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Monday, November 28, 2016

Letter to the Guardian about a False Story Ran on Sex Trafficking

I'm writing to let you know of an experience which is sadly becoming a very common place thing in respect to the field of modern sex trafficking illustrated by the article you published here

I run  Our program, and hotline, was originally launched in 1987 as "Prostitutes Anonymous".  When we launched, it was because of the fact modern sex trafficking was viewed in much the same manner as that of alien abduction is viewed then and today.  I say that because if you were to call the police and report you were being sold and/or trafficked back then into the industry against your will, and also asking for help to escape, as well as resources to help you recover physically, mentally and spiritually from what you'd just been through - they would react to you the same as if you were to call up asking for help to escape the little green men kidnapping you at night.  No resources to provide escape and/or recovery from such a thing existed because it was viewed as non-existent as the idea of needing to create an exit and restoration system for people kidnapped by aliens.

Literally no laws existed for such a thing, no other hotline, safe houses, or even any kind of training for therapists on how to help one deal with life after such an experience existed anywhere.  I know as I spent years looking for such help only to be alternatively accused of either being as "crazy" as someone who was claiming aliens were abducting them at night, or meeting with a wall of "who cares what happens to a whore" attitudes.  

Back then we had a record number of serial killers targeting prostitutes with bodies piling up like cords of wood while the police wouldn't even lift a finger to investigate any tips.  I had taken a girlfriend of mine into the HIllside Strangler Task Force offices a year before they caught the two cousins responsible who had been stabbed 51 times by them with their names, address, phone number, along with physical descriptions only to find ourselves literally thrown out of their office.  When I asked "why?" I was told by the Chief it was "because we can't get a warrant based on the word of a whore".  We were viewed not as "victims" back then - but purely and solely as "criminals" period. 

Prior to the first TV appearances we made trying to enlighten the public about the subject, and to promote our hotline, the public scoffed at the very idea.  If you look at films such as "Thoroughly Modern Millie" from 1968 - you'll see Hollywood was making musical comedies about the very idea of a boarding house ran by Asians who would drug and sell American women to opium dens as prostitutes.  Books like the "Happy Hooker" and musicals like "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" created an image to the world of prostitution being nothing but a "happy place" involving nothing more than sex for money between two consenting adults.

To convince America this problem was real enough to lead to us achieving federal recognition of it for the first time with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - I had to lay bare my life for examination so people could believe I was not only telling the truth, but I had to further turn down over a $1,000,000 in publishing and film deals in order to prove I wasn't "making up stories to sell books" as Linda Lovelace had been accused of doing when she tried to raise public awareness about this issue back in 1980 when she released her book "Ordeal".   In fact, I went onto the Joan Rivers talk show in 1992 to show the million dollars in offers and then tear up the contracts for the camera to show "getting the truth out about this problem" was "more important to me to do than make money".

Which is why I'm becoming more and more deeply disturbed by the increasing process of "fictionalizing" or "catfishing" of sex trafficking victims for various purposes.  The first one I remember was a person going by the name "Stella Marr" who was creating a supposed support group for survivors called "Survivors Connect".  Her goal was to get information for a research project and to locate whether or not any survivors existed in the USA who weren't already members of our organization who would be willing to say things politically about the subject that were counter to our beliefs.  

For example, we believe the best way to fight sex trafficking and to prosecute traffickers is to fully decriminalize prostitution.  Only by removing the fear of self-incrimination will you get those closest to the problem willing to come forward to the police to make a report, and even testify against the more dangerous sex traffickers.  We believe "johns" are the first ones to know where sex trafficking is operating and to arrest them only supports the criminal operation.  Much as how during Prohibition the alcoholic wouldn't give up their source in fear of not only themselves being arrested but also losing their source of alcohol.  
When Stella was exposed as a complete fabrication, she disappeared only to be replaced by Samoly Mam.  She reports being approached by reporters promising her "fame and fortune" if she was also willing to spout ideas on the subject counter to what many real life modern survivors commonly believe is needed to combat the problem, and to help victims find recovery.  The press and donations she siphoned away from real programs doing real work trying to pass along real knowledge about how it operated, and how best to also shut these operations down.  

Another complete fabrication came along with the franchise "Taken".  The man this story was based upon was later arrested for impersonating a military officer for the purposes of raising money.  As a result of this Hollywood work of fiction - whenever I'd talk to people about "organizing a rescue operation" they would have images of Liam Neeson kicking in doors, loading guns, and being something which only happens in places other than within the USA's borders.  This fabrication actually frightened many people from even thinking of getting involved in helping victims or fighting sex trafficking for fear of being shot by mobsters - further siphoning off needed resources and support to help us.

