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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Office of Inspector General, Florida Dept. of Corrections
Via Fax

Re:         John Meekins

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jody Williams.  I run the group listed above, along with the hotline associated with it.  Our group, and hotline, was the first of it’s kind for adults to call when seeking help to exit the sex industry for whatever reason – sex trafficking included.  This of course was before the term “sex trafficking” was even coined mind you.  It took us 13 years of a lot of time, money, and huge sacrifices in my life to see us get federal recognition for sex trafficking being real as it did when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  A true game changer because up until that point the system viewed us only, and solely, as “criminals” and never a “victim” before that recognition was achieved.

I’m writing you because of a matter of deep concern to me.  I was told by a guard, or ex-guard, John Meekins,  he was “played a tape recording of a call and shown screen shots of our conversation” done supposedly by me of conversations John and I have had in the past.  John told me he lost his job because of this, and spoke of another trafficking program which he says will not happen because of supposedly this very thing. 

I have a real problem with this.  I want you to know that NO ONE has contacted me to verify if I said or did any of this.  I’m especially horrified that I now have this man not only quite upset at me about this, but he’s also been completely blasting me within the trafficking field telling people I had contacted the Office of the Inspector General claiming he “was a pimp” and that he “worked for Sex Workers Outreach Project”.  Two things I don’t even believe about John, let alone would I be calling up your office making such a complaint about it.

If I think someone “is a pimp” I generally don’t do a damn thing about it to be honest EXCEPT offer to help them.  Sex Workers Anonymous is a 12 step group for men, women and transgender adults who want to leave  ANY part of the sex industry for ANY reason.  I’m going to point you to my YouTube page where I have a tape of my appearance on a Donahue  located at I did in 1992.  I’d like you to note the African American man on that panel who speaks about his membership in Sex Workers Anonymous who helped him stop being a pimp.

Yes Sex Workers Anonymous welcomes in pimps as well as prostitutes.  Madams too as evidenced by Jeane Palfrey’s membership in SWA (the D.C. Madam), for about two years before her death.  I say “death” and not “suicide” because I believe she was murdered before she could testify at the Ethics Hearing about the names in her “Black Book”.  Jeane didn’t reveal names of “johns” in that book, but instead that of her traffickers.  She had been trying to prove to the public that she was being forced to work as a madam by men within our own government, just as Alex Adams had also been, as well as myself.  Meaning I believe that sometimes someone who is working as a pimp or madam can be a sex trafficking victim sometimes – coerced in some manner to be acting in that capacity. 

Which is why we don’t discriminate in SWA as to who we help or don’t help.  It’s in fact a fundamental difference between us and many of these new “trafficking” programs that have popped up now grant money has been made available to groups who will only focus on the prostitute as “victim” – completely leaving those forced into other positions within the sex industry out in the cold, or even demonized as is being done these days by these other groups against madams and pimps. 

Our very reputation is on the line here when I’m having someone come to me and tell me they have been fired over me supposedly coming to the authorities to file a complaint against someone “being a pimp”.   In other words, this goes to the very core of the confidentiality issue that I offer anyone who calls us. 

The ONLY time I have done such things has been under two conditions and two conditions only – that first of all of this person has refusing any of our help, and the second being that they are actively enslaving others who wish our help to leave.  In the whole time I’ve been running SWA, I can count on one hand the times I’ve had to do any actions against a pimp or trafficker and John Meekins isn’t one of those incidents. 

I did try and get an investigation going against Peter Todd for example.  This man murdered at least three prostitutes I’m aware of in Las Vegas in my opinion.  I had multiple other prostitutes come to me asking for my help to escape this man.  Because he was also operating as an informant for the police – these women were unable to not only get any protection from him, but in fact the police were refusing to lift one finger to help them because of his informant position, as well as do anything about the women he murdered. 

Leaving me with having to see what I could do in order to have him arrested so as to protect these other women who were not only in great reasonable fear of their lives – but also having to fight against the fact he had police protection while he was actively still trafficking women from Canada down into the states.   A man I have been so open about going after that I even set up the website to warn others about him once I realized the police wouldn’t lift a finger to help his victims.

I CERTAINLY don’t consider John Meekins not only a pimp, but not a pimp I’d even think about going to the police about for help against!  So I have a huge problem here.  I have a huge problem in that John Meekins is running around thinking I made such a complaint, I got him fired, and this complaint is being used now as an excuse for not letting some other trafficking program get off the ground.  I especially have a problem over the fact this is making it appear I’m not offering our members the confidentiality that I do – even for those who are pimps who might be calling us for help one day.

