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Saturday, April 9, 2016


I sent the below cover letter to some attorneys I know to check out a possible antitrust complaint:  I have the history of Arizona, Prostitutes Anonymous, and groups like Polaris, outlined on that link.

1.   The groups that have been forming this complete circle of connections, while blocking our program out in the process, has only been getting complete, and we've been able to verify it's completely from 2013 until today.  This is within the four year statute.

2.   I have "parallel activity" first of all, and I've been able to establish from enough people there is a conspiracy to shut us out using the threat of being fired, not getting grant money, losing their reputation within the community, not being re-elected, and other such threats as we've been told by different people they've been threatened with, including a veiled death threat to one woman in Arizona about what would happen if she continued to try and re-start up our meetings outside of their "system" in Phoenix, to make these people not want to speak to us, as well as not conduct any type of business with us whatsoever.  

3.  We're not alleging any "uncompensated loss".  Our claim makes economic sense.  The money that has been distributed from the federal government to do work in the field of trafficking has been limited to really just a handful of the same people who have created a stack of groups to make it appear there is a whole lot more other people involved than really are.  We weren't applying for those grants, so that's not what the issue is about here.  However, we have lost out on book sales to the people who would have been calling our hotline and attending our meetings.  

4.  The anti-trust laws were created to generate competition because that keeps an industry healthy and "honest".  It also prevents things like price gouging or sloppy service.  What I'm alleging is just what the law was created for in that these people have created a system where people who break through to find me say they are not receiving any services at all from these task forces.  They are being used for statistical purposes for research only, and also for purposes of grant writing.  However, they are not receiving any services.  The cases these groups have held up as "proof" they are serving victims of trafficking keep turning out to be completely bogus such as with Samoly Mam, Chong Kim, William Hillar, "8 Minutes", "Saved on the Strip", and also this case with the Somali teenagers who were not trafficking victims at all.  This lack of competition in fact is what led three innocent men in that case to be wrongfully incarcerated.  Who knows how many other men have been locked up for trafficking wrongfully because of a lack of a competitor with respect to training, consulting, information, and resources for people in the legal and medical professions.  

5.  I believe I have anti-trust standing.  Prior to the year 2000 - I had chapters of our program all over the country.  The media consulted with me on interviews, as did film makers.  I had people from the police and social services calling to consult with us, even within the prosecutor's office.  I was training counselors.  We were increasing our meetings and selling our books as well as consulting with new programs about how to incorporate our program into their residential program.  We were consulting with the University of Toledo in how to create a university level course of study for those working with these victims, as well those exiting the sex industry who were not trafficked.  I have the interview from one member showing what it was like before they stepped in vs. after they stepped in, pushed us aside, and continued to take over until they had complete control over this field.  

6.  Since in order to do my job I have to be able to reach politicians, law enforcement, social workers, counselors, etc., to provide assistance to our members, their shutting us out is preventing us from "buying directly" even though this is more about services, and information - than products.  The same however applies to the social worker trying to get training.  They are provided with only one option to get books and training that are approved by the group of people I'm claiming have a monopoly.  The customer is not being given the choice to buy services, products and information from us in any way.

7.  This is not something like the stock market - so it's not prohibited by federal law what I'm trying to do here.

8.   I do not attack rates approved by a federal agency.

9.   I am not challenging a state regulated agency or scheme.  

10.  This does not involve anyone petitioning their government under free speech.  For example, Polaris is not our government.

Therefore, I believe I have all of the 10 points on the checklist to have an anti-trust complaint which can be filed.  I was wondering what you thought?

Jody Williams

Friday, October 2, 2015

Open Letter to “No Such Thing” Campaign:

Many of you reading this, I'm aware haven't heard of us, know what we do, who we are, etc. If you'd like to read some news clips we have at There are interviews with some of our members up at and we're producing another cable series you can check out at We hope to start production shortly. To kick off – we'll be filming our combination outreach/research project with footage incorporated into this which will be posted onto social media for all to see what we see. We're doing this project because we're understanding that people don't see what we see – so we're going to take steps to change that. It's not as easy as it might sound and I'll explain why shortly.

