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This article also speaks about catching a police officer and a security company in this undercover sting.  However, this doesn't mean these men were just "johns".  

When I first came into contact with a cop from the Beverly Hills police department who wanted me to work for "their" escort service they ran which supplied high end escorts to places such as the Bel Air Hotel, Bonaventure, and other high end hotels in southern California at the time, he contacted me as a customer first.  Then after paying me for sex and establishing I wasn't an undercover cop myself - this is when his spiel came out about what his operation was doing.  

When I refused, I was then the victim of a staged sting myself.  The intent was to show me he could have me arrested any time he wanted to.  I had done nothing to make a case stick so the prosecutor didn't file any case against me.  Besides, they…


Here is an article in the Huffington Post confirming the lawsuit filed by Maxine Doogan was DISMISSED. 


The complaint wasn't written with one leg to stand on.  Not if the intent was to decriminalize prostitution as she's claiming the lawsuit was intended when she was out fund raising and garnering support from sex workers who don't have 30 years of experience with the legal system as I do (I've been working as a paralegal for 30 years since I left sex work).

Which is why when I first read the lawsuit, and knew it would be dismissed, I reached out to Maxine offering her support to modify the complaint to something I thought would have a better shot at winning the stated race of trying to get prostitution decriminalized.

Only to find myself rebuffed, even threatened to "back off". 

So I contacted her attorney's directly thinking maybe Maxine just didn…


Scroll down to the bottom of the attack site set up against us on and note the date of July 15, 2015.

Note the date on this article about Relativity Media, the company who filmed "8 Minutes" on which this article of July 15, 2015.  Remember Kamylla claimed she was a woman who was paid to be on the show pretending to be a prostitute for them to pretend to save and is the woman they're claiming I was "using" to promote ourselves into the press.

Okay one point here - I challenge anyone to find anywhere online, in the news, anywhere where I identified Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, as a member of Sex Workers Anonymous until AFTER her death when I did so in protest of the determination she was a suicide victim.    Now if I was "trying to get some publicity" I would think I would have said something about the fact she was talking to me every…



First of all, we noted the lawsuit was filed on the very same day Relativity Media filed bankruptcy.  Having worked as a paralegal for 30 years now - I knew this meant the case would go nowhere.  I know also because I've tried to sue movie companies that have screwed me over many times.  The result was the same - they filed bankruptcy and I wasn't covered because my contract with them did not make me a "secured creditor" if I won any judgment.   So fake plaintiffs' can file the case because no one is ever going to show up for any deposition or court hearing.  How easy to try and fight back the fraud accusations than to "catfish" accusers to try and make the show look like a reality show when in fact is was entirely staged?  Even down to the fake survivor Lexie Smith who is going to be speaking at a church that has gone so political lately that over 1500…


Let's take a real good look at for a moment shall we and ask yourself "who is being a predator?"

Reading the content of the site you see that this person was checking into my legal status, my trademarks, my mailing address, AND EVEN SENT SOMEONE OVER TO "CHECK OUT" MY ADDRESS!

Which by the way - this just proved WHY I have a UPS address listed online.  Because crazy people like this who are stalking, threatening, smearing, and who knows what else they might be capable of GO OVER TO CHECK OUT THE ADDRESS!!!  She just showed you WHY I don't list my home address online and why I'd be nuts to do so. 

Are they so desperate to bash me they are seriously bashing me for having a UPS box?  Really?  Seriously?  Gee let's just bash me for breathing air guys.   Or how about bashing me for having two feet.  I mean you're getting pretty desperate aren't you here?

Now don't you think that when we take women away from their p…


The woman identified as "Kamylla" who is suing "8 Minutes" producers is represented by the attorney Damon Manthias in Texas.  Here is an article about who else this attorney represents -  This is a video I found last night of "Kamylla" voice.  Only this is NOT the voice of the woman I spoke to more than once who was the woman calling herself by this code name.  However, I do recognize the voice.  The voice belongs to a woman who called us up trying to get access into a local meeting of SWA to connect to other members.  I suspected something was "fishy" and wouldn't let her have access.  She got tired and disappeared.  After hearing this video - I know I was being faked out by her obviously and I was right to not trust her story. 

This whole thing has turned…