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Thursday, March 29, 2018


March 29, 2018

Michael Avenatti, Esq.
Stormy Daniels
Via Fax


Dear Stormy and Michael:

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for stepping forward to expose not that you had an encounter with Donald Trump, but that there is the reality of men like this trying to silence women, or men, they’ve had past encounters with using threats, intimidation, and sometimes it does escalate to outright murder.

Back in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, the women in the sex industry were seeing what has been now recognized as a record amount of serial killers targeting us.  Not just street prostitutes like before.  The cousins that were the Hillside Stranger killings were the first who escalated their reign of rape, kidnapping, torture and then murder to escorts.  It was the first time the upper levels of the industry had to band together.  Madams were actually exchanging their phone numbers trying to protect everyone, but soon they realized this and started changing up their phone number and even the address they were asking women to meet them at.

What to do?  Taking matters into my own hands, I set up a business that allowed me to become a member of TRW and Telecheck.  This allowed me to screen clients  as to who they “really” were.  By verifying ID’s with DMV, and then checking their credit reports, I was able to screen out police as well as these maniacs.  It was an expensive process to upkeep, so I started charging other madams and escorts a fee to run names through the system so we could protect ourselves.  I in no way used the system to blackmail anyone.  It was purely for protection and security.

Well some men got uncomfortable with the idea that I knew who they really were and decided I needed to be stopped.  This was also during Iran Contra.  So I had also taken an old warehouse I had once used as an adult theater and turned into what I later learned was the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims.  That wasn’t to be stood for either.  Those kind of men weren’t going to allow me to have any safe haven from them to stand. 

So I was framed and arrested.  The media dubbed me the “High Tech Madam” because of my security systems and computers.  I have some clips up at  Only my arrest hitting the news made a lot of people scared about what I might say to the press.

Which is when the attempts on my life started.  A man even showed up at a hotel room I was hiding out at and refused to leave.  He had a gun and when the police arrived he lunged at them.  The police had to kill him.  A girlfriend of mine got so scared she grabbed my car and took off.  An illegal alien t-boned her going 100 mph a few miles away from the hotel.  The police told me the guy said he’d been paid $300 and promised his family would get across the border if the woman in the car was murdered.  She looked like me from a distance and was in my car so clearly the attack was meant for me.

I was shot at, had a car trying to run me off the road, you name it for a while.  My attorney was receiving death threats about me and directly at him also.  I hid inside my grandmother’s apartment for some time because every time I’d leave her apartment someone would try and kill me for a few months after my arrest hit the news.  My attorney managed to convince a few people I had no interest in talking about their dirty little secrets after a while and I was soon able to leave my house without being shot at.

But the surveillance didn’t stop for almost a year.  I don’t know who was behind it but it was there.  It’s why I became a paralegal.  The only way to get them off me when I was working was to go inside an attorney’s office.  So in a way they helped me become what I am today – a paralegal.  A paralegal who still operates the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline. 

Meaning since the 1980’s, I’ve talked to many other women who have been also intimidated, threatened, and worse to try and silence them about what they know.  I was friends with Jeane Palfrey, the woman dubbed the “D.C. Madam” for two years before her murder.  Yes murder.  Jeane had wanted to retire from the industry for some time.  Only the CIA wasn’t allowing her to.  They were using her escorts for their own agenda, and thus forcing her to stay operating.  Which in our definition is sex trafficking.

She’d finally had enough and had decided to flee to Germany to retire.  They stopped her at the airport and hit her with the charges so they could take all her money, make her stay, and try and force her to continue working as a madam.  A pattern they’d established with us in 1984 when they arrested all of the madams in the USA then.  Took all our money, made us dance to their tune, and turned all the other madams like Alex into an informant for them.  I opted to become a paralegal, while the other madams caved. 

Jeane however had had enough.  She wanted to blow the lid on how we were being used, and then disposed of once they were done with us like they did with Sylvia Landry.  So she opted to fight and release her “Black Book”.  We knew ABC would lie from past experience, so she gave her book to 10 other sites to validate who was in the book.  Not as her “clients”, but to show how she was being used by our government as a tool against her will.  Why maybe even Brandy Britton might have been murdered to silence her also.

If Jeane had been a suicide, I wouldn’t have been subjected to the police harassment that came on me hard immediately after her death.  So hard I had no choice but to go off the grid to protect my daughter’s safety.  Otherwise, I would have gone to the media to prove her death wasn’t a suicide, but in fact a murder.  I had made the mistake of demanding the detective in charge of her investigation treat it like a murder.  Hours later I had five police officers and a drug dog at my apartment with a warrant claiming I was “impersonating Jody Williams” tearing apart my house trying to find the letters, emails, etc., from her to remove any evidence I had.

So Stormy, Michael, thank you for getting out there how we are threatened about our silence.  Even how we’re threatened.  Because that is how they do it.  They hit you so quickly and randomly you don’t have time to record it or even know who it is that’s doing it.  Michael, you handled it well or Stormy would be dead. 

On behalf of us who the press won’t hear our stories of intimidation, even murder, thank you for what you’ve done. 


Jody Williams


5516 Boulder Highway, Suite 2F-378
Henderson, NV 89122
(702) 488-1127 Cell

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I've been hearing the slams against Trump lately about his "attitude's towards women" and I want to weigh in on this.  As someone who has answered the hotline for for 30 years, I talk to a lot of women.  When I lived on the east coast - I talked to a lot of women who had dealings with Trump during the 1990's.  I honestly never heard anything about his behavior other than he "was generous with beautiful women".

Contrast that to the repeated stories of rape and beatings done to women by Mike Tyson, all of which were being unreported to the police because he was doing this to prostitutes who we know don't stand a chance in court - and can we talk about Mike Tyson or Bill Cosby or even Martha Stewart's dancing with Snoop Doog WHO STILL HASN'T APOLOGIZED TO HIS VICTIMS during his 2003 "pimping revival fantasy tour" confessed to in Rolling Stone that we rescued victims from?

Can we talk about men who have done real, serious, damage to many women who still haven't been held accountable please?

The claims against Bill Cosby came out once victims knew they were being heard.  These attacks on Donald Trump are just "coincidentally" coming out right before the election?  Give me a break.  Especially in light of the fact Trump is the ONLY ONE I've heard talking about the false press we're dealing with in this country right now.

So you want to talk about Trump's "attitude towards women"?

Okay let's.  I know that most feminists talk about "all women" but when it comes to sex workers they act like we don't exist.  Even when they used to be one I'd like to add.  Case in point - Gloria Steinhem herself.   While Gloria has made money off talking about her past as a Playboy Bunny herself, which makes her an "ex-sex worker" I've yet to receive any support, or publicity, from her, or her publications, for the only group I'm aware of in this country which doesn't just help "sex trafficking victims" but also "ex-sex workers".

