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March 29, 2018

Michael Avenatti, Esq. Stormy Daniels Via Fax
Dear Stormy and Michael:
I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for stepping forward to expose not that you had an encounter with Donald Trump, but that there is the reality of men like this trying to silence women, or men, they’ve had past encounters with using threats, intimidation, and sometimes it does escalate to outright murder.
Back in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, the women in the sex industry were seeing what has been now recognized as a record amount of serial killers targeting us.Not just street prostitutes like before.The cousins that were the Hillside Stranger killings were the first who escalated their reign of rape, kidnapping, torture and then murder to escorts.It was the first time the upper levels of the industry had to band together.Madams were actually exchanging their phone numbers trying to protect everyone, but soon they realized this and started changing up their phone numb…


I've been hearing the slams against Trump lately about his "attitude's towards women" and I want to weigh in on this.  As someone who has answered the hotline for for 30 years, I talk to a lot of women.  When I lived on the east coast - I talked to a lot of women who had dealings with Trump during the 1990's.  I honestly never heard anything about his behavior other than he "was generous with beautiful women".

Contrast that to the repeated stories of rape and beatings done to women by Mike Tyson, all of which were being unreported to the police because he was doing this to prostitutes who we know don't stand a chance in court - and can we talk about Mike Tyson or Bill Cosby or even Martha Stewart's dancing with Snoop Doog WHO STILL HASN'T APOLOGIZED TO HIS VICTIMS during his 2003 "pimping revival fantasy tour" confessed to in Rolling Stone that we rescued victims from?

Can we talk about men who have do…


Of course my luck is that the day the "light goes on" with me with respect to some of the concepts Tom was trying to raise awareness about - I learn he passed away two years ago.  

So I'm writing to the survivors.  My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's, I was a young MENSA  member who graduated high school at 15 years of age because of a high IQ.  I enrolled in community college to prepare my way for the university, but I needed to get a job after my father robbed my college fund.  
I got a job at a nightclub owned by the family who are part of the generational line connected to Richard Pryor of drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes . He's spoken openly about his grandmother running the brothel his mother worked in.  They needed a way to launder money and this was the club I walked into looking for a job in 1979.  
I was "turned out" by this family of pimps into the sex industry.  However, after watching this "family" tore apart by the coca…


I wasn't sure who to believe when I started having people tell me Alex Jones was all about "disinformation".  But now I know after reading this  For the readers, I contacted Alex Jones last year about many things going on right now within our government in connection with sex trafficking and it's link to Jeane Palfrey.

I am the founder of the movement by the way.  You can go check news clips I have up at to see that in 1984 I created the first safe house for adults.  An angry pimp called the cops and claimed I was "running a brothel".  Yeah right - right next to the Van Nuys police station?  The victim testified against him and charges against me were dropped.

I did this because I had seen Linda Lovelace try and tell the public she was forced to film "Deep Throat" on a mob financed film by her husband/pimp pointing a gun at her while the crew did…


What's the big riff between me and the "human trafficking" people that have popped up since 2003?  Because what happens to us in the sex industry is DIFFERENT than that of someone being forced to work on an egg farm like Rep. Portman rescued.   Guess what?  You take someone off an egg farm who is being forced to work on that farm - and you find them some help for their PTSD and a new job and voila!  Problem solved.

It says their "workers were overwhelmed" as to the reason.  It's always the reason.  It's why social workers were protesting in Los Angeles recently saying they had 60 cases to deal with.  So they're "overwhelmed" also.

Meaning the system was "ov…