First, while we refer to outside programs for help those who are under legal age, our hotline still answers calls from anyone of any age. For this reason I try and get as extensive of a referral list as possible for services to anyone who calls for any need. Since we've had this hotline since 1987 – it's not surprising to get a call from someone who says “I've been holding onto your number for 19 years now” (as one caller actually said). We're also now in our “second generation” of calls. That means that mothers who belong to our program – who are finding their sons or daughters are now having issues or need help will also call us because we helped them “back in the day” .

Our outreach teams don't know the legal age of someone when they first meet them out in the streets and/or the sex industry (the strip clubs, the legal and illegal brothels, the sex clubs, the porn production companies, the porn modeling agencies, the AVN awards, etc.) - so we talk to boys and girls of all ages as they're coming into recovery. But the vast majority (probably about 90 percent) of our members have been pulled into whatever they were involved in long before they were of legal age in that state. In fact, if you listen to some of our radio interviews - we have one up from a member who was trafficked starting at as young as four years of age. Her name is “Rachel”.

Our members are also members because they need to keep their “anonymity”. Many still have their traffickers “at large” So you can imagine my phone started ringing off the hook when your “No Such Thing” campaign kicked off with members asking me to “say this” to you, their organizers, and the public, as their trusted servant. You have probably read about Amelia having to leave her home So you have some idea why both our members, and myself, are having to be as guarded about our personal “anonymity” as we can possibly be. Let me give you a more specific example to help you understand why this is such an issue for all of us.

Up until he fled the country as a fugitive - Joe Conforte was the owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel. He's the guy Joe Pesci played to show that he shot down a famous boxer in cold blood and never did one day of jail. The legal age for sex by the way is 15 years old in Nevada. In 1988, Joe decided he wanted to expand the legal brothels outside of these tiny little rural communities in Nevada into the larger cities of Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, etc, and into all of California. Buying himself a rigged HIV test, he then put $1,000,000 into a PR firm to go after his goal. The only person who would oppose him back then was myself. Each time I appeared on TV to oppose Joe's campaign – I got fired, evicted and threatened. That year I had to go to work for a temp agency and I moved so many times I finally rented a weekly motel room until the campaign was over. We won that round obviously.

Then he started up again to expand in Nevada. I had helped the madam there get into recovery. With her help – we were able to get the IRS to come in and take over the brothel – kicking Joe out. He wasn't too happy about that – so he got Kemp Schiffer, the IRS agent who took over the brothel on behalf of the government, to keep funneling him money. Thus he finally got charged with money laundering and had to flee the country. Kemp Schiffer then started bringing girls into Nevada from California to work at the brothel because the legal age is 15 years old here.

The brothel was then bought by Lance Gilman. Lance Gilman is a Storey County Councilman and adviser to the Governor and legislature because he's also on the Nevada Board of Economic Development and he's one of the co-founders of the power company. Lance then convinced the ex-mayor, Oscar Goodman, that putting a legal brothel in downtown Las Vegas where the Mob Museum now sits would be good for “economic development”. So Oscar and Lance went out to get celebrities, investors, large corporations, etc. to buy into the idea of putting legal brothels in Las Vegas where “men of the world come to pay and play” is what they used to say. Trust me – this was a cold war!

While the Trafficking Act of 2000 got passed giving sex trafficking federal recognition – there was still raging horrific trafficking going on within the legal brothels of Nevada. I invite you to listen to our interview with “Aubrey”. She was 12 years old when her pimp, and his father, “turned her out”. They had her working on a street corner in what would be considered as “child sex trafficking”. This was disguised when she was young by calling him her “boyfriend” - but as they got older her pimp started getting nervous people would figure out what was going on. To protect himself from criminal charges – he took her into Nevada once she turned 15 years old. This made her the age of “legal consent” for sex in Nevada – but since she had to be 16 years old to work in the brothel – he put her on the streets for a year. Once she turned 16 years old – he put her to work in the Shady Lady brothel which was owned by the Hell's Angel's. The same gang that brutally murdered Margo Compton, and her two children, when she tried to go to the police to report them for trafficking in 1977.