Lately more and more of these fabrications are coming out in the media as a form of advertising such as in the story your paper published about the "first survivor to get a scholarship for survivors" at Loma Linda University in San Diego.   When I read the news about the scholarship supposedly becoming available to survivors, I contacted them immediately because the release was false.  They were NOT the "first" people to offer such a scholarship for one thing.  The other was my thoughts if there was another scholarship available now for adults then I knew of a few of our members who would love to be able to apply for the scholarship.  My inquiries however were completely blown off.

When I dug deeper I learned the "university" existed in the living room of a two bedroom apartment in San Diego.  As I pushed harder to find out on where survivors could apply for the scholarship I learned the whole story was a complete fabrication.  So you can imagine my surprise when I read about supposedly the first "graduate" from this scholarship as talked about in your story.   I reached out to find this woman to interview her for - a source of audio interviews we provide to members who are incarcerated to keep them focused on their recovery who can't attend regular meetings - only to find out she was also a complete fabrication.

Further, the reporter who wrote the story and was pretending to be a "survivor" and the "graduate" of the scholarship, had actually called up our hotline falsely claiming to be a victim in need of help for "research" purposes completely wasting my time.  You have to understand we don't apply for any grants, hold any fund raisers, nor charge anyone for what we do.  All of our work is done entirely by "volunteers" who do it for their own recovery purposes such as AA does it to stay sober.

So I, along with other members of SWA, were taking time out of their spare time to answer the call of this person who was completely wasting our time, and time we could have been spending on other "real" members in need of our help.  All of which was being taken up by her of us simply to write a story which promoted a program out of Florida who DOES rely upon grants and fund raising using such publicity for such purposes.  

Meaning I frankly could care less if they want to write completely fabricated stories about the issue and fake scholarships and such they use to generate donations for their program who I have no idea what they actually do in reality - but when they're sucking up our time, products and resources in order to do so I consider it a form of not only fraud but outright theft no different than shop lifting.  It also gives a completely false idea to the public the only thing survivors need to recover from such ordeals is a degree which is 180 degrees apart from the truth.

The truth is that most modern survivors of sex trafficking within the USA could have a fully paid for PhD under their belt and most won't be able to get a job at a local convenience store with it because of their past.  I say that because the modern American sex traffickers promote their victims, and protect themselves and their customers from law enforcement, through the use of pornography.  Pornography easily found online when potential job interviewers are doing background checks on applicants.  

I have questioned 10 companies who loudly promote they "offer scholarships to sex trafficking victims" if they would hire these same survivors once they obtained their training if this survivor had nude pornographic images of themselves found online which they couldn't get removed and/or if they had a criminal record for prostitution and the answer was clearly "no".  In fact, to date, not one corporation which has put out scholarships for survivors has actually hired any of those partakers of the scholarships despite them achieving the higher degree.  I have a long list of survivors who have earned high degrees, are now loaded down with a huge load of student debt to now pay off, but who can't get a job because of their past within the sex industry even though it was entirely against their will.

That's the kind of truth being hidden which the public needs to know about is happening in order to do something about it to help these survivors truly be able to move on.  We need to be discussing laws allowing model releases signed under duress to be voided after a certain amount of time so 20 years later you can't get a job because of a porn spread you were forced to do, or a record you got while being forced to prostitute by traffickers all don't prevent you from being able to move on from the industry entirely.    Not having to return back to it "voluntarily" after having been rescued from forced sex trafficking simply because of things like porn, criminal records, or child custody agreements are blocking from finding another way to pay our rent now we got set free.  

One of the biggest complaints you hear out of law enforcement, social workers, and counselors is that once freed from forced sex trafficking so many victims return "voluntarily" - wasting in a sense all of that work to rescue them.  However, they haven't tried to try to get a job when employers are asking about a prostitution conviction or staring at a centerfold spread.  They can "sympathize" all they want with us - but that doesn't mean they're going to hire us with these things hindering us from being able to move on.  

I remember when the tobacco industry lied to Congress about their products not being cancerous nor addictive.  The sex industry actually is responsible for the flow of more money than the tobacco industry who is also trying to mislead Congress.  The last two Congressional hearings on sex trafficking saw completely fabricated "victims" testifying.  Put there in my opinion for the same reasons and in the same manner the tobacco industry did when also trying to protect their industry through the deception of Congress.  

