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What a breath of fresh air.  I've gotten so disgusted with the fake TV shows and films being produced about sex trafficking that I don't even watch them anymore.  From Eden, to Taken, to 8 Minutes, and even Gigolo's or Cathouse - I don't know when I've seen something on TV or film that even REMOTELY resembles the types of sex trafficking I've witnessed in the now 40 years total I've been witnessing many forms of this crime.

So trust me - I don't go "oh look another film" and turn it on anymore.  I accidentally came upon the film "Stolen From the Suburbs" and it gripped my attention because IT DID.   Granted, it was more of a description of what I call "trafficking" that just "sex trafficking" but it was still an honest portrayal of a subcategory of sex trafficking.

There are criminal rings that traffick in human flesh.  These types of people will traffick the men for labor or porn (depending upon their age and loo…