She couldn't leave the brothel because they'd only give him her money. When she'd be dropped off to work there – he'd have custody of their two children. So she couldn't leave the brothel because he always had the kids. It was a long story how we got her out of there, and with her kids, but we did. Aubrey became the first case where we could prosecute someone for sex trafficking that worked within a legal brothel. This was a landmark case because the public perception seems to be that sex trafficking does not occur within “legal” sex industries such as strip clubs, massage parlors, and legal brothels.

While this was going on – Snoop Dogg's “Playboy Tour” was coming through Nevada We got a call about a pregnant victim being held captive by a notorious violent pimp with a long criminal record asking us to help this woman to escape. When we asked why he didn't call the police – we were told because “no one wanted to prosecute the pimp because it would lead back to Snoop”. Take one look at how Mally Mall had his house raided – but was not arrested – and his connection to Snoop Dogg.

Now take a look at the Bill Cosby case. Then realize this was before he had confessed to doing any pimping in Rolling Stone. Remember he beat a murder rap and who his friends and fans are. Think about what the OJ case was like. Now you have an idea why this guy said the police didn't want to prosecute the pimp holding her Meaning they couldn't offer her any rescue or even rehabilitative services. So we had to go in there alone and get her out of there – which we did. Then we had to go about trying to help the other victims of this tour that he was keeping on an RV. All while every city he stopped in – the police and press refused to get involved. Imagine what we were dealing with!

Think of it like this – imagine if 10 years ago if you got a call from the police saying Bill Cosby was on tour and raping women in his hotel room all across this country. Imagine the police said they couldn't arrest him, nor would they respond if one of his victims called 911 for help and the only thing that could be done to help these victims was YOU had to do something yourself. Further imagine being told that no one can give you any grant money or donations to do this work because it would the “implicate” them in their negligence and looking the other way. Because that's exactly the position we were placed in by Snoop's Tour. Further – imagine Bill Cosby then gives an interview to People where he brags about “living out his rape fantasy” and laughing about his victims and you have now a good idea why I put up the website last year after his confession was printed.

Also realize this man is leading a growing football league in high schools across Los Angeles. Not just coaching young men – but also auditioning and interacting with cheerleaders. To add a cherry on the sundae – he has now bought a medical marijuana delivery service. No – the cherry on the sundae is the security guards telling me they now can't legally keep pimps off the high school grounds of schools they don't physically attend because they say they're “coming to see the game”.

We gave a press conference in 2007 announcing to the world we had a BIG problem in Nevada. That pimps were bringing girls as young as 16 years of age here, then placing them in “legal” businesses, that none of the “abolitionists” nor the “anti-traffickers” were even registering on their radar there were victims in these types of businesses because everyone seems to be targeting street corners exclusively.

To VALIDATE our call for help – John Quinones and Bob Herbert both physically came to Las Vegas, saw what we saw, verified what we said was TRUE, and verified that I was for real, Sex Workers Anonymous members were for real, our work was solid - and the only thing that seemed to happen out of this for them was Bob got threatened with a “baseball bat to the head” by Oscar Goodman, and John Quinone's book about this “Heroes Among Us” didn't receive one bit of press or attention.

Almost IMMEDIATELY after this press conference calling out to have something DONE about this – I came home to find my power cut off, my cable, phone, TV and internet wires cut, my car was completely trashed, my insurance had been mysteriously canceled, and when my daughter went to call for help she was mowed over in broad daylight by an SUV that was owned by a Metro officer where the cop who came to the scene then ticketed my daughter for jaywalking (which she wasn't doing) and refused to take any witness reports nor give the driver a breathalyzer test nor take any photos of her physical condition either My daughter's back was broken in three places from the impact.