 Case in point - listen to the interview I have up for a member of at  This woman clearly states she was never a "sex trafficking victim" but was someone who after being a Playboy bunny, model and stripper for many years she needed help from our group to make the adjustment to not being in the sex industry which she got from us.

Yet I've gone to Ms. Magazine asking them to do a story on us - and nothing.  I was told by Melissa Farley when I was asked to help her with the report on Nevada sex trafficking in 2008 Gloria was "going to give a $10,000 grant to fund your work" which turned out to be bullshit.  Clearly an enticement to convince me to do the press conference you can read about at

I run the only program for those leaving the sex industry that's run not only by a woman, but by a survivor of the industry and trafficking which founded this very movement which got American victims federal recognition for the first time in history when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  I"m not only a female, a survivor, but I'm single mother and disabled.  Now have I received anywhere near the fraction of support Gloria gave the fake Samoly Mam?

Not a word.  Not a breath.

You want to know what a "feminist" should be talking about?  The fact that no one who has been identified as a "prostitute" in this country has won a rape case.  That a man can take the head off of a prostitute with a hubcap like was done in Texas and the judge will call it "self defense" when she was decapitated by a "john" who simply wanted his money back.  Yet right he was the one defending himself - got it.

But "feminists" act like sex workers don't exist.  Even Amber Rose with her "Slut Walk" - I failed to see one group representing sex workers, or even a group like ours who helps someone exit the industry for whatever reason at this event.  I contacted the organizers and I asked to speak to them about representation for those TRULY HARMED by the label "slut" and got nothing.

In fact, take a look at their "sponsors" who include Hustler (oh great depiction of sluts Amber - real empowerment there - I'd feel better if Suicide Girls was included if you wanted to include pornographers or even Playboy - but Hustler?), and AMERICAN APPAREL???   Are you fucking kidding me?

Speakers?  I do see one adult star - but I've not seen Bonnie Rotten doing one single activist action towards the issue of decriminalization of prostitution, helping sex trafficking victims, or with respect to how for example banks and landlords will discriminate against sex workers?  I'd bee happier seeing Savannah Sly from Sex Workers Outreach Project, Desiree Alliance, SWEAT, if not myself who lives locally to the event and offered to be a part of this event - bringing along our local southern California members.  But we weren't even sent complimentary tickets!  

No I'm sorry this event wasn't about "empowerment of women" or "sluts" - but it was an event staged to bring out such women so men from Hustler and American Apparel could tap into a new victim pool.  

If I'm wrong - where was Gloria Allred?  An attorney living in California is the only one who would take on cases like defending someone like Amber Rose if she were raped - and she wasn't included even!  

Why do I say this event had NOTHING  to do with what Amber was throwing around it was supposed to be about - which was seeing to it that women labeled as "sluts" could stop feeling like, and being treated like, they were of less value than other women?

First because I don't see ONE WORD  about how this label even DOES harm those labeled as "sluts" let alone doing anything to fix the situation.

Do you remember the "Hillside Strangler" case in the 1980's?  These two cousins used to kidnap random women off the street.  Then rape, beat, and torture them.  After getting their jolly's off - they then put this victim into a motel room where she was forced to prostitute for a few weeks with them taking the money as her pimp.  Once word hit the streets this woman was a "prostitute" she was turned loose.

Why?  Because then her word meant nothing in the eyes of the law and the fact this woman was "a known prostitute" gave them immunity.  Immunity which built up to cockiness which led to them murdering women.

How do I know "nothing" was done?  Because I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by these two to the police once we got her stitched up.  The Chief threw us out of his office.  When I demanded to know why he wasn't taking down their names, address, nor her report - he said "because her word is worthless in court that's why".  When I pushed further as to explain - he said that "no judge will issue a warrant based on the word of a whore".  I still didn't understand and he said that the court viewed our word as "worthless" because we were considered "criminals" because prostitution is illegal in most of the USA.  That it would be like trusting the word of a junkie or a armed bank robber.

Something I'm sure Patty Hearst can speak about how "worthless" her word is after being an armed bank robber.  You remember her?  She was sitting at home with her boyfriend when terrorists broke into her home and kidnapped her.  Then after brainwashing her - she was doing armed bank robberies to help the SLA raise money for their operations.  She was found guilty and put in prison but then pardoned by President Ford who realized she wasn't a "bank robber" anymore than some of these women are who are also forced and/or brainwashed into being a "prostitute" against their will also.

What I'm trying to say is the label "slut" DOES HURT WOMEN.  It robs them of the same protection under the law any other woman has the benefit of.  Something I think should have been addressed at Amber Rose's event.  But clearly the organizers, and Amber, didn't think so.

Which is why I say "feminists" seem to have a real blind spot when it comes to women who have been in the sex industry.  They degrade us by acting like we don't exist.  It's no different than when the "cool kids" in high school would walk by us in the cafeteria like we didn't exist.  It was "shade" pure and simple.

Now - what does this have to do with Trump?  Take a look at the "Apprentice".  Trump had on both La Toya Jackson  and Nene Leakes.

La Toya Jackson was in Playboy - fully nude.

Nene was a stripper at one point.

Meaning they were also women in the sex industry.  Now I wouldn't reveal if either of them have called our hotline, or are members of Sex Workers Anonymous, but know that their past qualifies them to be members if they so chose to be.

Two women who I not only saw on the "Apprentice" with Donald Trump - but who I saw him treat these women with the same respect he shows any other man or woman.   I also never saw him slam either of these women for those past actions either.

Now I ask you - can you show me ONE person that Hillary has worked with with the same past in the sex industry?  Is there a photo anywhere of her even SPEAKING to someone from the sex industry?

I'm not sure if the fact Dennis Hof and the legal brothels of Nevada have endorsed Hillary counts as her being cool with this community - but I find that actually interesting.  I mean WHY would the brothels endorse Hillary when it's Trump who has treated members of the sex industry with respect in a open public forum?

In fact, Dennis is even "pimping" to raise support for Hillary he wants her in office so badly.

Just as he does for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul clearly doesn't seem too discriminatory as to who donates money to him. who lives in Rhode Island.

Now is Ron Paul a supporter of legal prostitution?  I mean Dennis Hof sure puts a lot of support behind Ron and he seems to be a supporter of legal prostitution.  I say "seems to be" because he also lives in Rhode Island which up until only a few years ago was the only "competitor" to Nevada's legal brothels in that prostitution was "decriminalized" there.

