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Saturday, May 28, 2016


Jody Williams 
(702) 488-1127 Cell Phone
May 28, 2016

Eileen Decker
United States Attorney
Via Fax  (213) 894-0141

Re:          Joohoon David Lee

Dear Ms. Decker:

First of all, congratulations on your position now as US Attorney for California.   I read about your background online when I was doing research on the Joohoon David Lee case.   I have great hope when I see a woman with your smarts, and education -now coming into a position such as this, and also knowing you had something to do with Joohoon’s situation being exposed, and then dealt with.  

I was wondering if we might open up a dialogue.  I am the founder of the first “everything” to do with the issue of sex trafficking in modern times when I opened the first safe house for adults, first hotline for adults, first 12 step program for recovery for adults, etc.  Not just for those who were “trafficked”, but for anyone who for any reason wanted help to get out of any part of the sex industry.  I say that because like an addict or alcoholic who can substitute one drug for another – I found that “our” community would often also substitute from one form of sex work to another.  Also as an addict may justify that a drug is “prescribed” – so too does “our” community often hide behind the cover of something being “legal” while still a form of sex work.  This is why we have found many would enter into recovery – but then insisting working in a strip club, or for a web cam studio, or even in some kind of pornography “wasn’t the same thing”.   Our program therefore calls for an “abstinence from all forms of sex work”.

But one of our biggest challenges is the situation where we have someone in authority, such as Joohoon David Lee, who is the one trafficking them.  Because while he was doing what he was doing – other victims of trafficking witnessed this.  Victims who were then told “See?  We have men clear up to Homeland Security on our payroll so you have nowhere to run to or hide.”  Especially a problem for them to believe they can safely leave when I’m not reading about the man who was bribing Joohoon being arrested – yet what little media there is reporting on this matter is saying it’s “case closed”.

I’d like to talk to you to see what can be done about this sort of thing.  I have some news clips about my work up at (don’t be alarmed – the “brothel” reported I was arrested over was actually the first safe house I was wrongfully arrested over), and interviews with some of our members up at   We also have a program for parents at and just started one for juveniles at

Thank you in advance.  You can reach me at the above phone number any day after 1:00 p.m.   There are no paid workers in our program – so we’re all volunteers here!  

Jody Williams 

Friday, September 25, 2015


The reason I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement was because we can not call 911 for help.  I wasn't calling for more funding for homeless shelters.  I wasn't calling for more funding for cops to form bigger "task forces" (excuse me but doesn't anyone know that pimping was ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW in 1987!!!).  What I was calling for was a RESTRUCTURING of our system to acknowledge we (1) can't call the police for help, and (2) if we do then we wind up dead.

So you can put up all the billboards you want asking people to call Polaris who then in turn does WHAT?   They call CALL THE POLICE.   Or Truckers against Trafficking who DOES WHAT?  TELLS YOU TO CALL THE POLICE!  Like duh if you haven't figured out that just about everyone from 18 months old on up knows to call 911 for help, and that the REASON for the movement was because 911 DOES NOT HELP  - then you haven't got what this movement was about.

So I'm going to cite here reasons why WE CAN NOT CALL 911 FOR HELP: and of course -  For 12 YEARS of trafficking teens - he got TWO YEARS!    by the way, you know how he got started?  Running Joe's brothel after the IRS took over the legal ranch.  You are aware the legal age of consent in Nevada, and to get a license, is 15 years old right?

Joe shot a famous boxer dead in the heart and didn't do ONE day of jail because of his cop friends.  Tell me a hooker there can call the police for help -  The Chief of Police by the way in Northern Nevada is also the same guy who collects the test kits from the brothel.  You know - the same guy Aubrey said would come and rape them when he'd pick up the test results?

Or if you do call the police - oh boy they bust their butts to do something about it -

Despite over 20 women in this house, despite bags of drugs, despite the pimps being there - the women were sent home without questioning right back with their pimps!   This was after we turned to the police to help us help these women!

Oh now - the police are always the good guys - they wouldn't ever take money from a trafficker to try and find us and bring us back after one of us escaped right?

Oh and working in a strip club and not  a street corner eliminates all of the risk and danger for us right?  They would never threaten one of us dancers - only the patrons get drugged and harmed right?

