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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Letter to at the Dept. of Justice re: Trafficking Grants for Nevada

Dear Mr. Husted:

Here are a few posts I've made about Nevada's state of affairs with respect to sex trafficking today and money they've received to do something to help the victims.

I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself, and I moved to Nevada in 1996 to get help to victims there who weren't able to get help because of the unique state of affairs there because of the legal brothels that exist there which do not anywhere else in the country.  That's why I gave a press conference about the crisis victims were finding there in the "legal" strip clubs, brothels, massage parlors, etc. in 2007.  

To date, I've received nothing but active interference and outright threats from anyone in any office within Nevada.  I've watched as social workers, probation officers, and even Metro officers, in trying to get help to these victims have been fired the minute word leaked out they were coming to us to get these victims some help - instead of covering up the traffickers' back sides in that state.  If you wonder what I mean by that - you can google Operation Dollhouse, the G Sting arrests, Kemp Schiffer who was working as a UNR professor while trafficking girls in from California to Nevada brothels where if what he did he did to them in California - he would have been arrested a lot sooner and got a lot longer.  

Where I've been having trafficking hidden because of agendas of the mayor to build "magnificent brothels", and we have a county councilman there now who is on the Board of Economic Development and advisor to the legislature who is now the owner of the Mustang Brothel.  Like this isn't a "conflict of interest" here.  

And what are you doing about it besides giving them money?  I don't know - you tell me.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

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