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Well of course that title was going to catch our attention being that I founded an "anonymous" program.  I then went to email these people to ask them if this movement of theirs applied only to corporations for profit - or if it would apply to groups that were comprised of trafficking survivors who had good reason to hide their identities from the general public.

I also wanted to commend on the Review Journal expose' in that I already knew about Adelson being the real owner of the Review Journal years ago.  I knew that in 2007 when a reporter from the RJ came out to promise me a cover story on our work.  I gave her a two hour interview and then she tried to schedule me a photo shoot.  I balked.  I'm not putting my face on the front page of the RJ and it's not necessary to do so in order to talk about an "anonymous" program.  The reporter than turned to me, laughed, and said "smart girl".  There was no cover story.  Her job had been to try and…