And there's never any danger in trying to help a victim right?  That's why strippers escaping the Crazy Horse would run over to Jim's school across the street for safety where he'd call us.  We'd come and get them out of there.  His wrestlers would keep them safe until help could arrive.  They found GHB in his system, a drug Rick used on his customers.  GHB is a knock out drug - but oh no - his death wasn't a murder!  Just pure coincidence they hid the toxicology report, and that Rick had left a death threat on his car the day before right?

Now let me ask you - WHO is heading up the "trafficking task forces" right now that victims are supposed to call for help?

In Las Vegas, Karen Hughes is not only on the Nevada sex trafficking task force, and the head of Vice, but she's also head of Internal Affairs.  Meaning if I wanted to complain about someone like Chief Gillispie - I have her.  Only she won't return any of my calls, tells reporters I'm "crazy" and asked to be removed from our mailing list.  So when she refused to talk to me about a trafficking ring off Boulder Highway that was trafficking 13 year olds out of a car lot - I ask you - who am I supposed to report her to?

The Huntington Beach and Anaheim Police are part of the Orange County, California Human Trafficking Task Force -

Chief McDonnell is head of the Long Beach Trafficking Task Force -

Orlando Florida Human Trafficking Task Force - Police are part of that task force also -

Human Trafficking Task Force for San Jose is the Police

Now let me ask you something - why is the task force and the police the same when trafficking IS illegal and we already have a Vice Department structured within the Police?  Isn't this redundant?

Nine out of 10 times that I'm trying to get help for a sex trafficking victim that's an adult  -I'm having to protect them from police in some fashion.  If not police - a politician who is trying to cover his ass that might want the case to disappear such as David Vitter who now has three dead women in his past I'm sure of great relief to him -

The reason I was calling out for CHANGE is because I was thrown out of the Hillside Strangler's Task Force office when I walked in with a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by them who told me that "the word of a whore is not enough to get a search warrant" and they were found to be exactly these two guys where we had told them to go but they refused until more bodies piled up.

The reason I was CALLING FOR CHANGE is because of calls I get from victims of men like Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer who we can't go to the police because THEY'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

The reason I was calling for CHANGE was because of what you witnessed with Operation Dollhouse.  When I couldn't get the police to help (Chief Gillispie), and when I realized the Chief was covering up the operation I was trying to get shut down,  I brought in a reporter to do a ride along.  While in the police car - that reported PUSHED for a "surprise raid" which netted not only 24 women in a house with  mattresses on the floor, bags of drugs, the pimps AND TWO COPS who were probably part of the operation I had been told were transporting the drugs, victims, guns, etc., because to quote them "no one stops cop cars" and when the cops claimed they had "been brought there by mistake" I would have said "pull the tape out of the cab" that's in every cab that would have verified their story (but wasn't done) - they're just let go.

Then the joking and ribbing happens you see with these cops and David Vitter where they claim this is about their SEX LIFE.  Well IT'S NOT ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE.

When Eliot Spitzer is a customer of one escort service at the SAME TIME HE'S DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND THEN GOVERNOR then guess what happens?  Any trafficking going on in connection with that escort service isn't going to see the light of day because he's going to be too busy covering his ass.  Now did we find out about this because he arrested someone in the service?  No - we found out about this because a tape was leaked.

WAS any investigation done to see if there was any trafficking going on in Kristin Davis' service?  Hell no.

So do you know WHY we need this country to CHANGE in order to help us deal with trafficking on US soil?  Do you know WHY we CAN'T CALL 911?  In 2013, a Chinese woman told her traffickers she wanted to retire.  She's now in her 50's and she's been working for them since she was 8 years old.  When she said this - she was carted out of her home, in front of her mother, and son, by two Pasadena police officers.  She was then slapped with two phony prostitution arrests on her record.  She was further told if she "didn't get back to work" that she'd get a third charge which would result in her being deported back to China where she'd then get the death penalty.  This was in 2013.  I want you to look at this arrest and tell me if she did not have every reason to believe that threat -  Please note the POLICE CHIEFS also involved in this case.

Am I imagining all of this?   Three pimps in this operation have been sentenced now so no.