Then the brothel owners made one more bid to expand into Las Vegas in 2013. At a hearing that had not been listed on the public docket as required by law – Aubrey went into that hearing and testified about what really goes on inside those brothels. How they aren't safe, they're raped daily by not only the customers, but also the police, and how they have no way physically out of these places, etc. We won again and the legislature voted against the brothel expansion. However, Aubrey went home that day to find her power had been cut off, her cable, TV, internet and phone lines had been cut. The next day her car was stolen. A few days later her home was broken into and everything she owned was stolen. When she called the police to make a report – she had her life, and the life of her children threatened. Needless to say – we got her out of Nevada. Just as a side note, probably no connection at all - but Lance Gilman's Board of Economic Development has everyone of these companies on the board he's a member of, plus again he's one of the co-founders of the power company.

While the hearings were going on about the trafficking bill AB67 – our outreach RV was stolen and then returned mysteriously. Luckily it broke down because the mechanic then found a bomb had been placed within the RV's exhaust system. Not long after that – while I was out of state – my front door of my apartment was kicked in. The police then refused to take a report because they claimed that “I could have done it myself to get attention”. They refused to dust for prints or interview neighbors.

Okay – now I tell you this for a few reasons. For you to understand why despite being the oldest and largest program of survivors in this country, and the founders of the movement itself – why our members are remaining “anonymous” at the moment. We've had to shut down all of our groups and forums online because of attacks We've had to ask all members to remove all mention of our names from their websites, facebooks, social media, etc People just mentioning our name have been fired and/or threatened – so we have become very tight about our “anonymity” the last two years. Two years ago is also when we started trying to help a victim who said she was carted out of her home in Pasadena by two police officers and slapped with two fake prostitution charges when she said she wanted to leave the trafficking ring and retire because she's worked for them for 40 years now.

You also won't find much in the way about press for us in the last two years either. As a matter of fact, we have a list of reporters and writers who have been outright threatened, or actually fired, with respect to writing anything about me or SWA. Yes I have documentation to verify everything I'm telling you. I'm telling you this to explain that despite all of this – someone has to answer our hotline which has also been under severe attack since we exposed the so called “reality” show “8 Minutes” as a “fraud”. This resulted in it being yanked off the air after three episodes. So we've endured things like software ringing our phone off the hook to jam the line for hours at a time, text bombing to jam the line up, etc. We're traced the hotline attacks to those supported by paid lobbyists connected to Snoop Dogg.

Now – maybe you can understand why our members are a tad emotional right now about some of the press that's been going out on issues that have no relation to what they're going through right now – and WHY they're having to rely upon me to try and speak for them. I've already moved into an RV that I move every three days. I've got security cameras installed everywhere, etc. So I'm taking every reasonable precaution I can right now to protect myself while trying to keep our hotline open and interact with the media and public to carry the message from our members to the outside world.

Now we see the great voice you're giving one survivor. We would like to see some help in getting a fraction of this press, attention, voice, etc. to the issues WE'RE going through. We had hoped once we had the “fake” Samoly Mam exposed – maybe some of that press could be turned back to “our” voices. Not “mine” - theirs”. My letters are long – but I'm trying to distill down what many survivors want you to please hear from them because they are having to protect their new lives. Should I be going about this some other way? Fine. Then tell me what that way is because waiting politely doesn't seem to be working either. We'd love to hear any suggestions you got. Do I have someone else who wants to put a bulls-eye on their back to do this? No. I'm afraid I am the only one crazy enough to still be standing here. But this is the movement I started – and I'm not abandoning it, or them, w.

Jody Williams

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Dear Prachi:

I would like to talk to you.  i read this article today -

I think you should know I got a lot more than "death threats".  I've had a car destroyed.  I had a bomb put in our outreach RV.  My daughter was run over by an SUV in what was an attempt on my life which broke her back in three places.  I've had my front door kicked in while the police refused to take a report. They said that "I could have done it".  I have screen shots of people trying to find out where I live so they can come harm me that are connected to so called "anti-trafficking movement" people.

Just as these people pretended to be the buyer of baby parts to get this video against Planned Parenthood - so too are they masquerading as being part of the very movement I founded - which is being hijacked.   I'm going to ask you if when you promoted what appeared to be the petition of a 17 year old victim, if you are aware it was being used to launch a "no such thing" campaign whose face is an African American attorney, but funded by the McCain Institute?