I have been very open about the fact I’ve been impersonated many times in the past.  I’ve got at least three articles published carrying what appears to be an interview with me I never did.  I wouldn’t mind actually – but these interviews state things that are completely contrary to what I believe, and what SWA stands for.  These false interviews have been extremely harmful to me and SWA actually and if I could reach the reporter responsible for them I’d slap him with a lawsuit.  I say this because I have tried to locate him for just this purpose.  After what happened with people like Stephen Glass it’s quite well known now that sometimes writers, reporters, etc. do completely fake whole stories.   Celebrities have stories faked about them all the time. 

So I’m more than a little upset at papers like “The Fix” to name one who published two of these fake interviews with me.  I’d sue them but they’ve been bought by Sober Media and I’m sure won’t be around for me to sue over this damage.  

However, your office is still around.   I need to talk to someone about this.  Please contact me at the above information at your earliest convenience and let me know first of all if this actually happened.  If so, I want to know the agent’s name who did this to John and drug my name into this.  I also want to let you know that NO ONE  has contacted me to verify I actually spoke to anyone there.  So we have a few things to talk about.


Jody Williams

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I've talked to more than one undercover cop over the years who tell me the same things pretty much.  They've seen girls out there in the streets who they know is someone's missing daughter - but they don't do anything to pull her out of the situation because they're "undercover". 

I've challenged them on this as to "why"?  I mean "why" are they just turning a blind eye when they know some mother is out there freaking out about where her daughter is today?  The answer has been the same also "because we're working on a bigger case". 

Okay - what does "bigger case" mean I ask?  Well, "bigger" means a drug deal in each case.  I was told that Peter Todd was example was being used as an informant because of his Jamaican ties and drugs as to why it was more important to keep him on the streets after cops know he's murdered at least three women and abused and trafficked countless others. 

Who determines that a drug case is bigger than this woman's life I'm wondering.  So I ask - WHY does your boss consider this drug case more important than shutting everything down, pulling those women out of there, and sending them back home? 

The answer is because they get promoted for drug busts for one thing.  They get to take photos of them standing in front of the drugs and then they get promoted or made detective or a pay raise.  Another is because they get their funding for drug busts - not funding to send girls back home to their mothers.  They can't collect on the rewards offered either. 

Another issue is pressure.  Recently, after 25 years of killing prostitutes, Lonnie Williams Jr. was finally targeted and arrested for the murder of African American prostitutes.  However, that would not have happened without two key factors - one being the mothers went out into the streets and protested.  When the womens' groups didn't care and the sex workers' rights groups like COYOTE or SWOP didn't care to protest with them and push on police for an arrest - they made it a racial issue.  They started getting the support of the African American community by saying these aren't just "prostitutes" but "African American's" being targeted. 

They got a reporter, Christine Pelisek, to agree to risk her career to keep reporting on the story.   To speak for them in ways they couldn't.  These women couldn't travel to some of these political meetings, or knock on cops' doors to say "don't forget my daughter" but this reporter could push and could keep it alive.  She kept writing about it and making people think she was a pain in the ass because she wasn't going to just "let it go".  She kept up the exposure on the LAPD not bringing this guy in - until something was done.

I got into it with another undercover cop out here in Los Angeles.  He told me the same thing - the "loudest wheel gets the grease".  Where are the mothers he's asking me?  Whereas the drug people are up his butt and demanding action so therefore he's going to choose on the side of the drug bust over the side of the trafficking victims. 

I see Glendene start up her radio show.  I see her working with MATH  - Mothers Against Trafficking of Humans.  Only I'm not seeing any noise.  No one is demanding anything.  No one is being held accountable.  I certainly don't see her holding Nevada Metro responsible and demanding to get answers as to where Peter Todd is, what is he doing, why hasn't he been locked up?  Certainly using the information that had come to me in 2007 would have been useful to pressure - but she blew me off just like the cops did.  I can't go pushing on this case if the mother isn't. 

So I went to talk to Glendene.  I know that people don't want to associate themselves with me because I'm a "trouble maker".  I explained to her about why these cops aren't bringing these girls home and maybe things can be turned around if she starts an online campaign.  Something free and easy that anyone can join in doing.  I had seen the ALS water bucket challenge and another campaign about bullying where the girl put up an index card into the camera and then others joined her.