So you'd think Ron would be supportive of Rhode Island staying that way wouldn't you?  But then explain why Derek Ellerman, who says he "owes his career" to Ron Paul, joined forces with Katherine Chon, the co-founder of Polaris, to get prostitution in Rhode Island "re-criminalized" again.

In other words, Nevada's only competitor was shut down by a direct connection to Dennis Hof who had a vested financial interest in this action.

Oh it was DISGUISED  as about being "to end human trafficking" but the person who PROFITED most by this was Dennis Hof, Lance Gilman, and any other Nevada legal brothel owner.
  Which again if Ron Paul was about supporting the "prostitutes" - then he would have stepped up to stop this.  So clearly he's not about prostitution being legal for the prostitutes sake - but for the legal brothel owners sake who didn't have a stake in Rhode Island as it was "decriminalized" and thus no one like Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman getting a cut.

Which shutting down "competitor's" to the legal brothels in Nevada under the smoke screen of it being about "fighting sex trafficking" is nothing new.  In fact another "competitor" was recently arrested also under the same smoke screen - Carl Ferrer.  Not surprised he was picked up in Texas either being this was where the phony "8 Minutes" was filmed falsely portraying sex trafficking as coming from Backpage which we got taken off the air by threatening to expose just this fact when we served producers and A&E with a "Notice of Intent to Sue for Defamacast".  The show was canceled within 8 hours of us serving this notice in fact.

Something which wasn't mentioned in the hour long CNN show entitled "The Truth about 8 Minutes" about the cancellation where the producers blocked us from even speaking to viewers on social media about the fact everyone on the show was staged with paid actors, set up to make it "appear" sex trafficking was coming from Backpage, and falsely leading the public to believe it was canceled because of "low ratings".  No show for "low ratings" has their videos taken down off line, and canceled after only three shows - just coincidentally within hours of being served with such a legal notice as I did.

Donald Trump also talks openly about just these problems with the media.  About how they've become a propaganda machine out of Hitler's wet dreams.  Has Hillary by the way said one word about what's happened to the press or talking about the need to straighten them out?  If anything, she's said she would "see Snowden arrested for treason" for trying to get the truth out to us.

You know I was asking myself the other day why it seems I've been seeing nothing but these "paid influencers" and "false flag events" and "catfish survivors" like Samoly Mam since 2008 - and also why I see Trump talking about how bad the media has gotten but not one word out of Hillary about the problem with the media and then I come across articles like this.

You know on a hunch I went and checked on the year Hillary started as Secretary of State and I was not surprised to see she took office in 2009.  The year 2009 is the same year I watched as every group in the USA run by a survivor of sex work to help others exist sex work and escape sex trafficking was either set-up, framed, harassed, attacked, and basically shut down.

It's when Sharnel Silvey was charged with "elder abuse" who had created the first alternative sentencing program for prostitutes in Nevada, Chong Kim was charged with fraud and arrested, and I could go on and on up to and including it's when even Jeane Palfrey was silenced in a very final way from her advocacy work also coming from a "real" survivor - not a paid influencer catfish like Samoly Mam, Rachel Moran, Stella Marr, etc.  I remember looking around in 2010 and realizing there were no more groups in this country run by survivors other than myself.  I had even had a guy come to me and try to set me up on some bogus donation for $10,000 in cash.  I insisted he sign a contract with me about why he wanted to give me this much cash and sure enough I had the cops coming after me claiming I had "conned" him out of the money.  I produced the contract and they left me alone scratching their heads.  No - there was a "house cleaning" which happened in 2009 - the same year Hillary took office and I've yet to hear her talk about this subject either.

We've also had more cases of sex trafficking in connection with our own government SINCE Hillary took over as Secretary of State including the "largest fake case" in history.

Now I'm not questioning the women who say Trump sexually abused them as to their honesty.  I am questioning the fact the press is talking about it right before the election in more media manipulation which is the cause of many problems right now in this country.  I'm questioning why the media is digging up one woman after another on the subject right now.

But I'd like to take the eye for a moment off the idea of "how he treats women" and instead put it on "how he treats sex workers" because again from where I sit - the two aren't treated the same by women, feminists, and even women like Gloria Steinhem or Amber Rose.

So yes Hillary is a woman.  Yes Hillary talks about things like women having "equal rights".  But I ask you - how does Hillary TREAT those who fall under this category where we are being treated as less than other women because of the label "slut" or "sex worker"?

You watch the way Trump treated Ms. Jackson and Nene and I say he treated them with respect.  I challenge you to show me one of "us" that Hillary has treated openly with as much respect or even acknowledgement we exist for that matter.

I've seen Hillary acknowledge "Black Lives Matter" who is a newer, smaller, and to be honest a group who has had less impact on this country than ours.  It was our group which led to the sex trafficking movement, the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed, and what is a revolution in the way this country is treating the issue of prostitution, sex work and sex trafficking.  We've got textbooks being rewritten because of our work.  Yet I don't remember being invited up on stage for the same acknowledgment she's given "Black Lives Matter".

Most inmates in this country are African American.  You walk into any woman's prison and I GUARANTEE you that over 2/3 of those women are African American prostitutes.  Women our organization is trying to serve.  Women we HAVE  served for decades if you look at any of the interviews given by Brenda Myers-Powell who openly thanks our program for her recovery and documentaries.

In fact, Brenda created the first program in jails for transgender prostitutes - most of who were also African American.

Have we been acknowledged in the same way "Black Lives Matter" has by Hillary?  She even called them up to acknowledge them at a democratic convention.

Come to think of it - I don't think I've seen her at any of the congressional hearings on sex trafficking, nor even heard the words come out of her mouth "sex trafficking" nor speak about decriminalizing prostitution so we can put more traffickers behind bars and rescue more victims because people will then not have to worry about incriminating themselves on the issue any longer.

I'm sorry but Hillary treats us as most of these white feminists seem to treat us - which is by acting like we don't even exist.  Which just contributes to us continuing to be victimized by not just predators - but also by this country.

No wonder Dennis Hof endorses her.


Of course my luck is that the day the "light goes on" with me with respect to some of the concepts Tom was trying to raise awareness about - I learn he passed away two years ago.  

So I'm writing to the survivors.  My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's, I was a young MENSA  member who graduated high school at 15 years of age because of a high IQ.  I enrolled in community college to prepare my way for the university, but I needed to get a job after my father robbed my college fund.  

I got a job at a nightclub owned by the family who are part of the generational line connected to Richard Pryor of drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes . He's spoken openly about his grandmother running the brothel his mother worked in.  They needed a way to launder money and this was the club I walked into looking for a job in 1979.  

