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If you want a taste of street prostitution - Theresa Russell is awesome in "Whore".  I have to tell you I hated this movie when it first came out because I found her performance "stiff".  However, now I'm older  - her performance was how it is!  The car scene where she's telling the old guy "oh baby do it" I about fell off the couch laughing.  Totally reminded me of why I wanted to quit the "life".  Pimps, traffickers vs. the "johns" who's to say who is worse.  Even the old guy dying on her - do you know how many hookers have told me some old guy has croaked on them!
You want to know what it's like?  The scene where her pimp has his throat cut is horrific right?  But if he hadn't of been murdered - she'd be dead.  So she's witnessed a murder, but it saved her life.  Such is the "yin and yang" of the sex industry - legal or illegal.

Reminds me of why I want to get our "Recovery Guides" i…