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Saturday, April 30, 2016


For those of you watching the upswing of the "end demand" campaign - I would like you to note a few things.  

In 1980 when Linda Lovelace came forward to say she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" by her pimp holding a gun to her off camera  on a mob financed adult film set where no one stepped up to help her - suddenly we see the Meese Report coming out trying to stamp out porn NOT the situations that allowed her to be forced on that film. 

Did it work?  Did porn go away? 


If anything, it's now everywhere right?  

I've seen how Prohibition led to the speakeasy's and Al Capone became a rich man selling bootleg liquor.  Did Prohibition stop drinking?


Our program, has been effectively helping men and women leave the sex industry for 30 years now.  I've watched as Sexaholics Anonymous was helping men to stop being "customers" of prostitutes, buying pornography, etc.  

Yet do you see people like Swanee Hunt - NOT promote anything to do with us.  If anything, she was responsible for taking us OUT of Phoenix when she helped to create Project Rose and Division 17 through CAASE.  Then when Project Rose bombed - did she come to us to restart back up the program which had been operating in Phoenix for 20 years effectively?  

No.  She went out and took women who had gotten into recovery through us and created

Which got me to wondering why Domina Elle, of SWOP, would be getting money from Swanee Hunt's foundation.  

It also made me think back to when big tobacco used to hold "youth prevention" campaigns to curb teen smoking which didn't do one darn thing with respect to teen smoking EXCEPT INCREASE it.  

Now if the tobacco company went out marketing to kids - that would make them really bad guys.  But if they act like they want to "prevent" it - then they care right?  But in all the focus on the kids - no one is focusing on shutting the industry town then are they?

Swanee Hunt has enough education, and enough money, to know how the mind works and to hire the best marketing people in the world if she wanted to "end demand".  

What does she do to end demand? This -

Now take a look at Derren Brown teaching about "negative suggestion".    Here's another video on it

Now do you really think this is what's going on here?  Everywhere that Swanee is touching down - he's increasing arrests against the "johns" which isn't going to do one thing to "end demand".  All it's going to do is push them into a situation where they'll be SURE TO HIRE A VICTIM in order to cover their ass just as we saw with Eliot Spitzer.  In fact, he uses escorts from other countries connected to Russians he knows will be so terrified they'll even call up reporters and say they "made the whole thing up".

The REAL reason these people are creating fake Samoly Mam's, fake Chong Kim's, fake Rachel Moran's, and trot around real pain from women like Brenda Myers-Powell, INSTEAD of the woman who created the program that got Brenda off the streets (us), is to KEEP THE EYES OFF THE INDUSTRY ITSELF.

Just as big tobacco did. 

Just as alcohol did.

Just as drugs did.

All things which share they're products sold to addicts.  

Just like the sex industry.  

THAT'S why they don't want you talking like the sex industry is an industry - because they don't want you putting two and two together about what they're doing.

Controversy sells.  We saw this with "50 Shades of Gray" and why Maxine Doogan is a very clever "influencer" hired by the sex industry to take over SWOP to ensure the INDUSTRY is protected, not the workers.  That's why you never heard things like "union" out of her mouth - but you do ours. 

I watched the schools growing up who had DARE running through them - and when they left suddenly most of the kids were doing drugs.

I watched the teen sex education programs swept through our schools - and then watched as some schools had most of their teens pregnant at the same time.

I'm not a PhD and I know this - you tell someone "no" and they want it just the more.  Which is what "end demand" is all about in reality.

Not "abolition". 

It about "abolition" then why do they refuse to speak to me about our battles against the legal brothels in the past, that have won?  Why aren't they at the hearing to expand brothels into downtown Las Vegas we testified at ALONE and won?  Why are they holding their "summits" in MISSOURI rather than NEVADA?

Oh they're "ending demand" alright.  For their competitor's product while increasing demand for theirs.  

THIS is how you change people's minds.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Dear Mr. Nolot:

My understanding of "abolition" also includes legalized prostitution. Especially when 16 year olds are being licensed to work in these brothels in Nevada.  Even more upsetting than that fact alone, being that 16 is too young to drink, vote, smoke, or even drive a car alone, is that once you arrive for your first 48 hours on site at the brothel if you try to leave you will be arrested under the smoke screen that it's about the HIV test.

These girls didn't drive themselves there, and there's no way out anyway even if they did walk out despite the threat of arrest.  There are no buses, no cabs, not even a business or home to walk to in order to call someone for help.  These brothels are hours and miles from anywhere and hours from even being able to call for a cab or limo from another town.

As you may have seen in the news - the main cab/limo company in Nevada was arrested for racketeering and trafficking recently.  This had gone on for years.  The reason was because I had deals with the cab drivers to go in and pick up these girls as a "donation".  Once the brothel owners realized this - they bought the company.  I then had a man move into their county and he started a "gypsy" cab company.

The brothel owners came in and ran him out of town.  I had volunteer drivers who would go and get them - they were all threatened off.  The RV that I used to go and pick them up had a bomb put in it.  I was just lucky it broke down before it blew up the mechanic told me.  My outreach vehicle was destroyed.  This is the same place that almost killed Lamar Odom I'd like to add.  He didn't complain about the drugs or the $75,000 missing from his pocket because Nye County police was threatening to arrest him for drug possession.  

He's still not walking down in Cedars Sinai by the way.  I spent a year being evicted and fired just to fight back the brothels from expanding into California in 1988 and won.  I also fought back the brothels from being where the Mob Museum now stands - and won.  I fought back Dennis from advertising in Oakland and won and from expanding to Arizona and won also.  I have chased out every brothel owner now but Lance Gilman and Dennis Hof - and I chased Dennis Hof's so called "reality show" off HBO.

Now after all of that - the brothels are up to a very dark sinister plan that I know I won't be able to beat alone and I won't be able to beat unless I can get them shut down and shut down now soon before they can get a chance to take their plan to the next level.  While I have no chance of fighting this plan alone - you're having your summit in Missouri.  In MIssouri is not anywhere near the registered voters who live in Nye and Storey County.  They're the ones who hold the power right now over the fate of these brothels.

If your summit was to be held there - or if you even were to have a speaker on this subject - you could wipe out their plans.  I have written and written and written and written your organizers about this fact and hear nothing.  I have heard Annie Lobert speak - yet she lifts not one finger to fight these brothels.  Not one.  I'm the one who has had them show up at my home with four large men and a truck telling me I'm going to be "shown to the state line" the day before there was testimony to be heard on the child trafficking law - not Annie.  I was the one who was jailed the day there was testimony on AB67 - not Annie.

I was the one who found out about the back door hearing on expanding the brothels to where the Mob Museum now sits - and brought in a woman to testify to the legislature about what really goes on in those brothels that so broke their heart they turned down the brothels and so angered their lobbyist he quit after 20 years of serving them!  Not Annie.   It was your church who backed Kevin Brown who was a total and complete fraud with "8 MInutes" also.  I've been here 30 years and I'm still here winning - so I ask you please explain to me why you call yourselves "abolitionists" with a meeting in Missouri?

Jody Williams