I was "turned out" by this family of pimps into the sex industry.  However, after watching this "family" tore apart by the cocaine epidemic, I asked the head of the "family" to buy my way out safely.  I'd seen what they did to those who tried to leave on their own.  They agreed and I was now an "independent" in the industry.

Word spread on the streets and this is when the REAL predators came to prey upon me - the LAPD and the CIA.  They were working together in what we now know as Iran Contra.  The corrupt police officers who were part of flooding this country with cocaine, all while blaming the African American community for this scourge, also ran a sex trafficking ring.  They supplied drugs and prostitutes to the wealthy elite of Hollywood - knowing the film industry affects the way the people of the world think.  They also needed pretty prostitutes to carry the drugs from the projects into the homes and hotels of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, etc.,  Which is why all of us "madams" such as myself, Alex Adams, and Cheri Woods were called upon to be part of this agenda.

We all went along as we were making money.  But when we were asked to supply them with women who had no "family" to ask questions about their disappearance to be sold to Saudi oil men, and drug dealers, who liked "white women" and wanted to collect them like Scarface collected white tigers - we balked.  This is why you can read how all of the top madams in the country, including Sydney Biddle Barrow, the Mayflower Madam, were all arrested in 1984.

Our faces and names were spread all over the media to make sure we couldn't not only not get a 9 to 5 job outside of the sex industry, but to further scare away all of our "regulars" who didn't want to risk any of the press coming on to expose them.  They confiscated all of our money and property, all while threatening us with other criminal charges.  The point was to make us more "hungry" and thus more "compliant".  

Movie and book contracts were offered to each of us to further ensure that "their" version of our stories were what went out to the press.  I was the only one of the bunch who insisted I would not allow propaganda to go out which wasn't revealing the "whole truth" about the sex industry, and what is now been defined by the term "sex trafficking".  I was then reminded I had signed a contract preventing me from speaking to the press without their consent.  In other words, I was being silenced legally in the form of a book and film option contract.  Clever.

Victims of this had no way out.  They couldn't call the police obviously for help as they were part of the problem.  Shelters weren't set up to protect us from the very systems funding their programs - who would then hand us over to them in two seconds if asked.  Their funding depended upon not "rocking the boat".  So I took an old warehouse I had once used as a brothel and created what I later learned was the first "safe house" for adults in this country.  I say "adults" because only one for juveniles had been created in 1979 by Lois Lee.  Since most of the people I saw being targeted by these predators were over 18 - we had a different issue which had to be addressed.  

The next thing I know I'm being set up and arrested for supposedly "running a brothel".  They gave me a $50,000 bail so the media could print what they wanted them to print and I couldn't come out and explain what was really going on by speaking for myself.  When I showed there was no evidence to support this charge - they arrested my mother.  When we fought her arrest - they threatened my 70 year old grandmother they knew wouldn't survive an arrest because of her age and frail health.  So I gave them their pound of flesh for two years.

Coming back when I was off probation in 1987 and launching the first hotline and 12 step program designed to stop criminalizing these victims to further silence and control them.  We were successful.  Our program "worked" not only at getting people out of the sex industry, rescuing them from sex trafficking operations, but also at coordinating the people to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 pass.

I thought we had achieved success.  Sex trafficking in America was now legally recognized.  Funds were going to be used to help these victims.  Our program had chapters meeting in every major city of the USA generating recovery.  In fact, if you look at any recognized survivor of sex trafficking in this country who went on to create their own local program to help prostitutes - they all came from our program.  For the first time in history, this community was recognized as people needing help - not as "criminals" or "whores".  We had achieved what Bill Wilson had when he not only created AA - but put into our consciousness alcoholism was a disease - not a crime as had been tried with Prohibition.

Jeane Palfrey was the first of us to have the black and white proof of how madams in this country were being sex trafficked not by pimps - but by our own government.  She released her "Black Book" to prove not only this was real, but also to show the connection between her and Randall Tobias - the man who swooped in with the TVRA of 2003 - and "hijacked" this movement right out from under us real survivors.  

Something the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 himself, Michael Horowitz, has confirmed this movement has now been "hijacked by people seeking money and power".  Which happen to be the sex traffickers themselves.  Just as how in the day of Al Capone and Prohibition - the only ones being arrested were those in "competition" with the mob, which also wasn't even being acknowledged as 'real" back then either.  The reason the mob wasn't being acknowledged as real was because then it would become clear the only ones being arrested were those not feeding this criminal enterprise which had it's very roots in our courts, law enforcement, politicians and the church.  People who all profited by Prohibition while the alcoholic was still suffering and exploited.  

Sure the grip on the alcoholic was released, and placed upon the addict.  When the grip off the addict was released - now the "prostitute" became the "victim de jour" to now be simultaneously criminalized, exploited, and demonized.  Something happened in 2008 - this is when I saw something happening which confused me at first.  The people we had helped to exit and recover from the sex industry, whether trafficked or not, had gone out to start local programs to provide services and resources we couldn't as a 12 step program.  

In 2009, I watched as one by one each one of these programs were disbanded.  I watched as the founders were either murdered, framed, slandered, blackmailed, or just plain threatened right out of the field.  I saw a woman with no criminal history framed and sent off to prison for five years without a fair trial who had set up the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  They claimed it was "elder abuse" so she got no early release, no time off for good behavior, no reprieve.  

While REAL survivors were being silenced, I then saw the 'catfish" phony ones coming up out of the woodwork.  The Samoly Mam's, Rachel Moran's, Chong Kim, William Hilliar, Stella Marr - all completely funded by the same people who were being not only the hijacking of this movement, but further connected to the sex industry itself.  Why?  

For the same things which happened in Columbia in the 1990's - the inmates were now running the asylum.  In the 1990's if you tried to call and report something you knew to the authorities against the drug Cartel - they had systems in place to intercept those calls.  The caller then was met with either threats, or just plain whacked, depending on how much they knew or how much evidence they had against the Cartel.  The courts were so afraid to step against the Cartel - "faceless justice" committees had to be set up to try and hold up some accountability against them for their crimes.  Not just with respect to drug sales - but for things which have the Columbia people terrified and controlled.  The Cartel not only owned the soccer teams, but even the country's pharmacies, just to give you an idea about how much power they had.  

We were pushed out of the criminal justice system as an "alternative" to incarceration.  If you look at the time period of the late 1980's through the mid-1990's - you do not hear one story breaking loose in the media about corruption and prostitution and/or sex trafficking.  After being pushed out of the system however, we are now hearing about Joohon David Lee and now Celeste Guap.  Celeste was supposedly not only being "bought" by men in police uniform, even Chiefs of Police, but further tipped off to trafficking activities so she herself could remain trapped.  

