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Jody Williams, Founder & Director Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) (702) 488-1127 or (888) 666-1782 October 11, 2016 Bradley Myles c/o Polaris Via Email & Fax Re: Backpage Arrest Dear Mr. Myles: I'm sure an educated man such as yourself has probably heard of the poem popularized by John Godfrey Saxe entitled “The Blind Men & the Elephant”. This poem if you remember was based on a story that's been repeated in many cultures about the blind men called upon to describe an elephant. However, each one of them was feeling a different part of the animal – thus one was feeling the tail vs. the other feeling the tusk. While each was “correct” at the part they were describing - they were still “disagreeing” with each other about what it was simply because of having a different perspective. I'm writing to you today because I believe we may be looking at the same “animal” from “differe


When our group started this movement to have sex trafficking not only recognized as "real" by this country, but also to have systems set up in place to help us get away from the trafficker, and find recovery from our experiences, we of course were considered the "go to" person for information because we had started the first hotline for adults to call in for help. Now anyone can put together a list of drug treatment programs.  However, the best drug treatment program in this country doesn't mean it's good for us.  Let me give you an example of what I mean.   There is a woman now dead because of Chris Batham.   Now I"m the first to say that this article could totally be a smear campaign against the guy so I'm not publishing this simply because of what the article said about him.  I'm publishing it because of wh

OPEN LETTER TO BRADLEY MYLES OF POLARIS ABOUT PIMPS IN MEXICO I read this article today by Bradley Myles of Polaris about how he's "discovered a town where pimps are raised". My first instinct was to call Bradley. Only I know from many many past attempts to communicate with him about this article he won't return my calls or answer my emails. In fact, not one of my attempts have been responded to. Shame. Maybe if he were to consider opening up a dialogue with someone who is not only a survivor of American sex trafficking, but also the founder of the oldest and largest group of recovering survivors of the sex industry he wouldn't be sounding in this article so shocked by what he saw down in Tenancingo, Mexico. Because this sort of thing is not only nothing new – it's the sort of thing that was part of my story and it's going on right now in the United States. Maybe if he wasn't