Fake survivors who didn't want to have testimony heard that the greatest blockage to being able to escape a sex trafficker is that of parental rights.  Real pimps and traffickers will work to get their victims pregnant as fast as possible into their relationship.  This then prevents their victim from being able to leave them without a forwarding address for at least the next 18 years.  

For the next 18 years, if the mother tries to run off without telling her pimp where she's living to escape him - he just calls the FBI to file a kidnapping report and the police will return her along with the baby promptly.  Now I ask you - how do you escape that in even the best of "safe houses" being provided to you?  Did you know if he's even convicted of pimping or trafficking you that you are STILL required legally to take the child to him in prison for visitation and if you refuse YOU could be held in contempt?  Don't tell me that's not going to make a victim think twice about testifying against a guy she's going to have to be facing with her child in hand for the next 18 years.  

You still have to tell him where your'e at or be arrested as a criminal yourself under current laws.  Something you didn't hear one word about in Congressional testimony on sex trafficking the last two hearings because of the phony so called "survivors" talking about how more money was what was needed instead to fund programs and safe houses.  More money however isn't going to change those laws sadly.

All I can do is point out that if someone is trying to publish a story on alcoholism, but doesn't seem to know who Bill Wilson or Alcoholics Anonymous is which in relation to this movement we are that Bill Wilson and AA - then maybe that person should be examined a little more carefully as to the truth of their story.  If they're sincere then certainly they'd at least know we exist even.  Yes it does matter to us if their stories are true or not because the services we need to escape and recover depend first upon raising awareness of what those needs are.

Which is done through the media such as your publication.  So I'm going to ask you to please consider if future pieces are reading like marketing campaigns or lobbying efforts before publishing them  - please consider checking them out for honesty before publishing because we can't get help for things which the public isn't aware of first we need.  Since they aren't witnessing our trafficking - this leaves us with enlightening them through our personal stories.  That's how we got federal recognition achieved with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - but since money was made available with that recognition - we've been finding ourselves blocked at the media well by those seeking out political power and financial donations for some time now at the expense of legitimate survivors' testimonies.

I would therefore ask that you please consider future stories on the subject of sex  trafficking very carefully as to the honesty of the piece before publishing.  That or at least some kind of equal time in allowing OUR voices as authentic survivors to be heard who know money isn't the answer for our situation much of the time.  Money for example doesn't change that law requiring us to tell our pimps where we're living at all times so they can threaten us and our children if we try and leave their control.  Nor does money take down porn we were forced into performing in off the internet so we can get a job outside of the sex industry by employers who could care less what degree we have if there's a nude spread of us online for their customers to see.

That kind of thing takes public awareness we're being robbed of by a new form of pimp who is exploiting our pain in order to drain funds meant to "help" us by robbing us of the media we need to get our true stories out there where we need it to be heard so we can escape any kind of exploitation we're being subjected to whether we're in or out of the sex industry at the moment.

We're not going to stay out for long if we find no other way to pay our rent than returning to prostitution because we can't get a job or away from our pimp because of these false stories continuing.

So please - if you ever need any help checking out a story in the future as to it's honesty  please just give me a shout.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Can't hook anymore?  Get yourself a gimmick.  

Let's convince people bars of soap with the National Trafficking Hotline number on it saves trafficking victims.   Only guess what?  If someone can pick up a phone and call for help THEY AREN'T BEING FORCED THEN ARE THEY?  If they're in a hotel room and they can call for help it does mean they're not being supervised, and they can move freely.  Where I come from a trafficking victim can't call for help. That's the definition.  I ought to know because I FOUNDED THE MOVEMENT.  A movement founded because our victims couldn't call for help and get any.   Is there anyone walking around saying they got saved from a trafficking ring by calling the number off a bar of soap?  It sure is making money for Theresa Flores though.  A woman who says she willingly left her house to meet with a pimp and run off to prostitute.  I'm sorry but in "the game" where I come from I know a hustle when I see one.  There's 911 and there's yellow pages.  But if Theresa can get people to buy her soap and think it "saves lives" - let's give her the "gimmick award" for a new hustle.

We got "Hookers for Jesus" who goes out and takes the hookers out of the pimps house where the johns are paying their bills for them to put them in her house where she's getting old men to pay their bills at her house.  Got to have a gimmick.  Instead of parading women around in the brothel - she's parading them around the church stage.  Not to set them up in their OWN homes, but in HER HOUSE.  Over a million dollars was donated to Pastor Perez who then filed bankruptcy.  The judge then basically said something had to be set up or someone was going to jail so they set up the house but then they were out asking for people to donate a TV set?  Got to have a gimmick.  Want to quit prostitution and don't want to work?  Got get yourself some work out hookers, put them in your house, and then pimp them out to the church.  Either way you slice it these women still aren't working a job and in their own homes and on their own two feet.  They're still having other people take care of them and Annie still isn't working a job.  Mama's just got a new hustle.