Her mother was a 911 operator.  I've got a nice long list now of names of people who have called our hotline because they had tried to report sex trafficking to these new, well funded, "anti-trafficking task forces".  Only to be responded to the same way those in Columbia were responded to when they tried to "do the right thing" and report crimes they'd witnessed.  Celeste's mother being a 911 operator shows a system in place I'd like to know how a crime can be properly reported when there's a woman there knowing her very daughter's life is at stake should things go south.  

What happened to Celeste shows we've lost control.  I've been trying for a few years now on behalf of many victims just like her all over the country to get them help.  I'd like to know how they're supposed to stop being prostituted, when the people behind them are most of the police force, the sheriff's office, even again going up to men such as Joohon who is in Homeland Security, ICE, and the trafficking task forces?  A man who walks victims right past LAX security into this country on plane tickets bought by our own government.  Further, a man for who I've been told we STILL have no laws on the books to even charge this man with any crime other than "bribery" who is now driving a limo in Las Vegas as what the justice system says is "throwing the book" at him.

I've knocked on the doors of our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, as well as our prosecutor's office, who has included Jackie Lacey, and Nancy O'Malley, and the Chief of Police, Internal Affairs, even our governor's office saying I need to speak to them about what these victims are saying is happening to them, and what we're going to do to provide them with help.  When I first started our program, I used to be able to put many of the victims into drug treatment where the HIPPA laws used to protect them from being found by these traffickers and drug back or worse as we saw with what happened to Jeane Palfrey.  

Only to be ignored.  When the situation reached the point where Celeste's story hit the media, instead of her being referred to our program who has dealt successfully with victims just like her for 30 years - the same people who refused to help now step in to say "they're handling it".  Celeste was then sent to a treatment program which took a woman who was being raped for years by men in uniform that had security guards on the floor.  Guards who then took a woman turning to them for help and drug her off to be charged with assault.  Further given a $300,000 bail for the sole reason of silencing her to the media, as well as I'm sure doing to her what was done to me when I was arrested in the same manner in 1984 - to make sure she keeps her mouth shut about everything she knows.  

A woman who if you look on her social media is clearly still being used as a prostitute.  Is this by choice?  I'd like to know what "choice" is it when she's being blocked from even speaking to our organization by again the very people who are supposed to be helping her such as the prosecutor's office.  One who seems more interested in grandstanding for the upcoming election than in doing what is needed to help Celeste.  If Nancy O'Malley's interest was in helping Celeste - she would have turned her over to our program with a 30 year track record long before now.  No - she would have taken our calls three years ago when we called about her plight, and that of many women in this country right now just like her.  

I have gone down the line of speaking to these people.  I talked to the Attorney General's office who told me they can't do anything if the police aren't willing to put together an investigation and arrest the criminals.  I went to the police who told me they can't do this when they're going to risk their lives to put together a case - only to see it not taken to court because the prosecutor's office won't file.  The prosecutor's office has told me they don't see a point in filing when they know the judges are all either bought off, or too scared, to charge these criminals. The judge's tell me there's no point in going against the criminals when they know they're only going to be released early by an over-crowded correctional system which is now mostly for profit in this country.  

We used to be able to get the media to put pressure on the system to "do the right thing".  We last saw this happen with the Chris Butler case.  No one wanted to touch the guy - until the press exposed what he was doing.  THEN we saw the operation he was involved with exposed.  I'm not going to say shut down - because he was just replaced with someone else.  That is what "racketeering" laws are about - when the people within the system are just spokes on the wheel of a machine which keeps running no matter how many spokes are replaced.

Now we have another stack of reporters telling us they can't report on what's going on for one reason or another - either they're scared of winding up like Gary Webb did with his head shot off, or they don't want to wind up on the unemployment line only posting videos on youtube because no news agency will hire them.  

Is it important?  A reporter was confronted recently about why tapes concerning Donald Trump, a man running for the highest seat of power in this country, were not released sooner.  The reporter honestly said it wasn't released because of the stranglehold on the media for who if he had - then not only would no one have not heard it anyway, but that he would then be completely banned from working within the media again because the company producing the segment was also the same company producing the show with Donald Trump.  So yes - when this is affecting what we know about people running for President of this country then it is a "big deal" when the media is being choked. 

Noam Chomsky has said "propaganda is to a democracy what a gun is to a dictator".  Only we the public are the ones being fired upon here. Now I don't care how well Celeste is treated at this point - the system itself which created this situation is not being addressed.  It was not being addressed when I started knocking on these doors a few years ago, when I was going to reporters telling me they're being silenced, nor is it being addressed now for the sake of all the other victims of sex trafficking, and the related corruption.

If I'm being told by every office within our legal and political system there's nothing they can do on their own because of how the other offices aren't cooperating with them for one reason or another - then what is the solution?  At first I thought applying the racketeering laws might be an answer.  When I turned to Kamala Harris' office and pushed on her to do this - she announced she's "running for senate" and put up her donation site.  Okay that's not a solution.  

Then I thought maybe if we set up our own "faceless justice committee" who could do their job without fearing their children, or grandchildren, would be slaughtered on the way to school for doing so.  Who look to Mexico where 44 students have disappeared not long ago and no one is doing anything about this either they've lost so much control after having Pablo Escobar sitting in their Congress.

Only modern surveillance technology has created the environment where what worked in the 1990's for Columbia won't work in a day and age where our phones are the same as tracking and surveillance devices.  

So what is a solution here to a train that's gone off the rails to bring things back on track?  I prayed for insight and believe it or not - I looked up and was watching an old Billy Jack movie.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing - absolutely everything I'm seeing now was in this 1970's movie which he wrote and directed to show the corruption behind a nuclear plant being built where he was wanting to instead build a youth center to help troubled kids.  

In this film, he was talking about a "national referendum" was the solution.  I had no idea what this was and in fact don't remember anyone in this country, not even Obama, saying this term.  I'd like to know more about it so I looked up Tom Laughlin's contact information just now - only to find out he's passed.  

So I'm going to hope this reaches some survivors over there who would be willing to talk to me more about this subject.  I was a kid when this film came out and all I remember about Billy Jack was the martial arts, the cool song, and the way he reminded me of an American "Kung Fu" version of David Carradine.  But clearly the man was ahead of his time.  I could see that when reading how he had to book his films into theaters himself at first.  

Tom was clearly ahead of his time.  But for now - he's "right on time" with this idea.  Please get in touch with me so I can learn more about what a "national referendum" is.  Building nuclear plants is one thing - but when we've reached the point where our children are being trafficked and there's nothing that can be done to stop it, to where when their plight comes out to the light THEY'RE  the ones arrested, held on a $300,000 bail, and having their face plastered all over the media INSTEAD of the men who preyed upon her, and her family, as well as many others, then we need to do something different.  

