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Dear Mr. Marrow:

Growing up in Los Angeles, and being born only two years after you (1960), you and I both witnessed a lot of the same split between the reality of what we saw on the streets vs. what was being portrayed about the situation in the media portraying what was the cocaine epidemic of the 1980's.

I remembered your courage in coming out with the song "Cop Killer".  I remember you using your celebrity to try and enlighten people as to what was going on in the south central areas of Los Angeles - what was REALLY going on.  You were trying to let the world know about how the African American community was being targeted by not only police - but by the whole "prison industrial complex" defended by major media at a time when we had no internet to get "our" side of the story out.  This rendered us virtually voiceless especially when even cameras were very bulky at that time and cell phones didn't even exist yet.

You and I both were watching …