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Dear Concerned:

My prayers are with Lamar.  Knowing that he's struggled with addiction, and upon reading he's been in recovery - I count him as "one of the family" even though I've never met him.  Please know I've lit a candle and I have been praying for his recovery on all levels.  Considering him one of the "family" is why I'm writing you as I would as if Lamar were a blood brother of mine.

I don't know if you received any of the letters, emails, tweets, or phone calls I tried to get through to your family over the years starting when I read Kim had her film being marketed by Vivid.  I understood the situation and knew the film could not hurt her future the way something like that can, and does, hurt other young women who don't have the benefit of having the family, nor the career, that Kim had at the time she did this deal with them.

However, I was meeting many young girls who did not understand I was hoping I could get Kim to speak a…

LAMAR ODOM AND THE BROTHEL - SHUT THEM DOWN!  My prayers are with Lamar and the Kardasian family.  I have previously tried to reach out to the Kardasian family to no response.  The reason why I'm sure is they felt "why should I care about those girls".  Well now you understand why you should "care about those girls" Kardashian family.  Maybe, just maybe if I had been allowed to talk to their family about what "really" goes on up there Lamar wouldn't have fallen for the marketing, and the PR, about how it's all "just a good time" up there.

But honestly I'm shocked Dennis said anything to the press. I thought brothel owners were supposed to be "discrete".  I bet they found no drugs in that room.  The brothel is supplied with pot by Heidi Fleiss.  She grows it in her backyard.  Police didn't even arrest her because they couldn't find anyone to take care of her 400 parrots she keeps for that purpose.  Dru…