Maybe this is it.  Thank you for listening.  

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I wasn't sure who to believe when I started having people tell me Alex Jones was all about "disinformation".  But now I know after reading this  For the readers, I contacted Alex Jones last year about many things going on right now within our government in connection with sex trafficking and it's link to Jeane Palfrey.

I am the founder of the movement by the way.  You can go check news clips I have up at to see that in 1984 I created the first safe house for adults.  An angry pimp called the cops and claimed I was "running a brothel".  Yeah right - right next to the Van Nuys police station?  The victim testified against him and charges against me were dropped.

I did this because I had seen Linda Lovelace try and tell the public she was forced to film "Deep Throat" on a mob financed film by her husband/pimp pointing a gun at her while the crew did nothing to stop it.  No one believed her.  Witnessing women being sold for oil deals during Iran Contra, as well as Chuck Barris taking women on planes never to be seen again using the "Dating Game" as a front, I knew no one believed us so why would they help?  Well after that got me busted, I backed up to try another way.

In 1987, I launched the program "Prostitutes Anonymous" and the first hotline to call if you needed help to exit the sex industry.  We spent 13 years generating media with interviews from survivors that sex trafficking was real, that not all of us were the "Happy Hooker", and some of us needed help to exit the industry.  This led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.

After that, our program spread all across the country.   The internet had brought us the webcam studio - so in order to upgrade our program to include the internet sex worker - we changed our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous.   We were being used by every major court in the country for diversion and alternative sentencing.  I was approached by people ranging from professors, to producers, to law enforcement offering me money to share information on our callers and members - which I refused.

In 2002, Polaris launched the National Trafficking Hotline.  Since maybe 10 percent of the calls we received were about actual trafficking, I felt they'd be a great compliment to our hotline.  I was wrong.  From the first day their animosity towards us was clear.  They refused all phone calls which made no sense to me at first - especially when I saw them refusing to give out referrals to our program when they learned the caller was simply someone wanting help to exit the sex industry - not a true "trafficking victim".

They have now done everything possible to try and divert ALL calls to them -and recently partnered with Palantir Technologies - a data mining company for the CIA.  There is now a "mirror" site set up to mine where people's IP addresses are captured that are coming to our site.  In other words, they're able to trace who is contacting us by using this mirror site. I guess when I refused the offer to become a paid informant on our hotline - they just decided to form a monopoly and take over completely themselves.

Which by the way I am preparing a monopoly case as we speak against them for this reason.  Bradley Myles wife, Katherine Chon, is the director of the Trafficking in Persons Office who gives out the grant money.  Who of course gives out the grant money to Polaris, and all of Polaris' "partners".  Who now tell me they "can't speak to me or they'll lose their funding".  Since they have now partnered with Google, who also is Oculus, and the United Way - that means anyone in any government job is now telling me they can't even speak to us or they'll lose their job and/or funding.

Then the "hijacking" of the movement hit in 2003.  The TVRA of 2003 was written by Randall Tobias, and pushed through by Bush.  The wording was clear - the federal money I had spent 15 years now of my life achieving for these victims, and demanding our system create programs for them, was all just handed over to the "faith based" community who hated us to begin with. Yes the same people who used to organize rallies to chase us out of town like cockroaches - was now put in charge of helping us?  Not having a clue how to help us, nor wanting to - we began to be flooded with "awareness" campaigns which bore as much resemblance to reality as "Reefer Madness" did about marijuana use.

I had established sex trafficking was real.  There was no more denial of it.  Now, like how big tobacco used to deceive us through their "prevention" campaigns while they were denying their product was addictive and harmful while silencing any research to the contrary, and the voices of their victims - the CIA moved in and took advance of this money and link to the church to start pumping out propaganda that looks just like the "No Such Thing" campaign.  It isn't our voices, but that of high dollar politics putting on the face of African American girls as the victims and African American men as the "traffickers".  Experts in brainwashing - they just made it appear that "trafficking" was the new pc word for "pimp".  People knew pimps and accepted the pimp archetype - so being told that "trafficker" was the new polite word - people bought it.

Never once thinking I didn't create this movement to address pimps.  Why?  WE HAD LAWS TO ADDRESS PIMPS.  Back in 1987, we had laws against pimps and panderers.  All a woman had to do was call 911 say this guy was pimping her - end of problem.  No - the ones I was saying we needed help to escape was the men within our own government I saw loading women onto those diplomat planes, or who were being tricked onto planes in broad daylight by Chuck Barris - a CIA operative.  I also needed our mental health community to understand when we would talk about seeing such things - we were not "crazy".

Jeane Palfrey was a trafficking victim.   According to all this media being pumped out courtesy of Polaris, Bush, and Tobias on this being about prostitution and not about ANY of us being forced to be in the industry in any capacity such as a madam - Jeane didn't exist as a trafficking victim.  Montogomery himself confirmed what she told me - which was every six months someone from our government would come and pump her for information on her clients, and then also use her to set people up.  Brandy Britton had been seeing David Vitter and she was also found dead before she could testify at her trial.  She told me they had done to her what had been done to me - her death was used to intimidate her into compliance and silence.   Her defense at trial wasn't what the media portrayed it as.  Her defense was she had been forced to be a madam by our government so why should she go to prison?

I was in constantly daily contact with Jeane from the date of her arrest to the night before her death.  When ABC asked to see her book, I remembered how files had disappeared in the Omaha Franklin case with them.  I also remembered how they had ripped me off in 1995 doing a film about a rescue I'd helped a mother do in Canada.  So I was the one who told her not to give them the originals - but to spread it out to other sources.  I then watched dumb founded as Dan Rather said straight faced to the camera "there are no names of significance here".

Luckily, we had given other copies to people like the "Smoking Gun" who said "not so fast" and made them retract their original statement.  They released the names of Randall Tobias and David Vitter.  I have a copy of her "Black Book".  To try and make her take a plea bargain - these people got Montgomery Sibley, her attorney, disbarred and chased him into Florida.   She had been talking to Larry Flynt about the million dollar reward for proof of government corruption.  Jeane had also been talking to a writer who was working on her book.  With the million dollars, her and I had plans to make a movie about the things we'd seen and were going to call it "Mad Madam Productions".  She was hopeful of the future.  I had suggested she just take her sentence, shut her mouth, and disappear like I did for a few years when I had powerful men trying to silence me in fear of what I knew and might say and she told me "where am I going to hide in this post 9/11 world?"  She had a point.  She felt the only way out of this alive was to be as open as possible.