I made a suggestion to Glendene.  I said basically she could put up an index card that said "my daughter is a big enough case" or something to that effect on a youtube video.  Then an explanation that if a cop is out there and making a value judgment as to which is more important to consider that this woman is more important than a drug bust. 

Then I suggested she get other mothers of trafficking victims to join her.  I specifically told her to use the idea as her own, or come up with another version of her own, but to please do something.  That once she did something and created some kind of campaign - then I could use the social pressure from that to go back to some of these cops and help them feel justified in choosing to bring home the victim over the drug bust.

Her response was to go to the other mothers and talk about me.  Not the campaign - me.  I had nothing to do with it.  This was about Jessie and Peter Todd and him still walking around pimping other women.  This was about their daughters that are still out there and there being cops knowing where they are right now that aren't talking. 

Well OF COURSE she's going to come back with "people don't like you".  So what?  What does this have to do with her creating a campaign about this issue?  I had specifically told her not to use my name.  I told her she might even be able to generate some fund raising for herself - that I wanted nothing from her.  No cut, no credit, no mention. 

Then came her final answer - she wasn't going to do it because I wasn't a "popular" person.  Trying to explain to her I had nothing to do with this was falling on deaf ears - so I just retreated.  I started to think of another mother that might be interested in spear-heading a campaign.

Why was it important?  Because we're gearing up for a sign outreach project in California.  It's now state law to have a sign posted in sex related industry offices or locations with the National Trafficking Hotline phone number on it.  I also saw that the signs could be customized.  I found a sign maker in Santa Monica who said he'd donate us all the free signs we needed. 

Wanting to make the most use of signs with the hotline that had to be posted in massage parlors, strip clubs, adult stores, porn studios, etc. - I thought "maybe we can put up posters of missing suspected trafficking victims". 

Only I didn't want it to be a waste of time like I'd seen with Jessie's case.  I didn't want to have someone call me up with fresh information on a case - only to then have the police refuse to follow up on the call like they did with Jessie. 

To make sure we got the police responding if I got fresh information from the signs - then yes I wanted some kind of social media campaign by a mother of a victim to help us apply that pressure.  Glendene didn't want to be the "poster mom".  Okay got it. 

Recently I saw Glendene complaining about how people were "accusing her of being a drug addict" and "demanding an accounting of the money she'd raised" and like how dare they?  I was kind of surprised to hear that because I just assumed she'd been filing her tax returns every year and certainly she's been reporting the money she had been raising over the years.  I follow the case because I'm following Peter Todd. I want to see him in jail.  So every news piece or story about Jessie - I'm going to get in my inbox.  So I've seen more than one fund raiser for her.

Now I'm not begrudging her money.  It's expensive to travel, print posters, make phone calls, even to take time off work to make TV appearances.  But what I don't understand is why is she complaining about giving an accounting?

All I said in the group was "what's wrong with giving an accounting?" and all hell breaks loose.  Suddenly I'm getting a flood of angry moms at me shouting "how dare you attack Glendene?"  I"m not attacking Glendene.  I made a comment to the effect of "what's wrong with giving an accounting?"   She has to give one for her tax returns anyway and people should see how expensive this work is.  How am I attacking her? 

Glendene then denies she's ever had a fund raiser for her and challenges me to "prove it".  So I did.  I went out and got a bunch of links to fund raisers that went to her personally - not to raise money for a reward for Jessie.  I come back and prove I'm not a liar - and get more mothers, and then their daughters, accusing me of attacking them now.

Why is all this energy being directed at me?  Why isn't this energy being directed at Peter Todd who is still out here today pimping and trafficking other victims.  Other victims who MIGHT BE THESE MOTHER'S DAUGHTER'S.  For all these women know, Peter has their daughter right now today.  How would they know?  Are they contacting the Vegas Metro and asking them who Peter Todd is running today?  Are there cops following him around so they know who he is pimping today?  Do these women know it's not their daughter?

I mean shouldn't the energy be directed at Peter Todd and not me?   So look if you got time to wind yourself to come after me, write me, attack me, etc.  - do me a favor please.  Go direct that energy to the Las Vegas Metro police.  Write them and ask them if anyone is following Peter Todd today and if they know whose daughter's he's trafficking currently. 

Grow some balls.  Go after the real bad guys in this equation please.  I don't deserve this for trying to stop him from harming other women, and for seeing that justice is served for Jessie, and the other women, he's victimized. 

Welcome to knowing why I'm "not popular".