Retire from prostitution, and open up a salon and a bakery but that's not enough is it?  No - you need to go out asking for grants and donations to go out and give cash and makeovers to active hookers and strippers.  Sure they'll take it.  Does it help them quit the biz?  No but then you got that covered - you just tell the press you're "loving them unconditionally".  Where I come from if you love an addict unconditionally and give them cash they'll go out and use on that money and die.  Now if these women are giving their money to their pimp - wouldn't that money then go right to their pimp?  Isn't "loving them right where they are" mean letting them stay right with their pimp?   I look at the money people can make in the bakery biz on shows like "Cake Boss" and with hair salons with what the guy who made "Wen" hair products is doing and is Joy Hoover out making six figures a year doing hair or baking cupcakes?  No - she's hanging around strip clubs getting tips without taking her clothes off. What a hustle!  Too bad she's taking money out of the pocket of the women who are shaking their ass for their tips.  But Joy's got a hustle - show up with "cupcakes" talking about Jesus!

Shelley Lubben's got her "Pink Cross" t-shirts - aren't they cute?  She treats porn stars like the ASPCA treats abused animals - she parades around porn stars who had had a bad streak and tells the donors her "trafficking porn" stories of how they've been "beaten, raped, abused, overdosed, trafficked" and please help us go give them a pink cross t-shirt, or better yet make a video of dead porn stars while asking for money.  I've never seen so many images of beaten up, used up, fucked up porn stars with Shelley having her hand out in my life = I swear she's created a new form of porn.  That's her "gimmick".

I could go on but what's the common denominator here?  Pimps make money exploiting these men and women.  I'm sorry but to me what I'm seeing here is just a costume change.  We all know that one can be in the sex industry without having intercourse.  This is just the new hybrid evolvement of a new form of exploitation because it's not rescue, it's not recovery, and it sure isn't a "program.

I want to point you to professor Sharon Oselin's 10 year study on three programs that work with prostitutes "Leaving Prostitution". One of the programs she studied over 10 years was ours.  The other two folded before the end of the study. That says a lot right there.   We have a solid program and I'm not running around applying for grants, holding fund raisers, or trying to sell you a bar of soap and convince you it saves trafficking victims.  Got to tell you - it's a great hustle though!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I have spoken to a deputy US Attorney out of California who works under Kamala Harris.  She's told me she's very aware of the sex trafficking ring of which I speak - but the problem she says is they "can't build a case when the police won't arrest" anyone.  The police officers I've spoken to say they can't arrest someone if the DA "won't prosecute".  I've spoken to a few DA's who say that they can't build a case that they know the "judge is just going to throw out".  The judges say they can't build a proper case if they can't find any good DA's.

Look at this recent case of where these articles claim a judge "disqualified 250 DA's because of corruption".  What's really confusing is I contacted the professor of law at UC Irvine that supposedly was "asked to do a report".  He says he was "not asked to make a report" on this issue.  When I spoke to the Judge's clerk - she had no idea what report I was talking about.  But she wouldn't let me speak to the judge directly either.

But I do know this - I've written to the California US Attorney's office attention Kamala Harris.  I've tried getting through by phone and of course get nowhere.  So I email.  Why don't I write by postal mail?  Who has the money for postage for the number of letters I write and send weekly?  So I've emailed.  But she wrote this report in 2007 - so I thought she'd be interested in looking at the evidence I have on this ring.  Especially after I saw her "crackdown vow" in Huffington Post.

After I emailed her the first time about this ring - I saw her issue a report to the White House about "multi-national trafficking rings" that stated she needed "more money" to do something about this.  I took that as an answer.  This was published in March of 2014.

So I wrote her again informing her that no special help was needed on this - that I had enough evidence against the heads of this operation that could be turned into a case if someone would come and look at it with me.  I'm not sending it by email I don't know she's getting or who else is looking nor will I post it online.

Then shortly after my next email to her - I saw a letter go out to the White House from another state's US Attorney saying there "weren't the laws on the books to go after these rings" only there is.  The RICO laws would work just nicely to go after the head of this ring - someone just has to go after them.   So I wrote again and pushed harder to have someone from her office speak to me about it thinking maybe she also thinks there isn't laws on the books that would allow her to go after them properly because they are spread out all over California, as well as the USA.

