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In response to  my comment is:

 First of all, it's not always a "gang crime".  I'm sorry but I witnessed Iran Contra in the 1980's when the gangs were blamed for drugs.  I also watched as the Juvenile Justice Act was passed in 1974 shortly before.  So I have lived through a government run conspiracy where African American gangs were blamed for their actions they were forced into by poverty and discrimination once before.   The JJA had dealers targeting juveniles to run and sell drugs by giving them a slap on the wrist.  Suddenly I'm seeing parents getting their children to run and sell the drugs.  My mother worked at the juvenile courts and would tell me what was going on back then while I at 14, was being approached by dealers to get involved in drug and gun crime.  My mom scared me out of it - but no one warned us about sex trafficking.  So when I saw d…