Prachi - you appear young.  I started this movement in 1987.  You just became a senior writer there at Cosmopolitan.  Years ago a member of Prostitutes Anonymous (our name prior to 1995) was allowed to publish an article about us.  Today, now you're owned by Hearst Media - I can't even get a blurb published.  Let alone buy an ad for which I was refused.

Why?  Because the CEO of Hearst Media before he got fired, was Steve Sassa  Who was fired when a pimp of an escort he was texting went to the legal department in a blackmail attempt.  What he was being blackmailed to do?  Don't know.  But there's clearly a lot more to this movement than meets the eye.

Which is why I'd like to see you include us Prahi.  If you want to fight for us, help us, have our voices heard - than please help us get OUR voices heard.  Show me you've got that kind of chops.  Because if you'll write about her having to be on the lam for her views - how about me having to now live in an RV that moves every three days because of attempts on my life and my daughter's.  Not THREATS - but ATTEMPTS.

How about our voice?

Jody Williams


However, when you dig deeper, you'll learn that this petition was actually started to kick off a "No Such Thing" campaign led by Malika Saada Saar.  

Said petition which was kicked off by an article that appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine -  However, look who is BEHIND this campaign -  (I wonder if Russell Simmons and P. Diddy know it's the McCain Institute behind this whole thing?)

Let me explain something - I was raped at 17 years of age.  I was also raped when I was 15 years old and again at 19 years old  I was sexually abused by my father starting when I was 8 years old  I assure you that when I was a 17 year old victim - I could not have kicked off a petition like this with a Cosmo article, and a huge press campaign to be held at the Sacramento Press Club.  

THIS is what we're talking about when I, and also the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000, Michael Horowitz, are talking about when we are trying to tell you that this movement has been HIJACKED.   I'd be willing to bet we have another Samoly Mam on our hands - or a young girl who is just signing something she's been asked to sign by adults in power over her.  Below is a letter I've written to the Sacramento Press Club and I'm copying to the Associated Press.  

People - this is war!  As Noam Chomsky teaches "propaganda is to democracy what violence is to a dictatorship."

My dad was bigger than me - and an attorney.  I fought back.  My rapists were bigger than me.  i fought back.  One of them was my employer.  I fought back.  My traffickers were bigger and richer and more famous then me.  I fought back.  I fought back then against impossible odds and I'm not stopping now.  I REFUSE to stand by and see us put from one house of being pimped into another and have that called "rescue".  I am NOT a VICTIM and REFUSE to let other people tell society what to call me.  

Dear Respected Members of the Press:

My name is Jody Williams  If you check news clippings at - you'll find some dating back to 1987 that establish in black and white that I am the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  There were only three people preceding me in this work in their fashion.

Of course we have the original founder of the anti-slavery movement itself Wilber Wilberforce in the 1700's calling out to stop slavery.  In 1979, Lois Lee opened Children of the Night, and their hotline for "prostitutes".  Realize there was no official term for "trafficking victim" in 1979 - because people viewed sex trafficking back then much the same as little green aliens today.  Her hotline and home were to place girls who had been subject to prostitution because the existing shelters and programs didn't acknowledge their special needs - and also because they were raped and violated within their programs as well.  

While Lois started the first hotline and home for teen prostitutes - she did not call out for a whole country to change it's views and systems.  She only focused on saving the kids.  If she had tried to take on something where she'd be accused of being "crazy" - she wouldn't have been able to run a home caring for these kids.  

Neither did Linda Lovelace in 1980 found this movement when she came forward as being forced to film "Deep Throat" and prostitute with a gun pointed at her with the release of her book "Ordeal".  Linda was scooped up by the anti-pornography people who used her to lobby to have pornography abolished.  She did not call out for this country to change the way it treated these victims.

I however was a victim and a witness not to just the horrors of street prostitution and their pimps - but also to actual sex trafficking during Iran Contra, and oil deals that were being negotiated as well back in the 1980's.  I also witnessed what has now been recorded as the worst war on prostitutes in our history  - which was in Los Angeles in the 1980's.  This is when we had a record number of murders of prostitutes, as well as abuse through what led to the historic Rampart lawsuits against LAPD.

