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As the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself I'd like to weigh in.
Going back in history I take you to 1980. This is when Linda Lovelace released the book “'Ordeal”. This outlined the film “Deep Throat” was made with mob financing, and she was forced to be in the film with her pimp pointing a gun at her from off camera. Now the anti-porn people scooped her up to be their “poster child” to outlaw porn instead of changing the working conditions on porn sets so this type of thing couldn't happen again. Her statements were fought harshly by the porn industry who obviously had an “image” to protect. To point out many “loved” making these types of films – they pulled out Marilyn Chambers to counter Linda in the press as making porn films “voluntarily”. The pimp, Chuck Traynor, had moved on to now “manage” Marilyn who was now making these claims. Of course she was also promoting her film at the same time. So the more she talked about “loving it' –…