A week later - I heard her announce she was "running for Senator" and she put up a donation button.  Got you Kamala - go to the highest bidder.  No we can't afford to bribe you and the victims have their money taken away from them.

But now I see you'll go after Planned Parenthood to see if "any crimes were committed" only the tape is ILLEGAL.  You're looking at a video that was obtained through impersonating another business, another person, and was obtained and PUBLISHED without consent.  If anyone remembers the ACORN case - that reporter got slapped with a $100,000 fine for making and publishing his tape.

But you're going to look at an illegally made tape - but won't answer my emails.  Gotcha.  Don't worry - I don't have any offices to raid. You sued the lawyer defending the victims of Bank of America and took all of his files.  Not like there was a deadline running or anything that could have affected their case right?

But you got your man didn't you - 17 years in prison.  It says he "had fake customers who bought stock" and therefore he "inflated the price" of the stock.

Only problem is I've seen how the government works especially anyone who supported the Occupy Movement like Stein did.  I also know how to read between the lines.  I don't see that any person filed a complaint here against Stein.  Everyone who got information together to prosecute him - was a government agency like the US Postal Inspector.   Those documents show that anyone who was supporting the Occupy Movement was singled out and attacked.  I imagine him coming after Kamala on behalf of the Bank of America victims' just put him higher on the hit list.

Has anyone wondered where the trafficking groups went that were led by survivors?  In 2009 - I saw a campaign hit that wiped just about everyone out but us in methods just like what happened with Stein.  I saw a woman come in and offer Chong Kim a donation of $10,000 in cash to open up her sex trafficking program in Texas.  Then I saw the woman turn around and claim that Chong had ripped her off - and saw her get arrested.   Here's where it gets even more interesting.  She partnered up with a group called "Breaking Out" as their token survivor to help them raise money.  When she first did this - I wrote them warning I thought she was lying about being a survivor and had used my name to con people out of money.  They completely ignored me for TWO YEARS.

Then suddenly they turned around and claimed she had "conned them" out of something like $7,000.  Oh boo hoo - I'd warned them but they ignored me and now they want to cry victim?  After using her to raise how much money themselves?  In digging on their site wondering why they suddenly had an issue with her - I found all these "sponsors".  I contacted them and they said they "did not sponsor Breaking Free".  Every reference I checked on their site was a lie.  Then I found they had Oliver North as a "friend" on their Facebook?  Does anyone see the irony here since he was involved in Iran Contra - where I saw our own CIA selling off women for these drug deals because the dealers liked "white girls"?  To me that would be like opening a daycare center about two years from now with Jared from Subway as your spokesperson.  So I'm not so sure their witch hunt with her wasn't a set-up against her of some kind.

I also saw Sharnel Silvey got falsely arrested to.  She had an elderly man she was caring for at her day job as a caretaker give her a $17,000 donation to her work with trafficking victims before he died.  Then because she didn't get a receipt for that money the family sued her.  On a 1st offense, no priors mind you - she got sentenced to five years for "elder abuse".  There went her trafficking program too.   That same year this happened I had a guy come at me with a $10,000 donation to help him organize a "rescue" only I made him sign a contract for the money and I reported it.  I guess that's why our program was about the only survivor led program that survived 2009.  I don't know if his customers were fake to begin with - or they turned out to be fake and he got hung out to dry.

I do know this  - you're cheap Kamala.  $1500 buys all the power of the state behind your donors.  Let me see what I've got in the couch cushions around here. . .

Oh no that was Bank of America.  You did get a quite nice grant to help fight sex trafficking and "form a task force".  That explains the wonderful reports you got prepared to send to the White House.  So I guess it's okay you got all that money because you did "raise awareness".  But I think the victims would like to see you come after the traffickers who operate the rings - instead of just the street pimps they throw into the system to make it appear you're doing something here on the issue.

Well you did encourage people to "report signs of sex trafficking" to the authorities.  Well we are "reporting them to the authorities" Ms. Harris and we're being threatened for doing so.  Oh wait - I see.  The 2.7 MILLION was to "raise awareness".  So you wrote the reports.  Oh I see how that works.  But us who come to you with any evidence that could shut down the ring at the head, and get some corrupt cops and DA's out of office - oh you need another grant for that I guess huh?  Or a grant to get notified of when you're speaking somewhere about trafficking that I never get news of despite being subscribed to your mailing list?

I don't know what she's going to do about it but I'm sure not going to vote for her to be in a senator's chair.