She had told me she "saved a few choice names for last" on the hopes her case might get dismissed.  The plan was if found guilty - she was going to call a press conference to release the "really big names".  The day before her death she was being followed.  Even security at her garage noted she was being followed.  For that reason, she loaded up her files into her car and went to her mother's house.  I had suggested a hotel under a fake name but she told me she was worried they'd just come for her mother who lived alone.  In wanting to protect her mother - she went there.  I had remembered the advice my attorney told me when these men were trying to murder me also, and one woman and man were already dead behind me, which was to "not leave the house".  He warned me "they will try and lure you outside" which in my case there were three attempts to lure me out of my grandmother's house.  I refused to go.  Remembering this advice I warned her "don't leave the house no matter what".  She agreed.

Of course she made arrangements for her death with her mother.  She was in a high profile case where other women directly linked to it already had been found hung - Britton and the Baton Rouge Madam.  I had almost been murdered in my case and Heidi Fleiss had been threatened into silence also.  So had Kristin Davis in Eliot Spitzer's case.  It's very common knowledge we're in mortal danger so why wouldn't she think to make arrangements for her death with her mother during such a time?

She had told me she was going to call a press conference in the morning and told me the name of who she was going to reveal.  Remember, she had an ethics hearing coming up she was supposed to testify at also about the names she had already released.  Ted Cruz was not in that list of names she'd already revealed.

After the news was pronouncing her a suicide before there was even a toxicology report in to see if she had been drugged or poisoned, I called down to Florida and asked to speak to the lead detective on her case.  I demanded the shed be dusted for fingerprints, her body tested for drugs, and I wanted to see a full murder investigation.  I was friends still with Geraldo then, and told him if they did not treat this like a murder and properly investigate her case - I would go on Geraldo's show with the last two years of calls, texts and emails between us showing she was not suicidal.

Her own mother had initially said she thought it was murder and then retracted it.  When I called her to ask her why - she said she was "scared they'd come back for her otherwise".  I understood.  The next morning after I spoke to this Florida Detective, I came home from a doctor's appointment to find five police cars and a drug dog waiting in front of my apartment.  They had a warrant signed by a local restaurant where I had paid for food delivery using a debit card.  The charge cleared.  The owner told me the cops came to his restaurant and had asked if I'd shown a drivers license.  He said "no" and they made him sign a complaint of suspicion I was "impersonating" myself.  A judge signed this silly warrant and these cops proceeded to toss my home clearly looking for illegal drugs to bust me on.  When they found nothing they called CPS and claimed I "had a child in an uninhabitable home".  Mind you - they were the ones who had just torn my house to shreds.  Luckily, CPS gave me 5 hours to clean it up.  I did and they had no choice but to leave.  One of the cops turned back to me and said "I'll be back bitch".

I called the local police station and asked the dispatcher what she knew.  She told me a call had come in from Florida that had set these cops off.  My landlord then came to me the next day saying the cops had told him I had trashed the apartment and to evict me.  He looked around and said "this looks fine - why would the cop lie to me?"  I told him I had no idea.  But then the next day he comes back saying "this cop sure wants me to throw you out - he's threatening to hit me with zoning violations".  He told me I could stay, he wasn't trying to kick me out, but thought I should know this guy sounded like he wanted to hurt me.  I moved.

Not 20 minutes after I had moved into a motel across town there's a knock on the door. I thought it was the movers and opened the door.  It was the cop.  He asked to come in.  I was a victim of Rampart LAPD where they kept trying to plant drugs on me so I refused.  I told him he could speak to me in the parking lot where security cameras could keep an eye on him unless he had another bogus warrant.  That pissed him off and he said "I'm coming back and when I do - you're going to jail bitch".  I literally left the county that night.

The cop then reported to my bank I was impersonating myself so they shut down my bank account.  He reported to Social Security I was impersonating myself and I wound losing my income for 2 months behind this.  I had to go off the grid in fear.  Now if she had killed herself - why was I having to go live underground in fear of these cops?  I should have gone on Geraldo, but by this point I was afraid to leave her alone with anyone to travel to the show.  I noticed Geraldo doesn't return my calls since this event.

I interviewed Montogomery about recent events involving other victims of a trafficking operation going on right now in this country where I can't get anyone to speak to me about the case.  Not the media, not politicians, not law enforcement, not Homeland Security, not ICE, and the FBI told me "if these traffickers were Muslim I could help you".  He told me he "wanted to lead a quiet civilian life".  Next thing I know he's out here talking about Jeane's Black Book?  Wouldn't have anything to do with his "gofundme" campaign to "raise money for legal fees to get her book released from the gag order" right ?  Which even the commenters went "dude you're a lawyer wtf?"

The cop chasing me did not let up until one day it was just over.  I wondered what had changed and went online to learn Montgomery had just uploaded a book on Amazon about her death being a suicide.  I called him and ripped into him about why would he say such a thing?  She gave her life to try and educate us as to what trafficking is in this country, and the connections to the Bush family.  I had been living underground and going to food banks over this case and he just sells out?  Why?  He said "I wanted to just move on with my life and be normal".  Well great.   This is what he told me anyway in an interview he gave me on her -

So which is it then Montogomery?  Suicide or murder?    I've never changed my position this was murder - ever.
Now I had started talking to Alex Jones last year about this very issue, so he knows full well that I was friends with Jeane, and that I have a copy of her Black Book.  I know the name she was planning to reveal before her death.  Yet he runs this story that the name was Ted Cruz.  Think logically here for a moment - why would Ted Cruz kill her?  I also don't see two other dead hookers behind Ted either.  What connection does Ted have to sex trafficking?  Randall Tobias is the one who came in busting with the TVRA of 2003 and hijacked this movement out from under me to the church.  The church who is covering for the CIA what with William Boykin and Kay Hiramine.  David Vitter has two other dead hookers behind him and he's been pushing for the craziest sounding immigration laws down in Arizona where I know we have the worst trafficking problem in the country from what I'm hearing on my hotline.  We have a dead trafficking officer down there who was also found hung before he could testify - Officer Armendariz.   Jeane was murdered before she could testify about THOSE names - not Ted Cruz.

But Alex Jones comes running out here waving the name of "Ted Cruz" without even consulting with me to see what I think about that name?   He knows how to reach me.  I also don't believe he's that stupid - whoever killed her was someone who wanted to silence her.  Why would Ted want to silence her?

It's things like this why I've studied the UFO movement and their "disinformation" campaigns because it's the same exact playbook used in this field.

