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Our 12 step program, Sex Workers Anonymous, was actually founded in 1987.  There was nothing before us.  Picture this - we had no model to work from.  No "therapist" would even think of putting his name on a book about a subject like prostitution.  Put into perspective the whole concept of "sex trafficking", i.e., "force" was not recognized by anyone outside of the world of the sex industry.  The sex industry treated sex trafficking back then like the world treated child abuse, rape, and domestic violence.  One just didn't talk about it with "outsiders".

To understand the sex industry you have to think in terms of a "family" dynamic.  Now what outsiders don't understand is that "pimping" and "trafficking" are two different things.  In the sex industry there is the "pimp/whore" relationship.  It mirrors pretty much a "father - daughter" dynamic.  The "madam" is a mother figure. …