Pimps who threatened the life of the judge, the arresting officer AND myself.  When the woman came to me for help because I run the hotline for people to call when they can't call the police - we got her an attorney.  That attorney then requested the booking tape for when she was arrested.  Instead of getting the tape from the Pasadena Police - he was met with a threat by a Pasadena attorney (who should not have known about him even asking for the tape).

This attorney then told this woman that he had "cleared her record" when he had not.  When I went back to her to inform her that her record still had these arrests - I then got threatened by a Pasadena cop.  When I asked to speak to the Chief about it - I was initially ignored for months.  All attempts to get him to talk to me were ignored (and yes I can document these attempts and I have a recording of the call).

Yes THIS Pasadena police -

For which a judge already ordered a report.  The report came in.  It said that they "needed more money and training".

I went to Internal Affairs who told me "the files were burned last week".

I went to the City Council who said they were busy trying to deal with six million dollars missing -

I went to Jim McDonnell.  I was told by his staff that there was "nothing he could do until elected" so I waited.  Then after he got elected - I was told that we had to "wait until he formed a policy" on what he was going to do about trafficking.  Then I read he got a nice big fat grant.  So I went back to his office again asking for someone to look into this case and I am now getting no answer at all.  Guess he's busy counting his money and chasing street pimps instead of the heads of a multi-national sex trafficking ring that's connected to all types of crime all over this country.

Why do I say that?  Because this trafficking ring is using the children of these women in the massage parlors to get onto the college campuses of USC and UCLA.  Notice the professors involved.  I guess Jim McDonnell would rather chase African American street pimps than Asian traffickers involved in espionage.  By the way, I can show you a paper trail that connects this trafficking ring to what happened here at USC.  Especially since again the children of these women were students in his class and sex is a great way to ply secrets out of someone.

Doubt me?  Ask for the CEO of Glaxo.   While the "end demand" people are running busting johns in cars - the REAL damage is going on inside five star hotels with CEO's.

Think it doesn't affect the media you're watching?  Why aren't you hearing about any of this?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact so called "reality shows" being filmed by Relativity Media have partnered with the Chinese government.  No that wouldn't affect their integrity one bit in bringing you the truth about trafficking right?

Yeah and that's why the show "8 Minutes" was yanked four hours after I served them with a "notice of intent to sue" because I had proof the show had been filed with hired actors and scripted to make it appear that street prostitutes advertising on Backpage are "trafficking victims".  Sorry - NOT!

So where am I with Music's case?  I went to the Los Angeles District Attorney's office and asked them to talk to me about the case after I saw this press -
  I got a deputy who blew me off and after pushing told me to "go talk to zoning".  What?

After Dianne Feinstein announced a Bill to "combat human trafficking" I wrote her to speak to her.   No answer yet.

I read Kamala Harris wanted to "fight trafficking" so I wrote her.  I got no answer.  After about six months of writing - I read she's "running for senate" now - so I guess that's my answer about whether she's going to take a look at this case.

I wrote to both John Kerry and Jada Pinkett-Smith asking them to speak to me about this poor woman's case, and all the other women being trafficked in this operation.  I was talking to Jada right as she was doing Q&A right before the CNN Freedom Project aired where I know she heard me - but I got no answer nor a call back after she was done.  I faxed her agents' office, and emailed Don't Sell Bodies - and have no response.  I faxed and emailed John Kerry - and no response.

I spoke to the FBI agent who arrested William Hilliar for being a fake trafficking rescuer -  He told me that if these "people were Muslim there would be something I could do".  I asked him to please ask around the FBI and get me someone who could look at an Asian trafficking operation - and I haven't gotten any response back to date.

I've gone to Homeland Security.  You know their "Blue Campaign".  I wrote them to speak to someone about the case.  Heard nothing.

I've emailed Polaris about the case.  No one has responded.  You know them.  They run the National Trafficking Hotline.

Daniel Bogden told me to "Call Crimestoppers".  That's brilliant.  She's been falsely arrested by two Pasadena cops and she lives in a house in Pasadena.  I've been threatened by a Pasadena cop and his advice is "call Crimestoppers and make a report"?  Are you kidding me?

So I made a HUGE stink with the press about the case and guess what?  I got a call from Chief Sanchez asking me to "come down and talk to me about the case".  Only when he asked me to make an appointment- he didn't ask me the name of the officer threatening me, or the names of the officers who carted her out of the house.