Ted Cruz is NOT who I'm terrified is going to win this election.  There is not one shred of proof about this name except what Montgomery said.  But he's the guy who authored a book that she killed herself - so now we're going to believe him without independent verification?

This is publicity pure and simple.  I saw Montgomery running around with a "gofundme" to get up money for legal fees to have the book released.  I contacted him and said "I have a copy" and we didn't need to do all this - I'd be happy to send him one over.  Now this bullshit?

Well you know what PT Barnum said - there's a sucker born every minute.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


What's the big riff between me and the "human trafficking" people that have popped up since 2003?  Because what happens to us in the sex industry is DIFFERENT than that of someone being forced to work on an egg farm like Rep. Portman rescued.   Guess what?  You take someone off an egg farm who is being forced to work on that farm - and you find them some help for their PTSD and a new job and voila!  Problem solved.

It says their "workers were overwhelmed" as to the reason.  It's always the reason.  It's why social workers were protesting in Los Angeles recently saying they had 60 cases to deal with.  So they're "overwhelmed" also.

Meaning the system was "overwhelmed" in the 70's, 80's, 90's and what now in the 2000's we're surprised?  It's ALWAYS "overwhelmed".  Which is WHY they need to refer those cases who are addicts to Narcotics Anonymous, alcoholics to Alcoholics Anonymous, and those in the sex industry to "Sex Workers Anonymous".  Now I acknowledge our program isn't designed for juveniles.  I saw how AA created "Alateen" for the juveniles - so we too have just recently come out with for juveniles.  These groups will be led by professionals who are licensed to work with juveniles - but also by using the 12 step process we can get them the additional help the system needs in oversight, as well as addressing these issues directly.

What's so different with us than say just referring them to a trafficking program or a counselor?  Let's take a look at how this operates shall we?  I'm going to walk through through what I've seen going on for over 30 years of my life now with people who are not a part of our program and I don't know.   I don't know Montana Fishburne and so I'm only going to talk about her story so you can go and look it up for yourself online to see what I'm talking about.

This poor girl got hit on by Jeremy Pipes when they both were just pups in school together.  He had dreams of being a rapper and her of I don't know what but clearly to me she was crying out for her father to stop her.  I sent her father a note through his people to that effect and asked that he step in and stop her as the father she wanted him to be like and do.

He did not from what I've read anyway.  Jeremy then talked her into being down at the Vivid offices on the very day she turned 18 years old.  Before she took that step, I tried to reach out to her through every avenue that I could to let her speak to many other women who have walked on that road who would tell her "don't do it".  Only she did.  I didn't see any of these reporters around her giving her our number because then they would lose the story.

Then we saw what alcoholics refer to as "going on the wagon".  This is when they flush all their bottles down the drain and tell all their friends they're "on the wagon" and "turning over a new leaf".  We saw Montana break from Jeremy, and put out there on social media she was now a "fitness trainer".  Photos of her body in work out gear was being used to promote her new business - which then had all types of sports figures reaching out to her wanting to see her as a prostitute because they knew of her past and her porn videos.

This is also what I call "methadone".  You're not really prostituting - you're doing something that looks like it but it's not.  Putting out ads as a fitness trainer, and then guys hitting you up for a date because they know your past, and then they get you out to dinner, and then it's an expensive gift or two isn't prostitution right?  NOW you know why we call our program "Sex Workers Anonymous" instead of "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Because we know that "when we use sex in any form for any exchange we're lost all over again".   Whether it's charging by the trick, by the hour, or with a nice expensive gift after a one night stand - it's all the same just as all alcohol is alcohol and drugs are drugs.

Turns out Karrine Steffans, nicknamed "Superhead" was the girl who gave Montana the bright idea this was the door out of the sex industry.  Only now Montana is back working at a strip club and where's Karrine?  The last I heard she as on her form of "methadone" - her marriage.  I uncovered in our research in ex-sex workers that many would not get their own jobs or companies but instead just marry some rich guy.  When I saw Karrine announcing her marriage - I said "well there's her methadone" knowing when the marriage folded she'd go back into the sex industry also.

And the minute that marriage folded - BAM.  Right back into the sex industry.  Is she in sex work?  Don't know but she sure doesn't look happily married here today -  Which goes back to "social acceptability does not equal recovery" in our program as our "Recovery Guide" says.  Oh I see, the marriage wasn't even real.  This is how addicts get on methadone treatment - but then continue to "pick" a little on drugs.  Still not recovery folks.

Which is why was Montana listening to Karrine on how to get out of using sex to get through life?  The minute someone refuses to speak to someone in Alcoholics Anonymous - they don't want to get sober.  The minute they don't want to speak to someone in Sex Workers Anonymous - they don't want to change their life either. That simple.

By the way, men are not immune to this.  Seems Lil Wayne is doing a sex tape with Karrine.  Which explains this photo of Karrine's Facebook page of him looking quite plastered:

Going back to no one makes an adult film for a company like Vivid without knowing this is going to affect you for the rest of your life.  Also means Karrine had something to do with talking Lil Wayne into doing the adult film, and probably why Karrine would tell Montana not to return our calls.  Because she doesn't want to deal with her addiction to the sex industry either.  Which in addiction terms is called the "enabler".  They're the ones who tell you "oh you don't need to go to Alcoholics Anonymous.  You can get sober and then have a drink once in a while like I do."  And then both are carted home drunk down the road.

And now it seems Lil Wayne has made an adult film they're shopping.  Now you have to make people interested in that film - so of course he's doing his cell phone commercials.  That just beefs up the adult film sales.

And where's Jeremy now?  Selling weed it appears in Los Angeles somewhere.  

So now you see why this affects both men and women equally.  Is anyone putting a gun to their head?  Okay you tell me - you're a Fortune 500 company would you hire these people to work for you at companies like Goldman Sacs, JP Morgan or even Donald Trump?  Now I don't mean on his show for ratings - I mean FOR REAL?  We have seen who Donald Trump REALLY hires  - do they look like any of these people, with a film out on Vivid?  I seem to remember that when Donald Trump was sponsoring beauty pageants they were getting disqualified for even having racy photos of themselves somewhere don't you?

So do I think Donald Trump would hire Montana, Karrine, Jeremy or even Lil Wayne to do something besides music?  HELL NO.

Which means it's just not that simple for us as those kids who were trafficked on an egg farm then isn't it?  Oh and by the way - everything these kids did with the adult films, working in a strip club, IS LEGAL.  To an alcoholic - beer or hard liquor doesn't matter - booze is booze.  To an addict - doesn't matter if it's prescription or street drugs.  For us "any form of sex for any form of exchange must be abstained from in order to recover".

If you want help to escape the sex industry -