dental work for the Cupcake Girls.   ttp://     This is Operation Hope - /    However, the "doctor" they're referring to is the guy who runs Congo Justice.  Only I checked with the Medical Board of Nevada and he's not licensed in Nevada anyway.   When I challenged him on this - he said I "misunderstood" him and that he "worked with a doctor".    He told me he was a "doctor" when he thought I was an active prostitute and he was trying to ask me on a date.  I have the screen shots of that conversation if anyone would like to see them by the way.  Okay but to me - i

OPEN LETTER TO BRADLEY MYLES OF POLARIS ABOUT PIMPS IN MEXICO I read this article today by Bradley Myles of Polaris about how he's "discovered a town where pimps are raised". My first instinct was to call Bradley. Only I know from many many past attempts to communicate with him about this article he won't return my calls or answer my emails. In fact, not one of my attempts have been responded to. Shame. Maybe if he were to consider opening up a dialogue with someone who is not only a survivor of American sex trafficking, but also the founder of the oldest and largest group of recovering survivors of the sex industry he wouldn't be sounding in this article so shocked by what he saw down in Tenancingo, Mexico. Because this sort of thing is not only nothing new – it's the sort of thing that was part of my story and it's going on right now in the United States. Maybe if he wasn't


For years - I was complaining about the fact that I was taking information on sex trafficking that was going on within Clark County to Chief Gillispie - and at first we were getting stone-walled. The last straw came when I have gathered together information on how a sex trafficking operation was using police cars to transport drugs guns, stolen auto parts, and also women who were victims of sex trafficking, into Nevada in these police cars which would not be stopped to be searched.  If they were in fact stopped - everything inside was labeled as "evidence".  When I went to the Chief with names, addresses, photos, witnesses, and victims willing to testify against this operation - within 24 hours every single house that was being used by this trafficking ring was cleared out from top to bottom and even cleaned out with bleach as a cherry on top. Realizing that we weren't going to get any assistance from the Chief of Police, and already being told that "hell would fre