So I asked him "what are you going to do to ensure my safety coming in and coming out of the station to come talk to you about this case?"  He didn't respond other than to tell me his assistant was going to call me to book a time to come in.


So then I said "look you need to look at the case to have an intelligent conversation with me about it so how about you go ahead and get the files from Wichita.  Give it a week and then I'll come in and talk to you.  Let me know when you have the information and I'll come in."

I waited a week and heard nothing.  I contacted the police, the prosecutor's office, and the court in Wichita and asked them "has anyone from Pasadena called you about this case?" to which they went "huh?"  No.  No one from Pasadena had even called them for information on the case BUT I'm still getting calls from the Chief's assistant to "come down and talk to him about the case".

Right about this time I look up and see Sandra Bland gets pulled into a police station over a turn signal and winds up dead.

So I recontact the police chief and ask him "Please tell me how you're going to protect me to meet with me?  Don't you think you should at least get the names of the officers I'm talking about so steps can be taken to ensure I'm safe coming and going from the meeting?"

His answer was to tell me he's turning the case over to another officer.

I then asked him "what trafficking groups are you working with exactly there in Pasadena?" thinking maybe I'd go talk to them.  He had told me that he initially didn't respond to me because he was "already working with some trafficking groups".  Okay that's fine and dandy - but how that explains him not calling me back when I said I was threatened by an officer of his and that I needed to speak to him about a trafficking case in Pasadena (I mean wouldn't he refer me to that group then at least?) and again I have no answer.

So no I'm not going to go walking into his office when I haven't heard him even ask me the names of these officers, and give me a plan how he's going to make sure when he speaks to me I get there and home safely and I'm not another Sandra Bland.  I mean I'm dealing with police officers who JOKE they can shoot a guy and get away with it and FAKE a homicide case!

Which means faking me being 5150 out to be a piece of cake then right?  At the very same time Chief Sanchez, who lives in Orange County, is calling my house now twice a day to "make an appointment" after I pushed on him with the press about not speaking to me about the case when I tried to - I get a call from a woman who runs the group Abeni, who is a group that works with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.

Never met or talked to the woman in my life before.  She comes at me accusing of "violating someone's confidence online".  Okay - I asked her to please show me the proof of where I did this.  No response.  When I inquired back why she'd accuse me of this she starts acting really weird.  Without me asking her anything about "partnering" with her - she says to me on Facebook "no I can't partner with you please leave me alone".

Okay.  Didn't ask her that and she came to me.  Next thing I know she's online talking to people connected to the show "8 Minutes" who I know are pissed because I just got their show canceled and exposed as a fraud.  Is that a big deal?  Well considering Kevin Brown was running around Orange County pretending to be doing outreach, which resulted in OC getting over $1,200,000 dollars to work with trafficking victims - yeah I think they're a little nervous I got the whole thing exposed as a fraud and have proof it was a fraud.  Especially since she's on the gravy train and she also lives in Orange County where Chief Sanchez lives also.

She's claiming to these people that I'm "stalking her" and "threatening her" and I'm "scaring her" and she wants to file a 5150 charge against me.  She's asking everyone online for my address.  She's asking for my address and claiming she thinks I'm a 5150 based on what?  We hadn't talked on the phone.  Hadn't met.  I hadn't had a conversation with her.  She started saying things to me making absolutely no sense (and yes I saved the conversation so anyone can see it word for word) to make it appear I was threatening her when I was not saying anything.

Now while she's making up this whole 5150 accusation - I'm also getting calls from the Pasadena police station to "come on down" while I'm not being asked the names of the officers.  While they have not obtained any information on the case from Wichita.  So they're not interested in talking to the officers in question and they clearly aren't interested in the trafficking ring - so why am I coming in exactly?

What a great way to get ahold of me to haul me off on Meg's 5150 charge!   So yes if they can "fake a homicide" case I'm sure faking a 5150 charge would be a piece of cake.  You just have Meg file a charge, the cops haul me off and then I'm found dead hung in my room like Sylvia Landry, Jeane Palfrey, or Brandy Britton.

No thank you.

So where are we?  Hell if I know.  But the fact remains that the movement hasn't gotten where we need to get when we don't know.

You got any bright ideas?  Let me know.