These victims, male and female, had nowhere to go. No one would even believe them back then - let alone help them.  If someone was over 18 years of age, as I was - we couldn't go to Children of the Night.  Which is why I put together a warehouse for the first "safe house" in history two blocks from Van Nuys Police Station.  THIS is why the media dubbed me the "high tech madam" in 1984.  With a huge  criminal case pending over my head, and my mother's, I couldn't tell the truth back then to the media  - especially to a world that wouldn't have believed me if I did.  Honestly, do you think in 1984 they would have believed we had all that security, and all those iron bars on that warehouse because we would have teams of men storming  the place with guns to try and retrieve victims of sex trafficking rings being sold to drug cartels?  Not likely.

So when I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987, announced our hotline, our program, AND called out to have this country change the way it responded to these victims when we'd call for help - that makes ME the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  As a victim/survivor of this, as one who did the first ever "rescues", as the one who set up the first hotline, the first program, the first safe house, and the first one to speak at legislatures, etc. that gives me the right to make this claim.

Now I respect all of you personally.  I respect what you're trying to do.  But I have to tell you - this movement has been 'hijacked".  I am not alone in that view.  The author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 has stated so also in an interview in the Review Journal in 2013.  Now to my knowledge, Ms. Saar, and your press club, are not survivors.  While you are advocates and activists - I dare to say you are not "survivors".  

I want to share something with you about the hijacking of this movement that grieves me deeply.  I was channel surfing last night and I came across a religious show that was talking about "helping sex trafficking victims".  As a watcher of late night TV - I see a lot of the inphomericals to "save the animals" and "save starving children in Africa".  The template is the same - they parade around horrific images of these poor voiceless defenseless victims and they ask for your donations to help "save" or "rehabilitate" them.

Well on this show that's what I saw.  I saw horrific images, sad music, and talk about a big house to be build in India to "save these poor victims".  I couldn't help but cry.  Cry at not only how we were being perceived - but also cry that instead of these poor girls being housed in a brothel exploited for money by the pimps they were now going to be placed in yet another house where they are now being exploited by religious "do gooders" using us to raise money in almost an identical manner.

I then saw the petition not asking for our culture, nor our legal system, to change the use of the words for "prostitute", "sex worker" and "rape victim" but to actually change the use of the words within the MEDIA.  I'm sorry but these are two completely different arenas. 

Our members are "anonymous".  To protect their new lives they can not come forward in the public eye to speak their minds.  This leaves me to be their "trusted servant" in 12 step terms to speak for them when they ask me to.  Sex Workers Anonymous is this country's oldest and LARGEST program of people who have exited the sex industry - whether they were trafficked or forced in any way to be there in the first place or not leave.  As their voice - I have watched as I had speaking their voice shrunk further and further into silence.  We lost our public service announcements, and our public access TV shows in 1995.  We also lost the right to give "opposing viewpoints" in the media about issues that were being heard in the courts and voted upon - and we lost our voice with any media outlet which received federal or church money, as well our voice through large corporations that promote "rape culture" i.e, the sex industry itself.

Now what you're doing is you want to remove our voice from the media and dictionary entirely.  I personally find this as completely offensive as going to the Associated Press and asking them to change the use of the word "African American" to "slave".  ESPECIALLY if this act of war upon us was to be done right in the middle of the civil war long before we had an African American as president.  I have the right to speak on that also because I do have African American blood   I am the direct descendant of a union between a plantation owner and a slave who upon being freed he married her.  

I also have the right to speak out as a rape survivor, having been raped three times personally - and also being the descendant of the product of a rape.  My grandmother had my mother as the product of a rape where she opted not to have an abortion.  I was also sexually abused by my father starting at when I was 8 years old  So trust me - on all levels I am a "survivor" and I find this petition and upcoming campaign as HIGHLY offensive and view it as a further hijacking of the movement and silencing of our voice.

If you want to know more about why I feel that way - please read the attached letter I've sent to the Associated Press

Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529